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10: Joseph O’Brien. Can’t tell if this kid will get the pretty-boy vote or the nerd vote…Possibly both, in an odd twist…He was perfectly fine, though nothing I would consider memorable…As usual, his backstory seems to be the whole reason why they concentrated a whole segment on him, though instead of it being tragic or compelling, it’s more…quirky…An interesting change of pace, but he still kinda bored me…

9: Brody Ray. Once again, this was mostly notable because of the backstory, though to be fair, someone was bound to find out about it sooner or later, and he wouldn’t have been able to hide it for much longer…Anyway, he was just good…Not sure what to expect from him in this game after how the voters treated Julia Scotti a few years back…Though who knows? Maybe her comedy was just that divisive…That said, it’s a LOT harder to tell that this guy was ever a girl, so maybe they’ll look past that…

8: French Accent. Looks like Triumph the Insult Comic Dog finally became a real boy! No, not really, this guy sure wasn’t THAT funny…But he was a stupid guilty pleasure…That said, if he has to compete with Hans in the Judge Cuts, he’s likely gonna get destroyed!

7: Andy Huggins. It seems that Preacher Lawson just raised the bar for comedians quite a bit last season, because none of the stand-ups this season are impressing me that much…But again, this guy was perfectly passable; There were a few chuckles here and there, and I do think the old man persona adds to the charm…I’m just yet to see anything from him yet that convinces me that he’ll be the next Louis C.K. (minus the whole harassment scandal thing). But hey, Howie knew him in the 70s, so I guess that says…something?

6: Rob Lake. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a big stage disappearing act on this show…Though maybe it’s not just the close-up magic I’m growing weary of, but rather magic in general…He grabbed, like, twenty audience members (in an admittedly creative way with the frisbees) just to put on a pretty generic disappearing trick…I guess the livestreaming helped add to the illusion, but there are possible explanations for that…On top of that, he didn’t have much charisma…Hopefully he can improve in later rounds, because we could use a break from all the card tricks…

5: Kenny Thomas. Well, he came just a few inches from castrating Howie in a VERY gruesome way, so I guess he gets points for that…For NOT doing it, I mean…That said, I feel there was something missing from this act…We got one little trick on a ramp, but that was it…Maybe he’ll have more to show in later rounds…

4: Troy James. This guy should join forces with The Sacred Riana to make a perfect remake of “The Grudge”. I don’t know what it was about this performance, since it was mostly just a guy contorting himself and then crawling around the vicinity, but I just found myself mesmerized by it…It was just thoroughly entertaining, if a bit disturbing…Though if it doesn’t work out for him, he would make a killing (not literally) working at a haunted house…Maybe Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios!

3: Vivien Vajda. Not sure where she’ll go from here, but these were some of the best jump-rope tricks I’ve seen on this show, especially in quick succession…I wish her the best of luck!

2: Glennis Grace. I sure wasn’t expecting to rank a singer this high! Aside from being a fairly likable personality (and not looking half bad for a woman pushing 40), she had arguably the most beautiful voice I’ve heard so far this season (though perhaps not quite my favorite singer). Every note was hit flawlessly, and there were no parts where she had to belt it out so much just to beat it over your head how talented she is (even though the teasers for her convinced me that she was going to). She sounds like a real professional, and if she can show her range with songs that AREN’T by Whitney Houston, she could potentially become the next Emily West…And hey, even her backstory wasn’t too in-your-face…

1: Brian King Joseph. So we have a Joseph O’Brien AND a Brian King Joseph in the same show…Hopefully I don’t get confused by this…At least Brian Justin Crum isn’t competing this season…Anyway, this is easily one of my favorite auditions of the season so far; Top 3 at LEAST! Naturally, he’s not the first to do the contemporary violin thing on this show…Emil and Dariel, Nuttin’ But Stringz and Lindsey Stirling have all made names for themselves in different ways…But this is one of those kinds of acts that you just can’t NOT make cool! He was fun to watch, a real pleasure to listen to, and I really do have to give him credit for doing this under his condition…With how excited Heidi reacted, I almost thought she might give him the last Golden Buzzer; I mean, he has the whole package, the unique talent, the compelling backstory, the likable personality…But I guess in order to REALLY qualify for the Golden Buzzer, you need to sing…That said, he would make a perfect candidate for the GB in the Judge Cuts…assuming they don’t continue to give them all to singers like last year…But either way, he deserves to go far, and he may have just the story and persona to do it!

Well, this show wasn’t amazing or anything, but it was sure as hell a lot more entertaining than last week! It looks like next week will just be a recap of what we’ve seen so far, but assuming there’s nothing to add then, I’ll see you all in two weeks!

