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  • The HOFF

    Absolutely despise this show. Cant stand the fairness of the audience, contests and around 90% of the judges. However, there is one single judge who just lifts this show to another realm. Thats right, not Howie Mandel or Simon Cowell. Its the Hoff (David Hasselhoff) and boy he's great.
  • World of Talent

    AGT is arguably the most exciting show on television. Contestants show a range of talents. There are singers of course, along with dance groups, bands, stand up comedians, magicians, ventriloquists, acrobats and more. But the show is called AMERICA'S Got Talent. The contestant pool therefore, should be limited to residents of the US and its territories. Nothing wrong with adding contestants who reside in other countries, but then the show's title should be changed, perhaps to "The World's Got Talent" or "World of Talent".
  • No professionals

    I really loved the magician but he is a highly professional magician who had already won $1 million in another contest and had already won great acclaim in his art. There were other artists also, who had already made a name for themselves, yet were allowed to compete. AGT should be reserved for amateurs, there should be an exclusion for professionals. Also, please spare people the sob stories! AGT should be about talent. I think way too much was made of the adversity some contestants had experienced. The world is full of adversity and there is hardly anyone who has not overcome adversity in his/her life. It could be mentioned during the initial audition, but to keep harking on it throughout the competition is no service to anyone and takes away a contestants value as a talented artist. The violinist and the singer who made it to the final 5 were not very good but kept being advanced because they pulled on viewer's heartstrings, based on their personal history.

    On the positive side, I still like the judges, especially beautiful, smart Heidi and gruffy Simon. Mel is not afraid to go against the majority and I respect her for that. Tyra brings color and personality and I liked the way she comforted some of the ousted contestants. I do not think the judges or host should be a part of any act, however, as it could suggest partiality in their votes. If a contestant needs others in his act, he/she should engage members of the audience. Lastly, it would be great if there were a prize for a first and second runner up.
  • 12 Ways AGT Needs to be Restructured

    Here are my 12 "Must Do" recommendations if AGT is to Survive:

    1. No more sob-story based acts. I want to judge it on talent skill, not some underlying story which at times is nothing but a distraction... unless it is absolutely necessary to the understanding and explanation of the talent at hand. Also, advise the talent that we don't need any more "Rocky will win" and misguided "I am going to follow my dreams" speeches even if it is obvious that your talent is not up to par (stinks).

    2. Establish more talent winner categories. This should not be a "one winner takes all'" show. This is an age of diversity, and there is plenty of opportunity for more people to win in diverse categories. Rather than pick one act, let's open up five major act categories for the season and judge the best one from each area.

    3. Vary the categories from year to year. Perhaps some types of acts should take a year off in-between... like next year, forget the singers. Let's get more comedians or other skill acts that have not won yet. The magician won this came in close. So, take a year off from singers and magiciansno magicians next year.

    4. Have two shows in one season with a different set of themed act categories. It's hard to judge apples, oranges, strawberries and bananas, and select the one that "tastes the Give other types of acts a chance in their category to come out on top.

    5. Too many singers, group dancers, and boring choruses, except for Zurcaroh and The Angel City Chorale which were excellently staged. We have The Voice, World of Dance, American Idol, and all these other specialized shows for many of these types of acts. Some singers need the special AGT showcase that emphasizes raw talent that shows developmental promise. Perhaps those singers don't need to measure up to industry professional standards, and they should have a chance to win on AGT to move up to those other shows.

    6. Screen the acts for true talent! Is it true talent or some weird psychological deviation? I liked Courtney Hadwin, but every time I watched her I could not determine whether I was watching a great talent or a psychological transformation episode with a bi-polar rocker-actor-singer taking place live on stage! The difference between her on-stage normal personality (shy, can't really talk) to her explosive rock performance was puzzling and it seemed more weird that entertaining! Darcy Lynn and Grace Vanderwall were true talents, and they fit their on-stage personas more naturally. At least I knew Hans was truly acting in the hyperbole!

    7. Focus on what is talent and what is technology. Make sure that both are integrated. Many of these acts rely so heavily on special effects that they don't need a live person in them. This is not a contest for computer skills. It's about personal talent skills, so the person has to do something meaningful that drives that technology umbrella, not just stand there and move in sync with the images.

