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11: Da RepubliK. Still missing Future Kingz…I do like these guys, but I never expected to agree with Simon as much as I did tonight when he talked to them…He almost sounded like the professional tough judge people have been hyping him up as! But yeah, this was bland…It’s telling that the opening package was more memorable than the actual performance…(Seriously, what the hell was up with that!?)

10: We Three. You know, I really do like this band! They’re no Arcade Fire or Black Keys, but I do respect the effort they put into ALL of their songs! And I applaud them for trying something more happy and upbeat for once! I would gladly listen to their music! …But they don’t mesh very well with this show, do they? It’s not even entirely their fault...A lot of it has to do with the production and sound-mixing…But we’ve seen their best in their audition and callback; They’re still yet to top EITHER of those songs…And in a competition that demands that you top your earlier performance, or at least have a satisfying follow-up, that’s not good for them! They still have a decent chance of going through tomorrow, but if they do, I really want them to go all out next week! I know they’re capable of making one more great song!

9: Noah Guthrie. Definitely an interesting cover, but it didn’t exactly add to his act very much…

8: Christina Wells. Seemed like a…natural song choice…(See what I did there?) In fact, I pictured her opening the show in the LAST round with this song, especially right after Aretha Franklin’s death…The only thing keeping me from predicting it this time is that all of her other performances so far were from musicals (one of them being that one movie that shall not be named…) And you know what? Maybe not all of her notes were perfect, but I was quite satisfied with what she gave us tonight! I think she deserved better than that lukewarm reception…

7: Daniel Emmet. Same goes for Daniel! Seriously, I don’t think I’ve EVER seen a singer deal with so much crap in this game! Daniel’s time this season has been so much like a Kafka Komedy that he might as well put on some sad clown make-up and sing some operatic pop songs with Puddles Pity Party! I enjoyed this performance, even if he had to settle for English lyrics this time…I guess what they’re doing is trying to weed out the less excellent or notable singers…It’s just a shame it had to be for this week, since it has arguably the best singers in the game this season…I mean, I didn’t see any of the REALLY trite singers get this treatment last week…

6: Vicki Barbolak. This was fun! It wasn’t laugh-out-loud hilarious, but I do love this lady’s personality…That said, I don’t think we need TWO comedians in the finals next week, so I think now’s an appropriate time to drop our trailer-nasty friend…

5: Aaron Crow. The longer this act goes on, the more I see the routine, and feel that it may be getting just a LITTLE stale…The stakes were definitely higher this time! …But I still feel that his audition was the best we’ve seen from him…That said, I would love to see what he does for the final round; Maybe it will be at the level of his audition…Who knows? Either way, he has my vote!

4: Angel City Chorale. Definitely a MUCH better song choice than in the last round! Plus it makes enough sense; SOMEBODY had to play to the emotions of our American patriots still affected by the events of 17 years ago today, and who better than them? I just wish they gave us more of a spectacle like they did in their first two performances…Hell, even in their lackluster quarter-final performance, they gave us those drummers…But I can forgive that tonight, as I still liked the song choice and their performance of it…I’m just still waiting to see another performance from them that is on par with their “Baba Yetu” performance…Either way, I think they’ve scored some MAJOR brownie points from all of the American patriots watching the show, which is sure to win them some SERIOUS votes…plus they still have their hundreds of family members!

3: Glennis Grace. Now THIS is the Glennis I fell in love with in the auditions! I know next to nothing about the song she covered, but I’m willing to bet that Kate Bush’s version didn’t sound like THIS! In which case, THAT’S how you make a song your own!

2: Courtney Hadwin. Honestly, I’m a LITTLE annoyed by this girl by now, because they’re OBVIOUSLY propping her up as much as possible…Sure, she got some mixed reviews from Mel and Heidi, but the fact that she got to close BOTH shows she performed in and has Howie going nuts over her and had an opening package with a bunch of Youtube reactors (one of the lowest species on the site, along with those “educational” channels with Elsa from “Frozen” in a love triangle with Spider-Man and the Joker) going nuts over her and they’re still going on about how shy she is…It’s enough to make me hope she gets an upset elimination in Third Place or something next week (and that’s not too unlikely, which I’ll go into after she advances tomorrow…) But she’s just so much fun, she’s got a powerful singing voice, her song choices are always enjoyable…While Glennis was TECHNICALLY better (and is getting a much better reception online), I put Courtney over her for being more fun…Despite how annoyed with her I am and how much I would love to see her get said upset next week, I still love this little firecracker!

