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This will be quite short, due to how little I have to say about the acts themselves...

11: Pompeyo Family Dogs. Same old schtick and another Katy Perry song, simply dressed up in a new set and new costumes...Aside from the ladder and the slide, nothing felt new...Yet another waste of a perfectly good Wildcard...

10: In the Stairwell. And now every popular Ed Sheeran song has been performed this season...

9: Celine Tam. Yeah, she's a good singer...

8: Christian Guardino. Yeah, he's a good singer...

7: Kechi. She sounded flat at times, but she made up for it with that long note near the end...So overall...Yeah, she's a good singer...

6: Angelica Hale. Yeah, she's a REALLY good singer...

5: Mandy Harvey. Yeah, she's a good singer...But more importantly, she's a good songwriter and performer!

4: Colin Cloud. Wow, he stole Howie's schtick! I'd put him a little lower due to how confused I was throughout, but the singers just all felt so interchangeable tonight that he managed to stand out a little more...

3: Merrick Hanna. I think his decision to add a projection to his act helps him quite a bit...While it's not really part of the talent like Kenichi Ebina did before, it just helps add a layer of entertainment to the performance...

2: Diavolo. In terms of who stepped it up the most tonight, these guys easily win! Great props, great acrobatics...They did everything they could have done tonight!

1: Light Balance. While it didn't feel as fresh and new as what Diavolo did, this act wins for creativity alone!

This was a good night and a bad night at the same time...Aside from the dogs, everyone was impressive enough...But at the same time, I'm just getting a serious sense of singer overload! Mandy and Angelica would be a fair bit higher in the list if it weren't for all of the other singers...

In the end, I think this season can be pretty much summed up by tonight...Lots of good singers, to the point that they all kinda drag each other down...This season is a bit of a mess!

My Votes: While I mostly focused on Light Balance, I also gave some to Merrick and Diavolo...

How America will probably vote: Everyone has cases for and against them, so for the sake of sanity, let's just skip this part...

And unfortunately I was unable to watch the "Hand in Hand" show...But just know that my heart goes out to all of the hurricane victims that are suffering out there...

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Sep 14, 2017


And honestly, I'm now feeling much more optimistic about next week! Sure, I gladly would have traded Kechi and Evie Clair for Mike Yung and Billy and Emily England, and maybe Sara and Hero for Colin Cloud, but otherwise, I'd say the right acts have made it!

Real shame for Colin Cloud...He was actually doing a pretty good job selling the mentalist show concept to me...There was even a side of me that was hoping that the judges would pick him over Diavolo, because I was willing to accept them not making it despite how great they were last night, and a magic act of SOME type would have helped complete the package...But in the end, Diavolo was clearly the better act last night, and it only makes sense that the judges picked them, especially since Colin was definitely ahead in the votes, and they obviously wanted to avoid tying the votes one more time for the last Judges' Choice of the season...

And also a quick shout-out to Merrick Hanna: Keep doing what you're doing, and someday you'll go far, you little droid, you!

The guest was entertaining enough, but it pretty much looked like a bunch of AGT rejects coming together for a big hodgepodge of a performance...You know, those acts that you watch and are like, "Ooh, they're pretty good...Anyway, I wonder how [insert favorite act of the season here] is doing..." And hopefully there's not too much focus on the comedy, if that goofy little package video was anything to go by...

Also, they're pretty much obligated to do at least one sketch with a bunch of kids giving their opinions...But seriously, I find it hard to believe that ANY of those kids had the patience to binge-watch the entire season so far, even with Tyra and their punching-bag Simon there to watch it with them...

But anyway, let's go ahead and move on to the ranking of our Top 10, based on how much support I will be giving them...

10: Evie Clair. I can't help but wonder what her performance is going to be, now that her father is gone...I'm wondering if it might be a quiet funeral song without any backing instruments...If so, I wonder if they might make her the closing act for that...On the other hand, do they really want to end their final round with something as somber as that? Whatever the case, I hope the judges know well enough to look past what's happening with her, and evaluate her based on her singing...She's the one act that hasn't earned her place in this round, and if nothing else, I want her to give us more than she has so far in this game...

9: Kechi. As much as I like Kechi, I can't help but feel that she's still being over-hyped due to her story as well...Like Evie, I don't like getting so much exposure to her unfortunate backstory...I like acts that make me feel HAPPY! But either way, I wish her the best of luck...

