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I wasn't intending for this to be an article, but something's keeping me from posting it as a comment...Maybe there's suddenly a length limit or something...

A real rollercoaster of emotions this season, am I right?

It’s been a real rocky journey, and in some spots could have been much better…But I’m always willing to give credit when the results favor the best of the variety acts! All these years later, and still no season has beat out the infamous Season 4 as the worst season of AGT…And that was the season where I got into this show!

And I guess it’s only fitting that lucky ol’ Season 13 be the year that the audience just goes against the expectations of the producers by not voting for some clear favorites the moment they fail to impress (Flau’jae, Courtney), and instead give the win to a guy who never seemed destined to get anything better than Second Place…

I guess the season truly was cursed…Or maybe America is finally getting sick of Simon Cowell’s manipulation…And his obsession with “The Greatest Showman”; Seriously, he just keeps referencing it for no reason and he’s probably the one responsible for all the covers of that damn movie!

Well, enough about the judges…We’ve all had our rants about each of them…Instead, let’s talk about what REALLY makes this show…the acts!

Here is my power ranking of the Top 36 acts of Season 13!

36: Quin and Misha. How anyone would watch these two and decide to hit the Golden Buzzer for them is beyond me! I guess the whole “It’s never too late!” moral might be inspiring and all…And in terms of talent, there’s plenty of credibility to be given! But this is such a forgettable act! They were never destined to be anything more than filler…

35: The PAC Dance Team. In terms of overall talent, these kids aren’t as good as Quin and Misha…But at least they knew how to make their high school dance kinda memorable, with all of the costumes and sets and coming up with ways to choreograph a famous book-turned-iconic-movie…Still, this is an act that’s best used for pep rallies…

34: Joseph O’Brien. Hey, “nerd”, you still single? Wanna continue talking about it on end? …And maybe perform a song you wrote afterward? I don’t need to keep picking on this guy (because he’s probably dealt with enough bullying), so all I’m gonna say is that I wish him the best in his music career…

33: Rob Lake. Hopefully we will see much better big stage magic tricks in future seasons…That will be at least something to give this guy credit for…Nonetheless, he wasn’t horrible; He just needs to try his own thing more often rather than throw everything and the kitchen sink at us while smiling like a Miss Universe contestant…

32: Lord Nil. You know, it’s funny…Out of all the acts that made the live shows, Nil seems to be the one that I forgot about the most quickly! I guess I remember all the lower entries for at least boring me that much, or being so over-the-top with their otherwise bland talent…But Nil was so overshadowed by the danger acts that made it farther in the game, that all I can remember is…something to do with snakes, scorpions and alligators…Oh yeah, and there was some good staging in there as well…

31: Yumbo Dump. I was seriously planning on putting this act dead last on the list…But at the end of the day…this was memorable! It was stupid, pointless and far from the best guilty pleasure…But this is one stupid, pointless act that I will remember…for better or worse…Look, the dolphin thing brought it up significantly!

30: Human Fountains. This is the act that I can say represents my home state of Colorado! (Then again, I was born in Massachusetts, which is where Shin is from, so…) I don’t care how stupid this was! This was one of the best guilty pleasures to come out of the show! …That said, THE best guilty pleasure is coming up later…dahlings!

29: Makayla Phillips. I think she was a good enough singer that this is a fitting enough spot for her on the list…But still, please Heidi, pick someone more interesting next year!

28: Amanda Mena. Again, while I thought Makayla’s voice was slightly more compelling, this girl at least knew how to shake up the cover songs, give them a more Latin vibe and make them her own…

27: Voices of Hope Children’s Choir. I stick by my opinion that this choir was WAY overhyped! But honestly, I’ll gladly take a bland choir over a bland solist…

26: Junior New System. Yup…Dancing in heels…My feelings on these guys have been pretty mixed from the beginning…But I would be lying if I said I didn’t respect what they pulled off…

25: Noah Guthrie. His performance of “Whipping Post” will remain his peak moment for me, though I also respect him for writing his own song as well…And now with AGT, “Glee” and his Youtube channel all giving him a boost, I really hope to see him succeed with his music career in the near future!

24: The Sacred Riana. This shall forever remain one of the strangest acts to ever compete on this show! There was kind of a pointlessness to it all…But I sure won’t forget THIS character anytime soon!

23: The Savitsky Cats. This is a fine example of an act that started as a silly gimmick for me, but as it went on I appreciated it more and more! It’s actually kind of unfortunate that they didn’t make the semi-finals…Perhaps the tricks would have gotten old by then, but I would have been up for one more from them! Not purr-fect by any means, but…Well, Heidi used up all the puns…I just liked them, okay?

