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  • fraud and rigged

    What a fraud AGT a 12 year old no talent can't understand her lyrics the winner should have been gone in her first audition this is a bad joke right and the other finalists were far better and have talent excluding Tape Face how did he make the finale judges no need to name them one has no talent with a golden buzzer and can only say you need to vote next one a drama queen arms waving running around the place no need for it and here comes the dummy with no talent who gives you the dumb look trying to make a joke and the last one pushing people through who he wants in like your the next Taylor Swift if I was her I take AGT to court with a no talent contestant like her need to make changes in the judges and the fraud part dunkin save a huge fraud vote on the east coast pick a winner already how about the other time zones if they pick a different winner see what I mean a fraud how I take it the whole show one great big fraud and a big RIGGED - go to youtube and type in AGT IS RIGGED check out the comments
  • She didn't deserve to win

    I totally agree with all of the comments that I have read so far. The real culprit is Howie Mandel and he needs to go. He and Howard Stern pulled the same crap with Forte in 2013 after falling over backwards telling everyone how great they were. Heidi loved them, too. Then, at the end, Howie and Howard made a 180 and endorsed and encouraged other acts. In 2012 on Britain's Got Talent, Jonathan Antoine and Charlotte Jaconelli came in second behind a dog act. Simon said that he hadn't heard a voice like Jonathan's since Pavarotti, yet they lost. Thank God Collabro won in 2014 and the public got it right. I agree with all of those who said that Grace Vanderwaal had poor enunciation, no voice, strummed 3 notes on a ukulele, and I could hardly understand a word she was singing. She's not ready for the big stage yet and needs to mature, yet Columbia signed her??? Personally, I wanted Sal Valentinetti to win, loved Laura Bretan, Malevo, Linkenbridge, Sofi Dossi, and Viktor Kee. Light years better than Grace. The system is rigged coupled with the voters not recognizing true talent. She should have been out with the first five. Changing the judges isn't going to make a difference. It's all just good theater and hype. I may not watch anymore. This was the first one I followed from day 1 and not sure I will do it again.
  • Stormy Joe

    I will never watch this show again; Grace Vanderwall should never wan the show; I can think to at least 5 performances much better than hers.
  • This is a joke right?

    First Nick looked like an idiot 2nd He keeps touting the one million dollar prize. How about telling the sheepel it takes FORTY years to get the money 3rd Are you frigging kidding me Grace Vanderwall winning. I really ,used, to like this show but after this I'm turning in my Neilson box and I will never watch AGT again. You clowns just shot yourselves in the foot with this RIGGED vote
  • Extremely Disappointed

    I've watched AGT for years with my family and the finals were the most exciting part. This year's final results were by far the worst. Even the judges were shocked (watch their initial responses).

    In years past, I've seen acts make it to the finals by popular vote that weren't the best, but the acts that won were definitely the best. This year was not the case. Although Grace is very talented and has potential, she still has a lot of growing to do. Plus, I wouldn't spend the money in Vegas to watch her. Acts I would take a trip to Vegas to see are: Sal Valentinietti, Brian Crum, Viktor Kee, Sofie Dossi, the Clairvoyants, or Jon Dorenbos. I would've been happy if any of these came in 1st. Even my daughter who is a huge Taylor Swift fan, says Brian should've won. His performance far outshined Grace's.

    I think the judges (especially Howie & Simon) boosted Grace up too much and AGT placed her last in the line up so she would get the most votes. They seem to be only looking for who is gonna sign the biggest contract and bring in the most money for them in the future. It's a sad day and I am appalled at where this show is going. AGT will definitely lose many viewers and money.


    First of all, AGT should have CATEGORIES AND AGE GROUPS! Viktor and Sofie were so far above "Amazing Grace" (Gimme a Break) in class and talent that the so-called voting fix is transparent.

    But, why are we surprised that The Entertainment Industry would select a 12-YEAR OLD LITTLE GIRL? Yes, Viktor, that is how America rewards years and years of hard work, talent, sacrifice and creativity! Give honor to a little brat whose only response was "to get it over with". She even knew!

  • Turbin

    put the fake glasses with non-glare lenses back on. A turbin really?