PS, Wasn’t Academy of Villains on this show just a few years ago!? I know they came from the infamous Youtube round (thankfully the last season to do that), but they made the semi-finals…Why are they coming back and doing this ripoff diet Silhouettes act? Whatever, I’d complain if it seemed all that interesting and new, but it didn’t…

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Jul 10, 2018
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Jun 30, 2018

10: Brody Ray. Well, I didn't see that twist coming...but apart from the fascinating backstory and his overall likability...he pretty much just sounded like any average "guy with an acoustic guitar singing near a coffee shop". Neither bad nor great, just good enough to get through for now, but I've already forgotten what he sounded like...

9: Joseph O’Brien. And on this week's episode of America's Got Dating Issues, see a man who has never heard of tinder. Yup, pretty much the same deal as the other guy, a likable personality and a decent enough voice, but when the interview package ends up being far more entertaining than the act itself, something ain't quite right. I at least found his voice a TINY bit more to my liking, so slightly above Brody he goes.

8: Rob Lake. The whole episode seemed out to prove that Mel B was slowly losing her mind, and her "I BELIEVE IN MAGIC, GUYS, I READ HARRY POTTER" remarks aren't doing her any favors. I'm not sure why the show is so obsessed with making magic seem "real" and not just treating them as the TRICKS they are, but I can't fault Rob for that. I can fault him for being dull though. I mean the trick itself was fine enough, I just feel like I need something more from big stage magicians on this show at this point, a character for them to play (hey Riana) or a special presentation style...or a story to tell...this was just a bit too basic for my taste and didn't quite do it for me

7: Kenny Thomas. Yeah, the acts was fine, but something was missing...Nothing a black screen and some projectors can't fix though! You have to wonder if the only way they allow Howie to continue being on the show is if he keeps saying "yes" to every situation or if he just has a death wish and wants OUT of his contract. The show is scripted enough that he most likely knew exactly what he signed up for here, but there's no way anyone could guarantee him 100% safety with danger acts like these, no matter how professional they are...

6: French Accent. SACRE BLEU, IZ OUI OUI MONSI...I need to stop doing this RIGHT NOW. I confess, I giggled way more than I should have at this and judging by the way the guy was doing that himself, he might have just been dared by his friends to audition...Either way, I was amused and I know what I'm dressing up as for halloween.

5: Andy Huggins. Someone give Grandma Lee a call, we have a match! It's nice to see Howie Mandel's friends come and see him on the show and I found Andy to also be quite amusing. The whole "dirty grandpa" thing is starting to become a cliche all on its own, but this time it didn't feel too forced. He's no Larry David, but I'm willing to see what else he's got, sure!

4: Vivien Vajda. Maybe she can tie the rope to the ceiling and do some aerial acrobatics? Yeah I have no idea where this could go either, but hopefully she has more tricks up her bag that don't involve a sneak sob story attack. I was silly enough to let my guard down, thinking we could get through a segment without some crying about being bullied, but NOPE. Even when you think you are safe, the show finds new ways to prove otherwise.

3: Glennis Grace. This is actually the second time I have to write about Glennis Grace on AGT this week. I sometimes write for a Eurovision fan/news site and as she represented The Netherlands way back in 2005, I had to write a small news article about her. Eurovision keeps finding a way to sneak into AGT! Needless to say, she's a professional singer that I have known for years, so I might be a bit biased here, but holy MOLY does she have a voice. She could very easily be a real contender this year, that voice is just so incredibly pure that she should have no issues singing ANYTHING. She just needs to focus on showing people more of her actual personality and less trying to sound like Whitney. Hopefully she can do that...

2: Troy James. OOOH yes, he and sacred Riana would be PERFECT together. We've seen plenty of contortionists on the show before, but something about this one in particular just seemed...broken...just...just a broken man on stage. In a good way! Bones.exe had stopped responding and the way he seemed to enjoy creeping people out was just far too entertaining to watch.

1: Brian King Joseph. Cool skills, cool violin, cool hair, this guys has it all! I agree with every word you said, it's finally another case where the backstory makes the talent even more impressive and isn't just there to get easy sympathy votes. I would not mind seeing him fiddle next to Lindsey Stirling in the final AT ALL, but knowing the show they would probably just make him play 2 notes while standing behind Michael Bubble or something. Anyways, he could and should go VERY far this season.

Yup, a 2 week long break. Hopefully Heidi's GB will be worth the wait, but I think we both know it'll just be another kid singer with sad piano music behind them!

PS, Oh yeah I remember them, it's weird they got the "NO" montage treatment here, it's been long enough since we saw one of these acts that the show could easily have tried to pull off another "WE HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS IN OUR LIVES" moment. At the very least, it didn't look terrible or anything...ah well, there have been a ton of other acts getting montaged this season that I wish we had seen in full, but there are the judge's cuts incoming so...maybe.
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