22: Da RepubliK. These guys were overall quite compelling…BUT, they got a little stale by the semi-finals…Still one of the better dance groups of recent seasons though…

21: UDI Dance. Real shame their quarter-final performance didn’t do it for so many people…I guess this is another impressive visual arts act that will be forgotten with the likes of Freckled Sky, SensEtion and Mothmen Dance…I had to do research through the previous seasons’ Wikipedia pages to find those names!

20: Mochi. Here’s an act that I will remember for just how badly he got screwed over! His act may not have had the most long-term promise, but he sure knew how to keep it interesting for that long! I mean, how many diabolo performers work projection screens and sparklers into their act!? It may not be a Vegas act, but it’s still an act that deserves a venue SOMEWHERE…

19: The Future Kingz. Why did it have to be them who got left behind in the quarter-finals!? If only they switched weeks with JNS or RepubliK, then they would have made it, possibly with even more votes! But it is telling that in the live shows, they made a far bigger impression with ONE performance than the other two did with four total! Nonetheless, I would have taken a dozen more Dunkin’ Donuts plugs if it meant one more performance from them!

18: Flau’jae. SHE DESERVED TO GO ALL THE WAY!!! I don’t care if she hyped up the audience, she is still the best rapper to ever compete on this show, and I can only hope we’ll see other great ones actually make it to the end in the future…Until then, somebody PLEASE give this kid a contract!

17: Hans. While he might not have been as deserving as the last few entries on this list, this was an act that you can always count on to put a smile on your face! The ultimate guilty pleasure to end all guilty pleasures, Hans down!

16: Vicki Barbolak. And now I have to put Vicki here over acts I liked more who didn’t make it past the quarter-finals, because while I can compare acts with a ONE-performance difference, TWO performances is just too wide a gap! Like I said before, Vicki was likable as a character…But at the end of the day, I must admit, she wasn’t really that funny…Granted, I’ve seen FAR worse comedians on this show…Some of them even made it all the way to the finals! (Gary Vider and his “Booba-sippi” joke still haunts me to this day!) Everything said, I wish this lady the best, because there is still something very infectious about her!

15: Christina Wells. She had a few vocal issues along the way, but she is still one of my favorite singers this season! Also, she had a lovable personality, even when she was doing that crying for sympathy thing that I hate seeing so many people on this show (ESPECIALLY the ladies) doing…Not a fan of her going on about her fat-shaming, but I still like her!

14: Michael Ketterer. And now it’s time to do the unthinkable…I have to defend Michael Ketterer! A lot of people both on the show and off have held him up as one of the best, if not THE best singer of the season…And him beating out all the other singers, including the one who seemed destined to win, is a clear indication of that…Of course, these are the same people who undermined the talents of another, much more talented Cockeresque singer named Michael who won the show way back in Season 5, just because he wasn’t QUITE as memorable as the other three acts that made the Finals with him…And don’t even get me started on how overrated Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. was! I digress…The point is, a lot of the time these people have no idea what they’re talking about…But at the end of the day, I can’t help but like Michael! Sure, his singing was FAR from perfect, but it was overall quite compelling to listen to! And I’ll gladly take it over some overly-polished Kelly Clarkson wannabe singing some pop song! Also, and I’ve said this before with Angel City, I do admire the story aspect of this act, because instead of it being about HIS problems, it’s about how he helps others with THEIR problems! It’s not often when an act’s story isn’t about being a victim, but rather a hero! Now don’t get me wrong, I hated how much he relied on this to get himself all the way to Fifth, and I’m glad he didn’t beat any of my favorite variety acts…But I still have a lot of respect for him! …Also, he has a great look! Very hipster-meets-Springsteen…

13: We Three. They’ve had some problems as the entered the live shows, but I still appreciate all their songs, even if their best were still before the live shows…Probably the only thing I would change is their sappy band name, and then they will be ready to have a decent music career!

12: Us the Duo. Speaking of sappy names…It’s kind of a shame there was never any rivalry between them and the previous entry, because of their clear similarities…I still hold to my opinion that I like We Three’s songs a lot more…But these folks put on much better performances! That said, there’s one thing that will make them even better…THE BABY HAS TO PERFORM WITH YOU! MAKE IT HAPPEN!