1: Brian King Joseph. OMG, MY GOLDEN BUZZER!!! I’M SO PROUD OF HIM!!! HE’S SO GREAT!!! I’m sorry, I was just partaking in the AGT judge’s custom of reminding everyone who their Golden Buzzer is and kissing up to said act as much as possible…But seriously, this performance puts on best display WHY I gave him this honor as I play judge! I didn’t even recognize what he was performing, despite knowing the song all too well (though I’m personally a little more familiar with the Weird Al parody…) But it was a kickass rendition and another fine example of making a song your own…Brian is now officially my favorite act of the season, and my hope of seeing him as one of the final 2 just skyrocketed! In fact, I wouldn’t put it past Simon’s prediction of him winning the whole thing to come true! Sure, he’s not the producers’ favorite like Courtney is, but…Well, again, I’ll talk about it tomorrow after both he and Courtney advance…But this guy just has everything: The story, the awesome talent, the charm, the endearing personality, and he even played a little to the same patriots during his post-performance interview (though not as a whole performance like Angel City did…) The only way he’s NOT going through is if people just neglect to vote for him because they’re that confident he’s going through anyway, which I highly doubt…Anyway, yeah, I’m proud of my Golden Buzzer choice!

Kind of a mixed bag tonight, but the last three really brought it home! And as long as Brian goes through, I don’t care if ALL of the other acts advancing are singers…Though if those singers don’t include Courtney and Glennis, there’s something SERIOUSLY wrong with America!

My Votes: All of my phone votes went to Brian, and all of my internet votes went to him, Glennis, Aaron and Angel City…I would also vote for Courtney, but I am still pretty sick of the producers always having these clear favorites…

How America will probably vote: Courtney and Brian are safe…The other spot in the Top 3 could be either Glennis or Angel City depending on how crazy the votes are for the latter, though even if they aren’t in the Top 3, they’ll surely clean up in the Save vote! As for the fifth act, I’m guessing the Judges’ choice will possibly be between Aaron Crow and We Three, in which case the judges will probably give it to Crow again…

See you tomorrow when some Korean pretty-boys show up to get some American girls’ panties wet…And maybe two European ladies sitting behind that table in the front with the X’s…

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Sep 16, 2018
Thumbs up for that. But One last thing is Americans vote goes to wrong person. How an idiot man change the thing of americans. How can we understand his thoughts. His thoughts are too big for us and we don't forget to know about that. whatsapp dp images
Sep 13, 2018
How America will probably vote: Courtney and Brian are safe…The other spot in the I’m guessing the Judges’ choice will possibly be between Aaron Crow and We Three, in which case the judges will probably give it to Crow again…

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Sep 13, 2018

Alright, let me sum up my feelings throughout the night…

BTS opens the show; They’re kinda fun, in a vapid sort of way…And of course they had to show all the girls screaming for them…

Since I live in the Midwest, I had to look at the Save votes 45 minutes before the show started in my time zone…Since they were all singing acts (which Tyra had to remind us of constantly for some reason), I naturally picked the one who legitimately deserved to advance, Glennis…

With this, I was certain that the Top 3 would be Courtney, Brian and Angel City…

Then they call up the first set of acts, which does not include any of those three…I thought they were all probably going home, but whaddya know, Vicki makes it through! So now we have two comedians in the finals…

With this, I was starting to become legitimately nervous, as I still didn’t see how Angel City didn’t make the upper rankings in the vote after appealing to patriots as hard as they could on 9/11, which made me almost fear the worse for Brian…But him or Courtney getting eliminated seemed even less likely, so I crossed my fingers and kept watching…

We get a fairly amusing segment about Heidi pranking some unsuspecting folks, and then a division of Cirque du Soleil performs with the usual talents who wouldn’t really work as a standalone act, but work fairly well together…

