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American Princess

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Twelve ordinary, diverse American women gain the chance of a lifetime as they undergo princess-in-training lessons. As they are gradually transformed into proper ladies, it brings each girl closer towards her chance at earning a real British title, fifty thousand dollars in cash, and a dance with her very own, real life prince charming!

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AIRED ON 10/7/2007

Season 2 : Episode 8

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  • This show is wonderful. Should be a little more picky on the women they choose, but overall, it is interesting. I think the ladies on the show should show more respect for other peoples culture.moreless

    Those women do not represent American women. I am disgusted at the women who were chosen to go to England. If I had the chance, I would show everyone that there are American women who do have class. I wouldn't make a complete fool of myself. I was raised with manners. I am a small town country girl living in the State of Texas. You don't have to have alot of money to have class. Not all Americans are rude, crude, and socially unacceptable. Granted, I never knew how to make real tea either, but I wouldn't have barely listened and made so many mistakes. Those girls only care about being "cool". Its about respect. To get respect you must first give respect. To anyone that reads this, please do not base your opinions of American women off of these childish girls. Its bad enough America has a bad reputation. Some of us in America, that are good, honest and hard working people do not deserve such a reputation. Granted the bad gets noticed first because it stands out more. Everyone loves to judge bad behavior. Its those that are good that hardly get recognized for their efforts. Princess Diana was a role model for me. Doing things for other people in need. She has touched my life just as much as yours. I would never let her down. She was recognized by the world for her good. And she never judged a book by its cover either. America is my cover, but I am a better book than the cover looks.moreless
  • The girls on this show are hardly attractive, and it seems impossible that any of them could be a princess. the girls have no sense of class while in a group discussion and show no respect for Our country. Do they care about their reputation at all?moreless

    The show itself is very original and a great idea, But none of the girls they picked even show a flicker of what a royal person should act like. They act like trailer trash people who have no sense of family,education, or faith. They go to bars instead of Enlightening themselves and act very distasteful towards one another. They are very arrogant and have no sense of humility. Did they pick any girl to really develop a sense of class and regard. I wonder if these girls finished high school. the down fall of the show is picking girls that would never qualify as a princess. It may be the object of the show to bring in very unlikely people to become royalty, but it almost defeats the whole show. Are they trying to make America look bad and say we don't have royal people here, because we definately do.moreless
  • I think this show could be at the top of ratings of TV watching except that the integrity of the girls chosen to be a part was very lacking. They were taught and judged on very superficial qualities. You can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear.moreless

    I was very dissapointed in the lack of integrity and purpose of the girls chosen to be the American Princess. They did not promote any personal standards of quality of character. A princess should be beautiful, poised, and polished. But beyond that she should be looking to be a servant to her country and the people of that country. She should not be of low integrity and/or moral standards. She should be brought up with the presence of mind that with privledge comes responsibility to the less fortunate and have a purpose to find some way to use her influence to improve their lot. She should be neighter pampered nor spoiled but to the contrary, she should be taught how to be considerate of others with sensibilities that preclude true and lasting relationships in family and friends. She should be given recognition of her opinions and her talents should be encouraged and exploited to the improvement of her authority and position. These things are none of the things I see in your show. However, these are the things that grew in Diana to make her The Peoples Princess.moreless
  • 20 young women vie for a Tiara and learn some of life's lessons as they grow from week to week.

    This is a rather cute show. I do find it interesting that this many young women know absolutely nothing about things that are so basic. Life skills so basic as not knowing how to set a proper place setting or which fork to use. Even worse is their lack of formal training in even the simplest real world skills such as research and public speaking. However, what I enjoy is watching them grow and learn with each new challenge. Whether it is public speaking or learning to apply make up correctly. Most of the time it is accomplished with great good humor and determination to at least give it their best shot. Unfortunately, I do see that a number of the young women, some of whom have already been eliminated, think that they already hold some entitlement to being something special without putting forth any effort to be something special. Thankfully that type of personality is being rapidly eliminated with the exception of one young woman. And it is because of this young woman that I was prompted to write. It is Kirsten! She is by far as I have heard put forth several times the most annoying and loud individual there. I would frankly be appalled if she were given the title of American Princess because it would only serve to prove to the rest of the world what a bunch of ill bred cackling hens American women are. Please, in the next elimination, send her home! Do not let her go to the ball!

    The young woman that I think has come the farthest is Cassie, I believe it is, the one from Texas who had the braces in the beginning of the show. She is pretty without being pretentious and although is somewhat shy is coming out of her shell and blossoming into a much more polished version of her former self. She is also quick to try her best at each new task given her and always seems to work very hard for her achievements. I believe that in the end with the appropriate training and education that she would make a fine representative of the USA. Overall though it is just a fun way to spend an hour Sometimes enjoying the mishaps these young women get into but even more so their endearing and many times hard won achievements.

    In closing, I sincerely hope that Cassie finds it in herself to bring out the best that those of us in TV land can see and be the New American Princess and an upstanding representative of the USA!moreless
  • Great show :)

    I think it is almost a year ago I watched this show and I loved it if I remember correctly there was a cute quy in it :) I am not sure what his name was I think Phillip but I am not 100% sure about this but of cource also the rest of the show was great I loved just the basic idea of the show and I hope it will return but I dont think that will happen but maybe....moreless