American Pickers

Monday 9:00 PM on The History Channel Premiered Jan 18, 2010 Between Seasons





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  • new episodes

    Love the show, but when are new episodes coming? Tired of seeing reruns over and over again
  • are they thieves

    it seems like they rip off elderly people for a living. is it true frank takes a dump at every pick.

    I love it when they say some rusty old piece of junk is hot and rusty broken items are perfect for an entry level collector.

    I have never seen anything I would buy but it is entertaining
  • A JOKE

    This show has gotten terrible. Watched one the other day, the main theme was which one could

    hold his urine the longest. I was flipping channels today, the topic involved frozen burritos and

    stinking up the truck. Seems bodily functions are more important than picking. Just FYI folks,

    these are TV programs, they are not spontaneous. They take planning. They don't just "roll up"

    on a freestyle pick and hand out a flyer and the whole production crew magically appears. Everything

    including prices have been arranged long before the show is shot.
  • Love this show!

    I everything about this show. Except the tattooed lady. It's amazing to see the fascinating things that Mike and Frank find squirreled away in strangest places.
  • These guys rock!

    Great show! Always interesting! Unlike Pawn Stars, there isn't the corny staged behind-the-scenes crap. Love that you never know where they'll go, what they'll find and who they'll meet--so cool to see back roads America! Frank could stand to loosen up a bit. Danielle is adorable, Mike is fun and down to earth. Super fun program!

    They need to get more commercials in!! REALLY. If they have any more commercials they'll have more ads than show!! I know it's the network but talk about greedy!
  • Great Show

    This show could be rated G. Great for the whole family.
  • My New Favorite Show

    Finally a show that educates and entertains. Frank needs to loosen the purse strings a little, but overall they seem honest(at least when the cameras are rolling). As an amateur picker I have learned a lot from these guys and never miss an episode.
  • Love this show

    we love this show and we love these guys! How many shows do you see where the people are actually NOT trying to rip people off!?

    We enjoy the fact that these guys, while wanting to make a profit, will not rip people off, unlike Pawn Stars, who prey on the desperation of people. We would much much prefer to watch these 2 do their thing and see their customers happy than watch the other show and see them preying on people.

    Top rating from us, keep it up guys :-)
  • Not as good as pawn stars

    Two guys "pickers" named mike wolfe and Frank Fitz go around looking for old junked houses that might have antiques in them. It is like the opposite of pawn stars they look for stuff people dont bring things to them. They repeat themselves a lot the tell about the process of pikcing breaking the ice and talk about bicycles every week. They have woman that looks for leads for them she is annoying and the characters try to be funny but usuaully aren't I dont like mike tht much. The best part to me is when they show how much profit they made off the items.

    I think this is only on TV because pawn stars is popular.