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  • Season 1
    • The Winchester Mystery House & Scotty's Castle
      This installment of A&E's "America's Castles" series heads west to tour two of the nation's most fascinating mansions. The Winchester Mystery House -- the architectural product of a widow's fear of ghosts -- is laden with stairs to nowhere, secret passages and elements built around the number 13. Scotty's Castle, built by the eccentric Walter Scott, is less bizarre but equally as impressive, with an elaborate pipe organ and a Moorish bell tower.moreless
    • Adirondack Camps
      Adirondack Camps
      Episode 14
    • The Plantation Era
      The Plantation Era
      Episode 13
      In this installment of the popular cable-TV series, viewers get a grand tour of the stately antebellum mansions built by Southern planters to trumpet their affluence and power. Included are visits to John Hampden Randolph's 64-room Nottaway, situated on a 7,000-acre sugar plantation, and Irish immigrant Frederick Stanton's five-story Stanton Hall. You'll also go inside Dr. Haller Nutt's Longwood, a 100-foot-high octagonal marvel.moreless
    • Gold Coast Estates
      Gold Coast Estates
      Episode 12
    • New York City
      New York City
      Episode 11
      A visit to three of the Big Apple area's greatest mansions. Includes the Frick Collection, home to European art masterpieces; Coe Hall, a 65-room Tudor Revival castle; and Bartow-Pell, boasting a magnificent walled garden.
    • Savannah
      Episode 10
      A walk through the ante-bellum mansions of Savannah, Georgia, today is like stepping into the pages of living history. They stand as monuments to the city's past glory. Savannah presents five of the city's 'castles,' the Davenport House, the Owens-Thomas House the Telfair Academy of Arts & Sciences, the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace, and the Andrew Low House.moreless
    • The Victorian Era : The Mark Twain House, Glessner House & Glenmont - Thomas Edison's Home
      Around the turn of the century, some of America's wealthiest and most famous people turned a new breed of architects and builders loose to explore new styles and structures. The results were some of the most distinctive homes ever built in America. AMERICA'S CASTLES visits some of these landmark homes, including Mark Twain's Nook Farm, who said of his mansion, "I was born modest, but it wore off." A splendid example of Stick Style High Victorian, the home features 19 rooms furnished in opulence by Lewis Comfort Tiffany. The Glessner House built by the founder of the International Harvester Company confronts the outside world with rugged and battered stones. Mrs. Glessner was less than pleased, calling it "homely, peculiar, and the queerest house I ever saw," but its interior is a model of elegance. Finally, Glenmont is the masterpiece of the Queen Anne style, built for Thomas Edison. Full of reminders of the career of the famed inventor, it is a highlighted by one of the rarest desk sets ever made only two were contsructed; Edison got one, the emperor of Germany the other.moreless
    • The Roosevelt Homes
      They left their mark on the nation like few other presidents. In their homes, we get a unique glimpse into the private lives and background of these very public men. AMERICA'S CASTLES invites you along for an exclusive tour of THE ROOSEVELT HOMES. See rare footage of FDR relaxing at Hyde Park, the family home that was forever his true base, and learn the surprising secrets of Campobello, the retreat that was a thorn Eleanor's side. Get a remarkable inside look at Teddy's magnificent Oyster Bay retreat, Sagamore Hill, and hear from friends and family members what it was like when the President came to stay. From the Manhattan brownstone where Teddy grew up to FDR's summer getaway, go behind the scenes of these historic homes and learn their secret stories from curators, historians and experts.moreless
    • Mexico's White House: Chapultepec Castle
      Once the home of Mexico's rulers, Chapultepec Castle is a unique blend of European and Mexican influences that embodies the history of the nation.