8: Angelica Hale. I actually do think Angelica might be just a WEE bit overrated...But she made it this far over Celine and Christian for a reason, and overall, I look forward to seeing what song she brings next week...

7: Chase Goehring. I hope his song for next week shows at least SOME promise for his future as an artist, because while I appreciate his talents, the songs themselves have been a little hit and miss...

6: Sara and Hero. Well, I now retract anything I previously said putting the Pompeyo Family over this act...THIS is the dog act of the season! They have come a VERY long way from their audition! While this still doesn't feel like it belongs in this round, I still look forward to what they bring next week...It can't be any worse than what Pompeyo gave us last night!

5: Diavolo. These guys made it to the finals by the skin of their teeth, and lack any special characteristics that will win over popularity votes...I know that they're pretty much screwed next week...But that won't stop me from rooting for them to put everything they have into their final performance! Maybe they'll manage to pull their final ranking up from 10th to 9th (though I'm not sure WHICH of the other acts could possibly be dead last...)

4: Mandy Harvey. I actually am starting to consider her even better than Grace VanderWaal (though it's a VERY close one!) While I don't think she's going to win, I'm feeling pretty certain that she will make at least the Top 4...And you know what? I would love to see her enter the mainstream! Imagine it...The biggest deaf musician since Beethoven!

3: Preacher Lawson. I would hope for him to win just to finally put a stand-up comedian into the line-up of winners, but I know it's quite pointless...That said, he seems like the prime candidate for the runner-up position now (though it could also be Mandy), which would make him the fourth comedian to come in Second Place on this show...If nothing else, he should also likely make the Top 4...

2: Darci Lynne. Never has a winner on this show seemed so obvious, and very few have ever deserved it as much as Darci! I'm ready to see her take home the grand prize, and I will be very happy if she does!

1: Light Balance. Actually, I might like Darci just a tiny bit more than these guys, mostly because I know what kinds of things to expect from acts like this, whereas she pleasantly surprises me every time...But these guys make the top of the list because they most certainly deserve a respectable spot in the final ranking, and they will need all the help they can get! I'm already planning to throw as many votes as I can their way next week (assuming they meet expectations like they should). And I feel pretty optimistic for them, because they've been doing quite well in this game, and with enough persistence, they can make the Top 3! Of course, I know they're not going to win, but it has always been a tradition for cool acts like this one to make Third Place...And if that's where they end up, I will be perfectly satisfied!

One interesting thing worth pointing out is that six out of the ten acts are solo females...(Okay, Sara and Hero is TECHNICALLY a male/female act, but, well...he's a dog...) So many girls making the finals would have been unthinkable in the earlier seasons...I wouldn't really say it's "progressive" or anything like that, since I'm not one who believes in filling needless quotas in the name of diversity, but it is very interesting...

Also, half the acts are Golden Buzzer acts...Well, to be fair, they've all earned it to some extent...

Well, anyway, I'll see you next week for the big finish!

Sep 16, 2017
I forgot to mention, Billy and Emily are actually PART of Absinthe so it's interesting to think that in an alternative universe they would have performed as guests on the show.
Sep 16, 2017
Yeah I can live with these results. Having Colin go through over Kechi would have been the perfect result for me, but it was not to be. I feel sorry for Colin as far worse mentalists have made further in previous seasons and his departure now means that this is the first season since season 7 NOT to have a magician/mentalist in the finals. Looks like Americas infatuation with magicians is beginning to crumble just a little, although its hard not to blame the judges for not letting so many potentially great ones go in the earlier stages. I'm glad the voters actually made a decision between Celine and Angelica and hopefully we can now put and end to this stupid war thats been going on between their fans on social media.

Anyways, It's been a long, often painful and (as you mentioned last time) very very messy road, but we finally have our top 10. And you know what? I can look at it and feel pretty good! It's not the best line-up we've ever gotten, but certainly not the worst either and in a season where the results have made me come close to giving up, I'm actually going to the final looking forward to more than HALF of the acts, so that's a victory in my book. I thought early on we would get a ton of finalists from audition round 1, but It's actually a pretty even spread with audition round 2 winning out .

And yeah I don't really believe in filling gender quotas either, but having the majority of the finalists be female is a nice change of pace from the last few seasons.

