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  • Let Down & Disappointed

    Very disappointed Grace won, given the superior talent of the other acts. John has huge talent and a very inspirational message - love him. Victor was outstanding and made juggling mesmerizing and mysterious. Loved Sal's voice and showmanship. I don't think the younger voters appreciate his style. He's such a natural with the audience. He'd be perfect in Vegas and so would the Clairvoyants. I could not understand Grace's words and don't believe a 12 yr old belongs in Vegas.

    As for the judges, the water throwing got really old. Thought if Mel B. throws water one more time, I'm changing the channel. Also, not such skimpy dresses. Don't need those to look sexy and elegant! I really enjoy AGT, but this year felt let down and disappointed!

    How could Grace win this year? You can't understand what she is singing about, her voice is weak and the judges are calling her America's sweetheart !! This is the first time ever that I have really disliked the winner. I just can't believe that she actually won! Almost any other top ten finalist would have been a better choice except for Tapeface, which I thought was stupid. Unbelieveable. Plus how is a 12 year old going to headline a show in Vegas? Doesn't she have to go to school? I'm never buying any of her records, that's for sure.
  • Are you kidding me?

    Grace was horrible and had no business winning. You couldn't even understand what she was singing. Golden Buzzer, really???? She should have been sent home after the first round. This shows that a knife was put in all the talented losers backs, a total insult to the real talent. 12 year old in Vegas, you in their right mind would even pay to see that show? The show is a scam and then some. Totally disgusted with the outcome and will never watch this show again. Do you think the VOICE would have even turned their chairs, heck NO!!!!
  • What a Travesty!

    I too cannot believe that a young girl whose words you couldn't even understand could win!! What the heck is wrong with PEOPLE??? The BEST singers got voted off (I was in SHOCK) and the "football player"/magician .... they were SO GOOD ... as were The Clairvoyants! Even the judges were stunned. This GIRL ... despite her purported talent .... did not deserve to win, let alone be given an act in Vegas. Something is terribly wrong here!!!
  • AGT Silliness Never Ends

    Grace must have pictures of some NBC executives. She is a perfectly nice girl, but I was thinking of the "Emperor's New Clothes" story watching the judges slobber over her. She has no performing talent, couldn't understand half the words, and her ukulele playing was really elementary. Not one of the judges could say that they couldn't see how she got through even the first round?

    Before the Finals, my wife -- who also can't understand why she was even in the competition -- said she was going to win, because the disconnect between her performance and the judges' reaction was so stark that it had to have been rigged.

    Great piece here that says AGT has had this problem before (but couldn't make it work): uberthoughtsusa [dot] blogspot [dot] com/2014/09/americas-got-talent-it-just-mixes-it-up
  • Winner 2016(rating was a 10 now a 3)

    I am very dissapointed in this show. I dont know who is voting but everyone i talk to didnt vote for her and cant understsnd how in the world she won. The name of the show is AGT and while Grace has some talent to write her own song or play an instrument her singing ability is not up to par. I had a very hard time understanding certain words she was saying and i kept rewinding it back to listen again. But even if i heard every word it is still not a million dollar act. I would never go to Vegas and say I want to watch a 12 year old girl sing for an hour, but i definitely would have went to see the Clairavoyants. Now that is entertaining. It is definitely a Vegas act and what most people would want to see. The bottom line it was just a talent show that might be one thing but to be a headliner in Vegas she should not have won. I love this show and have watched it for years and in the past years my favorite person may not have won, but at least i could still look at the winner and say i could still understand why they won. This i do not understand. Makes you wonder if the voting us rigged.
  • Done with this show!

    I am very, very disappointed with this show. This show is supposed to be about talent! Hello America Grace can not sing. You can not understand her words. Brian and Sal were a thousand times better than her. Brian should have won this whole thing. The best part is Brian and Sal will make it in show business and Grace will not. She has had her 15 minutes of fame. This show is fixed and Simon should be ashamed of this outcome. I will not watch this show again.
  • What the Hell America?