And then the next set of acts are called to the stage, and Courtney is one of them! Unsurprisingly, she makes it through…But interestingly, I’ve been paying close attention to how the results are usually structured, and long story short, it seems to suggest that Courtney only came in second in the votes last night, and whoever advances next came in first…

And then we get the next result…While I was nervous for Brian, I still felt he had too much going for him to not even make the Top 6, and sure enough, he made it through, possibly with the most votes of all the acts! I’ll go into this more later…

Though I do feel pretty sad for Angel City…Their live performances may not have been up to par with what they’ve done before, but I would have loved to see one more go from them next week…Instead, it looks like the kid choir was actually more popular with voters, which is a little insulting…And while this does mean one less singing act, I actually did feel that they would have added more variety to the finals than another comedian…But Vicki overall has a better idea how to handle her act, so I have no real complaints…

We then get our result with the Save, which is Glennis! Yay! And then between Daniel (I should have considered the pretty-boy factor going for him) and We Three, while I liked both, I leaned toward We Three because first of all, I respect their songwriting abilities, and second of all, a band would have added more variety to the singing acts next week than another soloist…But it was close enough that I was fine with Daniel getting it…But yeah, I’m kinda sad for We Three as well…

But on the bright side, there are only four singers in the finals next week! And what’s more, there are quite a few in there who are among my favorites of the whole season! I guess I personally would have traded some of them for Flau’jae, Aaron Crow or Front Pictures, but I guess I can see why THEY didn’t make it…Well, to a degree in Flau’jae’s case…(Still can’t believe they dropped her like that!) But otherwise, I’m actually really looking forward to the acts next week!

I guess I’ll start by ranking them based on how much I’m rooting for them…

10: Michael Ketterer
9: Daniel Emmet
8: Duo Transcend
7: Vicki Barbolak
6: Samuel J. Comroe
5: Glennis Grace
4: Courtney Hadwin
3: Shin Lim
2: Zurcaroh
1: Brian King Joseph

And now for my ranking based on their odds…This order is mostly based on how they’ve done in the votes overall so far…

10: Daniel Emmet. With how many bittersweet moments he’s been dealing with in each and every round, it seems only fitting that as a final kick in the nads, he comes in dead last in the final votes…

9: Duo Transcend. Might get some sympathy votes for the husband’s eyesight, but they otherwise look pretty disposable compared to the others…

8: Glennis Grace. She’s been excellent this season, but she’s in a very tough position against the singers who also have “Golden Buzzer” stamped to their names…

7: Samuel J. Comroe. Sure to get some sympathy votes, but now he might somehow be at a disadvantage against…

6: Vicki Barbolak. I would have sworn Samuel would destroy her by the end, but she’s actually been doing overall better in the votes and may have a legitimate fanbase…And she might stand out as the ugly duckling in what is otherwise quite possibly the best-looking set of finalists ever (though Season 5 is pretty close…) Who knows? She might even make the Top 5! This game’s getting trailer nasty now!

5: Michael Ketterer. It’s tough to place this one, but I doubt he’s going to beat some of the more unique stand-outs…Still, if he doesn’t make the Top 5, he will surely come close…

4: Shin Lim. Has been a favorite to win from the beginning, and while that’s not going to happen for him, he will surely sail into the Top 5 with his looks alone! (Is it hot in here, or is it just me?)

3: Courtney Hadwin. That’s right! Courtney is not #1 or even #2 in this list! The reason for that is because despite all of the hyping up she’s been getting from the producers (or even because of it), I just don’t see what true appeal she has that can beat the Top 2 in this list…I suppose if the others disappoint and/or Courtney puts on a real showstopper for her last performance, but otherwise I just feel that the Top 2 in this list have so many different people to appeal to that the only other way I can see Courtney beating them is if there’s some meddling from the producers with the votes (which isn’t entirely unlikely to be fair…) She does have legitimate appeal, especially to fans of classic rock/soul music…But she’s also a kid, and the whole Vegas factor against children might start to rear its ugly head again…And honestly, this could be intentional on the producers’ part, building her up as the eventual winner but then pulling the rug out near the end…In fact, it is tradition on the show for a clear favorite to get a shock elimination in Third Place…And finally, it’s Season 13! What would be more fitting for this season than for the obvious winner to NOT win for once…(Though I guess there was also Jackie Evancho…) I’m not counting out Courtney just yet, but it’s going to be tough for even her to appeal to as many people as the Top 2 in this list…(Also, having just read an article, it sounds like she’s going to try something different for the final round…Maybe it’s just something equally energetic but with a different theme, but to me, it sounds like she’s gonna do a ballad, which will be a BIG make or break for her…)

