American Justice - Season 13

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Episode Guide

  • The Perfect Wife
    The Perfect Wife
    Episode 31
    A look at the case of Roger Scaggs, the successful CEO and church elder accused of bludgeoning his wife of 35 years to death and then slitting her neck open--all so he could continue his affair with a 26-year-old co-worker. Scaggs was found guilty, but he continues to claim he's innocent, and his daughter has gone to law school so that one day she can help him prove it.moreless
  • Accused in Appalachia
    Examines a case that has been traveling through the Virginia criminal justice system for 10 years. In 1993, Merry Pease claimed that her husband shot her, but authorities charged that she killed her husband and then shot herself to make it appear as if her husband had shot her. Pease was indicted three times, convicted twice and was in and out of jail throughout this long ordeal. She maintains her innocence to this day.moreless
  • The Wrath of Mrs. Jones
    A Florida woman is convicted of masterminding the killing of her philandering husband.
  • Serial Wife
    Serial Wife
    Episode 28
    A woman who had been married 10 times, sometimes committing bigamy, goes on trial for murdering her last husband. In court, the prosecution produces a surprise witness who says he saw the victim alive at the time the prosecution said he was dead. Will the jury buy his story?
  • Love Triangle
    Love Triangle
    Episode 27
    The story of Michigan lawyer Michael Fletcher, who was charged with murdering his pregnant wife, Leann, so he could carry on an affair with a high-ranking judge. The highly publicized trial, with its tales of sex, guns, and politics involving the very people who uphold American Justice, shocked the public right down to the verdict. Includes interviews with Fletcher, Leann Fletcher's father, defense attorney Brian Legghio, and chief prosecutor Gregory Townsend.moreless
  • Who Whacked Zack?
    Who Whacked Zack?
    Episode 26
    Jeff Zack is shot dead at a gas station in broad daylight, execution style. There are no fingerprints, no weapon, and no witnesses that could even come close to identifying the assailant. When police begin to dig into the victim's background, they find a long laundry list of enemies and criminal behavior, including involvement in a teen prostitution ring. The case continues, but given the number of people that potentially could have wanted him dead, there are no suspects in Jeff Zack's murder for at least a year.moreless
  • The Susan Smith Story: A Mother's Confession
    A look back at the shocking story of how Susan Smith drowned her two sons and then tried to fool the nation into believing that an African-American man had committed the crime.
  • A Model Murder
    A Model Murder
    Episode 24
    Linda Sobek, a pretty, vivacious Los Angeles model turns up missing after a photo shoot. The police investigation leads to photographer Charles Rathbun, who, after much back-and-forth, says he killed her by accident. But the marks on Linda's body tell a different story.
  • Daughter Dearest
    Daughter Dearest
    Episode 23
    A look at the shocking case of 15-year-old Valessa Robinson, who was accused of killing her mother Vicki after she objected to Valessa's wild lifestyle of drugs and sex. We examine the relationship between the mother and daughter to determine how and why a young girl could take part in her own mother's brutal death.moreless
  • The Bully of Toulon
    The Bully of Toulon
    Episode 22
    Curtis Thompson, who had intimidated his neighbors in the farming community of Toulon, Illinois, goes on a rampage and guns down three people before he's finally brought down in an "Old West"-style shoot-out. In the wake of the killings, townspeople wonder if they'd missed the warning signs that might have allowed them to stop the bully before he killed.moreless
  • The Doctor's Wife
    The Doctor's Wife
    Episode 21
    An affair between a heart doctor and his nurse leads to his and his wife's death, and puts the home-wrecking nurse on trial for murder.
  • Double Life, Double Murder
    In November 1995, close friends Halima Jones and Ruby Joyner went out shopping together in Peachtree City, Georgia, but never came home. An all-out manhunt was launched, and four days later, an abandoned mini-van was found in the long-term parking lot at Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport, with the dead bodies of Halima and Ruby inside. Following a labyrinth of clues and evidence, police named Ruby's husband, Lewis Joyner as their prime suspect. The jury at his trial found Lewis guilty of the murder of his wife, but their wasn't enough evidence to find him guilty in the shooting of Halima Jones. Lewis Joyner is currently serving a life sentence in prison, but to this day, maintains that he acted out of self-defense in killing his wife.moreless
  • Child's Play, Deadly Play
    Lionel Tate was a 170-pound, 12-year-old boy who played rough one day with his friend, 48-pound, 6-year-old Tiffany Eunick. When Tiffany died from injuries, Lionel claimed that he only used wrestling holds that he'd seen on TV. But prosecutors charged Lionel with first-degree murder. Would the jury believe that Tiffany died of innocent child's play--or would they put Lionel behind bars? Interviewees include defense attorney James Lewis, who used the controversial "wrestling defense" strategy.moreless
  • Murder in Paradise
    Murder in Paradise
    Episode 18
    A look at one of the most shocking and controversial cases in Hawaiian history--the 1991 rape and murder of beautiful 23-year-old Dana Ireland. The trial of Frank Pauline, one of the three men implicated in the attack, was labeled "Hawaii's O.J.". Pauline and another man, Ian Schweitzer, are serving time for the crime, but both maintain their innocence.moreless
  • Murder & Mrs. B
    Murder & Mrs. B
    Episode 17
    A marriage gone bad. An affair. A bitter divorce. In 1994 in Jefferson, Wisconsin, it all led to the shooting death of Ruben Borchardt, a 40-year-old father of three. In the end, Ruben's 45-year-old estranged wife Diane and a trio of teenagers were convicted in a shocking murder-for-hire plot allegedly hatched in the very high school where Diane worked. But in a rare television interview, Diane Borchardt claims that she had nothing to do with her husband's death and is innocent.moreless
  • The Black Widower
    The Black Widower
    Episode 16
    Two of Gerald "Bob" Hand's wives died in eerily similar circumstances in the 1970s. Now, more than 20 years later, the third Mrs. Hand dies. Was Bob just having a run of bad luck--or was something a lot more sinister going on? Bill Kurtis investigates.
