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  • America's Got Popularity and Sobby Stories

    Picture yourself watching American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance and Last Comic Standing all at the same time paired with other unusual quirks and the rare but pleasant "hippie BS".

    That's the problem, it's too much like those shows like some spoiled appetizer sampler. I want to see unique talent, not what America can gaga over because of some appearances or whatever sad story to boast their fame. That's the direction I feel this show is going in, like a hybrid mainstream showdown / feel-good crap. They really haven't had any worthwhile winner for three seasons straight.
  • America's Got Talent

    This is Howard Stern's first year as a judge. How come Howie and Sharon are relenquishing so much to him? He seems to think he is the judge-in-chargel. He hasn't earned that much control. I miss Howie being the most dominant judge. It feels VERy incomfortable to watch as Howard takes charge! Was he hired to dominate Howie and Sharon?????????
  • AGT Judges Blew It Sending Andrew Home

    Judges sent a diamond-in-the-rough super talent, Andrew, home. Unbelievable. Bring him back and let AMERICA decide! Not half as interested in the show now. I did like Howard Stern, though. I think he's funny. Unless they bring Andrew back--not much point in watching anymore.
  • "Big Barry" Really?

    I used to love the show, but after watching tonight, it may be over for me. You sent REAL talent home and kept crap like "Big Barry" REALLY? You crushed dreams for some and wasted a spot on someone you already know isn't going to make it; you should be ashamed of yourselves!
  • The Judges Have No Talent!

    How is it that the 3 people on the judge's panel are "qualified" to judge talent??? Shouldn't they have talent of their own in order to judge someone else?
  • Contestant's Age Should be 18+ for this show!

    The age limit for participation in America's got Talent should be 18+. I will not go into detail with regards to a certain episode but fans of the show will remember a child who got very upset when losing and began to cry. Getting very tired of watching kids giving the judges harsh looks, tears welling up in their eyes etc. It makes the evening very tough and stressful for the judges having such young participants. It puts the judges in a very tough spot. I am sure they feel awful watching a child cry, along with the attending audience and the television audience. I watch the show to feel good, to laugh, to enjoy my evening, not to feel sad and watch a child cry. Children should not be on a show with adults. Even if just for the fact some of the contestants can be a bit risque and children should not be viewing those acts. It is America's got Talent NOT Tiny Talent Time!
  • Howard Stern FTW !

    I just love Howard Stern, love his personality, you just gotta admit his comments are awesome. He's sarcastic, ironic and mean most of the time, just like Piers was, and that's what makes this show funny, if he were like all respectful the show would be really boring. I hope Howard stays on the show for many more seasons. I also love Sharon, she's fabulous and beautiful. Howie is just meh!
  • Howard Stern? Really?

    Having been a follower of your program from the onset, I must admit to being surprised by your selection for a new judge. The word "family show" combined with the name of Howard Stern is a oxymoron. His sexist personality and foul mouth that has made him notable is not consistant with your other judges, not to mention he has absoutly no knowledge of talent above the gutter level. I will not watch this season and I will use all of my ability to spread my opinon to as many people as I can.
  • Great for entertainment!

    People of ages and performing acts come on this show! It's neat to see what people can perform these days, whether it be in groups or an individual. What gets to me is the stage! Powerful, fun, and a big wow from me!
  • WAY better than American idol


    Way better than American Idol. OK i would just like to say this show is awesome. instead of singing you've got dancing, singing, juggling, danger acts, comedians and MUCH MORE! I love this show very much. Americas got talent is kind of self explanitory and that's all you can describe it so overall 10/10.

  • Awesome Show!


    This show is cool. I love Howie and Piers going at it all the time... they're hilarious.. This season has been extremely good for some reason. I love everything about this show..real talent is hard to find and there is too many people out there famous for no talent!

  • How is this a talent show when every year the same act wins?


    America's Got Talent was a great reality show at first,however,has gone downhill faster than a cheetah running from California to Florida. AGT is talent show where people come there to be stars in Vegas. It was a good idea at first,but here's the problem: None of the good acts win. I mean,every year,a singer wins. I mean,I don't hate singing acts,but seriously,why do the good acts get eliminated first on the season finale. For example,last year,a group named Fighting For Gravity,and I loved them,but they got eliminated over Michael Grimm,a guy who didn't even deserve to win. Prince Poppycock got eliminated too,and despite the fact he was a singer,his fashion designs were great. It happened the past 2 years after that,where two acts named Nuthin But Strings and Recycled Percussion lost over two singers. Even I found the Founding Fathers who are singers great and I also loved Future Funk. Seriously,is this America's Got Talent,or is this American Idol? A ventriloquist won on the second season,but he was the only one who won that didn't have a singing act. As for the judges,They are just recycled versions of American Idol judges. Pier is nothing more than a rip-off of Simon,but instead of being a great judge who is a jerk,he is just wrong at times. Sharon is like Paula,but doesn't say good things on the terrible acts. Howie is the only good judge who is like Randy,but doesn't street talk all the time. And I can agree with him at times. As for the host Nick Cannon,he is a hilrailous judge who shouldn't stop. Now the only reason I still watch America's Got Talent is to see the gross stunts and the jaw-dropping acts. However,even they don't even make the cut,like the guy who lit his crotch,and even Howie was right about him. Overall,America's Got Talent was a great reality show at first,but went downhill as the siners who have no talent win,and all of the good acts lose. Please,they better not do the same thing this year.