    • The Biltmore Estate
      It is truly the grandest of all American homes. Built by George Washington Vanderbilt, Biltmore dwarfs all the mansions built by his illustrious forefathers, even the Breakers "cottage" in Newport. America's Castles takes a remarkable top-to-bottom tour of the largest home ever built in America. With its 255 rooms, the Biltmore is a monument to the extravagance and eccentricity of its owner. See footage of its construction, and go behind the scenes with the men and women who work there to learn the secrets of this incredible mansion. Get a privileged tour of rooms that are off-limits to the public, and marvel at the magnificent treasures that Vanderbilt collected. Travel to the gorgeous mountains of Western North Carolina for the definitive look at the ultimate American Castle.moreless
    • The Vanderbilts Abroad
      The family most closely associated with America's Castles are the Vanderbilts. From Newport to Asheville, their legendary mansions fill the landscape. But perhaps the greatest castle a Vanderbilt ever called home was across the Atlantic in England. Alva Vanderbilt was obsessed with the station of her family, and her every move was designed to further the status of the Vanderbilt name. This passion led Alva to force her daughter Consuelo to marry the Ninth Duke of Marlborough, thus joining the fortunes of the Vanderbilts with British Royalty. The young couple endured a tumultuous relationship in the utmost of splendor, the fabulous Blenheim Palace. America's Castles crosses the Atlantic for a revealing look at this magnificent home-one of the finest in all of Europe. And family members, including Consuelo's grandson, relate the tale of the troubled union made for the sake of status.moreless
    • Hearst Castle: San Simeon
      At a time when most of America pinched pennies, media mogul William Randolph Hearst commissioned one of the largest homes ever built. Centerpiece of an estate nearly half the size of Rhode Island, the 165-room San Simeon overlooks the California countryside from a hilltop high above the Pacific. From the initial plans in 1918 to an all-access tour, Hearst Castle is a fascinating look at this extraordinary mansion. Rare home movies show its construction rumored to have cost $30 million and offer a glimpse of Hearst's storybook life, entertaining guests like Charlie Chaplin and Carole Lombard. See exquisite artworks including a priceless 14th century Madonna and Child and visit rooms that are off limits to the public. America's Castles invites you to explore the home at the heart of a private kingdom San Simeon.moreless
    • The Homes Of Frank Lloyd Wright
      From Fallingwater to the Guggenheim Museum, Frank Lloyd Wright created some of the most celebrated designs in history. His development as an architect, however, is best seen in the three homes he built for himself. Freed from the wishes and demands of any client, they are the purest expressions of the talents and theories of the greatest architect of the 20th century. America's Castles follows the evolution of Wright's style from the balanced simplicity of Oak Park (1891) to the destruction of the traditional boundaries between inside and outside space of Taliesin West (1937). Go inside Taliesin (1911) in Spring Green Wisconsin, which is off limits to the public, to see what many scholars feel is the most beautiful of all Wright's domestic designs. Also learn of the turmoil and tragedy that marked Wright's private life, including the horrific axe murder in Taliesin.moreless
    • Hudson River Valley Estates
      For the turn-of-the-century captains of Wall Street the majestic Hudson Valley provided an ideal getaway from the chaos of New York City. Just an hour or two from town, the valley offered tranquillity, natural beauty, and plenty of elbowroom for their sprawling country estates. America's Castles takes you on an exclusive tour of the finest of these grand mansions. Get a rare look at financier John Jay Gould's Gothic castle Lyndhurst, with its turrets, gables and two-story tall stained glass windows. Meet Gould's archrival Frederick Vanderbilt, whose 50,000 square foot mansion was the area's most lavish. And get unprecedented access to Kykuit, the stunning estate of John D. Rockefeller, then the wealthiest man in the world. America's Castles presents an extraordinary tour of the "valley of the millionaires."moreless
    • Newport Mansions
      Newport Mansions
      Episode 1
      In the wild and extravagant heyday of the Gilded Age, Newport, Rhode Island was the summer retreat for America's social elite. In this quaint coastal town, "the 400" of high society built their most magnificent estates summer palaces filled with rare marble and glass, woodwork, art, and even solid gold taps running salt and fresh water. America's Castles takes an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the famed Newport Mansions, from the 50-room Chateau Sur Mer, the first of the great "cottages" to the stunning estates of the ultra-wealthy Vanderbilts. Get an unprecedented look at the Marble House, created to put the strong-willed Alva Vanderbilt at the center of Newport society, and visit her sister-in-law's awe-inspiring The Breakers a 70 room palace that could entertain 3,000 guests. It is an inside look at the summer "cottages" that are some of the grandest homes ever built.moreless
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