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  • Judges, grow up!

    Here are two very excellent suggestions. The first is in the title. Judges, grow up. "Inside jokes" and throwing drinks at each other is infantile behaviour and only takes away from the show itself. Also wasting a Wildcard vote that could have given a good act a second chance just to get back at Simon is both ridiculous and unfair.

    Another suggestion. Get rid of the "you can save one" segment. America has already voted and due to the time difference, only those in the East are able to vote again. The overnight votes are all that are needed. Why stretch it out?

  • Dunkin save 8/31/16

    This discusses me.. Serious a person with a piece of stupid black duct tape over their mouth vs a beautiful sounding family singing! Thats why our world is so messed up. Im done with agt
  • Mel B Must Go!!!

    Mel B must go next season! I am sick of her waving her arms & hands all the time to show off her extravagant nails & all of her "bling", not to mention her loud laughing, screaming & hitting on Simon & Howie like a young schoolgirl. Her choice of wardrobe is ridiculous too--showing her boobs all the time & wearing micro-mini skirts. It is supposed to be a family show! Her accent is very annoying, as well, & I feel she puts a lot of that on. She is really a "show-off" & I hope she is replaced next season.
  • has happened to u?

    I really like Nick and think he is good at his job! But his fro hair and his pimp looking gold sports coat ( that's tooo small) have got to GO! He had a clean cut GQ look last year, with his close cut hair before... Not now!!!! Get it together Nick or you will get buzzed!!!
  • Heidi'so Bow and Mel B' NO

    bow has got to go. You are beautiful and that bow was distractingly annoying and negative. You can do better.

    Mel constant hand and arm movements are constant and over the top. You talk too loud, too much and repeat the same 'catch phrases' for many different acts. Ease up.

    Love the show but the over production of some acts actually takes away from them.
  • Nicks Ding-a-ling is showing

    what 's the problem with Nick's suits he looks like a Geek or PeeWee Herman , also his penis is showing . this is a family show pg not r . seriously who is dressing him , come on folks get the suits to fit him he looks like a clown . " the return of Urkel
  • stacked donuts

    thought it REALLY unfair that right right right after seating the 3 acts asked to be voted on (Sal seated in front) , the Dunkin Donuts lounge scenes featured 25 straight seconds of Sal including Heidi and Mel praising and fawning all over him, and maybe a fraction of a second even showing the other two. They can't foresee Sal'd be in the group, but anyone can foresee bias
  • Nick C.

    Nick Cannons suits look two sizes too small. Nice big fat phone in his front pocket. I am not a fan of his cornrows and baby bun.
  • AGT live show

    I enjoy AGT, but I think they are over productionalize the live shows.
  • Get Politics out of TV Entertainment!!!

    Why can't movies, TV shows, and award shows would leave out politics?!! I want to be entertained and not have to see actors and writers spilling their political views? Their main job is to entertain!!!

    I think the AGT show producers leave that Laura girl on demonstrates to me they are voicing their political leaning. No surprise on which political party the producers support. The Dunkin Save votes last night is rigged to give her the most votes, over Hara? Really? Wow, talk about desperate attempt!!

    Note to AGT: As I like the performers in next week's competition I will watch it one last time and that is it. Another show not to watch. Pretty soon I will be leaving the TV off and do more reading and exercising. Which is probably better for me.
  • Tape face Terrible

    The tape face guy is terrible. Not talented at all. I don't think it is fair to other contestants that they do not give his name, and he is not allowed to talk. I can't believe he was voted to stay. Also, the Laura girl comedian is terrible. Not funny at all. Who would go to Las Vegas to watch them?
  • Instruments are too loud!

    When they get the "lives" singers are drowned out by the music
  • To the young comedian

    You are on "America's" got talent" Half of the "Americans" are CONSERVATIVES and will not vote for you.
  • This is not "America's Got a Bunch of People WATCHING Talent"

    I'd like AGT to know how disruptive it is to constantly break away from the performance to show judges, audience members, and contestants hanging out off stage. It not only breaks the momentum but also causes the television viewers to miss parts of the performance. The acts are given such a short time for their performance and I consider it extremely poor production and editing to take the focus off of the performer during his/her/their performance. The judges get to say what they thought of it afterwards so we don't need to see their reaction during. We the viewers are part of the audience ... we want to see the performers, not some comment or expression from someone in the studio audience or waiting off stage, particularly since some of that looks like creative editing anyway. This is America's Got Talent, not "America's Got a Bunch of People Watching AGT ... please fix this problem.
  • The show has gone downhill, in my opinion

    I've decided not to watch anymore. I don't like the way they interrupt the performances with flashes to the judges, crowd, etc. It's so distracting and I don't remember it being this bad.
  • subjective but...

