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Okay, semi-finals and stuff, let’s talk about them…

11: Front Pictures. I believe it was the great movie “The Dark Knight” that said the following: “You either get eliminated as a great act, or stay in the game long enough to see yourself get X’d.” It pains me to have to put this act of all acts dead last on my list, but I really don’t see who else it could be; Everyone else had at least something special to offer…These guys look like they have officially run out of ideas, at least in the unique mixing of onscreen graphics with live actors department…Last time we had a guy bouncing all over this haunted hotel with all these crazy 3D effects that I thought impossible before! Now it’s just…some guy floating through space…With some admittedly really nice graphics, I’ll give it that, but it was mostly just that: Really nice graphics with a guy on a wire in front of them! There was very little contribution on the performers’ part, and he is the one who brings the whole act together, not the fancy graphics! I was very happy that they brought these guys back, despite them already being a wildcard in the last round, but now I feel like they may have wasted it on them over acts that had more promise in winning people over this time! (Or maybe the producers had a hand in sabotaging this act, as I’m sure they’ve done before…) This may be the final nail in the coffin for multimedia acts; Unless anyone can do anything really new and special with it, I would not recommend any of these kinds of acts compete on this show anymore…But chances are, somebody will, and I’ll get suckered in by them once again!

10: Junior New System. Good thing they took Howie’s advice, because the whole formula of starting off in the sneakers and then busting out the heels in some big dramatic reveal was getting very stale…This time, they started off in the heels, and then…took them off…At first it looked like they were dancing with just socks on their feet, which would indeed be impressive in its own right…But nope, they were just barefoot with some braces around their ankles…which still isn’t easy, don’t get me wrong! But yeah, I was just spending the whole time comparing them with Future Kingz from last week, and JNS just doesn’t compare! I admire what they did with the heels, but this should ideally be the end of the road for them…

9: Michael Ketterer. You know, I really want to love this guy! Backstory aside, he’s been so hyped up this season that I WANT him to rise up to that lofty standard everyone is holding him up to…I mean, he’s going far anyway, so he might as well earn my respect in the process, right? I just feel that there’s always something missing from his performances; Either he doesn’t carry every note so well, or in this case, he doesn’t quite have that raw emotion he usually has…His song choices aren’t really helping things either…I just can’t explain it, I like him overall, but I really am starting to see him as overrated…(Seriously, what is everyone seeing in this guy that I’m not!?)

8: Makayla Phillips. Once again, she had a very nice voice…Once again, I quickly forgot about her…

7: Amanda Mena. I actually thought Makayla’s singing was better, but Amanda gets extra points for always having interesting renditions of these songs she’s performing…This really is a fine example of “making them her own”! Still, we have enough singers who will likely be in the final round, so I don’t think we need another one to join them…

6: Voices of Hope Children’s Choir. Each time they’re on, they get a little better, and it helps that “Wicked” is easily the highest-quality musical they’re performed so far (though granted, two of their other three were both from that freaking movie that Simon is clearly in love with, which would explain why everyone is performing songs from it…) I probably wouldn’t have a problem with them making the Top 10, except that Angel City still performs circles around them, and I’m rooting for them to perform something awesome again next week so that THEY can make a worthy addition to the final round…But you know, AGT’s not fair sometimes…A lot of the time, actually…

5: Us the Duo. Screw it, this was my favorite song of theirs so far! (And it’s definitely relatable since I’m buried up to my neck in student loans…) Maybe not their best performance, but I honestly don’t think it’s about how well they perform so much as it’s about how enjoyable the song is…In my opinion, we could use more musicians like these two on this show…

4: Duo Transcend. I remember while as the performance started and they did that one trick, I was thinking, “Wouldn’t it be hilarious if he dropped her right at the beginning?” Well, he did drop her…on purpose! And then they pretty much copied Billy and Emily’s routine from last year almost beat for beat…Too bad neither of them had a giant beard to grab onto…As a whole, this didn’t really work, as the trapeze segment was mostly just same-old-same-old, and the skating segment was again a ripoff of Billy and Emily…But this does open the door to new possibilities! I wouldn’t mind seeing what they do if they make the Top 10…Not that they will…

3: Samuel J. Comroe. Easily his best set! …If only it was longer!

2: Zurcaroh. Once again, great moves, great set, great costumes, great music…The only thing keeping this from the top spot is that there weren’t any big surprises this time…They’re definitely a lock for the next round, but if I were to pick a favorite tonight, I’m once again going with…

1: Shin Lim. This guy really is a charmer, isn’t he? I think I’m starting to fall for him myself, and I don’t even roll that way! There’s not a whole lot to say about him at this point that hasn’t already been said…But he deserves to be in the Top 5, let alone the Top 10, and he most likely will for both of those things! No doubt there are hundreds of horny ladies tossing as many votes his way as possible…It also helps that he gave them a good view of his butt at one point!

