America's Court with Judge Ross

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America's Court with Judge Ross

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Kevin Ross, who was the youngest judge ever elected to serve in California, uses innovative tactics combined with a dose of tough love to convince plaintiffs and defendants to take responsibility for their actions and face up to their misdeeds.

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AIRED ON 11/20/2015

Season 6 : Episode 31

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  • Racist Show

    What a RACIST show!!! This so called Judge is the type of person that KEEPS RACISM alive & well!!! You Mr. Ross are a piece of garbage!!! (To call you a sir would be dignified & you certainly are NOT!) What Crack-Pot state ever gave you a judge title!!! You are supposed to INTERPRET the law NOT make it up to make yourself feel powerful over white people!!! What a sad little person you are!!!(Can't call you a man, real men are trusting & honest!) I should feel sorry for you but I dont!!! Don't worry, KARMA IS coming for you! By the way-GOD will have something to do with it!!!moreless
  • Ross rules like a NAZI

    I will never watch this show again. This so called judge said a pastor of a church was disgusting for standing for the teachings of the Bible. The Bible says it is an abomination for man to wear women's clothing. It matters not if one agrees with that or not, our US Constitution and the bill of rights gives us the freedom to practice our religion.

    This so called Judge is like a NAZI and calls the teachings of the bible disgusting. I think Ross is disgusting that he does not defend the bill of rights.moreless
  • Bogus

    It is a shame that a guy with his resume would leave law and join this circus.

    Obviously scripted. Cast with c-list actors.

    Fake TV.
  • judge wrong

    Episode 914 regarding the lawyer being admitted to the bar,regarding the lawyer being a male escort

    will have problems being sworn in. Judge Ross you better at California news law, if they can let someone

    come here illegal by federal law and let them be a lawyer may you should turn in your robe as a judge .

    then you sit all high mighty your a joke regarding the LAW.
  • 6/30 Tuesday am show

    Judge Ross sucks! He was totally wrong! He never let the babysitter speak. 6/30


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