American Inventor

Season 1 Episode 10

The Finale

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 11, 2006 on ABC

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  • If you watched the semifinal rounds, then you don't need to bother watching The Finale

    My main complaint about this episode is that nothing happened with the inventions. There were no more tests and no more modifications.

    True we got to see the finalists going through the difficulties of making a commercial, from trying to convey the message in only 30 seconds to making sure all goes well on the day of the shoot. And I'll admit, it was more interesting than what happens on most other reality shows. (I'm not a fan of reality TV, in general.)

    And true, having a live studio audience added a feel of excitement & tension to the show that was lacking before.

    But of course the only end result was we got to see the inventors' visions on how their products would be marketed. They're still the same products from the last 4 episodes -- no different.
  • The four finalist inventors each were given a chance to make a commercial to prove to us, the viewers, why their invention is a great product. The ad agency did the best with the Word Ace... but does that mean his invention will win our votes?

    American Inventor the not so final finale episode showing the four finalists and their new commercials proved the power of tv advertising.

    Erik has a great invention of a football catching device and yet the ad agency came up with a hokey commercial showing a removable hand! Erik at least got the director to bring in football players. Erik\\\'s an inventor - so what if he isn\\\'t a marketing expert. His product would be great for every aspiring football player.

    Francisco also has a cool invention a one person converting to two person bicycle. Again the ad agency failed to give him a great ad concept and Francisco did the best he could with the better of the two options. Francisco wanted to film at night, but the commercial director said \\\"no\\\" it was too expensive. Gotta wonder why Janusz (the inventor of the kid safety car seat) got to film all night long!

    Then Ed scored,finally the ad agency came up with a great idea for his invention the Word Ace, an electronic game to promote literacy for kids. In the commercial, Ed\\\'s game became a cool way of speaking for the kids.

    Janusz, a bit wiser and older than the group, knew to throw out all bad ideas the ad agency presented him and went straight to the commercial director and demanded a basic save the child in a car crash commercial. Even if the invention still needs perfecting, and Janusz said he would spend the million dollar prize doing just that if needed - how can we the audience not want to save children\\\'s lives.

    I voted for Erik - his invention works.
  • Really I\'m ok with any one of them winning.

    I have to admit, yes this is not the most exciting reality TV show on the planet or anything but I do think it's really fun to watch. I guess you could call it a guilty pleasure. I just like the fact that they have a show out right now where people have to use their brains. And I also think it's awesome that the creators did not have the audience voting the entire show. If America was voting from day one I think it would honestly be a different set of four up there tonight. Thankfully they choose judges who really know how to let those through who deserve it.

    As far as tonight goes I'm game for any one of them winning as long as it's not the Word Ace. I think he's a great guy but the fact that he cried during EVERY single round, just about, really got to me. Though I'm rooting for the D-tract or the baby seat! Didn't vote so no idea what will happen.