Pretty good night, though I will admit, only a few of the acts really excited me tonight…Doesn’t help that the act I’ve been rooting for the most disappointed so hard! But I can’t say I’m surprised, as it was hard to picture them making it alongside all of my other favorites for tonight…And again, the producers might have had a hand in their little idea for a performance…

My Votes: I focused as much as I could on my Top 4, and even threw some pity votes at Front Pictures…

How America will probably vote: My prediction from last week still stands…

Hmmm…No announcements on tomorrow’s guest performer…

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Sep 13, 2018
11 points of semi finals. some ingnorable thing that you should need to remove from this post.
Sep 13, 2018
This comment has been removed.
Sep 13, 2018
I believe nothing should be removed. I like the post!
Sep 13, 2018
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Sep 05, 2018

11. Makayla Phillips. How is it that the guy who was championing giant gnomes and a dude butchering tracks from the Titanic with his fake flute broom is now the only remaining voice of reason on the show? Howie pretty much said everything there needed to be said. I listened to her performance again just 10 minutes ago to get ready to write this and I've already forgotten what song she was singing so either that fall from the ladder when I was 5 years old is starting to catch up with me or it really all was that forgettable.

10: Amanda Mena. Agreed. Nice song choice. And that's about all I have to say about her so I'll just mention that the Christmas light ornament the prop department had found for her was blinking VERY nicely and made me go "OOH" once or twice. Maybe even "AAH".

9: Voices of Hope Children’s Choir. I'm guessing they spent the last few weeks watching musicals other than The Greatest Showman and thus ran out of time to rehearse, because I actually thought they sounded pretty underwhelming this time. And the sound department playing Tic Tac Toe behind the scenes instead of actually doing their job didn't help much.

8: Front Pictures. Objectively speaking, I think you did the right thing by ranking them last, but I also find the act itself to be more interesting than the ones below it, so I'm giving them SOME love and ranking them here. That being said, it was a huge step backward for the act. They fell into the same trap every other multimedia act seems to where they let the effects take over the whole act. Last time they had found the perfect way to balance the effects with the movement and it all blended together nicely. This time it was like they themselves were just marveling at the effects they had created and hoped the audience would be bedazzled by giant CGI turtles flying around. First of all, only Hans can bedazzle. And secondly I've seen Finding Nemo too many times for that. We are way past it now. I'm not quite ready to write acts like these completely off the show, but they need to be smarter if they want to have any chance of doing well.

7: Michael Ketterer. I'm placing him slightly higher because I think this song suited him better, but otherwise I agree with you. It's just all about the story with this one, the judges can't be bothered to talk about anything other than his job. And while he's earned himself a lifetime supply of free "World's greatest dad" mugs, I'm just waiting for his singing to catch up with the rest of his story and so really hasn't for me. Like you. I WANT to like him more, but I'm just not seeing anything interesting here if you look past the story.

6: Junior New System. These boots were made for dancing and that's just what they'll do...until they start to itch too bad and have to be thrown off the stage at anyone unlucky enough to be sitting in the front row. I actually found some of their moves genuinely impressive and the energy was high enough that I didn't get bored during the act. But the whole sassy, high heeled "WORK IT, HANAI" gimmick has officially taken them as far as they can go right now.

5: Us the Duo. Screw it, indeed. It's time to give in and join me by embracing the sweet sweet melodies of latte macchiato and frappuccino establishments all over the world. I like the songs they sing, I like how they sound together and I think they come across as pretty genuine in the middle of all the Brady bunch cheesiness. I just really like cheese, okay? DON'T JUDGE ME! And I'll echo your sentiment, we could use more acts like these and less teen karaoke stars.

4: Duo Transcend. I have been pretty dismissing of these two in the past, but I'll give them props...just when I was beginning to think they had run out of anything to show us, they quick changed into Billy & Emily. Sure, quick changing into Artyon & Paige or the dogs from Pompeyo would have been more impressive, but at least this was a start. They managed to overcome the obstacle so many of these acts run into by genuinely switching gears and showing us something new, Unfortunately for them, it's something we've seen before from other acts...but at least it proves they have range and I wouldn't mind seeing them go on to the top 10.

3: Samuel J. Comroe. Was PROPAH BELLEH LAFFIN at quite a few spots so I have to agree with you, best set of his so far! He continues to be likable and amusing in general too so no real complaints from me...