I'll just rank the ats now based on how much I like them, while trying to guess where they might end up at:

10. Evie Clair - She's probably just going to sing one of her fathers favourite songs as a tribute to him, I just hope it wont be TOO depressing. I'm sure Evie would choose her fathers life over winning this show any day of the week, but in a weird twist of fate her fathers passing might actually help her end up higher than anyone could have guessed. On the OTHER hand, she now has to compete against Angelica, Darci, Mandy and Kechi, all who beat her in skill and will likely steal away a large portion of the votes so I still don't see her cracking the top 5.

9. Kechi - I DO think she backs up her story with genuine talent, but I can't say I've actually loved any of her performances so far nor have I gone back to listen to them again so I can't rank her too high. As for her chances, probably lessened with Evie here and I can easily see both of them canceling eachother out.

8. Chase Goehring - I used to think Chase was a shoe-in for the top 5, but the results last time proved that isn't really the case. The problem is all his songs sound the same and deal with the exact same subject, if he can somehow manage to spice things up next week he might have a slight chance of making it into the top 5.

7. Angelica Hale - As of this moment, Angelica is almost neck-to-neck with Darci in the betting odds, which I guess shows you just how overrated she truly is. Though I can't be TOO mean here, she is genuinely a good singer its just that she lacks a certain charm and uniqueness Grace had last year. I can still easily see her making it as far as top 3, giving her fans a solid reason to cry out "ROBBED!" for the next century.

6. Sara and Hero - Probably the act with the most interesting journey of actually getting to the finals. You could have taken a look at all the rest of these acts early on and guessed they would make it this far either based on talent or their story, but Sara and Hero are have been a nice surprise and if they manage to nail their last performance and show us even more new things they could even end their little journey in the top 5.

5. Preacher Lawson - Yeah Preacher seems destined to prove the "stand-up comedy curse" true yet again. I think for me personally he's yet to prove his material is good enough to match his charm and delivery, but it's been a joy seeing him pop-up in youtube comments for OTHER acts just to crack jokes, the guy is certainly very skilled and I wouldn't mind at all if he does end up as our eventual runner-up.

4. Diavolo - What else is there to say about these guys? We all know they are great! The last few season have been heavily focused on solo acts and small groups so it's nice to see big acts likese these do well once again, it takes me back to some of the earlier seasons, when acts like Recycled Percussion, Fighting Gravity and Silhouettes were a far more common occurrence in the top 10. Howies comments about the show being a "popularity contest" were right though and group acts have always struggled on the show due to a clear lack of personality for the audience to grab on to, even focusing on Jacques and his "I'm a CRAZY uncle" shtick probably wont help them get anywhere near the top 5.

3. Mandy Harvey - Talk about winning me over COMPLETELY, I never expected to like her as much as I do now, but I'm still listening to her albums and will probably continue to even when the show ends, which is more than I can say for 90% of the other singers on this show. I would have NOTHING against seeing her enter the mainstream and she's a lock for the top 5.

2. Light Balance - Despite how awesome Team Iluminate were, I always found them quite sloppy and thought they hand't QUITE figured their technology out yet. Lightwire Theater polished things up a bit, but still weren't QUITE there, Light Balance on the other hand has finally perfected not only the technology but the way it's combined with the dancing and at this point I'd say I like them more than their predecessors, at least as far as this show is concerned. I've been consistently underrating their chances not to get my hopes up and each time they have sailed through with ease. They still fall into the same pitfall as Diavolo, but I'm starting to think they might actually make it to the top 5!

1. Darci Lynne - Yeah, I think I'm ready to place her above LB now. I wasn't quite sold on her the first time we saw her, but she's completely won me over like Mandy in the live rounds and I've even searched out her previous performances. This kid is FUNNY and It's clear from those how she continues to get better each time she's on stage. I have a good idea as to what she will do next and it SHOULD seal the deal on her victory. On the other hand she's SUCH a certainty that one can't completely rule out a Susan Boyle/Jackie Evancho situation, even Grace was less than a % away from losing to the Clairvoyants last year...

