American Justice - Season 10

Tuesday 7:00 PM on A&E Premiered Sep 15, 1992 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Death in a Small Town
    Ringgold, Georgia is the type of small, Southern town where everyone knows everyone else's business. Or at least, they thought they did. But when Alvin Ridley reported the death of his wife to the authorities, his neighbors were shocked--in thirty years, no one had ever seen her!

    AMERICAN JUSTICE chronicles the events surrounding the most bizarre case in the history of Catoosa County, Georgia. Interviews include Alvin Ridley himself, the medical examiner and the prosecutor. The voice of Virginia Ridley is heard through her letters and diaries, which seemingly support Alvin's contention that they had a happy life. And neighbors and townspeople weigh in with their views on the case that shocked their community.

    DEATH IN A SMALL TOWN asks whether the case of Alvin and Virginia Ridley was murder, or a most unusual love story.moreless
  • Eliminating The Competition
    When popular Tennessee State Senator Tommy Burks is murdered, suspicion falls on political opponent Byron (Low Tax) Looper.
  • The Disappearance Of Madalyn Murray O'Hair
    The story of how an enterprising reporter, a private investigator, and federal authorities unraveled the mystery behind the 1995 disappearance of the founder of the American Atheist organization, Madalyn Murray O'Hair, and her son and granddaughter.
  • Like Mother, Like Son: Sante and Kenny Kimes
    The story of Sante and Kenny Kimes, a mother-and-son con artist team, has all the ingredients of a classic crime tale: mystery, intrigue, great wealth and glamour, and suspects that authorities considered truly evil. The Kimeses were far from ordinary grifters. During a rampant criminal odyssey that stretched across the wealthiest playgrounds in America--no one seemed safe from their trickery. They found victim after victim--until they finally went too far.moreless
  • Conspiracy to Kill: The Rae Carruth Story
    A look at the trial of the star football player who was implicated in the killing of Cherica Adams. In 1999, Adams, more than six months pregnant with Carruth's baby, was gunned down in her car. Before slipping into a coma, Cherica implicated Carruth in the shooting. Doctors managed to save her baby, but within weeks, Cherica died. Was she killed as a result of a botched drug deal, as the defense maintained, or did a greedy Carruth coldly mastermind the shooting to avoid paying child support?moreless
  • The Boy Who Saw Too Much
    An 8-year-old boy who witnessed a murder is killed to prevent his testimony, sparking charges that authorities should have provided him with witness protection. Included in this episode is an interview with famed attorney Johnnie Cochran, who is representing the boy's family in a civil suit against Bridgeport, Connecticut, where the boy lived.moreless
  • Marijuana And Murder
    The case of David Ronald Chandler, a small-town marijuana dealer who was sentenced to death for ordering the murder of a man who sold marijuana for him. Before Chandler's legal journey was through, the hitman recanted his testimony and Chandler's fate ended up in the hands of President Bill Clinton.
  • Raised On Hate
    Raised On Hate
    Episode 13
    The story of Chevie O'Brien Kehoe, who was taught to be a white supremacist by his father and then went on a crime and murder spree.
  • Shattered Innocence: The Fells Acres Abuse Case
    The case of Gerald, Violet, and Cheryl Amirault, who were found guilty of child abuse at the Fells Acres day care center in Malden, Massachusetts. Forty-one children made allegations against the Amiraults--but were the children coerced into their statements? Cheryl and Gerald Amirault tell their side of the story on camera, along with two parents and a teacher who disagree about the Amiraults' guilt.moreless
  • Shotgun Justice
    Shotgun Justice
    Episode 11
    The bizarre story of Michael Pardue, an Alabama man imprisoned on three murder charges, who escaped from prison three times and was recaptured. Pardue's murder convictions were eventually overturned, but he still couldn't be freed--he'd been given a life sentence under Alabama's "three strikes" law for his escapes. Ultimately, in February 2001, Michael's final sentence was overturned and he was released after nearly 30 years behind bars.moreless
  • Lying Eyes
    Lying Eyes
    Episode 10
    The astonishing story of how a man served 11 years for a rape that he did not commit. Ronald Cotton was convicted after Jennifer Thompson, who was raped by a man in her apartment, told a court that Cotton was her assailant. DNA testing later proved that the rapist was another man, and in a strange twist, Cotton and Thompson became friends and are now advocates for the rights of the wrongfully accused.moreless
  • A Son's Confession
    A Son's Confession
    Episode 8
    A look at the controversial case of a man charged with brutally killing his mother in 1973 when he was a teenager. Peter Reilly was convicted of the crime, but claimed Connecticut police forced him to confess. Helped by friends and even celebrities like playwright Arthur Miller who believed in his innocence, Reilly was subsequently granted a new trial and the state dropped its prosecution. But controversy still surrounds the case as Reilly calls for DNA testing of old evidence to clear his name.moreless
  • The Matthew Shepard Story
    The story of the sadistic torture and murder of Matthew Shepard, a homosexual college student, in Wyoming in October 1998. Two small-time criminals kidnapped Shepard, beat him ferociously, lashed him to a fence in frigid temperatures, and left him there for 18 hours before he was discovered. The case sparked a national debate about the need for hate-crime legislation.moreless
  • Dealing with the Devil
  • Who Wants to Kill a Millionaire
    A Las Vegas tale of wealth, buried treasure, drugs, and sex. It's the story of casino millionaire Lonnie "Ted" Binion, who was found dead in his home in 1998. Less than 48 hours later, three men were arrested as they dug up 46,000 pounds of silver from an underground vault belonging to Binion. As police investigated, the murder trail led to Sandy Murphy, Binion's live-in girlfriend and former topless dancer, and Rick Tabish, who was Ted's friend and Sandy's lover.moreless
  • The Erin Brockovich Story
    Fans of the Julia Roberts movie will enjoy this chance to meet the real Erin and hear her talk about her crusade to bring the Pacific Gas & Electric Co. to justice for poisoning the drinking water in Hinkley, California. We'll also hear from other players in the drama, including attorney Ed Masry, PG&E whistleblower Charles Ebersohl, and Kathleen Sharp and Michael Fumento, journalists who support PG&E's contention that the chemical that it put into the drinking water was not a health hazard.moreless
  • The Atlanta Child Murders
    Is Wayne Williams the monster responsible for killing 29 African Americans between 1979 and 1981? Or did the prosecution in Williams' trial withhold evidence that white supremacists were responsible? This in-depth probe explores the continuing controversy over the infamous Atlanta child murders that shocked the nation. We'll hear from the prosecutors, the defense attorney, a mother of one of the victims, and Williams, who keeps fighting for a new trial after nearly two decades in prison.moreless
  • A Mother On Death Row
    Darlie Routier is on death row for the murder of her two sons--but is she guilty? We examine the controversial case of the Texas woman convicted of killing two of her children, 6-year-old Devon and 5-year-old Damon. We hear from a juror who now thinks that Darlie is innocent, the lead prosecutor and defense attorney in the case, and Darlie and her husband.moreless
  • Hiding In Plain Sight: Tales Of A Fugitive
    After 28 years, authorities finally catch up with one-time student radical Howard Mechanic, the first person sentenced under the Civil Obedience Act in 1970 for lobbing cherry bombs at cops at an anti-war rally. While on the lam, he ran a health food business and apartment hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he was finally caught when he ran for city council under his assumed name. Behind bars for a crime he claims he didn't commit, some call Mechanic one of the last casualties of the Vietnam War.moreless