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12: Joseph O’Brien. So we’re still putting on the “can’t get a girlfriend” act, huh? Are they really still expecting us to believe that NOBODY has at least SOME kind of attraction toward this guy, especially now that he’s singing these heartfelt (if incredibly generic and bland) original songs on a big reality gameshow? Whatever; He sings nice, and he can write songs…Whoop-de-freaking-doo! It still brought an otherwise energetic night to a sudden boring crawl…This was easily my least favorite singing act of the round (and apparently for the judges as well), and if he goes through over the really good variety acts, then there is officially no integrity left in our American voters…

11: Rob Lake. I’m sorry, but what was so exciting about this act that they had to line it up second-to-last!? Sure, he can do a bunch of different variations of the same disappearing trick that we’ve seen every non-close-up magician do…But it all just felt really lame! Throw in that goof with the road sign (there is no worse mistake a magician can make than to accidentally reveal the secret behind a trick) and the drawn-out build-up to the best trick with the motorcycle, and you have the lamest magic trick since…well, the ones that the Illusionists did last week…No wonder close-up magicians have dominated the magic genre on this show lately!

10: Michael Ketterer. Now for the tricky part: Comparing the singers! They all had their pros and cons…In all honesty, I think I do like Michael overall; His singing is unique, the emotion he puts into it is very nice, he seems like an all-around cool guy, and I greatly admire what he’s done for his adopted sons…I just didn’t think this was the best song choice for him…I actually do agree with Mel (NOW I’M THE ONE WHO’S ILL!) that his singing isn’t the best, as it did crack a lot and sound a little off-key at points…But whatever, I know he’s already in the semi-finals anyway, and I’m fine with that…I just hope that next time, he finds a song that can play to the strengths of his voice and still make Simon Cowell cry again…(Now we have a clip to accompany his debilitating giggling from last week…)

9: Daniel Emmet. I’m getting pretty sick of that Aerosmith song on this show…Daniel overall sang it great, though his voice did get drowned out a bit by the production…Also, the fire at the end took me out of it just a bit…

8: Christina Wells. Even the big, loud Christina got drowned out by the backing track…TURN IT DOWN, PRODUCERS!!! Nonetheless, her energy really shone through! Still not as good as her audition, but she’s another singer I wouldn’t mind in the next round…

7: Us the Duo. I think I’ll finally give these two some legitimate credit: This was indeed their best song! While I still think We Three has better songs overall, these two put on a better performance for this round…And hey, it sounds like the baby will soon join in on the music! Maybe she’ll play her rattle like a maraca or hit some sweet notes on her Fisher-Price xylophone!

6: UDI Dance. Okay, I’m being a little biased here, but this was actually my favorite performance from these guys! Their other performances did feel kind of standard blacklight dance for me, but here they did something a little different this time…Granted, I’ve seen quite a few acts tackle the video game theme by now, but this was just fun to watch, ESPECIALLY with “Take On Me” playing! Honestly, I liked this a whole lot better than that dumb Spielberg movie that came out this year…But I guess it wasn’t for everyone, and now the one multimedia act that actually had a story that could have helped them with votes (even if it was pretty much the same as Light Balance’s from last year) seems to be on the chopping block…They might get some pity votes, especially from the same people who are still pissed at both Mochi and Front Pictures’ eliminations (which yes, includes me), but at the very best I see them only making the Judges’ Choice…and losing…

5: Aaron Crow. Okay, the stakes weren’t as high this time, and it took even longer to build up to what was essentially Simon Cowell crushing a box with his hand…But this guy can make even that exciting! Everything from the set to the metronome to the performer himself made what otherwise would have been a pretty lame danger trick into something special…All I can say is, it’s a real shame that this guy’s probably going to get cheated out of the semi-finals and not be brought back, because him over Sacred Riana any day! (Is she gonna curse me now?)

4: The Future Kingz. Oh, if only we could have chosen just one of the regular dance groups, because these guys EASILY beat the other two who have already advanced! As it stands, they may be in a tough position…But I’ll be rooting for them nonetheless!