  • America's got "singers"??

    What's the deal with a talent show where only Singers win, in America?

    Didn't yet finished season 4, but all the other seasons (1,2,3,5), (yes, including the ventriloquist singer of season 2) were all won by a singer.

    This may look like a little issue, but when you think of it, it spoils all finales tensions, making this show less interesting to watch more you tend to reach the end.

    I checked many other "Got Talent" shows from Europe and Asia, and I can tell you that not only there are far superiors talent in Europe, but also, the winners are truly diverse and do not focus on just "Singers".

    Is it that Americans cannot appreciate any other talent then singing? (That they even make a ventriloquist win, just because he can sing?)

    And what is even more ironic is that the real Genius Talent Who deserved to win by singing which is Jackie Evancho saw her first prize stolen by a pale imitation of Bruce Springsteen.

    So not only America can't differ any other talent then singing, but they can't even do it right?
  • Is it a talent show or a fools are us show??

    I don't feel that they are using their brains on the talent. They are letting crackpot talent through! Who in their right mind is going to pay for a show in Vegas staring Zuperstars? That show is making me believe it is completely fake and I turned it off last night to watch something else after I seen they kept them corny looking no talent fools! Unbelieveable they kicked 21 girls off that could dance for some moronic childish idiots.....What are they all drinking now? I see that David has alot of influience on the drinking of the judges on that show. I refuse to watch the show anymore this season! I will attempt to watch it next season till I feel they are promoting ignorance and not talent then I will change the station thank god for cable and 250 channels! Keep in mind it is America's got talent not America's got ignorance!
  • I initially liked this program. But this year it has become a joke. Morgan and Osborne are pretty much right on.As for the "hoff", his ability to judge talent is summed up by, It takes none to know none.

    They keep saying things like, you are very good, but just not a Vegas headline act. Still they continue to pass through "sentimental favorites". Last nights show was especially annoying. The transvestite, the tapping dads, the fiddle playing rappers, please, spare us. Is this what they call million dollar talent? I can't believe that anyone would pay Las Vegas show prices to see these acts. And the 4-year old that sang "A Wonderful World"? Sure, she was cute, darling and sweet, but certainly not a headline act. Morgan and Osborne are usually fairly straight-forward, although occasionally guilty of gratuitas sentimentality. What I can't take is Hasselhoff's, "You really nailed it, That's what this show is about or You make America proud" when talking about mostly average talent. As far as "Hoff" is concerned, his ability to judge talent is summed by, It takes none, to know none.
  • Why???

    Thats all i want to know...why?? every single season this show tries something new and 9 times out of ten it will end badly last year the focus was on the "fits of the judges and wouldnt you know it people didnt want to see it!!! people dont watch this for the bickering they watch it to see some good acts. I believe the year before was the year of the "forth judge" where the audience would go into crazed unbelievable fits, ie: remember that singer that had damaged his voice? two seconds in TWO they were booing....that doesnt make much seance and it made even less sense seeing as he was one of the better singers on the show that year, simply pointless. Add now this year is the worst. were barely in and they are already doing something dumb, sending acts away once they get there. Why even send them to Vegas in the first place??? Oh and now these new episodes are just them coming in and talking to the judges to see if they advance, what rubbish i remember that not too long ago they actually had to perform in order to move on, so there was practically no use for these episodes, just to fill in more time, we dont want to watch an hour of people standing around waiting to be told if they go on, we want them to perform so we can judge for ourselves. Now i can understand that not every act can go through, i do. but to send some of the most ridiculous acts in through instead of actual talented people is the most insane thing ive seen, how can they choose a yodeling dominatrix in over the obviously more talented and more fun to watch illusionist that was sent home right away? decisions like that have turned me off this show, i doubt ill watch the rest of this season now, maybe the last show to see who got through but i doubt i will watch this show again. Given the shows obvious talent it is surprising that they need to try to make it into such a drama fest, but thats tv now and days i guess cant just have good acts competing now can we? nope gotta throw in some bad ones so people will watch anyways dont even bother if you've missed some of the shows, there are far better things on tv
  • Americas Got talent, oh no! This is America has the worst Judges and we have a a little talent and a little worst of the worst mixed in just for fun. The producers think its fun to mess with the public!

