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We need to talk about Simon…Yes, again…

While we were thankfully spared any further repetitions of the “Simon stops a singer and makes them sing something else” schtick (and going into the live shows, I don’t think we have to worry about it anymore this season…hopefully…), I still saw more than ever his apparent bias against certain acts, even ones that actually seemed quite impressive…

The acts I am mainly referring to are Academy of Villains, Diabolowalker and Street Drum Corps…Now, we didn’t see the full performances for any of these acts, so I can’t entirely tell how good they really were…But from what little of them I saw, they all looked like acts I would have loved to see in the live shows (a second time in AoV’s case). I would have liked to at least hear a concrete reason from Simon on why he didn’t like these acts, but he never gave it…He just gave VERY vague and general opinions, like finding them “boring” or “forgettable”. If you can’t even give good, constructive feedback to an act, then it is clear that you don’t actually care about them in the long run, and intend for them to fail…

It appears that the key to Simon liking an act is “personality”. Now, I believe I said as recently as last year that personality is what people vote for above all else, which is certainly not a bad thing…Personality is a major key component to helping an act stand out…But Simon seems to hold it as the end-all deciding factor, which is leading to some unfair treatment of promising acts…

All I can say to these acts is this: Come back in a few years…Hopefully Simon won’t be a judge anymore by then…THEN you’ll have your shot!

It figures though; I’ve started to notice that when Simon judges an act, he’s not judging them by talent, but rather by marketability! When he gives them feedback, rather than address how good their performance was, he instead talks about how much people will connect with them and the overall impact they will make…Knowing that he’s a producer of various media, this seems VERY businessman if you ask me…

But in the end, I knew those acts weren’t going through anyway, because we saw so little of them in the auditions, and we all know now that unless you get focused on consistently, no live shows for you! The only one that I felt had SOME chance was AoV, but mostly because they actually WERE in the live shows a few years back…

Otherwise, tonight’s show was perfectly fine…Hardwick was once again very likable, and unless those sexual assault allegations have any major effects on him in the long run, he will make a good regular…Hell, once Howie finally steps down from the judges’ desk, Hardwick would make a good replacement!

Only one act advanced that I didn’t feel deserved it, and only one deserving act that was actually properly focused on was eliminated…The latter was Sergey and Sasha, and the former was…

7: Yumbo Dump. I don’t FEEL SO GOOOOOD about this pick…I just don’t think they did enough to step it up from their last performance, and they just aren’t as funny as certain other novelty acts…But when Howie expressed how hard he was gonna fight for them, I knew it was gonna be an uphill battle to get rid of them…Luckily, one of the funnier novelty acts that were eliminated appears to be returning as a Wildcard next week…They won’t advance, but hey, neither will these two goofs…

6: Da RepubliK. These guys were good enough that the advance was well-earned…That said, they were also the least memorable act to advance tonight…

5: Lord Nil. I guess the key was to do exactly what Simon said…I mean, we NEED to keep up his image as the tough judge so that people won’t see him for the joke he really is! It was a nice trick and all, but the thing about escape acts is that once you’ve seen a few, you’ve seen them all…Me personally, I think Sergey and Sasha deserved it more…

4: Samuel J. Comroe. Like Vicki, I now appreciate this comedian a lot more! It still felt a bit short, but the wit and overall relative raunch (in terms of what someone can get away with on this show) really helped him stand out in a genre of talent that needs constant raising of the bar…

3: Flau’jae. I’ll admit that this song wasn’t NEAR the level of her last one, but it was good enough to justify her getting the GB…And I’m just glad that she’s getting a much-needed boost of recognition, because she deserves to go far! That said, maybe she can have a little more fun with future songs…Not all of them have to be depressing…

2: Glennis Grace. Nothing to say except she’s still killing it as a vocalist!

1: Brian King Joseph. Pity he didn’t get the GB…But unlike Flau’jae, I don’t think he NEEDS that boost of recognition, because everything seems laid out for him perfectly! With his sob story, he’ll surely win a ton of sympathy votes…But at the same time, he’ll also win votes from fans of unique variety! It’s rare that the spoiler vote is given to a unique act like him, so this will be very interesting…With BOTH of these bases supporting him, he’s sure to be a force to be reckoned with in this game! In fact, he may be the one act who COULD override Courtney Hadwin’s status as this season’s front-runner…Though probably not…Still, I can totally see him as the runner-up as well!

Wow…Only one singer advancing this week…I mean, I GUESS Flau’jae may count to a degree, but otherwise…

Actually, singers are quite a bit more in the minority than last season, though at the same time, last year was ridiculous when it came to how many singers made the live shows…Perhaps I just don’t remember how many usually made it in the past…But still, aside from a few GB picks, I can’t say any of them are very lame choices…

Of course, there will also be three Wildcards…One of them appears to be Human Fountains, and chances seem pretty strong that another one will be Front Pictures…I guess the other one would likely be a singer like Daniel Emmet or Jeffrey Li, which I would be perfectly fine with…But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

Anyway, next week marks the beginning of the live shows, AKA, the part of every season that I actually care about! Here is my ranking of the acts next week based on their odds of advancing:

12: Human Fountains
11: The PAC Dance Team
10: Junior New System
9: Lord Nil
8: Amanda Mena
7: Mochi
6: Vicki Barbolak
5: Angel City Chorale
4: Shin Lim
3: We Three
2: Flau'jae
1: Courtney Hadwin

And now for my ranking based on how much I’m rooting for them:

12: Amanda Mena
11: The PAC Dance Team
10: Junior New System
9: Lord Nil
8: Human Fountains
7: We Three
6: Mochi
5: Vicki Barbolak
4: Shin Lim
3: Courtney Hadwin
2: Angel City Chorale
1: Flau'jae

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Aug 09, 2018
Your thoughts on Simon mirror my own so well that I don't have too much more to add...I think he's a good judge on shows like X Factor and even here you can tell he knows his music and singers (and stopping the music, ESPECIALLY that) very well. For everything else though, he's hilariously underqualified as a judge. His advice to most acts range from poor ("ADD MORE FIRE") to just idiotic ("You like cats and have a funny accent, YOU NEED YOUR OWN TV SHOW"). So he just judges things based on his current mood and what he THINKS the audience might like.

It wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't clearly THE judge on the panel. His decisions ultimately shape the entire show and he is the one people actually listen to. Most viewers see him as some sort of gospel of truth, while the other 3 are there just for comedic relief and eye candy. So it's just a shame to see him spout nonsense and get away with it each week...

As for the episode itself...well it was pretty darn entertaining, wasn't it? I enjoyed the rubber nightmare man, the quick dump duo, hoodie dad and his daughter and even zebra-man. "My inflatable zebra was punctured" might be my new favourite backstory on the show. Not that any of them should have made it through, but I was entertained throughout. Even all the montaged acts you mentioned looked interesting, but got shafted for reasons unknown *coughsimonsleptbadlycough*

Oh and Chris was a ton of fun too, again. I don't know how true or not the allegations against him are, so I'm a bit hesitant to heap praise on him, but he would make for a very good regular judge.


7: Da RepubliK. I can't say this was undeserved, but they didn't really stand out from the usual set of dancers on the show either. I actually remember Academy of Villains morethan these guys, since both of their routines were completely different each round and had more creativity in them. This though? More fodder for the cannon (I miss you, Nick).

6: Yumbo Dump. FEEEEL SOOOO...meh? Objectively speaking, this is the worst act to through to the live shows.'s so dumb I can't help but appreciate it on some weird level. As far as novelty acts this season go, they were still one of the weaker ones, but I can't be too upset either with one other being brought back as a wildcard so onwards to seeing more sweaty bellies!

5: Lord Nil. Isn't it great that physics decided to take a break for a day so 3 pieces of rope the exact same length, set on fire at the same time, could burn up at different times? I'm pretty much with you on the "seen it once, seen it all", but hey, it's more variety and adds a bit of excitement to the show and Mel B's life.

4: Glennis Grace. She still sings good. She still smiles good. She still looks good. She still deserves to go to the final.

3: Flau’jae. Agreed, not quite as good as last time, but as a complete Hip Hop newb, I like her and think she deserved the GB, even if it was rather predictable once again. I would like to see her do something more fun too, but now that she's chosen to be on "Social activist" mode, I doubt AGT will let her do anything else.

2: Samuel J. I found myself smiling throughout the act. I feel like we haven't REALLY gotten to see what he's capable of yet, so there's a whole lot of potential here because even these short segments we have gotten, have been pretty funny.

1: Brian King Joseph. Dude looks like a bon jovi member, has an amazing name and could play the violin while blindfolded. What's not to like? Maybe the Chainsmokers song he chose, but we will just look past that for now...

TWO acts that got buzzed by Mel made it through this week. I assume they just lock her in the closet during the deliberations...I started off feeling pretty "meh" about the whole season when we entered the judges cut, but looking at the line-up we have right now..NOT BAD. Not bad at all...I think the only thing I can really say against it is that the Golden Buzzers have been fairly unremarkable this season. Would either of Mel B's and Heidi's picks have made it through the judges cuts? I have my doubts..

If I had to quickly make a prediction (only so I can laugh at how wrong I was later) as to who will make it to the final, right now I'd say this (in no particular order):

10. Zurcaroh
9. Shin Lim
8. We Three
7. Brian King Joseph
6. UDI
5. Sacred Riana
4. Flau'jae
3. Glennis Grace
2. Angel City Chorale
1. Courtney Hadwin (WINNER)

Possibly switch UDI with Front Pictures if they happen to be a wild card. Samuel or Noah are also likely, maybe instead of Riana...We'll see how wrong I was at the end of this I guess.

As for next week...we get 4 GOLDEN BUZZER ACTS! That sounds like a massacre, but looking at the line-up a bit closer...Junior New System and PAC Dance Team are both obvious filler material on any show. It's great to see the Human Fountains back, but they are here to add some novelty and won't make it out either. And considering the show's previous history with both escape artists AND danger acts, we can pretty safely get rid of Nil no matter what he does...that really only leaves 1 more act to eliminate and like you, I think it might be Amanda, But there are other options...

I don't think Vicki is safe by any means considering the history of female comedians on the show, she needs to win over the audience and kill it. If she disappoints the judges, she could easily be out..Mochi is also a bit of a wildcard, if he doesn't show something new, he could end up like Hara...

What I'd LIKE to see happen is this:

12: Amanda Mena
11: The PAC Dance Team
10: Junior New System
9: Human Fountains
8: Lord Nil
7: We Three
6: Mochi
5: Vicki Barbolak
4: Flau'jae
3: Angel City Chorale
2: Courtney Hadwin
1: Shin Lim

So pretty close to your's actually. Should be interesting...
Aug 10, 2018
Daniel Emmet will be a Wildcard for Week 3! One more to be announced, and Front Pictures would fit perfectly!
Aug 11, 2018
Wow, I mean, I didn't quite predict the Fountains coming back (but perhaps I would have with more time), but otherwise my predictions were right on the money! It seems that the judges are actually taking their jobs seriously this year...except maybe Simon...
Aug 13, 2018
HAHA Yup, Maybe you should join the Clairvoyants if they are in need of an extra person? Yeah these choices are fairly decent for once. I kind of would have liked to see Hamster Wheel again and Oliver had more potential than the Human Fountains, but you can't win them all...
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