America's Funniest Home Videos

Sunday 7:00 PM on ABC Premiered Nov 26, 1989 In Season


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  • A show that is supposed to always be funny all the time fails miserably at that, but when it IS funny, you will laugh so incredibly harder than you expect you would because it is just so hilarious.

    Most of the videos in this show are just people falling down and getting hurt. While this is funny(when it's not you), it gets old and boring after awhile. And while sometimes they do show other funny videos involving animals, babies, and people, they only do that stuff occasionally. Most of the time it's just people falling and getting hurt. I would say that makes up about 75 percent of the show. I want to see some new material. After awhile, it is not funny anymore because that's all they show over and over again. It's called America's Funniest Home Videos. It's supposed to have a wide variety of different funny things from different videos. But it doesn't always. That makes me mad and lowers the show score down to a 7. But I still do like the concept and idea of the show. And when they do show other things, they are just hilarious and break my laugh box. Even though there is no such thing as a laugh box. I crack myself up. What I mean by that is, laughter is so funny that it hurts. Sometimes I can't breathe, and sometimes it makes me cough. It's just so hilarious. Some hilarious things I've seen from videos include dogs and cats pestering each other, escaping from a cage, or dancing in an unusual, amazing fashion, babies laughing, cursing, or doing something amazing, and a whole lot more crazy stuff. Sometimes, things can be gross, disgusting, and disturbing. Like I saw a noodle come out of a baby's nose when he sneezed. EWWW!!! In a weird way though, it is still funny. There are other nasty things that I can't remember at the moment, but trust me, they make you want to turn away from the television screen, but you can't because they are still funny in a weird way. For some people that is. For others, they just will. Overall, AFV could use some work on getting rid of excessive falling and getting hurt. That would be a big help to us viewers who want to see FUNNY stuff. Sigh. However, the other stuff that they show is so magically and powerfully hilarious that the high amount of funniness makes up for the over showing of falling and getting hurt. When they show people falling and getting hurt because of their stupidity, it is funny. But when they show people falling and getting hurt because of something that it not their fault and out of their control, it is not funny. It is serious and makes you wonder what kind of sadistic people would laugh at that. All in all, I would say check the show out.
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