    This show should be called America's Got Jokes. Sharon, worst Judge in the world. Pierce is the only sane person, and Howie just gives into Sharon. Really... who in America can watch a 75 yr old for an hour whistling or listen to a man and a harmonica. If you suck you suck don't let them move on. Have a standard and the producers have just let the show go to ka put! Talent really... what about all the acts who really had talent, talent that America really would enjoy. I know maybe all these kind of show should let Bad dancers on or maybe really Bad singers on like "So you think your could dance" or "American Idol", that's why your this show will be CNX'd very soon.
  • I really like America's Got Talent. I have always wanted to be on America's Got Talent since I was like 5 (I'm 11)

    America's Got Talent is a funny show were people that think they have talent go on to show there talent. Sometimes they have alot of talent and sometimes they dont. The judges buzz you out if they think your bad. I wish I could go on America's Got Talent. It would be so much fun. Whenever there is a new one on I watch it. Ameerica's Got Talent is my best T.V Show ever. It's my favorite. If I had to rate it from 1-10 I would rate it 10,000! Howie is really awesome and so is Sharon. Piers is cool but I think he is a little mean. Nick is awesome, he is a really funny host, I like it when he goes on stage with the performers. Like when Nick danced with the really old dude that was like 73. Overall it's the awesomest show in the world. I would love to be on America's Got Talent, for singing.
  • The show panders to the lowest common denominator, attention span disorders, and lousy camera work.

    I really don't mind the horrendous amateur acts that are the comedy counterpoint. It takes guts and a mad sense of self importance, such as the contestant who read poetry (bad). But the jump cuts, lousy camera work and the reaction shots of the commentator are just amateurish and annoying.

    The few decent acts that were given a brief snippet may have been edited to generate buzz. But I am starting to think that buzz is snoring.

    One dancer / acrobat was shot from so many dizzying angles, that half the time, you could not see his lower half, garbed in black pants. Who is doing such a lousy job as director? OMG - this show once had my rapt attention, years past (Ah Bianca!). Now, I use my trusty PVR to leap past the putrid points as fast as possible. But I watch an hour episode in less than 5 minutes, now. It's starting to become a waste of time to bother with it.

    AGT is swiftly becoming America's Got Taken, and the quality is as low as the budget. Do I see the shark jumping in the distance?

    Back to the internet...
  • America's Got Talent

    Summary: America seeks the best talent in the country. The winners so far are Bianca Ryan, Terry Fator, and Neal E. Boyd.

    Season 2: 9.5/10
    Season 3: 9.0/10
    Season 4: 10/10

    Overall: 10/10

    Opinion: I really enjoy keeping up with this show. The current season, season 4, is great and has so much talent. My favorite this season (and quite possibly ever in the show), Barbara Padilla, is a female opera singer. I really like the judges Piers Morgan and David Hasslehoff, although I have mixed feelings about Sharon Osbourne. This series continues to impress me. I continue to look forward to new episodes.
  • Could use some fine-tuning

    It's always a joy to watch the common everyday person rise to fame; it makes us believe we can succeed too. This show can make or break, with its lack of age limit (everyone can participate), every participant has the chance to be famous and show off their talent, regardless of age. The elderly dancer is already WAY better than me, and the comedian had awesome material. The young Hawaiian singer has amazing potential, as well as the 14 year old girl who had a powerful voice.

    What I like about this is that this isn't predictable: appearances can fool and impress. I find it exciting to find out what they can do. In every audition, there is always at least one person who blows everyone away.

    Judges are also great, all of them are lively and professional (if you agree). However, I don't really follow on their choices for each act: sometimes they approve acts that are mundane, stupid, and don't deserve it when other wonderful acts that are awesome aren't approved. However, I find that the major flaw in this show is the editing. In the successful people montages, they cut the parts I want to see as a whole act. Also, it's annoying when the camera flashes to Nick Cannon every few seconds in the act: he's a good lively host but just let us see the act interrupted and I'll be happy.

    america's got talent is a funny show when you are at the beginning man the people who think have talent(and don't) are so funny to watch and ruin their dreams of making it.:) then when you get closer it is a little boring cause all have talent so you change the channel more often like me. some of these people have amazing talents and it's great to know that we are noemal like everyone esle.this show is good as well cause you see kids' "being forced" to sing and make it i never saw one fail this season i want the judges to ruin their dreams its funnier(sorry for being mean)or am i? My secret is the couple that made it (dave and zoey) dave is dave paris, how i know this, he's my 8 grade liteary teacher! and the guy who dropped his ring on the brooklyn bridge(search man who dropped ring on brooklyn bridge)he's my social studies teacher im not lying 8 grade as well.AMAZING TEACHERS NO
  • AGT is a great show, with uexpecting things that happen.

