America's Got Talent

Season 2 Episode 4

New York Audition

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jun 26, 2007 on NBC
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New York Audition
This weeks auditions take place in New York. Contestants compete for the top prize of a million dollars.

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  • This stuff’s made in New York City. New York City?! Get a rope.

    Finally the last of the first round!

    Many of the acts got through with some good vibes. The plus size Pussycat Dolls, the singers from Harlem, Byron’s second chance, the 14-year old who had only sung in choir before, those were folks you could root for that didn’t have polished voices or acts but definitely had the "raw talent". I hope they get a chance in the second round, but I have no clue if the show gives them trainers or coaches. But this time when they cried or cheered, I sympathized. I like those over the folks who’ve been one trick pony-ing for 20+ years. Let them go back to their birthday parties and county fairs, or show up on a late-night talk show for David Letterman's Stupid Pet/Human Tricks (talking rabbits and hand band).

    I guess there is just something nice about three of the four people on there being very familiar and likeable celebrities. David Hasselhoff was having a great time with the comments in general, even when dealing with some annoying acts. I hope they come up with some more creative things to say, and bicker more like a Jerry Springer panel should, or their judging will get old quickly.

    Looking forward to round 2. Plenty of bad acts to buzz, and maybe we'll get to vote soon?moreless
  • Aduditions are over!!!!!

    Im so glad that they're done aduitioning people, cause it was getting really old to see some singers and dancers preform. I want to see real talent. Other than singing and dancing. I thought that the vampire guy, with the accent, i forget his name wasent that good, but he did have alot of potential. I dident see alot of this episode, but from what I saw, I thought Hasselhoff was trying to get more attention, it seems every week a judge has a meltdown and they need the support of the crowd to get them back in. I think thats ridiculous and unnesesery. Just get your @$$ out there and do your job.moreless
  • More non-talent, some talent.

    Well, America's finally done with the auditions. Some standouts included an a capella group, the Plus-Size Pussycat Dolls (actually called the Glamazons), some magicians, and a 14 year old country singer. Other acts, such as the "Pennsylvania Hand Band" were just awful. Oh, and Leonid the Magnificent returned. Decked out in silver body paint and a silver headdress, he performed an odd routine involving two chained girls and a hanging rope. He made it through, prompting David to storm off set and Piers to remark, "I love Leonid." Nice how during the flashbacks of his performance from last year, they showed none of Brandy. I'm not sure if I miss her or not. Anyways, this was just another audition, and finally we can move on to the real talent.moreless
  • I am so glad auditions are over, now for the real talent or at least semi-mostly real talent.

    Shall I explain from the deepest depth of my heart just how extremely overjoyed I am that auditions are OVER! By saying that tonight to me was a fiasco is saying it mildly. The remaining of the kooks that could get through the door to stage auditions were ultimately ridiculous beyond reasoning. There was a few with talent I do have to admit, but the majority was the not so talented, the wan-na-be's, the very misguided, the audacious and absurd, the inexcusable eccentric's, and finally but not least the queen of gay pride.

    The judges even found their own selves in the hot seat tonight as the insults were being whirled their direction. I believe to me the final insult was when both Sharon and Piers voted the queen of gay pride through after he told David Hasselhoff to go to H____. Just for that one remark Mr. Gay Pride should not have went through and I was very offended by the 2 judges who did not stand up for what is right.moreless

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    • The contestants that didn't make it through were:

      Abenz -- Rapper
      Sunshine -- Singer
      Shai-Dai -- Singers
      Sexy Techno Boy -- Singer/Dancer
      Pennsylvania Hand Band -- Hand Performers
      Jay Green -- Juggler
      Thoth -- Singer/Violinist

    • The contestants that made it through were:

      Leonid The Magnificent -- Performer
      The Rubberboy -- Performer
      Odysy -- Singers
      Philadelphia Plowden -- Comedian
      Rythm Extreme -- Band
      Robert Hatcher -- Singer
      Illmatic Styles -- Dancers
      The Great Throwdini -- Knife Thrower
      3 Redneck Tenors -- Singers
      Julienne Irwin -- Singer
      Ahmir -- Singers
      Grandfather & Sage -- Singer/Keyboard Player
      The Magic Of Anthony Reed -- Magician
      Bruce Block -- Rabbit Comedian
      Byrain Wynbush -- Singer
      The Glamazons -- Singers

    • "Leonid the Magnificent" returns.


    • David calls Thoth's act "Apocalypto Now", a pun on the movie titles Apocalypse Now and Mel Gibson's Apocalypto, the latter of which features characters talking in a made up native language.

    • Leonid's headdress falling off reminded the judges of the movie, This is Spinal Tap, a rock-n-roll documentary comedy where the band members would endure similar technical problems such as one band member not being able to emerge out of a cocoon on stage.

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