11: Angel City Chorale. They are this high on the list primarily for their first two performances! After that, they seemed to mostly lose their way…But even their worst was superior to Voices of Hope’s best, I kind of liked their rendition of “The Rising”, and again, their performances of “Africa” and ESPECIALLY “Baba Yetu” were true magic!

10: Front Pictures. Best audition of the season hands down! Also an excellent quarter-final performance! Kinda fizzled out in the semi-finals, but still, easily one of the most memorable acts of the season, even if they lacked the PERSONAL appeal to win enough votes…or the common sense to make their semi-final set about the performer, and not just the fancy visuals…Still, awesome act overall!

9: Aaron Crow. Another act that started strong in the auditions, and then gradually got less impressive over the course of the game…I will remember Aaron and his whole persona! …But I would probably remember him even more if his live performances were more impressive…And damn, he never got to torment Mel B…Then again, she probably got enough torment from Sacred Riana that Aaron didn’t need to bother with her…

8: Duo Transcend. Here’s an act that I wouldn’t have intended to rank this high, but they lasted long enough in the game that I do appreciate just everything that went into it! Sure, it got repetitive, but YOU try doing what they’re doing and be HALF as compelling to watch! The dropping though? Eeehhh, could do without it…

7: Daniel Emmet. We’ve had a lot of opera singers on this show…Although at the same time, a lot of them were female…But I enjoyed Daniel and his crazy Italian lingo! Still went through a lot of abuse throughout the game, but he came out of it alright with his amazing “♪ AMERICA, BLAHBLAHBLAH, I LOOOOOOOOVE YOU! ♪” For better or worse, that is probably what I will remember the most from him…And his sparkly jackets…Oh yeah, and he got to perform with that famous opera guy…That too…

6: Glennis Grace. I could listen to that beautiful voice for hours…Though maybe I shouldn’t, or else her son will think I’m moving in on her and try to fight me…

5: Courtney Hadwin. The act that I almost dubbed Courtney Had-to-win! (Seriously, I can’t even say her name without hearing that…) And she COULD have won! She had plenty of fans, she was unique, she stands out in a sea of girls just singing whatever pop hit is on the radio…If only she tried to branch out, she wouldn’t have gotten so many divisive reviews, and Shin might have indeed been runner-up to her as has been predicted early on (and then his fans would start whining about him only making Second…On the other hand, it looks like Courtney’s fans are doing the same right now…) It got a LITTLE grating after a while, but I shall not forget this girl any time soon, and I wish her the best with her music career…

4: Samuel J. Comroe. Alright, I think I’ve decided now…Samuel is my favorite comedian to date on this show! Sure, it could have been Preacher Lawson, but he lost quite a bit of steam as the game went on…And like Frank said, where Preacher kept getting weaker, Samuel only got stronger! Plus, the personality he shows off is a big part of it! Everything was better with that sassy Southern voice! Tourette’s or no Tourette’s, he was a comedic gem!

3: Shin Lim. Indeed, this is gonna be a tough act to follow for ALL magicians who wanna compete in the future…It won’t stop us from seeing a bunch of them next year, but none of them are gonna compare! None in the past have compared! Mat Franco himself is about to get a severe hit on his business unless he somehow collaborates with Shin…Because Shin is everything he was and so much more! …Okay, Mat had more charisma…But Shin has flowing anime hair! Jokes aside, I do appreciate Shin helping me to appreciate the art of close-up magic again! He deserved that win (maybe not QUITE as much as my Top 2, but still) and I wish him a VERY successful career in Vegas! Maybe he’ll be almost as big as Terry Fator!

2: Zurcaroh. One of the most compelling things I’ve watched on this show! Even if they didn’t win, they will see a lot of success and moola in the near future…That said, they BETTER give most of said moola to those little girls they keep flipping around! They’re the best part of the act, and they deserve a lot of credit for what they have to do for their South American daddy…

1: Brian King Joseph. Let’s put the whole “Golden Buzzer” thing aside, and just talk about what a great, committed performer Brian is! To put his body through such a condition just to do what he loves! To not only play a mean violin but become such a presence while doing it! Really, he didn’t need all those flashy pyro-effects or those elaborate entrances! Him and his violin were all he needed! I am honored to have witnessed his talent, I’m glad he at least came in third, and I have no regrets for my pretend Golden Buzzer choice!