    8. Eliminate the extreme danger acts and disgusting people acts. Sorry... "Don't try this at home" warnings by Tyra (which she should heed for some of her own wardrobes) just don't cut it! It does not take talent to injure or kill yourself on stage, or make me feel disgusted because you can spit in someone else's mouth, eat a hot dog they just barfed up, or pierce them with an arrow of knife!. Perhaps some of these acts create the illusion of more danger and risk that there is.

    8. Ban judges from participating in acts. Instead, bring back the insertion of some non-competing specialty acts that added fun and diversion. That's when it is appropriate for the judges to participate in a stage performance. I don't think it's appropriate for Howie to get his head cut off or run over by a motorcycle. Otherwise, the talent should ask for audience volunteers. If an act needs the support of the judge's involvement... then it is not a good act.

    10. One winner only in the Duncan Save Tank: It is ridiculous that two out of three bottom rated acts can be saved by this process. It robs better acts of a chance to move forward. Perhaps there should be more "wild card choices" to save acts like "The Sacred Rianna" that may have been overlooked by the audience. Give the audience a chance to re-select an overlooked act and bring it back as a "wild card" rather than by judge preference.

    11. Revise the audience voting process. Since when do you need to vote for an act almost 10 or more times using different voting venues? When the acts were finished, I still did not know what to call because not simple numbers were displayed and there was no easy way to vote for them. At one point, I thought you could vote up to 30 times for one act using this process.

    12. Don't select the Golden Buzzer winner until all the night's acts have been seen by all the judges

    I t would add suspense to each week night show. Keep the guest judges coming in each week.

    I have more to say about the judges and Tyra. But that's a whole different discussion that many of you have already covered. Tyra is not bad... just mis-directed by the producers of the show. The same can be said of the judges. I can say more about this... but you all have covered that, and for sure theere are many more ways AGT can ijmprove.


  • Just another fan review of AGT

    I need to write and express feelings about Mel B. She is certainly not good with AMG. She is to loud, rude and actually not a smart judge. She is to loose with her body and arms waving, and nothing comes good from her. And then there is Tyra, she is an insult also to the show. Tyra thinks she is to beautiful to be a good host, certainly cares more about herself and the camera than the people auditioning. Come on, there has to be better judges and a host for this show. Please start looking. These 2 ladies sure put a hurt on the show.
  • Really AMERICAS Got Talent?????

    So the show is called AMERICAS Got Talent, Why are there contestants on there that are not from HERE, AMERICA???? PLEASE STOP the SOB STORIES, we the viewers watch TV to escape our problems, to forget about them for a while. What makes you THINK we want to HEAR about their problems??? STOP IT. It takes up too much time up, serves NO PURPOSE.. GET RID OF TYRA, all of the great stars out there & you pick someone with NO people appeal. She is SOOO LOUD. HEIDI WOULD BE SOOOO GOOOOD!!!! EVEN HOWWIE, what is wrong with someone like them????? BUT PLEASE STOP THE PITTY PARTY!!!! AND YES Mel B & her SCREAMMMMIng is SOOOO Annyoing!!!
  • Tyra banks

    I can't watch anymore. Tyra needs to come down 10 pegs. She is not all that. Her sexual comments and swearing. Is she drunk or stoned. She acts like a 5 yr old. I hate her. I love show but she had to Go go go please. Hate her now. Ugggg no fun to watch any more
  • Please exit Tyra Banks!!!

    If Banks is back next year, I will not be!!! I will refuse to watch. Show could have a rating of 6.5 but banks drops it to a 4.5
  • Tyra has got to go

    AGT is me and my husbands favorite show. We look forward to each season and record every episode sometimes re-watching some of our favorite performances multiple times. However, Tyra is ruining the show. She is so arrogant and annoying to watch and listen to. Nick was hilarious and there is no comparison at all between the two's abilities as a host. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE replace Tyra.

    I agree with many of the reviews--the sob stories need to stop. This show is about talent, not what hardships people have suffered.
  • Need a new host

    I think Tyra is a horrible host, probably the worst on tv. I had no idea she had a degree in psychology, she is fake and too over dramatic. She makes me not want to watch this show again.
  • It's not about you Tyra

    This is Amaerica's Got Talent not a special about Tyra. She needs to back off and spot light the great talent that appears on the show. Get someone who knows and understands their job description
  • Tyra Banks!!