2: Zurcaroh. Big, cool acrobatic dance group that includes children, and they all have a bunch of family members helping them in the votes, a compelling story and a stamp of Golden approval from the show’s host (who is more credible in finding GB-worthy talent than seemingly every other actual judge…) I just can’t see them getting any less than Third Place in the final vote…But at the same time, Tyra’s GB from last year also came in Third, and maybe the producers have decided that they want to switch it up a little…There just seems to be enough appeal to this act, that they may actually have more going for them than Courtney…

1: Brian King Joseph. This just seems like the perfect act to destroy all other acts! He has the sympathy vote AND the variety vote, he’s interesting, he’s charming, he’s likable, he’s unique, he’s memorable, he’s distinctive (mostly from his wardrobe), he’s compelling, he rivals Shin Lim as the hottest guy in the competition (despite his teeth…Though he’s got a great smile as well!) There are just seemingly very few people watching this show who WOULDN’T vote for him! And this week also clearly solidified his position as a front-runner, so they can’t exactly under-hype him…Again, it seems that the only two things that can keep him from winning at this point is if his final performance is a huge disappointment, or the producers interfere with the votes…I’m not counting on anything, but everything just seems to be in favor of this rockin’ violinist! I guess that’s why he’s my Golden Buzzer…

And finally, let us predict who the guest performers will be next week…Right off the bat, there has been quite a demand for Lindsey Stirling to perform with Brian, so fingers crossed for her! Grace VanderWaal seems to be going places lately, so we might see her in the finale…Maybe some big-name pop artists with recent albums like Ariana Grande and Troye Sivan…Though Puddles Pity Party would be the most appropriate guest performer for Daniel, it will most likely be someone like Josh Groban or Il Divo…And we might even see some familiar faces from THIS season, namely a certain creepy supernatural chick who’s been the face of the season…(I just get the feeling that we’re going to see one more encore from her, in some form or another…)

See you next week, when this emotional rollercoaster of a season finally comes to an end!

Sep 13, 2018
Look forward to seeing my kidney on an E-bay discount listing very very soon.

We keep underestimating Vicki it seems, while we probably didn't need two comedians in the final, I can't really say no to more variety and I do like her personality so I'm happy for her.

In fact, I'm quite happy overall with how these results turned out. My feelings throughout the night pretty much echo your own. There will always be a feeling that We Three could have done something amazing in the final, but seeing Charlie "Daniel" Brown get one more shot at losing was pretty great. It's hard not to root for the guy when he seems genuinely happy to be there.

And our final line-up looks like this:
3 Singers
2 Comedians
1 Trapeze/acrobatics duo
1 Dance/acrobatics group
1 Magician
1 Violinist
and 1 Josh Groban

In a frequently frustrating year that has largely been dominated by singers, that's a pretty diverse line-up with variety actually dominating and the singers there being arguably the strongest this season (Daniel certanily had one of the best male voices, Glennis the best female one, Courtney is the most uniqe and interesting in the "teen" category and Michael is...well Michael). Considering how easily almost every last single singer made it through the quarter final round, only 2 were in the top 3 in the semis, so I think the force is balanced once again.

Looking back at my own predictions after the judge's cut, I got 5 finalists right...but they also happened to be the 5 most obvious ones so not a GREAT prediction, but I'll take it.

