America's Got Talent

Season 1 Episode 1

Episode # 101

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jun 21, 2006 on NBC
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Episode # 101
Part one of a two hour series premiere. Regis Philbin is the host. Acts from across the country perform and the viewers decide the ultimate winner of the grand prize: $1,000,000.

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  • This show is pretty cool.

    Another talent show, but it never seems to get old. The acts are very odd and diverse, and usual something either funny, or cool happens with each one. The judges are good, except for the stupid Piers guy, who has no patience for the actor's talents. If he doesn't except some kind of talents, how could he say, "It's not a talent", or something stupid like that, which really got on my nerves. David and Brandy I don't mind because they keep their cool, and give the people a chance to show what they got. This first episode had a huge amount of different talents, and even the juggling didn't get old.moreless
  • Expected Better

    I suspect the good ratings of this first night will tumble hugely next week. Although there was some interesting talent (the only two memorable ones were the finger-snapper and the a cappella singing group), the range of acts is too weird and the judging inconsistent. Definitely not \"Must See TV\"
  • In this, the Series Premiere of America's got talent, we learn why if you throw David Hasselhoff, Brandy, and some random Brit together, along with some really bad talent, the result is pure comedy.moreless

    Sure, it's an idea that has been done before.

    But so what? Hell's Kitchen is just Top Chef

    + Survivor. So You Think You Can Dance is

    American Idol + Dancing With The Stars - The Stars.

    Yet those shows are great. And ya wanna know

    something interesting? This show is produced

    by Simon Cowell. He has every right to copy

    American Idol. It's his concept! Let me give you

    a few reasons why this is phenomenally better

    than other Idol ripoffs, like American Inventor.

    First, if you're gonna copy Idol, do it right.

    Instead of trying to vary it a little, this show

    got one African-American, female, nicer judge,

    one rude British judge, and one judge that

    is in the middle of the road between them.

    And it is funny. First of all, another reviewer

    commented on how the judges hit one another's

    buzzers. So? It's funny to watch. That's the

    deal. This show aims more at the comedy angle

    than at the "trying to find real talent" angle.

    Frankly, because of this, the show is actually

    more entertaining to watch than American Idol,

    in my opinion.

    Now, even though this show is hysterical, there

    is one thing that bugs me. A couple of the acts

    can actually be seen on other reality shows!

    The basketball act? Yeah, try Steve Harvey's

    talent competition! And the parrot referred

    to in another review? On Pet Star on Animal Planet.

    I really don't like seeing things I've already seen.

    Also, Piers Morgan. He basically buzzed in on

    anything that wasn't singing, dancing, or anyone

    who didn't look like a star. Example: The Ventriloquist.

    Hysterical! But he was trigger-happy, and hit it too

    early. But y'know? It just makes it a little funnier.

    All in all, yes, it is an old idea, but for once,

    they did it over well. Oh, and Regis is soooo much

    better than Ryan. Hands down.moreless
  • The first episode of "America's got Talent" sees the best of the best, and the worst of the worst.

    Well it was about as I expected, dumb, stupid, good, entertaining, but it was never boring. I'll give it a generous score (fair) because it make me laugh a lot and yes some people did have talent, but the show has many faults. These should be obvious since this is nothing more than a wannabee American Idol (with Simon working the background)

    1) The judges Hasselhoff, Brandy, and the other judge were inconsistent and dumb...a lot!!! Brandy said she hit her X button because she felt pressure from David and Pier? What the hell?. Judging is supposed to be fair and impartial, not this biased crap. Obviously they all knew this coming in, and each of one of them would input their own "I'am better than everyone in this contest" mentality.

    2) Who the hell screended some of this people? Some of the acts really stunk to the high heavens, but then again this was like an open casting call and they we're going to take any freak (see Dancing Cow)

    However many of the acts were great , the pet tricks with the dogs was great, the rapping Grandman had talent, and that guy snapping his fingers was awesome.

    They had two jugglers on the show, and there’s nothing wrong with being a juggler but juggling is such an old fad that it’s hardly considered “amazing” anymore. Hasselhoff and the other judge did have a point, they are looking for “Amazing Talent” they aren’t looking for circus acts.

    Still though for the most part again I found it entertaining, so I'am not giving such a harsh score.moreless
  • Like the judges know what they're talking about...

    I gave this episode a 1 for one reason: The parrot that lost.

    Everybody in the audience loved the parrot's preformance, but the judges all said 'no'.

    Some of the comments from the judges for that act were:

    1) (Hasslehoff) You give me an hour with that bird, and I could teach it things.

    2) (Hasslehoff) Parrots are supposed to talk and speak full sentences.

    I have a pet conure (which is related to the parrot). It took me over a month to teach him to say "How 'ya 'doin?" To have a parrot like the woman on the show did, to have a parrot that responds to key words, is extremely impressive. Even Regis LOVED the act!

    More problems were:

    1) The judges were horrible.

    2) The judges responded to peer pressure; if Hasslehoff said 'no', than the other two said 'no'.

    3) What the heck was up with one judge slamming another judge's button? If one of the judges hated the the act, he/she got up and hit the other two's buttons, as well as their own.

    4) The judges don't know what real talent is!

    In all honesty, I think regis should replace Hasslehoff, the show would be alot better if he did. Well, that's my review: 1/10. You may think that's unreasonable, but deep, deep down, you can realize that this is American Idol, American Inventor, So You Think You Can Dance and America's Funniest Videos combine. Till next time,

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