    Agree that Rubix should have gone through, but I also liked the comedian. Could have gotten rid of the contortionist or the knife throwers before him! Each one of their acts will be the same - one wiggling his belly and folding into a pretzel and the other will consist of him throwing knives at her, again. Would have rather seen the little girl that rapped go thru than the black lady that I don't even remember what she sang. Oh well what do I know!
  • What a robbery!

    I have never written something like this but the rubix cube guy was FLAWLESS! Impossible you guys voted him off! Was by far the most technically difficult and most precise act that night. What a robbery... Howey you and the rest of the judges were wrong! He deserves to be moved on!
  • Bring back Steven Brundage!!

    So disappointed in judges to cut him. He is so much better than others. My jaw dropped. He is one of the best! Please bring him back. Thank you.
  • Disappointed

    Bogus rubix cube dude n rl should have been sent thru over the weird guy that does the belly thing disappointed even the old man / lady I think should have been sent home she's not bad but I don't think you need to be on agt at 69 and exactly how could u send him her whatever over rubix cube guy????!!! I also think they should make it where if the golden buZzer is hit 7 should still go through
  • Bring back Rubix cube!

    I loved watching this guy perform! Held my attention from beginning to end. Sooo talented and deserved to go through. Hope one of the judges choose him as their bring back.
  • Rubix cube dude over comedy lady

    The rubix cube dude was way better than the comedy really disagrees with the judges with there choices on some of the disappointed in the choices...
  • Rubics Cube Guy Was a MUST

    He was my favorite performer. Huge mistake.
  • comedian over rubic bad decision

    That was the worst decision I've ever heard of. Our whole family was shocked when judges picked the comedian over the rubeck cube magician. That man has so much more talent than she did. We were amazed at his talent he was so good. I would pay to see him before her. She isn't that funny at all. Judges made a big mistake. That poor man was so hurt by your decision too. I can only imagine how he feels to loose to that act. I'm so disappointed in that decision. Hope judges realize what a mistake they made. Rating just dropped 2 points for me.
  • Judging Is All Wrong

    Judging shld not be pit up against each u hv 6 acts left u pick the worst 2 of all of themTHIS kind of judging is gunna cause me to quit watching America's Got Talent because it is NOT Fair judging
  • judges lost minds?

    how could the judges pick the elderly lady comedian as having more talent than the rubics cube dude?!! He was great and his act thoroughly entertaining and requires so much more talent than telling jokes! shame on them!
  • This Show is nothing but a JOKE

    Some of the acts of course are great. My favorite is the golden buzzer winner, Grace that sings and plays her song I Don't know My Name! She's amazing! But the way the show works is pretty dumb.

    I have a friend, Chris LaRose who auditioned. He is an amazing musician. You can check him out on either YouTube, his Facebook page or Google chrislarosemusic.

    He is incredible. More so than any of the contestants I seen on all 6 episodes of auditions..

    He had his first audition in front of the producers but they never called him back. He found out some things about the show though that boggled my mind. For example; they have someone that only auditions bad acts. What? Stupid. So pretty much it's all for show and people with real talent are just being shooed away.

    I don't even think I'll watch the show again. America's Got Talent is a joke people! Booooo!

    Go Chris LaRose! Your better than this show. WAY BETTER.

    End rant.
  • Biased against dancers

    Show the dance acts for their entire performances! Judges comment on how amazing a dance act is, and we get to see more of the judges reacting than the dancers singers get their entire song shown. Singers win because they get more screen time.

    Nice seeing Simon on the show and dropping the ever horrible Howard Stern. Now, do us all a favor and drop the black version of Ryan Seacrest. Nick is horrible, useless and what drives me the most crazy is the pointless cuts to him during performances to see his even more useless reactions. DROP NICK.. he SUCKS!
  • Annoying!!!

    The first episode I've seen was this new season first auditions. Not only the acts are terrible, but the music playing in the background while the judges talk is EXTREMELY annoying. It makes it hard to hear the judges and it's just plain annoying in general. Will not be watching again. Maybe when the show actually starts off I'll try it again. Till then, terrible terrible show.
  • 2016 best and worst

    Best: No Howard Stern

    Worst: incessant panning to he host backstage. We watch for talented contestants, NOT some silly host dancing and gyrating in the wings!
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