  • Stacey's Story
    Stacey's Story
    Episode 15
    Stacey Lannert sits in a Missouri prison, convicted of murdering her father. At the trial, she claimed that she killed him after years of sexual abuse and threats, but the jury didn't believe her. Do you? This episode includes interviews with Lannert, the prosecutor, and two jurors in the case.
  • Thrill Killers
    Thrill Killers
    Episode 14
    A young married couple's photographs of their vacation give police the clues they need to implicate the pair in the murders of two other Ocean City, Maryland vacationers.
  • Why O.J. Simpson Won
  • Under Suspicion: The Case of Catherine Shelton
    Here's the fascinating story of Catherine Shelton, a criminal defense attorney in Dallas, Texas. Catherine was known as a tough, smart lawyer and a dogged advocate for her clients; she was also known for her own run-ins with the law outside of the courthouse. But no one could have guessed what happened next. One of Catherine's former business associates was shot and left for dead, and the victim told police that Catherine and her husband Clint did it.moreless
  • Sins of a Priest: The John Geoghan Story
    For three decades, Father John Geoghan molested over 140 children, often going to the homes of poor, single mothers, gaining their trust, and then visiting their children's bedrooms at night. This is the shocking story of how the Archdiocese of Boston covered up the priest's crimes, eventually leading to the downfall of Cardinal Bernard Law, one of the most powerful men in the American Catholic Church. After conviction, while serving his sentence, an inmate strangled Geoghan to death.moreless
  • Blood Relations
    Blood Relations
    Episode 10
    An auto parts salesman is the lead suspect in the brutal murders of two Texas sisters who were bludgeoned to death so badly that at first, police thought they had been shot.
  • A Soldier's Secret
    A Soldier's Secret
    Episode 9
    A homosexual U.S. soldier is brutally murdered.
  • The Excedrin Killings
    Stella Nickell was sentenced to 90 years in prison in 1988 for killing her husband and another woman with cyanide-laced Excedrin. We look back at the explosive case, which led to panic over fears of product tampering, and a debate over what happens to justice when the federal government and big business pour their vast resources into a case.moreless
  • Traces in Blood
    Traces in Blood
    Episode 7
    A look at the bizarre case of Diazien Hossencofft, a con man with the ability to convince his victims of just about anything. Hossencofft persuaded Linda Henning, a former fashion designer from New Mexico, that he was something other than human, and Henning started to claim that she was his "alien queen". We examine the relationship between the two and try to determine if it led to the murder of Diazien's wife, Girly Chew Hossencofft.moreless
  • Playing With Fire
    Playing With Fire
    Episode 6
    Kenny Richey is scheduled to die for setting a fire designed to kill his ex-girlfriend that wound up killing a 2-year-old child. But with no witnesses and the little existing physical evidence tainted by investigators, Richey's was not an open-and-shut arson case. Seventeen years later, Scottish-born Richey, represented by an ineffective public defender at trial, continues to proclaim his innocence from a death-row cell in Ohio. But his execution may be only months away and time is running out.moreless
  • Countdown to an Execution
    The story of crusading attorney Juliet Yackel and her desperate attempt to save her client, Darnell Williams, whose execution for the double murder of an elderly couple is only one month away. We follow Yackel as she searches for new evidence that might prove Williams is innocent, and our cameras are there to record the state of Indiana's final heart-wrenching decision in the case.moreless
  • The Happy Face Killer
    Sometimes, people kill or claim the blame for murder because they want to be famous. We delve into the psychological motivations of murder and infamy when a mild-mannered, grey-haired grandmother accuses her boyfriend of the murder of a woman that he didn't commit, angering the man really responsible because he wanted "credit" for his kill. Over the next five years, the real culprit raped and murdered seven more women before being caught. His motivation? Notoriety.moreless
  • Murder by Mercedes
    Murder by Mercedes
    Episode 3
    The justice system tests the bounds of a "crime of passion" when Houston dentist Clara Harris is put on trial for killing her adulterous husband by running him down with her Mercedes--an incident that was partially caught on videotape. No one denied that Clara killed her husband. The question at trial was to what degree she should be held responsible. Features interviews with the defense attorney, prosecutor, eyewitnesses, and jurors.moreless
  • The Case of Robert Blake
    On the afternoon of April 18, 2002, film actor and TV star Robert Blake was arrested in LA for the murder of his wife Bonny Lee Bakley. The arrest marked the end of a police investigation that had lasted nearly a year. We examine the evidence in the sensational case and take a look at what we can expect to see when the trial begins. Included in this episode are interviews with the sister and daughter of the victim, Bonny Lee Bakley, and Blake's defense attorney.moreless
  • A Deadly Dose
    A Deadly Dose
    Episode 1
    In the face of inconclusive physical evidence, the character of the accused can sway a jury. When Brian Eftenoff stood trial for his wife's murder, jurors were presented contradictory claims about how she died. One of the few things they could hold onto was how they felt about Brian Eftenoff. Viewers get the chance to determine his guilt or innocence, based on his own words--in a police interrogation video, a taped conversation with a detective, and a phone interview Eftenoff granted our producers.moreless
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