America's Got Talent

Season 4 Episode 9

Episode 409

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jul 21, 2009 on NBC

Episode Recap

The last of the audition shows is finally here. After touring the country, it seems they have saved the best for last. Nine lucky acts moved on to Vegas, while five acts were sent packing. In total, 160 acts made it to the Vegas callbacks.

The first act to make it to Vegas was a group of young men on rollerskates known as Breaksk8. The men ranged in age from twenty one to thirty. They were full of energy and spunk. David thought they did a good job, but he wasn't sure about the rollerskates. Piers had a similar opinion. He liked it, but not the skates. In the end, Piers voted no, but Sharon and David voted them through to Vegas.

The second act to make it to Vegas was an acappela singing group called Mosaic. The men harmonized very well together. The judges votes were not revealed.

The next act to make it through was a Burlesque troupe called The Lollipop Girls. The group was made up of ten girls between the ages of 23 and 33. The judges votes were not revealed.

The fourth act to make it was a stomp style band called Recycled Percussions. They beat on buckets and ladders. The judges votes were not revealed.

Jeffrey Ou, a pianist. His act was full of energy and passion. Although crazy at times, the judges loved his act. Sharon thought he has a god given gift. Their votes were not revealed.