I'll skip the odds ranking, as they would pretty much be exactly the same as yours. There is a very clear top 5 here and I honestly can't tell any more in what order they will end up. It really is starting to look like Courtney might end up as a shocking 3rd or 2nd place. There are at least 3 acts with enough popularity that could possibly do it (Shin Lim, Zurcaroh and BKJ), but if any of them ARE to win, they really need to knock it out of the park in the final A slight hint of disappointment from any of them, and they are certainly out, while Courtney could actually do better if she tones down the crazy with a ballad (if the rumor you mentioned turns out to be true).
There are also reason I can come up as to why the 3 acts I just mentioned WON'T win:

Shin Lim - Magicians always do well on the show and Shin has achieved as much as he could with card tricks, but I get the feeling people might expect or want MORE than that now, something to spice things up a bit. At the very least he needs to somehow better what he's done the last 2 rounds, while also maybe adding something extra to differenciate this act from all the rest.

Zurcaroh - A group has never won this show. There's a first time for everything, but history is working against them. Everything you mentioned about them makes sense, the appeal. the children, the families voting...and yet we see year after year how anyone outside of solo acts fall short no matter how amazing they are.

Brian King Joseph - The main thing that worries me about him is that he's never really managed to get the amount of views, likes, shares, tweets etc on social media or YouTube as Zurcaroh, Shin Lim and Courtney. He's flown through each round and SEEMS like an obvious winner candidate, yet he consistently falls short on the hype surrounding the other acts. Social media stats aren't everything and we frequently see results ending entirely different than what YouTube would led you to believe (I'm pretty sure Aaron beat Courtey in views this week) BUT it's something I've noticed that makes me hesitant.

So at the end of the day, I don't know. I really don't. Which I guess is the best I could hope for going into the final, NOT being sure about who was going to win. It would be great if Courtney finished 3rd and we'd have a surprise showdown between 2 other acts, but even if she wins, I don't think I'll end up being all disappointed.

As for the guests, they will likely find some random has-been actor who happens to be in town for Shin to do a card trick for, while Duo Transcend spins somewhere in the background during Ariana Grande's twerking. Lots to look forward to!

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Sep 12, 2018
HELLO! Yes. HI! *holds up his right arm* I have a few questions:

First question: Was Riana in the room when the contestants were coming up with their acts? Because this was one hot mess of an episode.

Second question: Is there anyone left working in the sound department or do they just leave that for the janitor to figure out?

Third question: Did they threaten the judges with a wild card round if they didn't start doing their job?

Fourth question: How do I stop making my beef stew taste like rotten fish?

This might be the least exciting semi-final in the history of this show, which did mean that the judges ACTUALLY judged things for once, well apart from Heidi, but we practically didn't even get any standing ovations. Or maybe they were all just too tired to stand up, it's been a LONG season.

11: Da RepubliK. Isn't it great to have acts with personality like this in the semis, Simon? There was SO much personality on screen that I felt like I was watching a reaction channel on YouTube. Okay, I can't be TOO harsh on Simon, as you said he was back to his good old grumpy cat self and said everything that needed to be said about these guys, but MAN was this a wasted spot.

10: Noah Guthrie. Well I didn't expect that. In the same sort of a way that I don't expect to see a juggler walk up on stage and start showing us their stamp collection. I'm afraid Noah walked down the wrong road yet again as the last thing we needed in this episode was another rendition of an overdone ballad.

9: Christina Wells. She's a real..NATU...nah, you already did that. I mean the song choice worked for me, What didn't work was the screaming at my face part, I knew I was going to get more of it from Courtney later so I REALLY wasn't ready for it the first time. She has PIPES, but they were about to burst a bit too often this time. At the end of the day though, I'm pretty satisfied with her just like you, I'm just not really impressed any more.

8: Daniel Emmet. Oh god you are right. Now I'm expecting Tyra to accidentally read her card wrong and annouce Daniel as a finalist, only for him to be sent off moments later when they realise the mistake. Then lingering shots of him looking sad while sitting in the audience throughout the final just to dig the knife in even deeper. This is what would happen if Charlie Brown was born sounding like Josh Groban. Nothing he does seems to impress the judges, despite being their dancing monkey week after week. And while I'm not ready to sign up for his fan club yet, it's hard to deny he's a much better singer than Michael Ketterer or just about any other mediocre karaoke act we've had throughout the years. Cheer up, Daniel, you may at least get your Miss Universe moment.

