America's Got Talent

Season 3 Episode 1

Episode 301

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jun 17, 2008 on NBC
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Episode 301
It's a new year and a new season, which means a whole new batch of talent. The auditions begin in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles as people showcase their talents in hopes of making it to the Las Vegas callbacks and one step closer to winning the million dollar grand prize and the contract in Vegas.moreless

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  • It's BACK!!!

    Well I love the show and i love the judges. My favorite is Sharon, she is so funny and she is very polite about things. I thought everyone did great. I was only disappointed by two things out of the whole episode. The first was the audience!! I was so pissed off! They were so cruel and it was such a bad idea that they let them have a say in it! That is what bugged me so much!!!!! :( Hmm.. My second disappointment was that those twins got through! They were awful. They were like two Britney Spears at the VMA's. They even looked like it!!!moreless
  • Season 3 is here, and the judges are back!

    I like this show, and this episode showed me why (once again). As usual, there were some terrible acts (tongue boy, the Tom Jones tribute, etc), there were some great acts (the violin brothers, the opera singer, and hip-hop clog dancers), some surprises (the trombone player, baton boy, and the four-year old singer) and some disappointments (the judges letting through the twin singers from Romania; man, they sounded awful and dressed like teen-aged prostitutes. I also was disappointed that burlesque continues to find a place on this supposed family show).

    The judges were in their usual form: Piers was direct and blunt, Sharon was supportive and warm, and the Hoff was loud and funny. Jerry Springer was a great host again (I never thought I would like him), but what surprised me this time around was the audience. They have become the unofficial 4th judge, and man, were they brutal! No sympathy. If they hate you, they boo you out of the building. If they love you, it's hard to have the judges vote against them.

    Overall, it looks like the same old fare, but that is exactly what I want from this show. I am looking forward to this season. My only complaint is that they did not show enough of the acts that made it through. Some that they showed in clips looked really good.moreless
  • auditions!

    America's Got Talent is back for another year and this episode highlighted some of the auditions in different cities. There was the usual, terrible acts that were just bad. I don't understand why those people think they're good or why they want to waste other peoples' time. Anyways, there were, however, a lot of good talent. My favorites so far are the two violin brothers, the baton thrower boy, and the oprah singer. They were all unique and all talented. I think the judges were great like last year. I don't really like Jerry as the host, but he's bearable. Overall, an episode full of talent and very entertaining.moreless

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    • Sharon Osbourne: (after the Jonathan Arons' performance) Jonathan, you are naughty little boy. You are very naughty...because you came up here all sneaky like you were going to be a boring player and you're not. You fooled us.

    • David Hasselhoff: (after the Indiggo Girl's performance) Well, it is the land of opportunity and I'm going to give the opportunity to go back to Bucharest.
      Indiggo Girls: No, we do not want to go back to Bucherest.
      David Hasselhoff: But Dracula lives there and I want you to suck the blood from Dracula.
      Indiggo Girls: We are going to become stars here, because we deserve it.
      David Hasselhoff: You wanna bet?!?!

    • David Hasselhoff: (after Jonathan Burkin's baton twirling performance) Ya know, all those kids who called you names can shove it...because you've got talent and they don't! And I'm proud of you for sticking with your dreams! You are what this show is about! Congradulations, you did great.

    • David Hasselhoff: (voting on the Britney Spears Impersonator) You know this show is so wacked, that I'm going to say yes.

    • Piers Morgan: I did actually think you were very like Britney Spears...
      Derrick Berry: Thank you.
      Piers Morgan: ...a complete and udder train wreck!
      Derrick Berry: Thank you, thank you.

    • David Hasselhoff: Derrick...are you a guy?
      Derrick Berry: Yes, one hundred percent.
      Piers Morgan: David, his name is Derrick.
      David Hasselhoff: I know, but it could be Bo Derrick.
      Piers Morgan: How many women do you know named Derrick, David?
      David Hasselhoff: You know, uhm, I'm questioning my sexuality here. Oh my god, you're hot!
      Sharon Osbourne: He wants you!
      David Hasselhoff: Yeah but, you're the wrong sex.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Two of the members of The Sick Step dance crew passed the auditions in FOX's So You Think You Can Dance. They were Ryan Conferido (Season 1) and Hokuto "Hok" Konishi (Season 3).

    • The contestants that made it through were:

      Jonathan Arons -- Dancing Trombone Performer
      Indiggo Girls -- Dancers
      Nuttin But Stringz -- Hip Hop Violinists
      Kaitlyn Maher -- 4 yr old Singer
      Slippery Kittens -- Burlesque Dancers
      Jonathan Burkin -- Baton Twirler
      Derrick Berry -- Britney Spears Impersonator
      Extreme Dance FX -- Modern Cloggers
      Neal E. Boyd -- Opera Singer
      David Martin -- Illusionist
      Scott Land -- Puppeteer
      Plastic Musik -- Performers
      Jazmin -- Singers
      Polina Volchek -- Hula-hooper
      Sterling Silver -- Cloggers
      Cafidia Stuart -- 15 yr old Singer
      Sick Step -- Hip Hop Dance Troop

    • The contestants that didn't make it through were:

      Serious Mysterious -- Singer
      The Company -- Dancers
      Nick Afanasieu-- Tongue Performer
      Lady "J" Huston -- Dancing Trumpet Player
      Harold Short II -- Mime
      The Quiddlers -- Mini Soldiers performers
      Ed Jacques -- Hand Trumpet Performer
      Adam Ace -- Comedian
      Mary Bly -- 80 Yr old Tap Dancer
      Chay Vang -- Siamese guitar player
      Terry Christiansen -- Singer
      Singing Santa Claus -- Singer
      Stumblebum Brass -- Percussionists
      Dallas Dance Company -- Dancers
      The Renegades -- Dancer
      Daniel Burton -- Hip Hop Dancer
      The M&M Twinz -- Dancers
      Daisy Taste -- Roller Skating Grandma