American Justice

Tuesday 7:00 PM on A&E Premiered Sep 15, 1992 In Season





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  • please look into this case as an objective persuer of injustice every where someone needs to desperatly today now immediatly

    I just watched the fells acres report and a blind man could
    see how tainted everything was and what an injustice
    can you not do anything considering your name
    my gosh what a misscarrige in massachuses those poor amiraults family. innocent people can and do get railroaded unelievable can you not help. loyal viewer please please do not sit there and do nothing
    what if it was you. sheila in toronto Canada thankyou
    anything I can do to help I will my email is shepeake@gmail .com please let me help this is wrongwrong wrong justice anywhere and everywhere
    and those people (authorities ) should be ashamed of themselves
    they are supposed to be not predjudice I think they broke thier oath and abused thier authority
    BUT no one is doing anything to them or holding them accountable they need to keep up appearences what an injustice