    Worst to win since the chicken catcher. Grace can't sing an d her one syllable words get at least 4 syllables. Who the heck voted for her. She should have been gone after the first edition. So many other great talents that took years to accomplish and tricks that no one can do. Many people can sing so I think singing should have ist own show like the voice and leave AGT to those who have a talent. Simon must have had corn in his ears to put her through. Maybe she can try to sing at a county fair or carnival but who the hell is going to watch a no talent perform at the HARD ROCK CAFE. think this is the last season for me.
  • AGT winner

    Agree with the previous comments. Have watched from the beginning but after this year will not watch again. Judges are good but the direction it is going in is not to my liking.
  • Simon pre-picked this horrible winner

    From the very beginnining, Simon Cowell told the TV audience that this girl was the next Taylor Swift. He decided to steer audience opinion toward her from the get-go, and his fellow judges went along. It is clear to me that the show's judges and producers decide who will ... and who will not be Promoted and pushed forward on the show. Week after week, Grace was complimented by all the judges, even though her singing and her voice were poor. I suspect Simonl wanted to sign her up for a new music contract, and he had to make her popular, with all his compliments. Equally obviously, the other judges went along because AGT is first and foremost, a TV reality show seeking high ratings. To advance a cute 12 year old girl forward is good for ratings. Ditto for Tapeface. How he got past the 2nd audution let alone into the top 10, is only explanable if the show is rigged, and the producers decided to keep him in because he is a character. I don't for a minute believe that the voting audience chose him or her, on their own.
  • HUH? What happened?

    Cute young girl? Definitely a Yes.

    Can she sing? Well, there's the rub! It's SO hard to tell, because I could not understand but about 10 percent of the lyrics! So, if you cannot hear the lyrics ... well, she can't sing. From what I could hear, it was too 'squeaky' and the enunciation was just not worthy of a I can definitely say that of all the stand-alone singers, there were two stand-outs: Sal was clearly a true 'entertainer' in the Sinatra/Bennet/Martin/Connick/Williams/Davis Jr. mold and worthy of the title Even without the back-up orchestra(tion), a true 'voice' that needs to be heard. As for the young opera singer, Laura Breton, truly a great voice and a smashing personality ... we've not heard the last from her and I think she will go on to a bright singing future. The magicians were absolutely phenomenal ... I have a problem with clairvoyance, but they came over with poise and integrity, not to mention the 'showmanship' of their performances.

    Altogether a great season; but, I don't think that Grace was the best ... far from it.

    On another note, I think the show ought to kick Nick ... all those weird hairdos, glitzy shoes and, on the last show ... who the heck thought up that stupid headwear??? Further, if he couldn't read a prompter, he'd be clueless. Get someone in there that has a personality and brain. The producers need to keep in mind that the show is NOT about the judges or the 'host/announcer' ... we hear/see too much about them, and, frankly, I don't give a darn about them. And, on that note, I'm not particularly interested in the whole life-story about the contestants. Step up, identify yourself, perform, and leave the stage. The rest is up to the judges ... not sure the judges are playing with a full deck ... and the viewing audience/voters ... and, based upon this season's winner, not sure the viewing audience/voters have it all together either (full disclosure - we don't bother voting, so you can say we don't have any reason to complain) ... to me it's just another venue for entertainment (and, in this case, dissappointment), as opposed to enlightenment.

    Finally, the producers/engineers need to tone down the background music and spectaculars ... all of that aural/visual potpourri overpowers the performer(s) and renders them as also-ran's in a profusion of lights & sounds that really lends nothing to the performance. In-and-of-themselves, the spectaculars are ... well, spectacular and could stand-alone as entertainment. However, that's not why I watch the show. I want to see/hear/experience what the contestant has to offer and not the network producers, stage-craft engineers and choreographers!!! I'll give it one more season, and then fuggedaboudit.


  • America's Got Nerve

    I literally just saw three people on a rerun of Let's Make A Deal who had better acts then Grace Vanderwall. You cannot tell me the fix was not in for this child, whose singing you can't even understand, to win against so many more talented people. The other nine contestants gave one of the most spectacular finales of all time, and then the winner! What a disappointment! I think we deserve a recount.
  • What a disappointment

    I can't believe America voted for this.. There is NO way Grace should have, could have won without this being rigged.. The show just lost ALL of its creditability, there was so much better talent there. To have someone who you can't even understand, only knows 3 cords on her musical instrument, beat out the super magic acts, a very talented opera singer is unbelievable; in fact is just down right NOT possible.. Can we ask for a recount.. some one there really messed up on the votes, or there is a hacker who is LOL right now..
  • worst finale for a great show

    how in the world could Grace win against all of the incredible talent she was up against? This is not the first time this has happened on this show. I fully agree with all the negative reviews.