3: Hans. Since this is a common response from pop divas, screw all the haters! AGT is CLEARLY not ready for the magic that is Hans! And that’s why, alas, he most likely will not advance…I did originally predict that he would be one of the VERY FEW acts that I really like to get eliminated from this round and then be brought back as a wildcard, but now there are a couple other legitimate choices, and there will probably be others joining him in that category with tomorrow’s results…But Hans is too good for this show anyway, dahling!

2: Brian King Joseph. Fun fact: I recently thought of what I would have done had I done that podcast that I brought up last year where I serve as the omnipresent fifth judge…I decided that part of that would be to pick my own Golden Buzzer act…Granted, due to not actually being on the show, I would have no power to send anyone straight to the live shows…But the Golden Buzzer is also kind of a stamp of approval that gives an act an extra bit of hype…The general rule is that I can give it to anyone who made it to the live shows who isn’t already a GB or a wildcard…Needless to say, my choice for this season EASILY would have been Brian! (Maybe I’ll get the chance to do this next year…) Everything said, I will admit that I didn’t like his performance tonight QUITE as much as his previous ones…There wasn’t as much crazy rapid fiddling as before…THAT being said, his previous performances set SUCH a high bar, and this was still fantastic! My only concern is how early he was in the line-up…Granted, it matters significantly less now because of the timeframe that you can vote, as well as the several other voting methods they’ve thrown in with recent seasons…But still, they seem to be under-hyping an act that can appeal to a WIDE variety of voters…I mean, surely COOL acts can sucker in votes with sob stories as well, right? And you don’t get much more tragic than a disease that is slowly disabling you, SPECIFICALLY from your talent…As somebody who’s recently acquired carpal tunnel syndrome from my job as a cashier, I can somewhat relate to this (though I know I don’t have it NEARLY as bad as him!) I just hope America can relate to him as well, because I really do feel the same for him as the other judges claim to feel for their respective GBs!

1: Zurcaroh. My only complaint with this performance is that it wasn’t long enough! Consider that a compliment! This could very well be the second year in a row where Tyra’s GB choice makes it all the way to Third Place! (Of course, I’ve gotten my hopes up for quite a few acts this season that don’t sing, so perhaps I should save my predictions for after I see the results tomorrow…But otherwise, these guys look like a lock to me!)

I have some mixed feelings about tonight…The line-up did seem a bit biased in favor of the less interesting acts…Everyone had at least something to offer, but very few of them really stood out either…But MAYBE, just MAYBE, third time’s the charm for results!

My Votes: I mainly concentrated on Brian, Aaron and Zurcaroh, but I also threw some at Hans, UDI and Future Kingz as well…

How America will probably vote: At this point, I really do need to prepare for the worst…All I ask is that Brian and Zurcaroh make the Top 5 (so I can assume they both made at least the Top 3), Aaron is at least given a shot in the Save votes, and you get rid of at least one or two singers…and Rob…

See you tomorrow, where they perform The Carole King Musical, and I get pissed off at the results yet again…

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Aug 30, 2018

Did I say I get pissed off by the results? What I meant to say is that I become beyond overjoyed that ALL of my wishes from last night came true! And what’s more, Aaron actually made it! Granted, I know this is as far as he goes, especially going by how much he was trailing those other two acts in the Save vote…But I’m just glad we get to see one more stunt from him…And it might involve Mel B in some way…

Real shame for the Kingz though; I really did like them! But the judges already handed the last two final saves to the dance crew over really cool acts, so it only makes sense to avert that this time…This just means that two inferior dance groups are in the semi-final, and they aren’t…

Also real sad to see UDI get dropped so unceremoniously, and even sadder to watch Hans get eliminated…That confident smile on his face as he graciously accepted his loss was beyond infectious!

At least Rob and Joseph are gone…So in this entire round, only two singers got eliminated (three if you include Flau’jae), and one of them was a silly novelty act…The good news is, they’re matching up all of the trite singers next week, and with four other acts that seem like deadlocks, it looks like we’ll finally see them weeded out…But we’ll get to next week in a moment…

Indeed, four of the seven acts advancing are singing acts, but I’m okay with it since they all have something special to offer, and the other three that advanced are among my favorites in the whole game! Throw in a very enjoyable performance from a Carole King impersonator and her supporting cast, and you have a good results show!

