American Muscle Car: The Last Sting Ray - Season 1

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  • After a down year in 1968, in classic Corvette fashion, Zora Arkus-Duntov and his engineers threw themselves furiously into fixing the car, so by 1969 Corvette was once again "King of the Hill" among American high performance cars.
  • Racing became the car's research and development laboratory, as America's most famous racers worked tirelessly to raise Corvette's performance level despite the "no racing" edict handed down from GM board of directors.
  • Chevrolet's design studio, now headed by wild man Bill Mitchell, had been promising something "all new" since 1959, and hints of it had been shown at Chevy's Motorama and other big auto shows for a few years. Only on SPEED.
  • Chevrolet makes a major discovery -- if you want your car to be cool, make it a TV star! The Corvette became a central figure in a major network TV Show, "Route 66".
  • 5/10/07
    By leveraging General Motors' checkbook clout, its engineering expertise and the sheer will of a passionate engineer named Zora Arkus-Duntov, Chevrolet put the Corvette on the map.
  • 5/3/07
    How the Corvette was born, and its early years when the 'Vette nearly died from poor sales and ridicule from the motoring press.