    This show is not about who is the most talented person at all. It is nothing but a popularity vote.

    And what is up with Nick Cannon and his clothes? and the so called million dollar prize that the show keeps plugging? I don't think anyone would hold on to an annuity for 40 years. It is a sham. I hope the show changes the way they do things before it self-destructs. Although they keep finding wonderfully talented people, the ending is almost always a let-down. It's a shame, and an insult to the other acts.
  • You've got to be kidding

    I watched a show the entire Summer for this ????? The least talented person is a winner, the talent was awesome any one of the last 20 finalists performed better. I never understood anything she sang other than I don't know ????? These are the same comments expressed by my friends. She was the obvious winner to the judges, by the hype she received from the media and the judges. Golden button ??? You've just lost several viewers.......
  • What is going on America...

    I have been a devotee of AGT since its inception and I'm now convinced that the rules need to be a 12 year old girl who can strum three chords on a Ukele and mumble some self-written words is the winner is beyond my comprehension.

    Bearing in mind the ultimate prize for the winner of this in America's Sin is time to impose an age limit of a minimum of 18 year to be considered.

    Also, there should be a time limit for judges to serve on the Howie Mandel believe he has a job for life...2 seasons is enough and then there should be change so that we do not have to suffer mindless comments and judges putting contestants through due to stupidity.

    Simon Cowell is part of a show called So You Think You Can Dance and the contestants have to be 18 to be able to qualify to be on the believe this summer they had a competition for those under 18, but that the prize and incentives were why can't he use his influence to impose these rules to AGT, he owns the show! compliments to the 8 non-winners (Tape Face is excluded) who thoroughly entertained us with their outstanding talent, and I look forward to following their fortunes in the world of for the winner (sorry, I can't bring myself to write her name) may she turn out to be a sweet women, a good wife and mother because she surely does not have the talent to be anything else.

    A few years ago Jackie Evancho was beaten by a Chicken Catcher who had no business on the stage.

    We have now trumped that. Other than 1 other pathetic act (Tape Face), any one of 8 other acts blew this winner away. Every time this young girl with her instrument would come on during the entire season, I would have to get up and leave the room because it was so bad I couldn't sit and watch. This is the same effect the transvestite comedian had on me. This show has such great potential but this year it made me sick.

    The winner can't play, can't sing and mumbles. I would be embarrassed to have this little girl represent AGT as the winner of this show and best talent in America. Good Luck to whatever venue is going to feature her in Las Vegas. If I ran the Casino where she is going to be, I would pay to have her stay home. What a Joke!!!

    You have to blame the judges. She should have been sent home initially but another no talent Howie Mandell pushed her along with his Tape Face and the Tranvestite Comedian. He really has a great eye for talent. He's lucky he has a job. He must have nude pictures of Simon.

    I play poker around the US and stop in Vegas twice a year. I always go to the shows. I went to Celine, Penn and Teller, Cirque de Soleil etc. What are they thinking with this no talent? When you play poker, everyone at the final table earns money. Perhaps they should adopt a policy and prize that all final contestants win money based upon their finish from 10 to 1 and then give them all a contract as one full show in Vegas. I would pay to see that and if there is an act you don't like, as in the case of Ms Vanderwalt it would be a good time to probably "Grace" the restroom.

    ONE LAST THOUGHT ... I THINK THE VOTING IS FIXED!!! It became quite evident in the last few shows. Judges falling all over themselves, feature spots on the advertisements. Can they all be stupid and deaf? (Perhaps Howie) It takes too much time to continue to watch and then have a moronic result like this. As much as I love the new talent, this may have ended my years of watching. What is the deal with the "Turban"? With all his money, can't he dress like he is from this planet?
  • So Disgusted

    So glad to read these reviews. I was disgusted that this no talent kid even made the final. Malevo would have taken her spot and put up a better show. I am so sorry for the 9 really good acts that deserved more. Simon, you are killing this show.
  • Talent contest not pity

    I also will never watch it again. Who paid the people who count votes? Who would pay money to see her do whatever. I have no idea what she was saying. Hope the show realizes they lost viewers when the sponsors see what we think. Taylor Swift give me a break. Not in the next decade. She will be upset with all negative response but that the chance you take. I am sure she will cry. If she goes on stage I am sure someone will say or do something and she won't be able to perform. That's managements negative no positive sponsors listen Was good till end then winner named terrible.

