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Weekdays 7:00 PM on ABC Premiered Nov 26, 1989 In Season


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  • for any cool teenager who likes cool TV, this show is for ages 2-8 and 45-deceased age

    this show may have been good when i was young, and i have no problem with the hosts, but when you compare this show to ridiculousness, this show is not laughable and absolutely disturbing. the only good stuff in the show is the animals. other than that the show is not good. remember in one episode where they showed a girl crying because she wanted to go to Disneyland? they always give the stupidest and incredibly abysmal clips to the 100,000 dollar prize (which is the first place video). also, the theme song is dumb now that i am a teenager. it also shows extremely gross humor. for example, who would have ever thought a baby throwing up disgusting vomit would be cute? it is NOT cute unless it is an animal, such as a kitten cuddling up to its owner. oh yeah and the main reason why i hate this show, they always show stupid roller coaster reactions and stupid children being scared. If you listen closely, the very idiotic audience thinks this is the funniest thing in the entire documentary of funny. it is not funny under any circumstance, so crowd, move to something that will keep you laughing that is ACTUALLY HILARIOUS, like on ridiculousness.

    the whole point is funny stuff when you were a kid is not funny once you become a grown teenager, so kids, if you read this, you will be extremely embarrassed that you actually liked this.