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ABC (ended 2007)





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  • Great show, provides a public service and bound to stir up the entrepreneurialship in anyone who watches it. Still needs a bit of work but heading in the right direction.

    Let there be no mistake, when it comes to money, making a lot of money, nothing will bring you more of it than the rights to intellectual property. The recent T.V. show “American Inventor” has quite possibly, unknowingly, tapped into a resource that may well accelerate discovery and the development of new technology. Some of the negative hype that I’ve read, regarding this show, comes from people that don’t have the vision to see beyond the ends of their own noses and quite possible belong to that unimaginative segment of society that truly believe that, “everything that is worth inventing has already been invented. To me this is with out a doubt quite possible the most valuable use of television since television was INVENTED that I could imagine. People take for granted all the labor saving life enhancing devices they can pick up at their local department stores, but many don’t stop for a moment to consider how it got there in the first place. There is no question about it that the show has room for improvement. First off would be the excessive focus on the sap that’s spewed out by tormenting us with every individual’s hard-luck story, not a positive thing to focus on. I as an inventor, along with my whole family, would like to see more of the ins and outs that inventors have to deal with when trying to bring a product successfully to market. Protecting patents is a key concern when exposing your ideas on T.V. What if anything are these producers doing to protect property rights of these eager would-be inventors? Great idea but needs polishing.