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  • Judge Ross is a fair man

    He does stand up for those who are being morally being done wrong and discriminated against however, he does have to stand for the law and no less. I have watched him everyday and even though he wants to stand up for those that have been morally discriminated against and they did not win their made it clear how wrong the other party was in their conduct but his hands were tied due to the oath he took, where the law is concerned. They had contracts they signed and those contracts had to be held into account.
  • Paula Tooks vs Shauna Easton

    I just saw the episode Paula Tooks vs Shauna Easton. Paula was a waitress 8 months pregnant at the time working at Easton's restaurant. Paula got held up at gun point and her cash register robbed. THEN they fired her. Easton stated employees are to call a manager to come take some money away from the register once it reaches a certain amount. Paula stated she did call but nobody came. I guess she was supposed to be keep calling to get her manager to do their job. Even though it was busy and they were short staffed. THEN they actually expected her to pay them back $500!

    1. She got held up at gun point while pregnant.

    2. She got fired.

    3. They expected her to pay them back $500.

    Judge Ross actually agreed with Easton's side. I just could not believe what I was seeing.

    Can anyone say punish the victim?? Again? And then Again?
  • Racist Show

    What a RACIST show!!! This so called Judge is the type of person that KEEPS RACISM alive & well!!! You Mr. Ross are a piece of garbage!!! (To call you a sir would be dignified & you certainly are NOT!) What Crack-Pot state ever gave you a judge title!!! You are supposed to INTERPRET the law NOT make it up to make yourself feel powerful over white people!!! What a sad little person you are!!!(Can't call you a man, real men are trusting & honest!) I should feel sorry for you but I dont!!! Don't worry, KARMA IS coming for you! By the way-GOD will have something to do with it!!!
  • Ross rules like a NAZI

    I will never watch this show again. This so called judge said a pastor of a church was disgusting for standing for the teachings of the Bible. The Bible says it is an abomination for man to wear women's clothing. It matters not if one agrees with that or not, our US Constitution and the bill of rights gives us the freedom to practice our religion.

    This so called Judge is like a NAZI and calls the teachings of the bible disgusting. I think Ross is disgusting that he does not defend the bill of rights.
  • Bogus

    It is a shame that a guy with his resume would leave law and join this circus.

    Obviously scripted. Cast with c-list actors.

    Fake TV.
  • judge wrong

    Episode 914 regarding the lawyer being admitted to the bar,regarding the lawyer being a male escort

    will have problems being sworn in. Judge Ross you better at California news law, if they can let someone

    come here illegal by federal law and let them be a lawyer may you should turn in your robe as a judge .

    then you sit all high mighty your a joke regarding the LAW.
  • 6/30 Tuesday am show

    Judge Ross sucks! He was totally wrong! He never let the babysitter speak. 6/30

  • The Roster Show!!!

    I saw your show about the roster, and I'm sorry I don't agree with your raurling in favor of the plantiff, cause I have never ever heard a roster crow like that a day in my life!!!
  • what can you do when a judge has already made up their mind before you walk into court and never checking the evidence I call that sexual discrimination

    Was hoping for Judge Ross to give me an answer to this situation and give me an answer
  • personal time off work

    4/01/14 I watched today's show, and the Judge was wrong! The girl asked her boss for personal time off. He gave it to her. The bar tender who said he was so professional, should have not gotten involved, he was not her boss and it is very unprofessional for him to have posted the pictures to all of their coworkers. This is a copy from on line of personal time off-Personal Time

    Look, your life can be hectic sometimes, what with being sick, and your aunt's funeral and this massive snowstorm. Sometimes, in order to be the best employee you can be, you need to take a breather and relax. Taking a day to rest and relax and regroup is the final good reason for requesting time off from work. By taking care to improve your personal well-being, you put yourself in a better position to improve your professional performance. He said she lied, but she didn't. Her boss didn't ask for a reason why she needed personal time off. I think she should have won.

    Gotta love the little show summary above, about Kevin Ross being the youngest judge ever elected to serve. You know what that summary fails to say? That "Judge" Kevin Ross was fired from his judgeship in California, and DISBARRED by the State of California. How about adding that to his resume???

    All true. Look it up. LA Times did major story on this. I was also one of his victims in the courtroom, where my due process rights (among others) were violated by this guy. He abused so many people in his courtroom, that karma finally caught up with him. The Commission on Judicial Performance (California's governing body over Judges in the State) revoked Kevin Ross' judgeship in Los Angeles, and the State Bar of California disbarred this guy from ever practicing law again.

    And now he has a show??? Ridiculous.
  • America's Court with Judge Ross

    What a joke!! Scripted with actors (really an insult to the term actors) who are out of control and terrible. The judge "got this" in what world??????