    Very dissatisfied and disappointed with America. I can't believe people would vote for a young girl who croaks. Howie I'm very disappointed you chose her for your golden buzzer. This has to be rigged. Las Vegas is an adult town. There is a reason why they call it Sin City. This is not Disneyland. Brian Justin Crumm should have won hands down. His voice is beautiful, blows you away, and can break glass. People are not going to spend money to watch a hour or so of her strumming her ukulele and sounding like a frog. America must be tone deaf. Worst finale results ever.
  • Is this Show Rigged?

    How come I can't find the vote totals on the internet? Are they not published? It makes me wonder especially after Grace won the show. I have nothing against Grace, but when she gets into the real world and nobody will pay to see this no talent youngster perform for what a 2 hour show, are you kidding me. Her career will crash and then she will get really hurt. It would have been better to dump her in the beginning and wait till she develops some talent. It isn't going to be pretty.

    So why doesn't AGT publish the vote totals? Could it be they would then be liable for fraud if proven wrong?

    Makes you wonder.

  • America's got talent

    Omgggg America has the stupidest frisk in people in the world. I will never watch this show again after all these yrs. That girl who can not sing or play ukulele beats out all that talent are you kidding me. I am ashamed n embarrassed to be an American. I remove myself from the idiots who voted that girl as number one talent omg. Well an awakening sadly will come soon to the sweet girl. I live in vegas n trust me. Planet Hollywood has two rooms to play in. One is Britney Spears n one is a tiny Lil room hidden upstairs in back. Holds maybe 100 people. This is Vegas... she will be put back there n not even fill it up. They will can her in a month tops. I feel sad for what it may do to her. Better she saves the post tax winnings for education.
  • Middle America has done it again

    Grace should of not even of been in the top,10. Like othershows middle America votes and incredible talent goes home. I personally think that Brian Justin Crum should of taken the whole thing but a child with every little talent took the whole thing. I hope she uses the money for college because she's not going to make it in the music industry. Epic Fail the opera girl was much better and I'm not into Opera but she had talent. Not into magic but at least the second place couple had a better show. Who the hell is going to pay to see her in Vegas, Not Me. Just wrong



    Unbelievable that a 12 year old who sounds like every other one on the radio won this thing - with all the amazing talent that was on that show - people who deserved it - worked all their life - just shocking ....... Brian an amazing singer - Sal who would rock Vegas, Victor T AMAZING talent a real Vegas show - the clairvoyants and Jon - such great talent - and then we have a 12 year old who you cannot even understand her words - who has her whole life ahead of her - all I can say is no justice - very disappointing to watch the entire season to end like
  • I agree RIGGED

    I realllllllllllly don't like Grace either it has to be rigged for the people who don't like Grace. She wasn't better than The Clairvoyants or John. I won't be watching AGT anymore it's to rigged

    I reallllllllly don't like this Grace Vanderwhal (My family calls her Grace gag-er-whale)

    She is like... 12.... I've heard much better singers at school. she isn't better than steven brundage, but she's in the finals and he's not. the weird Victor guy sucks too. I hate them all and if Grace Vanderwhal wins im moving to Canada.
  • Totally rigged

    When it was down to choosing between Viktor and Stephen; the show was totally rigged. Stephen deserves to be in the Finale a lot more than Viktor. I am extremely disappointed with the decision between those two.
  • Is america high?!?!

    So Jayna Brown goes home over Lincoln bridge what? (Yes there talented with a touching story;still not more talented then Jayna)Also the judges brought back the passing zone(excluding Simon) I'm sorry that act was something you would hire for a 5 year olds birthday party!!!!!! Lets be serious now this is a opportunity to win a million dollars ;A MILLION. If that is what you all consider worth a million dollars u must be blind and America needs new judges. (exp Simon he was honest ) So unfair to people who could of maybe won this show!!!!! As a faithful agt fan let me say this season is making me reconsider being a fan. Lots of talented people got the boot for danger acts, or should I say stupid acts!!!

  • Judges, grow up!

