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FOX (ended 2003)


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  • This was a great show! They should make another season of it!

    American Juniors is a reality show that is just like American Idol, but there are kids instead of older people. There are 5 winners instead of one. The 5 winners are Taylor Thompson, Tori Thompson, Chauncy Matthews, Lucy Hale, and Danielle White. My favorite out of them is Taylor. She was the first to make it into the group. I think Chanetl should have been in the group instead of either Danielle or Chauncy. I miss this show. They should make another season. I like American Idol a little better than this show. Ryan Seacrest was the host of both this show and American Idol.
  • I thought it was better than American Idol.

    American Juniors was a great show! The kids were really talented and I enjoyed watching it each week. I thought some of the children sounded better than the original artists of the songs they sang, but that's my opinion. My favorite American Juniors were: Taylor and Tori Thompson, Jordan McCoy, Morgan Burke, Katelyn Tarver, and Lucy Hale. The other ones were also good, but these kids stood out the most to me. That probably would've been my choice for the group minus Lucy. The judges were good, but I like the American Idol judges better. This show was great and I wish they didn't cancel it. American Juniors gets a 9.5 out of 10!
  • this show was decent.

    this show was alright. i guess. it was interesting at first, but i was not really interested in it for that long. the kids all sang pretty good. but i knew that whoever the winners were, they were not really going to make it big. and i was right. the band lasted for maybe two years. and they all just went their separate ways. in my opinion, i thing the best singers were lucy hale and chantel kohl. i think they should both try out for american idol because they are old enough. it would be really cool to see how far they would make it.
  • this is just about how much i HATE fox for canceling the show

    heyy y\'all! okayy im soo mad at fox. american juniors was the bestt show. if it came on again, i would watch it. i dont watch american idol cuz after the 1st n 2nd one it gott old. but fox didnt even give american juniors another chance. i just wish they would give us juniors some chance. i mean seriously does anyone agree w me?! i use to come home from school and be soooo excited to see the show. i always had the words to their songs stuck in myy head. i hate fox just oh so much does anyone agree w me at all?!so bring it back!!!!!
  • This gave kids a shot at the big time!

    This gave kids a shot at the big time! Why take that away! My friend adution... she wouwld have love being a future finalist. Now after 5 year without the show she old enough to be a american idol. But it unfair that this show didn't stay for the generations to come!
  • Singing/dancing compentition for kids between the ages of 5 and 15. who are yet too young to audition for the hit television show American idol be able to follow thier dreams and make somtehing of them selves

    This show, American Juniors, is the best show in the world. It is helping people kids between the ages of 6 and 15, who are yet to young to audition for the hit phenonmenon show of American idol, be able to follow thier dreams and make something of themselves by showing off thier singing and dancing talents. Way to go. I know that for a while now this show has been off the air. i say no i beg you please please bring this show back. We need it.
  • Complete waste of time=This show didn't even last one season.

    This show is pretty dumb its like you take american idol cut the crap out of that, add a really cheese kids show ie. Pokemon, and you have yourself American Juniors. Its pretty sad that the dumb kids didn't even start their own singing career. Another thing is that it really was a complete waste of time it didn't even last one season. And i really feel bad for the the lolly gaging viewers that were left hanging while this show ended for 3-4 years. Any way to conclude the show ended in a "all shut up with out a place to run".