American Princess

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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Episode 8: "The Coronation Ball"
      With their princess training coming to a close, the final three ladies embrace their final week as princesses-in-training with a waltz lesson with their handsome beaus. And after receiving a letter from the prince who will be crowning only one of them as the next American Princess, it serves to enhance their hopes of winning. And then later, final pleas to convince the judges of why they should be become Lady of the Manor are delivered by the wannabe royal trio. This is it. Only one girl will have every one of her dreams come to fruition. . . Who will it be?moreless
    • Episode 7: "Art and Aristocracy"
      It's crunch time! With the much anticipated coronation ball just two weeks away, the princess-in-training quartet must undergo a series of challenges, as a culmination of all they had learned and applied to their growth as women and future princesses, to help the judges decide who will ultimately be crowned. However, as always, there is a twist! They will be the after-dinner entertainment, having to sing for the guests of a formal dinner! Surprise! Who will emerge as a beautiful Nightingale, and who will croak out her final tune?moreless
    • Episode 6: "Tea, Tennis, Croquet and Cricket"
      The five remaining girls are really put to the test this week when it comes to mastering the art of afternoon tea. Will they be able to handle hosting their own tea party? And then later, they learn croquet and cricket. But these girls make it clear that they want to win more than just a cricket game.moreless
    • Episode 5: "Meet the Beaus"
      In this episode, the continued princesses-in-training learn the fine art of flower arranging, wine appreciation, as well as prominent "Dating Dos and Don'ts." And what would a princess be without her prince? Much to the girls' delight, the six pair off with three handsome and rather eligible beaus as they are shown some of England's most famous sights.moreless
    • Episode 4: "Charity Work and Media Training"
      The seven remaining ladies learn that a substantial princess must be charitable and a good role model for all others -- Especially for the youth. This notion is put to the test as the princesses-in-training learn how to be a mentor and organize a successful garden party for a group of young children. Then later, the wannabe royals undergo dramatic hair makeovers before attending their very first press conference. Will this new feat be smooth sailing for each lady, or will the proverbial dirty laundry hit the fan?moreless
    • Episode 3: "Grace Under Fire"
      Eight girls now remain as they all receive military training and tackle an obstacle course. For some of the ladies, that won't be the only "obstacle" they will have to face! And then later, the hopeful princesses learn grace and poise as they attend a ballet performance at The Royal Opera House to debut their dancing capabilities. Which princess-in-training will fail to grand jeté her way closer to earning her royal title?moreless
    • Episode 2: "Society Debut"
      The nine remaining Princess-Hopefuls settle into their place of stay: An $80 million mansion in London, England. The girls will be expected to learn how to speak like a lady when they deliver their own speeches at Oxford University, as well as look like a lady when they later attend one of the world's most revered horse races, The Derby, for first-hand introduction to England's high class society. Will any of them be able to pull it off, or will they all fail to shine?moreless
    • Episode 1: "The Fairytale Beginning"
      Twelve ordinary girls with the hopes of being crowned American Princess arrive in New York City to begin princess training. Not only will they learn how to walk, talk, sit, and act like a proper lady, but their leadership and etiquette skills will also be put to the test. Who will get to continue training within the new location, London, England?moreless
  • Season 1