2: Zurcaroh. All the best (and watchable) bits of the Olymmic Opening ceremonies now in a neat package. At this point they are better than half the guest performers we get on the show and each time we see them, it's a completely different motif that's well thought out, creative and ultimately just impressive to watch. Someone hand me a hat so I can take it off right now.

1: Shin Lim. There are videos online of people claiming Shin is a devil worshiping dark wizard who harnesses black magic from hell. I am inclined to agree with them since nothing else could explain that HAIR! GOOD LORD, MAN, Is it EVER not perfect? Even Aaron Crow must be swooning. The tricks were good too. It's one of his most known routines so I knew where everything was headed, but it remains one of the most impressive magic tricks I've ever seen.

Zurcaroh, Michael Ketterer and Shin Lim seem like a pretty safe top 3. If there's any justice in the world, Samuel will join them from the Dunkin save. I actually think Duo Transcend have a decent shot of making it there after the massive praise from the judges and the general enthusiasm I've seen on social media. If not, hoping Us The Duo will take the spot, though it could also be Amanda or Junior New System (they have a weirdly huge following). Overall my predictions would look something like this:

11. Front Pictures
10. Makayla Phillips
9. Voices of Hope Children’s Choir
8. Junior New System
7. Amanda Mena
6. Us The Duo (lose judge's choice)
5. Duo Transcend (win judge's choice)
4. Samuel J. Comroe (Dunkin save)
3. Michael Ketterer
2. Zurcaroh
1. Shin Lim

I've already accepted that Michael is going through, but if he's at least joined by Shin, Samuel, Zurcaroh and either of the Duo's, then I can count the results as a success overall. Of course as you mentioned earlier, AGT is frequently not not fair so prepare for the worst...

Sep 06, 2018
Looks like tonight's results went the success route! And so far, only one singing act in the finals...Though next week is sure to cover for that with only four out of the eleven acts not being singers...Thankfully, I like all of them, so as long as Brian's in there, I'm happy...

My most educated guess for next week: Courtney, Brian, Glennis, We Three and Angel City...The first two listed will likely be the Top 2...Though I guess anything can happen, so I won't rule out anyone else either...

And now to decide how I rank these acts based on how much I WANT them in the Top 10...Here goes!
11: Christina Wells
10: Noah Guthrie
9: Daniel Emmet
8: Da RepubliK
7: Vicki Barbolak
6: We Three
5: Angel City Chorale
4: Glennis Grace
3: Courtney Hadwin
2: Aaron Crow
1: Brian King Joseph

Sep 06, 2018
GREAT SUCCESS! I'm not sure why, but I imagine saying that in Borat's voice. That aside, this is the best set of results all season and America got it right even if some of the judges (Looking at you, Simon) tried to ruin it in the end...a magician, acrobats, gymnatic group, singer and a comedian. Exactly what you'd want out of this show and a nice list of variety to get ready for the singer apocalypse about to hit us next week.

Speaking of that...I find it a much harder semi to predict right off the bat. Da Republik are probably the only cannon fodder act there while Courtney and Brian are the safest qualifiers. Everyone else could end up ANYWHERE and the results should largely be dictated by the performances. I like your educated guess, but would probably switch out Angel City Chorale for Noah, because it seems like tradition at this point to have "guy with a guitar" at the final. My predictions would overall go something like this:

11: Da RepubliK - fodder
10: Vicki Barbolak - the best she can hope for is to get to the dunkin save and she MIGHT get there with the right material...
9. Daniel Emmett - Considering his dunkin save status, it's not looking too good for poor ol Emmett. But he might grab some female votes and has a slight chance of making it to the save again with a better song choice.
8. Christina Wells - I think it'll either be Christina or Glennis, but not both...and I'm giving the edge to Glennis right now, but the song choice/performance could change everything
7. Aaron Crow - With an overload of singing acts, he might actually stand out. I mean he got through despite being buzzed and taking a century on stage last time so with the right act, he has a shot (not at Heidi's head again) just needs to be something REALLY impressive.
6. Angel City Chorale - Another Dunkin Save act that NEEDS to up their game and get back to what made them so impressive in the first time. Another underwhelming performance and they are gone.
5. Noah Guthrie - Guy with a guitar, have to have one in the final.
4. Glennis Grace - Read Christina Wells
3. We Three - Relatively safe, BUT they haven't reached their full potential yet and have to really impress the judges this time. If they get a timid response yet again, they might be out just like Us The Duo
2. Brian King Joseph - Because yes
1. Courtney Hadwin - Winner winner, chicken dinner!
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