  • Absolutely DISGUSTED!!

    This is the worst injustice I have ever witnessed on AGT! Come has virtually NO talent. Guess she is just a cute little12 year old who wowed all of the kid fans who voted on their cell phones. Wake up, America. Where is she going to perform in Las Kiddie Land at Circus Circus?? I will never watch this show again. So much great talent and look who the winner was! Any one of the other acts were more deserving of this win. Shame on all of you who voted for Grace!!
  • Proof that America got it wrong!

    So very disappointing! I think that all the kids on YouTube voted for Grace Vanderwaal. I really don't see a Vegas act around her. I definitely see The Clairvoyants headlining in Vegas, or even Brian Justin I would have liked to have seen Viktor and Sofie do a show together! C'mon Vegas, get all of the truly talented in a combined show! The one consolation is that they all got exposure, and no doubt, we'll be seeing them again. I am so disgusted with the outcome of AGT, like so many of you, I too will not be watching any future AGT shows.
  • What happened??

    I nearly fell out of my chair when the zero talented ukele player actually made the final ten competitors. There were 20 more talented people than Grace with the crackly voice that you couldn't understand. Who voted? The same mindless people who voted for Obama. No more AGT for me!!!!!
  • SERIOUSLY!!! Out of all of the excellent talent and she wins!!!????

    Can you just see Grace doing a VEGAS headliner show? NOT. Can't understand the words to her songs, and she needs a few more years of clearing the raspy voice. She was NOT the most outstanding and best talent. This year's talent was AMAZING!!. She was not AMAZING. What is America thinking? Oh but wait, it was the little teens that clearly came to this rescue. So disappointing. I've been watching this show every year. Sorry, but this pathetic win lost my viewing for next year!
  • America Has Talent September 14, 2016

    I never do this, but I am taking the time. How did Grace win over these major artists who can go to Hollywood or Las Vegas now?? America got it WRONG!! they do not know how to judge, they are so wrong on this one. Grace should not have even been in top 10. Sweet girl, but she needs years to improve, the other candidates are already there. So that's it for me0 cannot watch this show anymore! Just like the stupid Americans voting for Trump! Really, yep, America does not know how to vote! Not watching the show anymore! Stupid voters, and I am an American.
  • W T F - Get New Voting Rules

    I turned it off before the end after they got rid of the card magician. What a disappointment. 7 out of those 10 were superb talent and yet were eliminated. Did not like the last two remaining. What a shame to have such great talent this year to have it end like this. You need to change the voting rules. I think there was voter fraud. You need to do a recount. Something smells fishy. I whole heartily agree with all the statements before me.
  • Judge Fixed Results

    Can't believe that Howie shifted results to a 12 year old who can't win a 10 year old talent contest.

    Maybe he is looking for spot on the Vegas show!

    Fantastic performers kicked off for a kid who has NOOO Talent at all.

    Done with this show. Simone you really blew this show.

  • Total Deception

    They choose a little brat who can't play guitar and has the voice of a smoker who can not sing over Don, The Clairvoyant Spie and Victor Kee, comme on what an extremely poor choice of pitee from one of the judge. without the golden buzzer she would have defenitly got thrown out after 2 rounds. Any of the 4 or five i have choosen could fill a room in Vegas for months but not that 'BRAT' GRACE, WHO CANNOT SING AND SOUNDS LIKE A SMOKER WITHOUT A VOICE WHO CA ALSO NOT PLAY THE GUITAR, What a shame on America. If Canada could vote she wouldn't have got 1 fuc!!! vote. If i could score mine would be -10
  • Comment about winner selection process for: Grace Vanderwaal

    Are you kidding me allowing a 12 year old kid to star in Las Vegas, where the show girls appear nude on stage. You need to establish a 18 year age minimum limit in order to be eligible for first the first place. Hey, you even have to be 18 years of age or older to see a show in Las Vegas. This time all my friends and I totally disagree with the America's Got Talent winner selection process.
  • You call that a finale'??

    What a lousy ending!! A no talent 12 year old kid wins?? REALLY?? So much better talent for sure, definately a Vegas act, Brian, Jon, the Clarevoyants?? Very disappointed in AGT!! Not sure I'll watch another season if this is the kind of endings there will be!!

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