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  • Funny videos

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  • sister was in video and shocked me

    Years ago I was in Germany, where I believe I am the one holding the camera for a clip used on the s show. It shows a friend of mine on what looks like a pole used to tie horses to. She is balancing on it and falls. ( The host mentions " this is what you don't )my sister is standing in the clip watching it happen. In her pink coat. We lived near the town of Bremen and I believe that was the field trip we took. I don't have a copy of that. But I remembered the trip. i was the only family member to see it. Lol. I also knew a girl, everyone might remember a clip where a girl tried to do a split in the air on a folding chair and she falls through. It's one thing to see the clips, it's another when you know them. LOL

  • its usually funny.

    it will give me a few laughs, but not always. pretty good. the only thing me and my family hate is when the most lamest,boring est, and pointless one wins,when the one that wins doesn't even make me smile. I totally agree with scamptvcritic
  • A little sad

    Why would some parents randomly put their kids in positions of danger and fire up the camera just for some money? Imagine if the kid really got hurt during it, like if your kid fell of a balcony while you were filming a video of him/her throwing paper planes? Would you still want $3,000 for it? Or would you actually feel bad for your kid getting broken everything?
  • May be a bit tired of it's usual Physical Comedy

    Various ep (96-12)
  • Some Videos Are Funny...

    But, why do the stupid videos always end up in first place? Most of the winning videos are children being really silly, and/or people doing something stupid. How many times are you going to see people getting hurt or falling before you get really tired and desperate to watch something funny? Never have I seen a clever video get first place, and that's a bummer. Also, I don't like the host that much. They should get someone better.
  • Why!!!!!!!!

    Children and animals getting hurt and males getting offended by way too much crotch jokes? How is that funny? Parents, why do you send videos of your toddlers nude or hurt? That is humiliating! What is wrong with you americans? America has stupid parents who flim their children and pets getting hurt or humiliated in a gross way like, trying to get them naked or get hit in their privates. EUROPEANS AND JAPANESE PEOPLE ARE MATURE!
  • how to send

    Hey guy i have this really funny video of my friend and i would like to send it to you guys how in the world do i send it to you??
  • for any cool teenager who likes cool TV, this show is for ages 2-8 and 45-deceased age

    this show may have been good when i was young, and i have no problem with the hosts, but when you compare this show to ridiculousness, this show is not laughable and absolutely disturbing. the only good stuff in the show is the animals. other than that the show is not good. remember in one episode where they showed a girl crying because she wanted to go to Disneyland? they always give the stupidest and incredibly abysmal clips to the 100,000 dollar prize (which is the first place video). also, the theme song is dumb now that i am a teenager. it also shows extremely gross humor. for example, who would have ever thought a baby throwing up disgusting vomit would be cute? it is NOT cute unless it is an animal, such as a kitten cuddling up to its owner. oh yeah and the main reason why i hate this show, they always show stupid roller coaster reactions and stupid children being scared. If you listen closely, the very idiotic audience thinks this is the funniest thing in the entire documentary of funny. it is not funny under any circumstance, so crowd, move to something that will keep you laughing that is ACTUALLY HILARIOUS, like on ridiculousness.

    the whole point is funny stuff when you were a kid is not funny once you become a grown teenager, so kids, if you read this, you will be extremely embarrassed that you actually liked this.
  • Love it.

    I really love this show. I watched it when I was young, and still watch it today. I laugh, and I especially love Tom's Home Videos, because it has Tom's head and the silliest reaction faces. Why do people hate THIS? This is AFV we're talking about, and you shouldn't be hating. :)

    Overall, I love this show.
  • AWESOME!!!

    Who doesn't like this show??
  • AFV not funny

    Smacking a toddler in the back of the head with a ball is not funny; someone falling off a 6 foot wall backwards is not funny either -- Bergeron don't you edit the sickening clips you air? Also, the constant crotch shots are so boring, repetitious and predictable. . This is a sick, boring and sadistic show. Hurting people, especially little kids, is never cute or funny.

    This show is so funny,I know people get hurt in it, but the rest of it is so funny!Some day I wish to be on this show and win a fortune or atleast be in second place. I really like this show because of the host it makes the videos seem so funny and this is great to watch with your whole family.
  • Children half naked/not funny!!!

    It's disgusting and not funny at all that parents send in videos of their child half naked on a potty, running around the yard etc., or doing videos like the one that won tonight of the little boy in his undies and the parents encouraging him to touch the microphone to his private area...even worse that you wouldn't censor and remove them.
  • Great times with you and/with your family!

    This is a great show for people of all ages. Highly recommend, Bob Sagat is the best host for this show.... from the bloopers to the babies to the animals... everything shown here is guaranteed to make your day a bit brighter. I laugh so much sometimes I start bawling and my tummy tight from non-stop laughter. Big props to the videographers for giving us great moments!
  • This show is what started it all...