    I just spent 20 minutes signing up for this website just so I could write this review.. It has gotten to the point to where I just wish this season would hurry up and end because of Tyra, and I hate that.

    I have been watching this show since day one and I never will stop because it is an absolutely incredible show but she is absolutely single handedly destroying it!

    She is so awkward on stage and always acts like she is on America's next top model. This is NOT America's next top model it's America's got talent.

    Please, please bring Nick back and if not, just not her. I'm honestly not trying to be mean but it is genuinely cringeworthy to watch.
  • nothing clever

    Your introductions to contestants is awful. Its almost like you are promoting certain ones to win. I especially disliked the intro to the singer who adopted some children. He has always been at the bottom of my list for winning as he is not a good singer. The violinist is also at the bottom. It is true that he has a good personality, but he is not a great violin player. I am truly sorry that he has a numbness in his hands, but that doesn't make him great. You need to have a more level playing field for your contestants.
  • Too many singers and musicians

    What I used to love about AGT was that there were so many non musical/singing acts. Now that seems to be all there is. There are so many other singing competition shows that they can be on. Keep AGT with everything else. I can't believe some good acts were sent home to keep singers. AGT was started as a show of a variety of different acts. I hope next season returns to a variety show. Also, stop it with all of the sad stories. I want them to be judged on raw talent. It seems that all of the golden buzzers were used on sad stories. And finally stop turning the cameras to the judges during the performances. I miss half of the performances because the cameras turn to the judges. Please stop it.
  • Lost Respect With This Show.

    How in the heck you tell a story about a singer who hasn't sang for awhile, Glennis Grace, and then I find out she is touring America in 2018 and 2019. And she has been performing in other countries for the last 15 years. What a joke and a disgrace. She is a professional singer and that was not fair to all the contestants. And in fact she made the final and took a spot away from a real Amateur act like Angel City Chorale. Who also had a wonderful story, and probably the best choir I ever heard from a bunch of regular people all across this land. SHAME ON YOU AGT !!!
  • Tyra Banks is ruining the show!!!!

    Tyra Banks has got to be one of the most annoying hostsit has ever been my displeasure to watch. It is miserable suffering through her to get to the real talent. AGT would be well advised to let her go.
  • Hit the Road Mel B and Tyra!

    My husband and I have watched AGT from the very beginning, and it was one of our favorite shows until Tyra came on the show, and Mel B has annoyed us from the first word she ever spoke on the show. Her loud mouth and hand gestures are most annoying! Mel B and Tyra both need to go or there will be a couple of fans not watching this show anymore. Be gone Mel B and Tyra!!!!!
  • Tyra must go1

    I've enjoyed the show for a long time. Competitive talent and the judges are very good BUT I cannot take anymore of Tyra. She looks and acts vulgar and tries to steal the show. A horrible speaker who never seems to know what to say. If shes on next season, I wont watch. She destroys a decent show!
  • Seriously???On 9/11?????!!!!!!!

    Da Republik's intro was in TERRIBLE taste. Absolutely inexcusable that on the 17th anniversary of 9/11 this group has an intro showing some kind of explosive th8ng is coming in the air. Their performance was mediocre, as well. Did no one with AGT production consider this???????????????
  • Tyra needs to go!

    ;Tyra is annoying not only to me but my husband, 18yr old and 14yr old. We like watching AGT but none of us can stand listening to her talk, I guess it's giving us something to talk about. We just spend the night complaining about her and aren't enjoying the talent, but for real if she's on next season you won't be on our TV. 2017;... I wrote the first part last year and we as a family are standing strong by NOT watching this season. I did try but just can't do it! Tyra makes me want to throw up just listening to her and seeing her. She is an idiot and has sank this show. 2018

    Not to be rude, but Tyra Banks needs to go. She is a great and brilliant person, but her stage skills are not tv worthy.
  • Categories

    Each year the talent seems to get better and the show has wonderful stage settings! Simon has become more human now that he has a son of his own and it is nice to see. I am not sure if Tyra brings anything to the show though, sorry Tyra. I would like to suggest something to you. So much talent every year, would you consider having two winning categories? One for large group acts and one for single/vocal My family loves your show. Thank you.
  • AGT has gotten cheesy and boring