    Here are two very excellent suggestions. The first is in the title. Judges, grow up. "Inside jokes" and throwing drinks at each other is infantile behaviour and only takes away from the show itself. Also wasting a Wildcard vote that could have given a good act a second chance just to get back at Simon is both ridiculous and unfair.

    Another suggestion. Get rid of the "you can save one" segment. America has already voted and due to the time difference, only those in the East are able to vote again. The overnight votes are all that are needed. Why stretch it out?

  • Dunkin save 8/31/16

    This discusses me.. Serious a person with a piece of stupid black duct tape over their mouth vs a beautiful sounding family singing! Thats why our world is so messed up. Im done with agt
  • Mel B Must Go!!!

    Mel B must go next season! I am sick of her waving her arms & hands all the time to show off her extravagant nails & all of her "bling", not to mention her loud laughing, screaming & hitting on Simon & Howie like a young schoolgirl. Her choice of wardrobe is ridiculous too--showing her boobs all the time & wearing micro-mini skirts. It is supposed to be a family show! Her accent is very annoying, as well, & I feel she puts a lot of that on. She is really a "show-off" & I hope she is replaced next season.
  • has happened to u?

    I really like Nick and think he is good at his job! But his fro hair and his pimp looking gold sports coat ( that's tooo small) have got to GO! He had a clean cut GQ look last year, with his close cut hair before... Not now!!!! Get it together Nick or you will get buzzed!!!
  • Heidi'so Bow and Mel B' NO

    bow has got to go. You are beautiful and that bow was distractingly annoying and negative. You can do better.

    Mel constant hand and arm movements are constant and over the top. You talk too loud, too much and repeat the same 'catch phrases' for many different acts. Ease up.

    Love the show but the over production of some acts actually takes away from them.
  • Nicks Ding-a-ling is showing

    what 's the problem with Nick's suits he looks like a Geek or PeeWee Herman , also his penis is showing . this is a family show pg not r . seriously who is dressing him , come on folks get the suits to fit him he looks like a clown . " the return of Urkel
  • stacked donuts

    thought it REALLY unfair that right right right after seating the 3 acts asked to be voted on (Sal seated in front) , the Dunkin Donuts lounge scenes featured 25 straight seconds of Sal including Heidi and Mel praising and fawning all over him, and maybe a fraction of a second even showing the other two. They can't foresee Sal'd be in the group, but anyone can foresee bias
  • Nick C.

    Nick Cannons suits look two sizes too small. Nice big fat phone in his front pocket. I am not a fan of his cornrows and baby bun.
  • AGT live show

    I enjoy AGT, but I think they are over productionalize the live shows.
  • Get Politics out of TV Entertainment!!!

    Why can't movies, TV shows, and award shows would leave out politics?!! I want to be entertained and not have to see actors and writers spilling their political views? Their main job is to entertain!!!

    I think the AGT show producers leave that Laura girl on demonstrates to me they are voicing their political leaning. No surprise on which political party the producers support. The Dunkin Save votes last night is rigged to give her the most votes, over Hara? Really? Wow, talk about desperate attempt!!

    Note to AGT: As I like the performers in next week's competition I will watch it one last time and that is it. Another show not to watch. Pretty soon I will be leaving the TV off and do more reading and exercising. Which is probably better for me.
  • Instruments are too loud!

    When they get the "lives" singers are drowned out by the music
  • To the young comedian

    You are on "America's" got talent" Half of the "Americans" are CONSERVATIVES and will not vote for you.
  • This is not "America's Got a Bunch of People WATCHING Talent"

    I'd like AGT to know how disruptive it is to constantly break away from the performance to show judges, audience members, and contestants hanging out off stage. It not only breaks the momentum but also causes the television viewers to miss parts of the performance. The acts are given such a short time for their performance and I consider it extremely poor production and editing to take the focus off of the performer during his/her/their performance. The judges get to say what they thought of it afterwards so we don't need to see their reaction during. We the viewers are part of the audience ... we want to see the performers, not some comment or expression from someone in the studio audience or waiting off stage, particularly since some of that looks like creative editing anyway. This is America's Got Talent, not "America's Got a Bunch of People Watching AGT ... please fix this problem.
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