And now we enter the semi-finals! I guess the first question is who the wildcard will be…I know there’s a lot of demand for Mochi and Sacred Riana, I would personally love to see Flau’jae or even Hans come back, or they could just slap us all in the face by picking someone useless like PAC Dance Team or Yumbo Dump…Riana seems like the most likely candidate, but I wouldn’t rule out Hans either…But whoever it is, they’ll have to step both up AND in a new direction if they want ANY chance of getting it this time…But we’ll wait until they announce the act…

Until then, let’s predict next week, because with this line-up, I’m already feeling just about ready to call who the Top 10 will be…Also, while the Wiki still has one vacant spot in the list of acts next week, I’m pretty sure I heard Tyra say that the spot will be taken by the winner of tonight’s Judges’ Choice, so I believe it will be Crow…

So with that assumption, I’ll just go ahead and call the most likely candidates for the first half of the Top 10 next week: Michael, Shin and Zurcaroh will be the Top 3, Samuel will easily win the Dunkin’ Save, and then the last spot will probably be either Amanda, Makayla or Voices of Hope…or maybe Us the Duo…Seems like an easy enough prediction…How accurate will I be…?

Whatever the case, here is my ranking based on how much I’m rooting for them:

11: Voices of Hope Children’s Choir
10: Amanda Mena
9: Makayla Phillips
8: Junior New System
7: Us the Duo
6: Duo Transcend
5: Michael Ketterer
4: Samuel J. Comroe
3: Aaron Crow
2: Shin Lim
1: Zurcaroh

Aug 30, 2018
COLOUR ME IMPRESSED, AGT! I mean it wasn't a perfect result (HANS WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN), but I'm so used to leaving a results show quietly sighing and swearing to never watch the show again that actually feeling some sort of happiness and elation for once was a nice change of pace.

I basically got my predictions right, with Daniel, Christina, Zurcaroh, Us The Duo, Michael and Brian safely going through. I was just CONVINCED Aaron would get the same treatment Riana did last week, but I guess being a sexy vampire man has its advantages. In any case, I'm super pleased and while the semi's are obviously the end of his AGT road, he fully deserves to be there and makes me look forward to the next rounds at least a little bit more.

As for the wild card, while I like Flau’jae, the show is absolutely overflowing with musical acts so I'd still hope it would be a variety act like Riana or Mochi. Front Pictures are probably toast, I doubt they would be given the wildcard TWICE in a row and they clearly lost the judge's vote without the need of a deadlock. The cats wouldn't be the worst thing in the world either, but they have probably shown us their best bits at this point and the acts I mentioned earlier have a little bit more to still give us...

So that's it then, we have our semi-finalists and 50% of them are singers, but it's not ALL bad seeing as (like you said) they will get weeded out. Next week looks to either be the best or the worst results show yet. The best because variety might actually dominate and worst if anything else happens. On paper, it DOES seem like an obvious top 5 and I agree with your picks, but I know better than to go into this hope thinking we are safe. It could all go wrong SO easily, but for the time being, here are my predictions (assuming Aaron Crow is on next week):

11: Junior New System - surely NOW they are just cannon fodder
10: Duo Transcend - I doubt they can top their last performance and their story can only take them so far at this stage
9: Makayla Phillips - Barely made it here in the first place, SHOULD be a safe goner, but there's always a slight chance...
8: Amanda Mena - Hoping these 2 will just cancel each other out now, though I also considered her out last time so she could easily surprise again...
7: Aaron Crow - Also a goner, BUT if he truly impresses everyone and manages to "redeem" himself, he has a SLIGHT chance of making it to the dunkin save considering how he was buzzed and STILL did well this time
6: Voices of Hope Children’s Choir - never underestimate the audience's desire to vote for little children
5: Samuel J. Comroe - Unless he bombs, he should go through one way or the other
4: Us the Duo - The fanbase these guys have online is immense, which probably means they will easily win the dunkin save as long as they get there
3: Shin Lim - Unless he goes too big and fails or Simon claims something dumb like "You bore me" he's through
2: Michael Ketterer - All about the story and the emotions and those carried even Evie through last year
1: Zurcaroh - I'm beginning to think they might be a contender, at least looking at the online reactions and everything