And now with that being said, here are who I would have selected during previous seasons that did the Golden Buzzer thing (not counting Season 9 for obvious reasons). Season 10: I guess Freelusion? All of my REAL favorites that season were taken…I would go with the Regurgitator, but I didn’t like him at the point where I would make the selection…Season 11: Probably Tape Face, but Hara and Viktor Kee were also favorites…Season 12: Preacher Lawson, so that SOMEBODY other than Tyra could have a non-singer in there, and I still really liked Preacher at that point!

And thus concludes my reviews for Season 13! And now I await Frank’s list of favorites…And for the record, I went through the acts to guess who is gonna be on the list, and found a total of 13 contenders! And since we just finished Season 13, maybe this list can be a Top 13 instead of a Top 10…Just a suggestion…We’ll see how close my guesses are!

And with all that said, I will see you all in early 2019 for “America’s Got Talent: The Champions”, whatever that will be…Also, it looks like Dana Carvey will be replacing Howie, at least for this event…I guess since he’s hosting “Deal or No Deal” again, it makes sense, and Carvey’s a much funnier comedian (“Master of Disguise” notwithstanding), so if that’s true, cool! See you then!

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Sep 22, 2018
A roller-coaster indeed! In my mind, season 4 stands out as the absolute nadir of this show as well. I think the show was just stuck at a bad spot back then and thankfully started getting better and better as the seasons went on. That progress has now stalled a bit and I feel we are moving backwards, but any disappointment with season 13 was washed away with a pretty amazing finale and the results. It's not the worst season, it's not the best season. It's right in the middle for me.

Excellent summary of everything as usual and I find myself agreeing with most of what you said. I can't really argue with the list as an objective way to look at all the acts that were in the live shows this year. I liked your defense of Michael Ketterer too, even if he never moved me the same way he moved others. Though it seems he's not wrapped up in an arrest scandal, so maybe things were not quite as rosy as we were led to believe all along...

But now time for me to try and pick out the acts I'll personally walk away remembering the most as the season's over. I like your suggestion a lot, actually, so forget the top 10, LET'S GO 3 STEPS BEYOND.

13. Daniel Emmett.
Who better to end up at unlucky number 13 than this seasons favorite glittery punching bag? Each time it was like seeing a kid in school walk up to their teacher with their art project they had been working on all week, all excited and full of smiles, only to then have the teacher shrug and give it a C+. Okay, in all seriousness I'm a sucker for a good underdog story and I just grew to really like Emmett. I'm not even going to hide the fact his inclusion here is more for his journey on the show rather than his actual act. BUT he probably had one of the best operatic voices I've heard on the show and really tried his best to not fall into the same old "Nessun Dorma" cliche, but actually give us something more modern. Good job, Daniel, C+ as always.
12. Front Pictures.

Their audition piece and quarterfinal performances solidify their spot here. It's unfortunate it all fell into the same artsy-fartsy pit as most other multimedia acts in the end, but they were still unique, interesting and memorable enough for me.

11. Glennis Grace.

As you said, that voice was just BEAUTIFUL. Seeing her on this show was a bit like David Hasselhoff auditioning and trying to pass himself off as a German sheepherder, but she really did deserve more recognition and remained GRACEful (I hate myself) throughout the show. I still think she never really got a shining moment on the show due to starting off great and remaining that way throughout, but I can't fault her performances. And neither can her son, who was probably staring at her all the time, because it had been 10 month and he was trying to remember if that's really what his mother looked like. Or at least the postcard would have us believe that.

10. Us the Duo
Yes, the guy that complains about bland singers is placing two sappy, cheesy coffee-shop crooners on his top 10 list. And that's because I don't think they were all that cheesy or sappy, but just...good. We don't get a lot of acts trying to do original material on this show and when they do, it's usually very forgettable and uninteresting, but I really liked the songs Us The Duo sang on the show. Enough to actually search them out on Spotify and YouTube afterwards, which hasn't happened since Mandy Harvey. I'm not saying they were as good, but they managed to make me interested and DAMN IT, that bill song is STILL stuck in my head. And if they add the baby to the show like you suggested, I'm even MORE sold. Bring on the videos!

9. Sacred Riana
I'm probably including her because I've now seen all her Asia's Got Talent performances online and not for what she did on THIS show. But even with her short stay here, it's hard to deny she was one of the most interesting parts of the show this year. Though had she stayed on for longer, the entire building might have caved in and spontaneously combusted in the final, so maybe it was all for the best she left. I wouldn't list her anywhere near some of the best magicians to appear on AGT, but I do consider her one of the most interesting characters. I'm a huge fan of horror movies and horror tropes myself, so I can't deny that has something to do with my fascination with her, but I'd happily skip whatever terrible horror sequel I usually end up seeing in theaters around Halloween for a ticket to her show.