7: We Three. I actually liked the song they were playing this time so that's why I have them up this high. I mean the Trumpet sounded like a broken vuvuzela when one of them was playing it, BUT THEY TRIED. Like you, I'm into their style of music, but each time we see them, they seem to be getting slightly worse so I'm not as sure that they COULD give us something interetsing again in the final. At least not until the sound-mixers stop running around backstage with their hands up in the air yelling "HEEEELP" and actually figure out how to mike up more than one person.

6: Angel City Chorale. Tell you what, this show has brought me MUCH closer to my grandmother. I've never felt more in need of a hearing aid than during this whole performance. Much improved over last time, as you said, but still not close to what they did in their first two rounds. They just keep moving closer and closer to every other Choir we have seen on this show, while I think they are capable of much more and shining flashlights at our face doesn't really do it.

5: Vicki Barbolak. Each season Howie brings up the "comic vs comedian" thing and each season I find myself agreeing with him. We are now at exactly the same point where I tell you that find her to be amusing, fun and likable on stage, but none of the jokes are REALLY all that clever or funny. I mean Simon was laughing his head off, but he was probably just daydreaming about how much better his life is the entire time.

4: Aaron Crow. FANTASTIC! We have gotten the act down from 7 minutes, to JUST 6 minutes and 15 seconds. 8 more weeks of this and he might actually be done on time. I mean I still love seeing him do his silent duckface routine on stage, but instead of REALLY wowing us this time, we got the gritty reboot of Deal or No Deal. It was essentially the same trick as last week, but with worse music. Like damn near everyone else this week, he just hasn't quite lived up to his potential, yet I'd still be interested in seeing his final act, same as you.

3: Glennis Grace. A professional singer sounding professional while singing. I shouldn't be too surprised, but this was just so well done and so...graceful (i hate myself too) it just worked after the messes we saw earlier.

2: Courtney Hadwin. Wait, did Elsa leave Superman for the Joker? I need to catch up on my nightmare YouTube channels. Giving Courtney the Grace/Darci opening package treatment could not make it any more obvious who they want to win. And while I enjoy Courtney on stage, I think she's at her best when she straddles the line between "Unique genre singer" and "Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man falling down a flight of stairs while having a seizure" and last night we were WAY too much in seizureland. Still, exactly as you said, she is FUN and interesting. I'm pretty sick of all the same old same old singers on this show, but Courtney really is genuinely fascinating and fun to watch each time. The cracks are starting to show now, with Mel B and Heidi forgetting to stand up, so MAYBE she isn't as clear of a winner as Grace and Darcy? Grace did win over the Clairvoyants by less than 1% so maybe...maybe...

1: Brian King Joseph. You are officially the best Golden Buzzer user next to Tyra now. That might not sound like high praise, but her usage has been pretty much the best part of her entire stay on the show. Brian received ALL the production this week and it was well worth it, I mean sure, you would have needed to hang from the ceiling like Spider-Man to read the words flashing behind him, but I don't expect miracles from this production team, spelling things correctly was enough of a victory. Easily my favourite performance of his and I really really hope to see him in with a shot at the final.

I will offer up my kidney on E-bay if Brian, Glennis and Courtney are NOT the top 3 (don't worry, it's so damaged nobody will want it anyways). The other 2 acts? Hell if I could be ANYONE besides Da RepubliK. I was pretty sure it was going to be We Three and Noah Guthrie when I did my predictions last week, but considering the underwhelming response for both, I no longer have a clue. Your estimate of Angel City Chorale pushing the right buttons is probably correct. I've consistently been underestimating Vicky, but she was one of the only acts to receive praise last night and all she needs to do is get to the dunkin save and the judges will likely put her through...I fear Aaron just wasn't exciting or surprising enough to repeat his lucky result last time...But really, it's a complete toss up as to who will end up in the middle 3 so I'll just go with my gut and predict this:

11. Da RepubliK
10. Noah Guthrie
9. Aaron Crow
8. Daniel Emmett
7. Christina Wells
6. We Three (lose judge's choice)
5. Vicky Barbolak (wins judge's choice)
4. Angel City Chorale (wins dunkin save)
3. Glennis Grace
2. Brian King Joseph
1. Courtney Hadwin
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