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    [1]Dec 24, 2012
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    There are a few videos that I love, but I have not seen for a while. If anyone has spotted them on youtube, could you please tell me?

    1.Girl is doing dance in front of camera. Her brother stands in front of her. Girl pulls down brother's pants.

    2.Guy falls through garage ceiling and almost has a brick land on his crotch.

    3.Little boy is hanging decorations on tree, when his towel falls down and he runs away naked.

    4.Dog hangs on to bathroom doorframe as hard as he can, trying not to have a bath.

    5.Three little boys in bathing suits are having fun sticking the garden hose down their shorts.

    6.The shaving cream and feather trick, done to an army member.

    Thanks for any help I can get.

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