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American Justice

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For over ten years, AMERICAN JUSTICE has been the gold standard of criminal justice programming, tackling today's toughest issues through the cases that challenge and change the law. Told by key players from police to the victims to the perpetrators, it offers a rare, inside view that enables viewers to understand the complex legal principles at stake.

Hosted by award-winning journalist Bill Kurtis and produced by Towers Productions, AMERICAN JUSTICE has been hailed as ' insightful perspective on the most controversial aspects of criminal law in the nation'.

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AIRED ON 7/17/2008

Season 17 : Episode 2

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  • american justice

    You use to have guts now you are a coporate whore . You use have shows that confronted power , government , corporations ect , one of my favorites was an investigation into the Kennedy assassination , now all you show is citizens killing other citizens how sad I stopped watching years ago

  • Justice for the people

    I am a big fan of this show, However I am trying to find a way to get help for the victims of Avandia and Avandament which is medications that hurt people. Glaxo Smith Kline continues to bribe people which includes the federal government and the fda to allow them to continue to commit crimes which includes bribery prostitution, murder corruption and fraud. The US federal government authorizes the FDA to accept a legal bribe in the amount of 3 billion dollars. In return for the bribe the Federal government and the FDA agreed to look the other way as long as the government continues to get part of the money that GSK earns. So as a result GSK can continue to murder people with their medications which cause many health issues and bribe doctors lawyers and even federal judges to give GSK complete control over the lawsuits brought against them. Interview me please please email me at from further details.moreless
  • Forensic Psychological Profiles

    I have a degree in criminal investigations and I don't remember hearing about it either.

    I'm currently studying for a second degree in to investigate and do forensic psychological profiles on the violent obsessions and attacks of kidnappers, paraphiles, reverse discrimination, pedophiles, and murders who attack privileged persons such as the rich, beauty queens, higher educationed, etc. I've been trying to get a Watch-Dog group together to work with me. If any of you are interested and have any time to share please contact me.

    PO Box 1661, Beaumont, Texas 77704 163434846 163434846 163434846

  • Love these type of shows

  • A terrific program which always sets a high standard and is filmed in a way that will make you want to watch until the credits roll.

    This show is one of the very few which actually portrays things from several perspectives and that is one of the reasons I find it so enjoyable. Sometimes, programs of this nature are very one-dimensional and that takes away greatly from what is being portrayed and communicated on the screen. "American Justice" sets and maintains a very high standard in the way cases, victims and perpetrators are shown and tries its best to do so without bias, which is the most important thing.

    People need to see facts as they are from all perspectives, not just in the way in which they are portrayed in the news and television media and that is why the program is so 'watchable' and informative.moreless

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