8. Flau'jae
Her inclusion here is mostly out of regret. I wish voters would have given her a chance to improve, get better and find some breathing exercises and maybe we could have had something really special in the end. But even though her journey here was cut short, she stands out in my mind as an act I'd like to see more from.

7. Hans
Of COURSE Hans is on this list. No list would be complete, dahling. Every boy and every girl needs a bit of spice in their life and Hans is here to make it happen. He's just fun and I think I've now watched that semi performance like a hundred times. I need help. Desperately. And also a petition to make him the host next year that I can sign. I'll fake a thousand signatures if that's what it'll take.

6. Aaron Crow
I can't leave out my favorite duck-faced Instagram vampire. His pantry must have run out of fresh new virgins to feast on at one point and things fizzled out towards the end, but it's hard to forget him. Shin has all of his magic stored in his hair, but Aaron surely has his in his cheekbones. I think the silent and mysterious stage personality he has grown for himself is very fun and he knew how to balance being "creepy" and yet charismatic and humorous at the same time. His entire act is probably not meant for a show with an actual ending time like this, but I doubt I'd ever get bored at his actual full show, which I'd happily go and see.

5. Samuel J. Comroe
You know what? I think I'm right there with you in calling him my favorite comedian on the show. I got pretty sick of Tom Cotter, Taylor's shtick started getting old and Preacher ran out of material, but Samuel always left me wanting for more (in a good way). He just has a quirky, likable personality and an accent which sounded like every single other accent coming together to form a bigger, weirder super-accent. His journey on the show can probably be directly compared to Taylor Williamson, both started out okay, both struggled a bit to get through their rounds, both got better and better as the show went on and both had Heidi Klum add them to her boytoy wishlist. He didn't end up quite as high in the end, but was no less worthy.

4. Courtney Hadwin
Oh Courtney...Courtney. Seems like all everyone has been doing is writing about her...I find singers on this show to generally be very very dull. Either because their voices blend in with everything else on X Factor, their complete lack of a personality beyond a sob story or just the genre of music they had chosen to perform in. Since the beginning of the show we have been stuck in "Big Diva Ballad/Hot Musical Of The Month" purgatory. Courtney however...Courtney was different. She was a breath of fresh air, something INTERESTING. That interest might have faded as the weeks went on a little bit, but when everyone else was so obsessed with hitting the right notes during that one Greatest Showman song, she just went WILD on stage and was always fascinating to watch.
She might have sounded like she had a fly stuck in her throat at times and I'm still not convinced she sang in actual English, but we NEED more singers willing to be "out there" on the show. People have talked about her shyness and whether it's real or not and I can't say one way or the other as to what she's really like when the cameras are off, but I do know on stage she always looked at home. Granted, she was usually shaking and twitching so much it looked like she had a cattle prod stuck in her pants, so it's maybe harder to tell than with other acts, but she certainly gave off the impression of being born to entertain. I hope she finds her true sound and we'll hear a lot more from her as she grows both as a person and as an artist.

3. Brian King Joseph
The King! He's been a spark of energy on the show ever since his first audition and despite being just one man with an outfit straight out of a Michael Bolton music video and a tiny light-up violin, he always filled the stage and looked larger than life. I'll say that while Brian never let us down, he himself was let down by the AGT sound department, who only seem to know two ways of setting things up: "Music off" or "EVERYTHING ALL THE WAY UP AND LOUD AS POSSIBLE". Despite all of that, but his talent was always there on the screen. Just like Mandy Harvey from last year, this was a case where the story and the disability actually made the act so much more impressive. He wasn't just crying about being thrown out of the high school softball team, being there on stage and playing the violin was a very real struggle and yet he did with such ease and such a big smile on his face that you wouldn't be able to tell anything was wrong at all. He was truly born to play the violin and be on stage and I hope we continue to see him in one form or another in the future.

2. Zurcaroh
I wont hide the fact that I often get bored of dancers and acrobatic acts. I think there's only so much twerking and splits one can take before they stop being impressive, but Zurcaroh never got boring for me. They avoided all of the pitfalls by being creative, memorable (and for tossing children like sacks of potatoes) and just SO...DAMN...GOOD. I can't for the life of me describe you any of Junior New System's or even Duo Transcend's acts because they all blend into one in my head, but I remember each individual Zurcaroh routine. The way the managed to blend their movement with the costumes, the music and the set design was nothing short of sublime each time we saw them. Each performance was a perfectly produced piece of art that managed to amaze and entertain in equal measure so I take my wig off for them.