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Sep 01, 2018
Well, they did the unthinkable! They brought back a wildcard who was already a wildcard! That's right, Front Pictures is being brought back once again! Now, I'm not holding my breath for them since they didn't get nearly as many votes as they deserved last time, and especially since they're competing the same night as the girl who beat them in the Save vote...But who knows? A lot of people got so upset over their elimination (including me) that their supporters might vote with a vengeance this time! My main concern though is that the stakes are a little higher now...I'll help these guys any way I can, not that it guarantees ANYTHING...
Sep 04, 2018
Colour me surprised...AGAIN! There will always be a tiny part of me that wishes Riana would have lasted longer on the show, but fair enough, Front Pictures was basically tied with Makayla and will no doubt do something cool again. I actually think this is better for Aaron too, who has a slightly better shot in semi 2 (with the lack of variety there).
Aug 29, 2018
12: Joseph O’Brien. I love how what was probably just a throwaway line during the audition interviews ("I'm single") has now turned into a fully produced sketch involving Joseph going from door to door to various women holding a lousy bouquet and getting rejected. I mean...fuck. If that doesn't sum up everything wrong with the show right there, I'm not sure what does. I, personally, spent the entire act wondering what dollar store Halloween decoration they used to cover up his piano, because the song was dull as can be. He seems like a nice guy, but if there's any integrity left on the show, he should absolutely be the singer booted out at this stage. On the plus side, he has a little bit extra to take with him to whatever show he goes on next, as "Tyra Banks made me speak out the name of my secret crush on national television" is a sob story even I can get behind.

11: Rob Lake. Although I'm quite sick of them at this point, there IS a way to make these big stage illusions work. This was not it. Vegas is full of cool, interesting magicians with a ton of personality doing these old tricks with a fresh new twist. Unfortunately Rob Lake is a magician of the gorgonzola variety. The sign mess-up didn't help, but the whole act before that was just underwhelming and...lame as you said. At least his final trick worked well enough, but he's such a charisma vacuum that I completely forgot about it seconds later when I felt my soul being sucked out through my skull by his smile.

10: Michael Ketterer. I pretty much agree with you. Look, I get it, the tears and the emotions and the Simon-faking-he-has-a-soul and the kids and the story and everything. Guy seems like a SUPER great dude and the world needs more people like him, but if ever there was an act solely relying on a sob story, this is kind of it...I can't exactly categorize him as a typical "bland" singer on the show, he certainly knows how to convey emotion and he clearly sings with passion, but his actual voice is just...missing something. Besides the emotions, I found the whole performance underwhelming and think this really wasn't the right song for his limited range. Hopefully, as you mentioned, his next pick will be better because he IS going through.

9: Daniel Emmet. I'm pretty sure Simon just brought him back because he was the only person who would accept the offer to have a wall of FIRE behind him. Great vocals, overplayed song, but done differently enough that it wasn't boring. The show has fallen out of love with opera recently so I don't really know how well people will respond to this. Thankfully he has the support of youngsters all over America, as Tyra said, with Aerosmith, because y'know...nothing gets the teens going these days more than a wrinkly old Steven Tyler coughing up his remaining lung on stage.

8: The Future Kingz. Agreed, I found these guys to be much more interesting than whatever #StockDanceAct9887 was last week, but I also still find it really hard to personally get excited over groups like this so I'll just say that names ending with Z are cool.

7: Christina Wells. As far as singers go on this show, I thought she pretty much brought the roof down on the building. Not literally, we aren't that lucky. Woman can SING, but the producer's can't use the volume button competently. Still, it was powerful.

6: Us the Duo. The thought of a baby playing the xylophone is enough to make me wish to see them back next year. The whole "I HAVE A TINY HUMAN BEING INSIDE OF ME" angle was viewer manipulation at its finest, but I like these two. I've been on board with them from the beginning and I still am. Maybe I'm just crazy, it's really nothing all too different from something you'd hear at a local coffee shop, but DAMN IT I like coffee. And I liked the song, their chemistry and voices blending together. Sue me, but the act works in my eyes.

