America's Best Dance Crew

MTV - Music Television Premiered Jan 13, 2008 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • 1/13/08
      In the series premiere of America's Best Dance Crew, the crews choreograph numbers to their favorite remixes. The competition kicks off as Live in Color wows the judges with their high-energy performance.
    • 2/14/08
      The remaining 8 crews are given popular music videos to interpret and then choreograph a routine to. Mario Lopez kicks off the show with some voting results and Kaba Modern's video star challenge. Live In Color steps out of their comfort zone with a slow tempo track.
    • 2/21/08
      The crews perform popular dance crazes with a special challenging physical aspect to throw them off. Week three starts out as Live In Color does their take on DJ Unk's "2 Step" while having to exchange clothing onstage. Safe from elimination, JabbaWockeeZ wow the judges with their creativity in defying gravity.moreless
    • Movie Characters
      Episode 4
      While waiting to see who's the next to go home, the crews must portray a character and tell their story with this week's routine. Mario announces that tonight's challenge will be to portray movie characters through dance and JabbaWockeeZ turn in an impressive performance as thieves.
    • Thriller
      Episode 5
      The crews put their own spin on tracks from Michael Jackson's classic Thriller in honor of the album's twenty-fifth anniversary. JabbaWockeeZ add hats and coats for their version of 'Pretty Young Thing' and give the judges little to pick on.
    • Broadway Remixed
      Episode 6
      The remaining crews perform a Broadway number as a group and Status Quo masters a remix of "Hairspray". JabbaWockeeZ worry about learning the jazz steps for a "Chicago" number but still manage to wow the judges.
    • 3/17/08
      All three crews dance to the same remix featuring the evolution of street dancing and the final two compete in an encore "do or die" round. Status Quo performs first, wowing the judges with their stunts but failing to impress with the choreography.
    • The Live Finale
      The Live Finale
      Episode 8
      Millions of votes have been cast and now it all comes down to this - JabbaWockeeZ and Status Quo take to the stage one last time. Watch now to find out who is crowned America's Best Dance Crew. The eliminated crews return for an encore performance, and the West Coast teams battle it out to the Cali classic "Tell Me When To Go."moreless
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