1. Shin Lim
The top acts here are VERY close for me, but I am going to have to give the number one spot to the act that originally got me excited for this season. Any doubt I had was erased when I re-watched the final act again and saw him flicking his hair at the camera. I unconsciously wrote his name down as number 1 so there's backing out now.
The show has a LONG history with magicians, one of whom has even won and I don't want to take anything away from Mat Franco, but I never felt the actual standard on the show was all that high. The most memorable magicians on the show are really remembered more for their personality and showmanship than the actual tricks themselves, which were often the same old things we've seen in magic time and time again. Shin's arrival on the show managed to finally raise the bar.
His tricks might not have filled the stage, but they were epic in scope. They were precise and elegant and I found myself in awe each time despite having seen some of his routines multiple times before. And they were original routines. Gimmicks and methods he's developed and come up with himself. Not just the usual My First Magic Kit ones, but things nobody else but Shin does. So ultimately, I have to give the top spot in my personal ranking to him and say that I look forward to seeing his journey here on out.

Special mentions go to Angel City Chorale, who JUST missed out due to disappointing me as much as they did in the live rounds. Also a shout out to Oliver Graves as the act that didn't make it to lives, but should have. Seeing how well Vicki, Samuel and people with amazing hair did, there's an alternate reality where Oliver could have become a real underdog and a fan favorite and it's a shame he was never given the chance.

So that's that. Not sure if they are the 13 names you thought you'd see on the list or even if this makes any sense when compared to my earlier rankings, but they are the acts popped into my head as being the most special.
It's been fun ranting, raving and celebrating this season with you here, JM, and I look forward to us doing it again whenever Champions rolls along.

Sep 22, 2018
Great list! I actually wasn't expecting Daniel or Glennis, because as great of singers they may have been, I know you don't usually lean toward the singers who don't have a unique gimmick...

Angel City WAS one act I considered for your list, but if so they would have been near the very bottom for the very reason you explained...The other contender I considered was Human Fountains just for how memorably silly they were, though I knew Hans already had that department covered, so perhaps it would have been redundant...

Otherwise, I guessed everyone else correctly!

As for Oliver Graves, I actually was thinking after he got eliminated that he can come back in a year or two to give it another go, but after they showed him in that "Memorable Rejects" package, that pretty much dashed any hope of that...On the bright side, he probably is getting more venues now...

Also, I do want to give a quick shout-out to Sophie Fatu...While she certainly didn't impress me that much, and I'm glad she didn't make the live shows, that's because she's only five freaking years old! In fact, a big part of the reason why I'm glad she didn't make it is because this means she can try out again in a couple years when she's more experienced! I mean, her singing was not good (again, due to her age), but even then she hit some pretty nice notes here and there! I can just imagine the potential she will have when she's 9 or 10! With the right image and coaching, she might have what it takes to actually win a future season! Of course, I'm over-hyping her, and I have no idea where she'll be in the future or if she'll even still be singing Sinatra by then...But still, the potential is there!

And hoo boy, Michael Ketterer! Way to destroy the image you've been building up for an entire season in, like, one day! There was always a part of me that felt that he was too good to be true, and was half-expecting to hear a story like this about him...BUT THIS SOON!? I guess there really are no real heroes out there...It seems the only people you can trust are the neutral ones, because they're the only ones who are usually upfront about who they are...Whatever, I know there are good people out there, but still, this is a huge punch in the gut, and kinda shatters whatever respect I ever had for him before, because it was his heroic image that made this act! Ugh...I can't even talk about this anymore...

On that happy note...It was great having you here, Frank, as always! See you in 2019!

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Sep 23, 2018
Yeah, I think there's an alternate reality where Daniel was hyped up as much as Ketterer and I would not have cared about him, but his journey this season made him memorable to me.

And Hans stole a spot from Human Fountain's, who were fun, but are maybe better as a one off act than anything seen multiple rounds in a row.

Agreed about Sophie, the parents pushed her to do this WAAAAY too early, but in time she could indeed grow up to be something special.

The whole deal with Ketterer is a REAL bummer and while it's normal to become a bit suspicious whenever someone is depicted as being flawless, I didn't expect anything like this either. I genuinely think Simon cared about him, so I can't even imagine what must be going through his mind right now. It might make the show think twice about the way they depict certain people and their stories, though I doubt it.

See you in 2019!
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