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Premiering in 2006, America's Got Talent (also known as AGT) is an American reality television series on NBC. The show was developed with the help of Simon Cowell but due to Idol and Fox obligations, he has never judged. The show is a talent competition has no restrictions to age or act with the main focus on whether or not it was entertaining, providing for sometimes untalented but hilarious acts getting through. It is broken down into three main rounds with cuts constantly happening. The acts first compete on stage in front of an audience and the 3(4) judges. Each judge has a loud 'X' buzzer they can press if they feel an act is not meeting expectations. If an act gets all the judges to buzz it is immediately over and they are out of the competition. These remain active through-out the show, but during later rounds frequently get used.

It starts off with auditions week held across the country where acts have roughly 90 seconds to impress the judges and an arena audience. Following each act the judges quickly vote and majority rules if they go to the next round or cut on the spot. Following auditions week the show and accepted acts move to Vegas where the acts perform again, only this time in front of only the judges and no audience. Following Vegas week the judges cut the competition aggressively to 48 acts to move onto the next, most important, round. The 48 acts chosen go onto the live quarter-finals in various cities to compete on live television for the audiences vote as the power now shifts away from the judges. There are 4 quarter finals with 12 acts performing each week (4 advance each), followed by two semi finals (4 advance each) followed by the final where the winner is declared. The grand prize winner will receive $1,000,000 and a chance for their own show in Vegas.

Recent seasons have implemented a YouTube week where the judges will select from online YouTube submissions and a few lucky acts will be chosen to perform live at the end of the quarter finals with a chance to move to the semi finals as extra wild card spots.

AGT is now on it's seventh season (2012) and had numerous casting changes.

Hosts in order of appearance:
Season 1 (2006) - Regis Philbin
Season 2-3 (2007-08) - Jerry Springer
Season 4-7 (2009-2012) Nick Cannon.

Judges in order of appearance:
Season 1 (2006) - Brandy Norwood, David Hasselhoff, Piers Morgan
Season 2-4 (2007-09) - Sharon Osbourne, David Hasselhoff, Piers Morgan
Season 5-6 (2010-11) - Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel, Piers Morgan
Season 7 (2012) - Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel, Howard Stern

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon

Host Season 4-present

Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan

Judge Season 1-6

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne

Judge Season 2-7

David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff

Judge Season 1-4

Brandy Norwood

Brandy Norwood

Judge Season 1

Regis Philbin

Regis Philbin

Host Season 1

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Fan Reviews (212)

  • Fire the producers!

    Horrible, Horrible production. I'm pretty much sick of this show. It's not about the "talent" any more it's about giving us sappy stories and trying to persuade viewers to vote for the acts AGT apparently "knows America wants". Screw AGT and the horrible production this has become.
  • Show the whole Act!!!

    I'm frustrated to watch America's got talent and not see the entire 90 second act. This is a two hour show there is enough room for 20 acts each 90 seconds but instead I'm watching all sorts of things that aren't the acts. Please show the whole act!!!
  • Tin Ear Twit

    I can't believe that Melanie made the comments she made tonight. I know she has shown her true colors before, but I cut her some slack. Those days are over. Were we watching the same performances tonight. I can't believe someone with so little talent was asked to be a judge. I certainly can't believe her comments tonight; imagine saying someone is "pitchy". I can't sing either, (in case it isn't can she), but my hearing is is a "Tin Ear Twit"moreless
  • Ms. D

    I am never watching the show again, when they can cut talent like Ryan Shaw it isn't worth watching anymore, and I've watched from the 1 st season! !!!!

    You bashers are crazy. Judges are great, they mesh perfectly and are fun, something you idiots fail to recognize. Great talent. Samantha Johnson is one of the best singers ever to grace a television show! Great high and low register, great pitch. She will be a force in the record industry, wait and see!

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