    Countless numbers of channels have attempted to make a show like America's Funniest Home Videos where people submit in their family clips. Well this show is what made all these Top 20 things on TruTV and such possible. The show has a great host Bob Saget, and a majority of the clips are pretty funny. A couple clips though with the serious, permanent injury's are not very funny. Other than that, this is a great show. I also love the Christmas and other Holiday specials they do as well. I hope this show stays on the air for many years to come.
  • A show that is supposed to always be funny all the time fails miserably at that, but when it IS funny, you will laugh so incredibly harder than you expect you would because it is just so hilarious.

    Most of the videos in this show are just people falling down and getting hurt. While this is funny(when it's not you), it gets old and boring after awhile. And while sometimes they do show other funny videos involving animals, babies, and people, they only do that stuff occasionally. Most of the time it's just people falling and getting hurt. I would say that makes up about 75 percent of the show. I want to see some new material. After awhile, it is not funny anymore because that's all they show over and over again. It's called America's Funniest Home Videos. It's supposed to have a wide variety of different funny things from different videos. But it doesn't always. That makes me mad and lowers the show score down to a 7. But I still do like the concept and idea of the show. And when they do show other things, they are just hilarious and break my laugh box. Even though there is no such thing as a laugh box. I crack myself up. What I mean by that is, laughter is so funny that it hurts. Sometimes I can't breathe, and sometimes it makes me cough. It's just so hilarious. Some hilarious things I've seen from videos include dogs and cats pestering each other, escaping from a cage, or dancing in an unusual, amazing fashion, babies laughing, cursing, or doing something amazing, and a whole lot more crazy stuff. Sometimes, things can be gross, disgusting, and disturbing. Like I saw a noodle come out of a baby's nose when he sneezed. EWWW!!! In a weird way though, it is still funny. There are other nasty things that I can't remember at the moment, but trust me, they make you want to turn away from the television screen, but you can't because they are still funny in a weird way. For some people that is. For others, they just will. Overall, AFV could use some work on getting rid of excessive falling and getting hurt. That would be a big help to us viewers who want to see FUNNY stuff. Sigh. However, the other stuff that they show is so magically and powerfully hilarious that the high amount of funniness makes up for the over showing of falling and getting hurt. When they show people falling and getting hurt because of their stupidity, it is funny. But when they show people falling and getting hurt because of something that it not their fault and out of their control, it is not funny. It is serious and makes you wonder what kind of sadistic people would laugh at that. All in all, I would say check the show out.
  • After 21 years of the SAME things: people falling and hurting themselves, pets and kids doing something stupid or hurting themselves, much better videos are now available on youtube.

    After 21 years of the SAME things done over and over and over again: people falling and hurting themselves, pets and kids doing something stupid or hurting themselves, much better videos are now available on youtube which are much funnier and more up-to-date.

    Also, all the videos are grainy and look like they're from the last century. The people in the videos are not normal people, they seem not to notice the internet age or still using super8 videos to tape themselves doing stupid things. What kind of morons still tune in week after week to watch this rubbish on tv?
  • America`s Funniest Home Videos aired October 17, 2010. Bad taste, poor decisions with airing child and animal abuses.

    Tom Bergeron your show aired 10/17/2010 went way over board with the tottler abuse from moron parents.
    Lamp shade on a tottler running into the stove.
    Little girl tricked into picking up poop.
    Very sick parents as well as your show.
    As well as the animal abuse you aired. NOT FUNNY.
    They should be reported and your show should and eventally will be cancelled because of the continued airing of this junk.
    With our T.V. viewing eyes your show America`s Funniest Home Videos is now cancelled.
    It will be very hard now to put up with hearing and seeing YOU on Dancing with the Stars.
    Thank god for DVR`s mute and fast forward. YOU s_ _k big time and no longer funny.
  • Well, it's a really funny show. But I must say, it doesn't get it's humor on its own.

    Normally, I think if this show was only the home videos without the annoying host, this show would get a 10. However, despite the show having a retarded host, the show's funny. Even though it's humor relies on accidental home movies shot in a gorilla-stle manor. I must say, despite this, I grew up watching this show, and I always loved it. Personall,y because of it's always new humor, it'll never go out of season. I really don't know what else to say, except that this show deserves some of the praise it gets. Well, thanks for readin' folks. Good night.
  • America's Funniest home videos, are they really funny?

