America's Funniest People

ABC (ended 1994)


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America's Funniest People

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Welcome to the America's Funniest People guide at A companion show to America's Funniest Home Videos this series featured clips shot by amateurs of staged comedic performances. It also featured some staged perfomances shot by the show's own crew. Americas Funniest People also awared 10,000 each week to the funniest home video.
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  • Reminds me of the giant AFV

    Few ep (04)
  • Some of your summeries are pretty harsh I think its O.K.

    Some of your summeries are pretty harsh I think its O.K.. I watch this show alot lately. I think this show is better then like catscratch or the X's. I really think its ok. Some of you think its like horrible terrible the worst but i really think those are pretty harsh.
  • I really enjoy this show and I would like to be able to send an emailed video to can I?

    I have a really unique video of my son singing - at the age of 2 that I\'d like to send to the show but I dont have it in a \"copy\" taped format. All I did was take the video with my digital camera and then downloaded it on to my computer. Why can\'t a person just email the video to the show? Why is this not available on the webpage? I saw this one video of these two little girls at Christmas time and I think what I have would blow that out of the water! Can somebody please help me with just an email address to the correct person?moreless
  • Dave Coulier and Jack Ching Batabing…who could ask for anything more?

    Dave Coulier, Joey from TVs Full House, co-hosted this show. He is what made it as good as it was. The people were funny of course, but his voice-overs would get me laughing non-stop every time. I especially loved Jack Jing Batabing and his crazy adventures. I remember my friends and I would constantly walk around saying, “fast as fast can be, you’ll never catch me.” There were so many interesting people on that show; my personal favorites were the impressionists. Every night when the show would end, they would say “Remember, no funny; no money.” It was a great show, much like it’s predecessor “America’s Funniest Videos” only this show was even better.moreless
  • DVD release
    i hope someday vin di bona the producer will have plans to release America's Funniest People on DVD.