American Justice - Season 12

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Episode Guide

  • Another Man's Crime
    Another Man's Crime
    Episode 24
    No one knows how many people have been wrongfully convicted--but for every one of them, there's a criminal who has escaped justice. The innocent, serving prison sentences under false conviction, are haunted by the dream that one day, somehow, the guilty party will be found. When an innocent Rhode Island police officer was convicted of murder, he had no idea that his salvation would lie, not in DNA or the court system, but in the conscience of a man he'd never met.moreless
  • For Love or Money
    For Love or Money
    Episode 23
    Celeste Beard Johnson sits in a maximum-security prison in Texas, serving a double life sentence for manipulating her lesbian lover to kill her elderly, millionaire husband. Tracey Tarlton, Celeste's lover and confessed killer, serves a 20-year sentence at a separate prison in Texas. At Celeste's trial, both women told conflicting renditions of the macabre events that led to Steven Beard's death. Now, Celeste and Tracey share their stories with us--each still holding to her own version.moreless
  • What the Girl Saw
    What the Girl Saw
    Episode 22
    A man is imprisoned for rape and murder based on the testimony of a 6-year-old.
  • Murder on the Boardwalk
    Kosta Fotopoulos, a prominent member of the Greek-American community in Daytona, Florida, invents a club for killers and convinces his lover to join the club by brutally murdering a drifter. Includes an interview with the lover, Deidre Hunt, who is now serving a life sentence in prison.
  • Blood Brothers: The Derek and Alex King Case
    The shocking story of how two young boys were led to kill their father, and the unique way that the State of Florida delivered justice in the case.
  • The Yosemite Killer
    The Yosemite Killer
    Episode 19
    Serial killer Cary Stayner is plagued by psychoses since childhood.
  • Driven To Kill
    Driven To Kill
    Episode 18
    A surprise witness with a stunning story helps crack open the case of a mysterious hit-and-run in a Boston parking garage.
  • Mistaken Identity
    Mistaken Identity
    Episode 17
    A woman shot during a robbery identifies a 16-year-old named "Terence" as her assailant. With no physical evidence linking Terence Garner to the crime, the North Carolina teenager was convicted mainly on the basis of the victim's testimony. Just days after he's convicted, a 24-year-old man named "Terrance" confesses to the crime. We'll see how this case raises serious doubts about the reliability of eyewitness testimony and disturbing cracks in the American justice system.moreless
  • The Wells Fargo Heist
    Phoenix police suspect three men in the robbery of an armored van.
  • Shots in the Dark
    Shots in the Dark
    Episode 15
    An Atlanta police office is murdered, and the suspect is Jamil Al-Amin, formerly H. Rap Brown, the controversial 1960s civil rights leader. Al-Amin's lawyers must work within a justice system their client has spent his entire adult life opposing.
  • Don't Mess with Texas
    The man convicted of killing a Texas Ranger more than 25 years ago speaks on national television for the first time. Greg Ott's tortured journey through the justice system poses two questions: Is he guilty, and if so, what is the fair punishment for killing an officer of the law?
  • Mystery at Sea
    Mystery at Sea
    Episode 13
    A Louisiana town is left bewildered when a boat captain dies mysteriously at sea and the only man who knows what happened is Alvin Latham, a slow-witted bagger at the grocery store. The search for truth shows how a man's life can be swept away by forces beyond his control.
  • The San Francisco Dog Mauling
    A look at the sensational case of Diane Whipple, who was mauled to death by her neighbors' dog. When the judge threw out the 2nd-degree murder conviction of one of the dogs' owners, questions were raised about how fair American justice can be when a case receives intense media coverage.
  • Murder Online
    Murder Online
    Episode 11
    The mysterious killing of a businessman leads to a precedent-setting case that reveals just how easy it is for two people to arrange a murder while chatting on the Internet.
  • The Central Park Jogger Case: What Went Wrong?
    An examination of the case that has rocked the justice system in New York for over a decade. Five black teenagers were convicted of the 1989 rape of a white investment banker, then exonerated in 2002 when another man confessed to committing the crime alone. But some believe the teens were still involved. This episode includes interviews with three of the accused whose convictions were vacated after spending years in jail.moreless
  • The Corcoran Eight
    The Corcoran Eight
    Episode 9
    Whistleblowers at a California prison accuse guards of staging gladiator-style fights between inmates.
  • Mail Order Murder
    Mail Order Murder
    Episode 8
    A middle-aged man on trial for killing his beautiful young Russian wife points the finger of blame at another man.
  • Shamed into Confession
    A look at how a confession--whether true or false--can harm a defendant's case in the American justice system. James Harry Reyos confessed that he killed a priest, then took it back at trial, claiming that he confessed because he felt guilty about having a sexual relationship with the priest.
  • A Murder before Homecoming
    Implicated in the rape and murder of a cheerleader, a high-school homecoming king stuns a courtroom when he refuses a plea bargain that could save him from the death penalty.
  • A Questionable Doctor
    A look at how the justice system handled the unique case of Dr. L. Stan Naramore, who was convicted of attempting to murder a 78-year-old terminally ill woman and of killing an 81-year-old farmer. But "tough Irish" defense attorney Kurt Kerns, who "bawled like a baby" and threw up when Naramore was convicted, later persuaded the Kansas Board of Appeals to issue a highly unusual ruling. Included in this episode are interviews with Naramore and Kerns.
  • To Save Their Souls
    This episode follows the story of John List. A man who murdered his mother, wife and three children in cold blood in 1971 and went on the run for 18 years before being captured in 1989.
  • A Mother's Betrayal
    The shocking story of Kathy Bush, regarded as a caring mother and a national advocate for health care, who was suddenly arrested for child abuse and accused of keeping her daughter deathly ill. This episode features interviews with Bush, her husband Craig, and son Jason.
  • Who Killed Hannah Hill?
    The tragic story of 18-year-old Hannah Hill of Akron, Ohio, whose murder may never be solved because virtually every part of her case--from the police investigation to the trial to the jury deliberations--was mishandled.
  • The Andrea Yates Story
    The shocking story of the Texas mother of 5 who drowned her children, one by one, in the bathtub. With home video of the Yates family, an interview with husband Rusty Yates, and videotaped psychiatrist interviews, we trace the downward spiral of a loving mother into the darkness of mental illness and its tragic consequences.moreless
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