America's Got Talent

Season 1 Episode 13

Episode # 109

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Aug 09, 2006 on NBC

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  • Curse Hasselhoff for bringing back Leonid.

    While So You Think You Can Dance had so much to brag about, there was so much to gag about in this episode. 99% of the gagging thing was in the last act.

    These wildcard people suck. I missed most of the acts, and so I'm giving All That the benifit of that doubt that they were great, because the judges chose them.

    N'Versity are not great singers, and although they may listen to the judges and had more chemistry and dressed more appropriate, they still suck at singing.

    I really like the 8-year-old girl who plays the piano, but once she threw her chair back and took her fingers off the keyboard, I just knew that Piers would not like it.

    Piers is ruder than even Simon Cowell, but at leats Simon is more consistant with what he thinks. Piers is all over the place when he judges.

    Leonid the yuckiness was freaking scarey to watch. Just as you thought he couldn't possibly expose more of himself, he does. I had to flip to different channels several times. I give Regis props for coming so close to him, and actually looking up twice.

    The only legitimate reason this show can stay on the air is because of great acts such as At Last which should just put out an album right now so I can go buy it.

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