    I've watched AGT every season since it began I even went to a live show in Hollywood but this season I can't hardly watch a entire show. The sob stories are for soap operas not a talent show it's corny and boring. May the best sob story win! It's become the World's got talent! Not even the Judges are from America. Since when is spitting water into each others mouths considered talent or the two asian guys making noise with their ugly bodies and the Sacred Briana. These were all disgusting acts and should have never been on AGT. Mel B has got to go she is loud, rude, makes stupid remarks and always waving her arms. She constantly interupts other judges or argues with them. Does she really think she knows "it all" because of that ridiculous Spice Girls singing group she was in? They sucked! Tyra Banks is not a good emcee. This is not a show for showing boobs like Tyra and Mel B do. They act like school girls and it's getting real sickening. I could not believe it when the judges voted for Voices of Hope over DuoTranscend. C'mon the Voices of Hope is nothing but a childrens choir who did not even come close to the talent of DuoTranscend. AGT has gone downhill and it's not that the show it use to be. I know it doesn't matter if I don't continue to watch it but it's gonna lose ratings at this rate.
  • Mel B and Tyra Must Go!!!

    Mel B must go next season! I am sick of her waving her arms and hands all the time to show off her extravagant nails and all of her bling, and not to mention her loud laughing, screaming and hitting on Simon and Howie like a young schoolgirl. Her choice of wardrobe is ridiculous too--showing her boobs all the time and wearing micro-mini skirts. It is supposed to be a family show! Her accent is very annoying, as well, and I feel she puts a lot of that on. She is really a show-off; and I hope she is replaced next season. After watching tonight's show, 9/05, I have to reinforce again how much I dislike Mel and Tyra, as well. All of Tyra's silly and cutesy voice inflections and speech patterns get old real make her hard to understand!! A poor, poor announcer!! I love the show, so please, please replace these two attention seekers next season.
  • Get rid of TYRA

    I just can't tolerate watching Tyra and her stupid animated mockery of people! I DVR the show just so I can fast fwd her. She is insulting to most people's IQ.
  • Get Mel B Out

    We Love the show but Mel B ruins this show, can't stand her interrupting each show with her stupidity & mouth! Please replace her, you are losing fans. I know many who agree. Stupid remarks and infuriates us fans of the show. Very rude& disrespectful! Besides Simon, get new judges, we need new change!
  • Tyra & Back/ Sob Stories need to go! PLEASE!

    We have always loved this show. Always look forward to a new season. We like the different acts however, there are more sob stories, judge comments and commercials than acts now! The show would only be about 30 minutes long without all the garbage! Which by the way I'd perfer over all the crap! All we want to see are the acts. What does the anyones back story have to do with their "talent"? We have all been down or alone! Mel B is given to much talk time. I use to like her but she is becoming annoying. Tyra is awkward! We fight to stay interested when she is on the mic! She is always trying to hug everyone, doing weird things on stage and fake as hell. This is NOT the job for her! It feels to forced. You can feel she isn't comfortable. PLEASE FIX! We like THIS SHOW BUT NOT LIKE THIS! We miss Nick C.
  • Tyra is obnoxious!!!!

    I can't stand to watch Tyra. She ruins the show for me. She is so fake. She tries too hard to be nice, endearing and sexy. Get rid of her please.
  • Pkease Please Get Rid Of Tyra!!!!

    This is such a great show and Nick Cannon used to be amazing!!! I DREAD putting the show on now only because I CANNOT STAND LISTENING TO TYRA!!! THE WAY SHE ACTS THE WAY SHE TALKS THE THINGS SHE SAYS AND OMG HOW HORRIBLE SHE LOOKS!!!! There are so many times SHE LOOKS LUKE OUT OF A HORROR MOVIE!!! Omg what did she do to herself??? Her dress tonighr is horrifyimg and she ALWAYS LOOKS HORRIBLE!!! Who does her hair and makeup??? That hair is HORRIBLE! Please AGT Im begging you to get rid of her!!! There MUST BE SOMEONE SUITED BETTER FOR THIS JOB! Please find someone like Nick or BRING HIM BACK!!!!
  • Banks has to be replaced

    I almost don't watch the show because Tyra Banks is on it. She is not doing you any service. Get rid of her and get somebody who is not so self-absorbed
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