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Happy 2019, everybody!

The time has finally come to talk about the “Got Talent” spin-off, “America's Got Talent: The Champions”, premiering in just two days!

So, first of all, while none of the judges have been replaced for this event like Wikipedia might have suggested to me before, it appears that Tyra Banks may be stepping down as host to pursue other projects...While it's uncertain who would replace her for Season 14, for “Champions”, they are bringing the POOOOWEEEERRRR! with actor/athlete/badass-Old-Spice-spokesman, Terry Crews! This already sounds like a host you can't go wrong with, but we'll just wait and see how he does before jumping to such conclusions...

So naturally, this being an All-Star season, a lot of old favorites from AGT as well as other international GTs will be making a return! And looking at the list of contestants, it's actually looking very promising, as there are a lot of old favorites of mine from previous seasons...And I'm sure there are some greats from the other countries that I know nothing about as well...(At least I know who Susan Boyle is...)

I could probably do without some of the choices, like the Texas Tenors from Season 4, who I remember did NOT deserve to go all the way to Fourth...And I honestly wasn't wishing to see Kechi's tragic disfigurement again, especially since her singing was never a stand-out for me...Otherwise, their singer choices seem mostly solid...

I guess I would have also liked to see them bring back Terry Fator, Nuttin' But Stringz, Recycled Percussion, William Close, (maybe) Olate Dogs, Forte, Emily West, Mat Franco, The CraigLewis Band, Grace VanderWaal, Diavolo, Mandy Harvey, Brian King Joseph, Daniel Emmet, Glennis Grace and Zurcaroh...And those are just the ones that made the Finals! But there's always later seasons...

On a side note, it's interesting that alongside all of the champions, finalists and other acts that at least made a positive impression...that they're also bringing back Ryan Stock and AmberLynn...Well, good on them getting another chance after that horrible accident back in Season 11! Here's to them redeeming themselves this time!

Speaking of redemption, they were also planning on bringing back Lindsey Stirling, but she refused due to not having recovered from the reception she got way back in Season 5...Besides, she has risen well above the AGT brand and is currently the biggest star to ever come out of the show! (Yes, even bigger than Terry Fator!)

I would say that this could have been her chance to REALLY redeem herself, as I wouldn't have put it past her to go far or even win...Except...there's a pretty rough format for this season...

There will be a total of five auditions, with ten acts each...Only TWO acts from each audition will advance! TWO! One will be selected as a Golden Buzzer (each judge as well as the host gets one), and the other will be voted by...“AGT Superfans”? I don't know what that means, but it doesn't sound like it will include us TV viewers...

For you see, all of these auditions have been pre-recorded, so the results appear to be already decided...

And...I may have sorta read some leaked spoilers from the first few weeks...I won't spoil anything here, but let's just say, don't expect things to go as you may have predicted...And I'll just leave it at that...

So while I already know who will be advancing, I'll go ahead and rank our first set of acts based on how much I'm rooting for them to do well if nothing else...(Also, the “leaked” footage of Bianca and Alexandr will factor in as well...)

10: Vicki Barbolak
9: Justice Crew
8: Bianca Ryan
7: Uzeyer Novruzov
6: Sara and Hero
5: The Clairvoyants
4: Sofie Dossi
3: Alexandr Magala
2: Susan Boyle
1: Preacher Lawson

Man, this is gonna be a tough series to discuss...Can't say I'm a fan of this overall format they're going with...

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Jan 08, 2019
Happy 2019 to you too, JM!

With the regular edition lasting such a short while*, Simon has made it his mission this year to make sure there is absolutely NO escape from Got Talent as soon as you turn your TV on.
I never disliked Tyra as much as certain fans, but I can't say I'll exactly cry if she steps down either. And Terry Crews certainly sounds like a winning addition on paper. At the very least, his personal hygiene is excellent. Or so I've heard.
I have to confess, I too have been spoiled on certain results already, which likely means we wont be doing all that much predicting this time around, but those never worked out in my favor anyways...
I was hoping the show would have a clear vision when it was announced last year. Were they going to be bringing back winning acts across the world go against each other to determine the ultimate winner? Sounds fun enough. Or maybe promising finalists and runner ups would get their second chance to nab that victory? Even more fun!
But no, instead we get this weird hybrid of both...pitting winners and finalists against each other might even turn out okay if it wasn't for the way the voting is being handled. Having a stacked night full of interesting acts each week, with only 2 getting through, basically just gives the judges an excuse to send one of their favourite pets (likely a singer) through each time, with the "Superfan" (HEY, where was MY invitation, NBC? I even sat through season 4, I deserve SOMETHING for that) vote likely ending up as a popularity contest between acts we've seen VERY recently.
The line-up for the season at least looks promising. It's basically still just AGT with a few random foreign acts thrown in to give the illusion that this is "international". But at least we get to see a TON of old favourites makes a grand return, like Piff, Tape Face, Preacher, Ryan Stock and A...wait...what?
As I mentioned, I've been spoiled on SOME of the results and knowing how the judges usually are, I have absolutely no faith in any of these results. So for the sake of my blood pressure, it's probably best I just treat this show as a neat way to see old favourites, kind of like an extended christmas special (which they shamelessly reused this year).
I'll just rank them based on how much I know and liked these acts in the past, similarly to yourself:
10: Vicki Barbolak
9: Justice Crew (havent seen them before, but sound interesting)
8: Bianca Ryan
7. Susan Boyle
6: Sofie Dossi
5: Sara and Hero
4: Uzeyer Novruzov
3: Preacher Lawson
2: Alexandr Magala
1: The Clairvoyants
So yeah, this will be difficult as you said, but if we ignore the messy format and the most-certainly-to-be-unfair results, then talking about old favourites could be fun...hopefully. Here's to a month of pain!

*this is a filthy lie
Jan 09, 2019
Indeed, I was expecting the Christmas special to be new, but it was just SOME of the performances from that one from a couple years back...Why didn't they just show a repeat of that whole show!?
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