5: UDI Dance. I'm right there with you, JM. I must have been watching something different than everyone else, because throughout the performance I was thinking "oh this is so through" only to to then hear the judge's comments and see the general lack of enthusiasm online (I saw they were the least retweeted act this entire season). It was sloppy, sure, at times the act comes across like a kid trying to recreate The Avengers in their room using cardboard boxes and some crayons, but that comes with the territory. Acts like these still haven't figured out how to make it all look polished and seamless, but I thought this was creative and fun. They DID step it up, by adding costumes and elements we have never seen from an act like this before and yet I'm pretty sure they are toast this week. Shame.

4: Aaron Crow. This guy could charm Dracula out of his own castle. The act took longer than the entire Lord Of The Rings Extended Trilogy combined, but I was enthralled throughout even though it was a fairly simple and known trick. I had pretty much written this guy off before the semi, because I knew how much the viewers dislike danger acts, so I was happy to see him do some straight up magic...unfortunately it didn't really all go down as great as I hoped and Mel B's buzzer pretty much sealed his fate shut. I'm also not sure it ended like it was supposed to. Howie's pick amounted to nothing, as Aaron already knew where the knife was, but considering he had spent what seemed like an hour fondling these boxes on stage himself, it seemed odd for that to be the big finish. I'm not sure if it just went wrong here or was supposed to end like this, but something didn't feel quite right. It kills me inside to say that he's probably a goner, as he's an interesting and talented enough act to deserve a spot in the actual FINAL, but this wasn't the way to win the rest of the audience over.

3: Brian King Joseph. I'm not going to steal your GB from you, my pick would probably have been something stupid like Lioz, which is why I should NEVER be allowed to judge on this show. That being said, I agree with you about this not being his best performance. Still impressive as hell, but I got too distracted by the Troy James gang playing charades behind him. It wasn't needed, but thankfully Brian is impressive enough to still stand out.

2: Hans. On a show that mostly serves to disappoint or piss me off these days, Hans managed to make me forget all that as I did a little jig in my room and had the biggest smile possible on my face. Bless you, Hans. We are not worthy!

1: Zurcaroh. This really did feel short, but I checked the time on YouTube and it was basically the same as a few other singers last night so I guess that just meant I WANTED MORE. And boy do I. This is just a professional, well thought out group that rivals Diavolo, but it was actually easier to keep track of people and tricks because it was all so well put together. Any act that can tell a story through dance that even Mel B can understand, must be doing something right!

Decent enough night as usual, made even better by the complete lack of any songs from The Greatest Showman! Before the show started, I thought this would be the hardest one to predict yet (and I haven't been doing a good job so far), but as the show progressed things became pretty obvious...

Zurcaroh, Brian King Joseph, Us The Duo, Christina Wells, Daniel Emmett and Michael Ketterer all seem like certain qualifiers. Of course, one has to end up in the dunkin save and this is where things get difficult, because it could be ANY of them. I'll just go out on a limb and predict Us The Duo won't have charmed people quite as much as they did me, but will make it through with ease thanks to the save anyways.

Last spot is harder to predict. Aaron is likely out thanks to the buzzer alone (when was the last time an act that got buzzed came anywhere close to going through?). UDI seemed to underwhelm people and combined with the judge's dismissing comments, I'm afraid they are goners too. Joseph should be gone no matter what as even if he gets to the middle 3, I doubt the judges would pick him. Rob Lake will likely be in the save simply because magic and hotness and because I'm feeling adventurous I'll say that the third one in the save will be HANS!!!!! (but it will actually be The Future Kingz). So overall these are my predictions for tonight:

12. Aaron Crow
11. UDI
10. Joseph O’Brien
9. Hans
8. Rob Lake (loses judge's pick)
7. The Future Kingz (judge's pick)
6. Us The Duo (dunkin save)
5. Christina Wells
4. Daniel Emmet
3. Brian King Joseph
2. Zurcaroh´
1. Michael Ketterer
Aug 29, 2018
Something I forgot to mention...Tyra was raving about Zurcaroh and said they were THE most viewed audition online in AGT history, which left me baffled at first. A quick check on YouTube shows that they don't even have as many views as Makayla. HOWEVER on Facebook, indeed their performance has gained over 320 MILLION views, which is twice as much as Courtney and more than Darci or Grace.

I genuinely have no idea if that actually means anything or should change the way we think about how this season will play out, but it's an interesting and odd (Why THIS much? Why only on Facebook?) fact.
Aug 30, 2018
It'll be interesting if they end up winning...
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