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  • Season 25
    • Episode 21
      Episode 21
      Episode 21
      Clips include a goose chasing a woman through a parking lot; a montage of large cats; a girl questioned about who got into her mother's makeup; and a girl who says she'd rather have a puppy than a new baby sister. Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays "Who's Makin' That Racket?"
    • Episode 20
      Episode 20
      Episode 20
      Clips include a man lifting weights who slides off a bench at the gym; a man changing his car battery who gets startled when his son hits the horn; a dog that can't figure out a way through a pile of snow in the doorway; and reactions to pregnancy news. Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays "Who Breaks It?"moreless
    • Episode 19
      Episode 19
      Episode 19
      Clips include cats and dogs causing trouble; a mother who finds corn kernels in her son's nose; a man scaring a coworker by wearing a bear costume at a construction site; and a dog tricked by a cardboard cat in a window. Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays "Nice Face."
    • Episode 18
      Episode 18
      Episode 18
      Clips include a goose chasing three men; a dog barking to the tune of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony; and a girl crying over a Justin Timberlake tweet. Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays "Who's Makin' That Racket?"
    • Episode 17
      Episode 17
      Episode 17
      Clips include a girl who swallows a bug on a roller coaster; a montage of cats that see their reflections in mirrors; a squirrel stuffing its cheeks with tissues; and a singing teen who's threatened by his sister after he wakes her up. Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays "Who Breaks It?"moreless
    • Episode 16
      Episode 16
      Episode 16
      Clips include a little girl finding a puppy in a box and thinking it's a large hamster; a girl hoping to convince her mom that she finished her supper; a boy embarrassed by his dad's ugly sweater; and a cat pulling down a fireplace screen trying to get a Christmas stocking. Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays "Pick the Real Video."moreless
    • AFV's 25th Anniversary Celebrity Celebration
      A celebration of the series' 25th anniversary features the show's best clips, which are screened by host Tom Bergeron and ABC comedy stars, including Cristela Alonzo, Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross, and voted on by the studio audience. The winner gets a Caribbean cruise for four.
    • Episode 13
      Episode 13
      Episode 13
      Clips include dogs behaving badly; a little girl trying to hammer wrinkles out of a shirt; a girl's lemonade endorsement; and "Failed Football Entrances vs. Babies Knocked Over by Sneezes." Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays "Pick the Real Video."
    • Episode 12
      Episode 12
      Episode 12
      Clips include "Nice Face"; a man crashing his scooter into a grocery store display; a car rolling down a driveway; a little girl who denies eating cake despite evidence to the contrary; and kids playing a practical joke on their teacher by putting an air horn on his chair.
    • Episode 11
      Episode 11
      Episode 11
      Clips competing for a $100,000 prize include a young boy's anger when his ATV gets stuck on a curb; parents playing a joke on their daughter by giving her a beat-up car for Christmas; a little boy who learns his favorite babysitter is getting married; two boys pretending to pull an invisible rope across the street; a boy telling his crying sister to take a nap; and a toddler's reaction to her dad swallowing a plastic centipede.moreless
    • Episode 10
      Episode 10
      Episode 8
      Clips for Christmas include a little girl finding a puppy under the tree; a boy overjoyed with a gift's packing material; "Outta Control Fireplaces vs. Flapping Dog Lips"; and soldier homecomings.
    • 2506
      Episode 7
      Clips include a woman who loses her wig while riding a mechanical bull; a musical montage of golf gaffes; a seagull stealing a candy bar from a grocery store; and "Springy Playground Things vs. Horse Faces." Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays "Pick the Real Video."
    • 2508
      Episode 6
    • 2505
      Episode 5
      Clips include dogs with guilty looks after destroying furniture; a cockatoo giving treats to dogs; a giraffe going through a car's sunroof to take a passenger's soda; and a man swatting at bats with a broom. Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays "Nice Face."
    • 2503
      Episode 4
      Clips include a little boy seeing twins for the first time; a golfer's encounter with a territorial goose; a dog jumping over its owner's new fence; an electric-bike snafu; and "Kids Fighting Sleep vs. People Scared by Fake Mice in Kitchen Cabinets."
    • 2504
      Episode 3
      Clips include a little boy's reaction to his first kiss; a man doing cartwheels in a hotel corridor and breaking a sprinkler in the ceiling; parents replacing a cookie's filling with toothpaste; and a montage of soccer snafus.
    • 2501
      Episode 1
      Clips for the 25th-season premiere include Ice Bucket Challenges gone awry; a little girl trying out a new gift; a music montage of dogs; and "Hammocks vs. Hams." Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays "Head, Gut or Groin?"
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