    Yeah, sure. After the years of it being on though the light hearted comedy may have paid its toll. The reason why it may not be as great as it once was though is because of the host, Tom Bergeron. There's no personal grudge or what have you against him, he just simply doesn't stack up to what made the show back in the 90's with Bob Saget, which at the time, was also in Full House, another great show for family value (although it's awkward how he's more crude in humor nowadays then ever before). As Bob Saget grew tired of the repetitive format of the show, you may have too. Now, in this later version of the show they have something called "Tom's Home Movies". For some odd reason it annoys more than it actually entertains, because you feel it was a pointless add on to the show, and less focused on the "family" proportion because they digitally superimposed Tom's head into a family video. Which makes you feel that the attention was meant to be on Tom instead of the family. America's Funniest Home Videos is meant to be for the laughter of family, and while it has done so well in the past, its overall presentation has worn thin. It's great to feel you can sit there with the family and watch something humorous that has very little to no crude humor in it. Sometimes watching sex, violence, and so on with your parents, or maybe even children can get awkward (sex mainly). So it's good to go back to the start of what family entertainment is. Overall, where we're at in history and you've been watching it from the time you were born, the show is easy to pass up and not recommend. If it were to be recommended, watch the old re-runs from the Saget era just to relive what it once was. Great and nothing but!
  • good for a chuckle every now and then

    contestants send in real-life home videos they made, which are humorous, and try to win money by how funny they are (people vote for their favorites).

    i do not watch this show a lot but when i do i do not laugh a lot. i do chuckle every now and then but not as much as i would like, considering the title of the show. sure, sometimes i laugh, but i don't laugh a whole lot. this is why i do not watch this show a lot. overall my grade for this would be in the "C" range i think
  • i have watched this show ever since i was little but it gets old

    i remember i watched this show when i was younger but after a while it gets repetitive. its basically the same thing over and over again people getting hit in the nuts, falling down, being stupied, gross things. i dont know anyone that still watches this show. theirs not much more to say about this show so ill just copy and paste the review again so itll be long enough.
    i remember i watched this show when i was younger but after a while it gets repetitive. its basically the same thing over and over again people getting hit in the nuts, falling down, being stupied, gross things. i dont know anyone that still watches this show. theirs not much more to say about this show so ill just copy and paste the review again so itll be long enough.
  • One of the most creative spots on television

    One of the few shows that makes me laugh out loud. It's the one show once I start watching, it's hard to turn off. You cannot believe how stupid some people are, the dumb tricks they try and then are crazy enough to record on camera, jumping off of the roof onto a trampoline, sliding down the hill on a variety of sleds, skis, and who knows what. Pets are especially funny because you never quite know what they are going to do. People falling down at parties, tricks played on family members, spouses, and loved ones, chidren vomiting on their parents, feats of strength gone awry. You can't be that stuff.
  • animals like cats dont like it when you put those videos that dogs are hurting cats or slaming there faces on walls !

    i dont like it when you guys show cats that peopple or dogs hurt them ok thats not funny at all i think thats animal cruelty that those peopple do to the cats , more when they bite them on the butt or they just slam there faces on the walss not funny at all everytime i see that i just change it n gets me in a bad mood . so please dont acet those videos that u think the cat is not comfortable ok ! so next time check before you put videoas like that n not show it on the tv.
  • Irresponsible, unethical. Should not glorify accidents that cause permanent damage to people.

    This show is irresponsible and stupid. It is NOT funny to show people falling on their necks, backs, heads, groins, or anything that can cause paraplegia, quadraplegia, or permanent brain damage. How on EARTH do you think that showing these -- AND encouraging these is funny? Or is FAMILY fare? I just went through spinal surgery for an accident and when I accidentally find myself tuned to this show I just cringe when I see those tapes. Yes - accidents happen. *They are not funny*. They are sad. Perhaps your entire writing staff should take a trip over to a Rehab center - or to a brain damage wing of a hospital. Go watch the people struggling to learn to walk and talk again after falls like the ones you show and laugh at, the young men and women who have lost the use the lower parts of their bodies because of accidents that you show over and over and over and over ad nauseum. Rewarding ANY falling or accident video is unethical. It only encourages people to set things up so they can win the money. Yes, you tell them NOT to do that. Like that works. It will only work when you stop rewarding it. Stick to funny animals and legitimately amusing videos.
  • I love this show!!

    This show is hilarious and just keeps get better by the episode. I watch it every time it comes on. I would love to know how I could upload some funny videos of my own. I hope this show never goes off the air it's the one thing that makes one of my bad days good again. I like Tom better than that couple that used to do the show they were so overly cheesy and not in a good way either.Well keep those funny videos come can't wait for the new ones to come out. Your fan, Jacqueline S.
  • Show's people how funny you can be!

    People can win money just by being crazy? A very good idea for people who can act, And need quick cash! The main reason i LOVE the show so much is because of how funny the people and animals are. The best show i saw in Voting. Some people think it's mean to put people on tv, But i think people can laugh over it when they see themselves on television. Everyone should enjoy this show no doubt, It's the best! And just for who think people vote for the meanest ones, They are trying to vote for the funniest ones! I Love AFV!
  • A very funny show.

    This show has all the funny it needs.I mean,those funny things that they do in every video is funny.It's kind of better than Wheel Of Fortune because everybody laughs their heads off when they show these videos.It's not one of my favorite shows but it's still funny.I laugh when I see this show because of all of those funny videos are very filled with laughter.This is one of the funniest shows that is on the comedy list.Well,I pretty much don't like this show,but I still laugh my head off when I see this show and I give this show a B because it's pretty funny.
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