I'm excited for next week actually, which is something I didn't think could happen just a few weeks ago. Most of that is thanks to Mel B of course, I just can't WAIT to see what her next Armenian proverb will be!
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Sep 17, 2017
So needless to say, the Top 5 are most likely gonna be Darci, Mandy, Angelica, Preacher and Light Balance...
Sep 13, 2017
Ah seems like I'm finally able to comment, something weird was going on earlier as every time it just took me to "page not found. Anyways ONWARDS WITH THE RANKINGS
11. Pompeyo Family Dogs - This was less of an act and more of a comedy sketch involving a family trying to catch escaped zoo animals. The presentation was good as always, but somehow Sara has managed to show us much more variety and many more tricks with just 2 dogs than these guys have with 10 times more. I still kinda find them fun, but this was just chaos, chaos we have already seen before.

10. In The Stairwell - Still kinda fun, but I kept thinking how much better the whole thing would be if they added The Singing Trump to the frontline.

9. Celine Tam - Between the poor location in the running order, the lackluster comments and the lack of a standing ovation (even Yoli got one) Celine seems like one of the few singers the show actually wants to get rid of. I can't get over the feeling she's been groomed to be the perfect beauty pageant contestant, one who must smile at ALL times and say thank you even if she has no clue what the judges just said. That intro package involving his fathers relaxing in a swimming pool due to his daughters success might have been the most honest thing we have seen in one of those in a WHILE.

8. Christian Guardino - Still like his voice, still find him boring.

7. Kechi - This was probably my favourite song choice of hers and although it wasn't a perfect performance, I feel she's one of the very few contestants who has gotten better on stage each time.

6. Angelica Hale - Round 2 of the diva-sing-off goes to Angelica once more. She's a natural on stage and I can only imagine what she might sound like once she grows up. She just needs to stay away from ANYTHING Celine's dad wants to give her.

5. Merrick Hanna - As charming as ever, although the moves are starting to blend into one now and somewhere along the line, Merricks storylines have gotten a bit lost in the spectacle. I still very much enjoy what he does, but he needs to focus on the "story" part of his act a bit more to continue to stand out.

4. Mandy Harvey - I still have her last song stuck in my head, which is odd considering how simple it really was. Jazz is very near and dear to my heart so I'm glad she went in that direction this time and my god is she a good performer. In fact I've grown to like her so much I actually checked out her album on spotify, which is probably the highest praise I can give since that RARELY happens with other singers on this show.

3. Colin Cloud - Colin finally stopped letting Mel B do his hair and his performance got much less messy as a result. This was a rather simple tricks (a variation of it we saw performed by Tom "I wish I was brough back like Steven Brundage" London) presented in a very clever and humorous way that took full advantage of the kind of production this show allows. Everything worked for me this time and it was nice to see Colin back in full form after the meandering performance he gave last time.

2. Diavolo - I could easily see these guys being guests on a results show rather than just contestants. I do sometimes get bored with acrobatic acts as it's like trying to keep track of a rotating ant farm, but these guys make it work perfectly, with creativity and fluidity each week.

1. Light Balance -I like how they come up with a new theme and costumes each time we see them, it keeps things fresh and they know exactly how to balance the dancing with the effects, it's just a TOn of fun to watch. SIGN ME UP FOR THOSE TICKETS.

This was one of the strongest shows the entire season. I thought seeing these performances might make predicting the results easier, but no...they really don't, apart from the Pompeyo Family every act gave it their all and did the best they could.

If I have to start naming names, then Pompeyo is easily the first we can eliminate. I still fear In The Stairwell a little bit due to their "AMERICA FUCK YEAH!" patriotism appeal, but realistically I can't see them beating enough acts to make it to the top 6.

Mandy should make it to the top 3 along with Angelica and Colin stepped it up enough to where I can see him making it through as well, even if he's not in the top 3. Anything could happen with the rest of the acts, but my gut tells me Diavolo is going to be sacrificed this time around. Light Balance should at least make the dunkin save and claw their way out of there. That leaves Merrick, Kechi and Celine. Celine has the most views and likes on social media out of anyone this semi, but it's hard to tell if those are just coming from people from her home country that can't vote anyways. I'll just have to trust my gut I suppose...

11. Pompeyo Family Dogs
10. Christian Guardino
9. Diavolo
8. In The Stairwell
7. Kechi
6. Merrick Hanna (loses judges choice)
5. Light Balance (win judges choice)
4. Celine Tam (wins dunkin save)
3. Colin Cloud
2. Mandy Harvey
1. Angelica Hale

I haven't got a bloody clue though, I'm not confident about ANY of this and can think of at least 15 different ways this could end with and they all seem plausible. It's going to be interesting...
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