    AGT is one of them shows that you just can't grab hold of sometimes, meaning sometimes the show is good the other time it is not, all depending on the performances in the night of the show. When you watch the show sometimes you will be like WOW and other times you will be like BOO, depending on wether the performance is bad or good. The show is all about talent, people performing their talents in front of the world to win 1 mil and a chance to perform in vegas. I would reccomend this show to anyone who likes reality shows, and shows like American Idol (its created by Simon Cowell, AI judge)
  • Terry Fator was the best winner.

    America's got Talent is a very decent show. I think that it catches too much flack for being "similar" to American Idol. While there are some similarities, the basics are different in a way that lets contestants on AGT to provide their audience with more than just a musical act. My favorite winner had to be Terry Fator. He was by far the most talented of any contestant on AFT of American Idol. How many people are great ventriloquists and impersonators? Terry Fator was the best act and the most entertaining on either show and it just so happens he was on AGT. Thank you.
  • I have to say I love AGT. Some of the variety acts are absolutely hilarious, some intentionally, most not. My only real critisism of the show is the inclusion of singers. We already have Idol for that.

    The variety of AGT is astounding and to me it is the biggest draw of the show. You just never know what you are going to get. From magicians to people in big rubber zoo animal suits, there is something to make us laugh, cry or both at the same time. As I mentioned in my summary, the only downside of the show for me is the inclusion of the singers, which completely takes away a lot of the "fun factor". Singing talent is already catered for elsewhere and although obviously singing in itself is a talent, I really don't think there should be a place for it. The last series of AGT exactly makes my point. Out of the last ten acts, nine of them were singers and although one of the nine was a Frank Sinatra impersonator, he was still a singer nonetheless. The variety just wasn't there, which I thought made for a poor semi final & final. I think it's time to drop the singers and make the show about pure variety acts, rather than turning it into another version of American Idol. Other than said critisism, it's great unadulterated family entertainment
  • Could be a little better! Still love it.

    This is a really good show to watch and it has a lot of cool talent and funny people that think they are good but they suck, i think that this show should only be about talents not singing that is so stupied go to american idol for real that made me so made the person that won this season he sucked he is pretty much yealling with a tone that is all there were way better people on there then him i think any way but i really love to watch this show it is a good show to watch to laugh with a friend and family.
  • A rip off!!!

    Let me see if I have this basics of this show right. A group of quasi celebrities watch and judge a contestants in a talent show. The judges can stop any off these "acts" at any time if they become unbearable. Why does this sound SO familiar? Oh, I know. I just discribed The Gong Show. Simon just forgot to throw in some "joke" acts and get the pannel drunk befor taping. What's next Mr. Cowell, a game show where you ask recently married couples questions to see how much they know about each other? I hope that Chuck Barris is getting some sort of royalty from NBC and Simon Cowell for completly ripping of his show. If he isn't he should sue both of them ASAP.
  • Not as bad as I thought it was, but still not great.

    At first glance this show just totally turned me off. I watched an episode last year and immediatly deemed it was the stereotypical "reality" show that everyone seems to hate. Because of the lack of shows at the moment, though, I started watching a few more episodes and it isn't half bad. It provides some entertainment, some comedy, and some talent. The bad thing about this show is that it's outshined by other reality television competitions like "American Idol", "So You Think You Can Dance", "America's Best Dance Crew", etc. Also, some of the people on this show who have reached the top 20, or even the top 10, aren't that talented. But still, for the mediocre concept of the show, it manages to pull in a fairly large amount of viewers, and keeps people entertained.
  • Windellm's review is right on. I hope someone from the show reads this.

    They are not doing their contestants justice and it can hurt them and their chances of getting votes. The Wright Kids have lots of music added to their performance which makes them appear better than they are. The choreography is absolutely horrible. "Sinatra's" dancers were unrehearsed and detracted from his performance. And it was unfair that Paul couldn't hear his music and that's why he appeared to be singing off key. But the music and sound really needs improvement. My husband and I sat there in disbelief that the sound could be so bad on a national television show. American Idol and the Rock Star Shows (Inxs?) have them beat by miles. No Emmys for music production on this show.
  • America's Got Talent is a very entertaining television program. I enjoying watching the program but it has some problems with the sound system. . I have watched the program on 4 occasions and this is the first time I have really noticed this problem.

    The problem occurs especially when the contestants use the wireless mike . The problem was noticed severally on the Sept. 9th program. The bass and treble ratio was very wrong with adequate bass but too little treble. Not only that but the reverb was extreme on the single vocalists. The words in at least 3 performances were unintelligible. This mistake really is a negative reflection on the contestants concerning their perceived quality. The sound team really needs to be critiqued on their pre-program preparation because this is a direct reflection on the directors efficacy. My personal opinion is " the program would have been at least 30% better with the proper sound setup.
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