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    You bashers are crazy. Judges are great, they mesh perfectly and are fun, something you idiots fail to recognize. Great talent. Samantha Johnson is one of the best singers ever to grace a television show! Great high and low register, great pitch. She will be a force in the record industry, wait and see!
  • So bad

    Contestants have no talent, neither do the judges! Hate those judges. What a shallow show.
  • No Talent This Year!

    Very much enjoyed previous years, BUT this year???? Please, where are the judges minds? And, the audience for that matter! Most of the acts (except for a few) I can barely watch. Sorry, but there has to be better talent out there than a guy with a straw up his nose and another shoving eggs in his mouth. Insulting to the acts with talent to place them in the same category together.
  • Talent???"?????????

    After watching tonight's episode I felt compelled to write in and seriously ask the makers of the show, along with the ,judges, if they really feel that jumping off high places, getting blown up in cars and smashing watermelons with your head can really be defined as talent? I give the contestants credit for the feats they performed, but I would call what they did bravery, thrill-seeking and a little bit crazy, but certainly not TALENT!!
  • Find a Good Camera Man

    Please keep the camera on the performers. We don't want to see the judges constantly. I have not seen a complete performance yet and that is ridiculous!!!!

    The show is not the problem. Do NOT get tickets to see this show if you do not have priority seating. It is a waste of time. I have stood out here for 3 hours and the staff has yet to inform us of anything. Online the website says it's guaranteed if you arrive early you WILL get in yet there is no guarantee to get in. So I have been waiting here in the sun for 3 hours for possibly nothing. Waste of time might as well watch on tv.
  • tinghir

  • Emily West

    Your comment on Ms. West shows your youth. FYI she sings all kinds of music. She is extremely talented. You might try listening to different genre. You might be surprised. Emily is a class act!! I would love to know someone so sweet. :) Matt pulled the biggest trick of all. He won!
  • AGT needs to figure out went went wrong this year with the sound.

    I have been watching this show since the first year it came sound keeps going in and out of the center channel when the singers Now Acrobat Army is on and it sounds perfect? Thought perhaps it was the network I am receiing the show from(CTV), but its obviously the AGT sound a terrible job this year.
  • West!!!

    I think ms. West the theatre singer absolutely sucks this is 2014 no one listens to that music or will go to a concert or buy the album, she doesn't deserve to be there and definitly doesn't deserve to kick the lil girl off who had a more modern voice and music, I hate her voice and music and can't stand that the judges like her it blows me away I wish people would stop voting for her Dakota is 10 times better then her but my opinion is I think that Matt the magician deserves it, otherwise my man Miguel

    Dakota has the best voice for this day and age.... Please everyone vote Matt or Miguel Dakota I give Matt a perfect 10.... And Miguel a 8.5 I ALSO highly agree I don't believe agt should allow singers... Maybe musicians instrument players but not so get.... Way to many other ways to make it and other shows.... This is a show for a person like Matt the magician or Wendy the comic... Real talent and intertainment with talent other then ur voice or music.... Go to American idol too many singing finalist...
  • AGT audio techs need a kick in the ass as do the producers!!!

    I'm not sure if AGT's sound techs are "trying" to use some new surround sound technology or if they just have no clue of how to use the mixing console. If you have a good home theater systems, the audio stream is in at least 5.1 surround. The problem is that the audio people are clueless on mixing the sound. When the judges or Nick are using their mics, their audio is coming through the front center channel, as it should. But when the performers are up, it's like the techs either do not have them mic'd or if they do, they either forget or are oblivious that their mics NEED to be mixed to the front center channel.

    I have to wonder if some fool there has some stupid concept that they want the home user to hear the "hall effect" of inside Radio City Music Hall. If that's the case, FIRE THE PERSON and get a real tech. I mean, all these audio people need to do is just hear the audio from a good home theater system to hear what we hear to understand that they are F'ING up the show!!!! We have turned the show off due to this audio crap! Also, WHY are the sponsors not jumping on the producers? Oh wait... that's because the audio on the commercials is mixed properly and the sound is fine.

    I have heard Howie Mandel read tweets aloud where people have complained about the audio. I wonder WHY all this information is falling upon deaf ears.

    I suspect it's because the people in charge don't care and actually have convinced themselves that what they are doing is correct.... IT IS NOT and they are losing viewers with this crap.

    In our case, the only saving grace is that on our surround system there are functions where the audio can be enhanced. I simply set it to Rock music and the processor tries to blend the sounds throughout the system better. At least we can hear the performers a bit better.

    I'd bet that most out there with surround systems can do that as well. Just remember to reset your system back to normal when done otherwise shows that are coded properly won't sound correct.

  • BORING: Too many singers

    There are ZILLION shows for singers to perform. AGT is the only show where ORIGINAL talent can be show-cased, while singers rehash someone else's work. The innate talent is being robbed by these singers and 4/6 singers in the final is a SHAME.
  • THIS IS FRUSTRATING! Mara should get a write in vote!

    ARE YOU EVEN KIDDING? Miguel, really? Over Mara? He could not carry a tune with any more than 5 notes if his life depended on it! He has NO ability like Mara! Then there is the microphone or broadcasting problems with the sound. AGT, you have lost me and many, many others - this is awful for sure!
  • Cello players shafted

    How can the producers let the cello players be sent home when the singers on their act could not be heard on television? The judges were all blown away by the performance, but the TV audience could not hear the singers in order to fairly judge the quality of the act. Has no one else noticed? Check it out.
  • AGT to Audition New Sound People

    When a million dollars is on the line for some aspiring talents you would think a network like NBC could at least get their sound working correctly. Maybe next year they will move to HBO or NetFlix or some other worthwhile network.
  • A solution to all your sound & music problems

    Here's my idea for all of you who complain about the sound quality for the musical acts--for once, just one season, how about we ban all music acts? Between "The Voice", "The X Factor", Granddaddy "American Idol", all the YouTube successes, self-promoting and self-publishing on iTunes, and standing on the streetcorner selling discs, it's not like singers will have no place to go. But AGT is the *only* place for every other kind of act out there. As is obvious from the ratings and the voting over the last couple of years, as well as the plummeting ratings of the singing competitions, America is in the mood to see anything other than singers. How about it, folks?
  • Franco sound glitch on AGT= 2 Huge Problems

    Don't leave out sound glitch #2 for the semi finals. Matt Franco's entire performance was silent after he placed Mel B's phone on top of the little mint container. HEARD only faint sound. Simply unacceptable that the sound techs would not catch the 2 huge sound issues while "live". If they both would seek NBC restitution.
  • Mara was robbed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mara should have been allowed to sing again. NBC and AGT should be obligated to ensure that a talent is not going to lose because of an audio problem that they had control of. if she is not voted to be in the finals she should be automatically added as the 7th talent to go through. So unfair--all they had to do was let her sing again. They had the whole show to figure how they would work her act in. Shame on you AGT and NBC
  • America's Got Talent Microphone Sound is Always Subpar

    I agree with other reviewers that way too often the sound quality is terrible for singers. Why? A singer's voice should be slightly louder than a vocal track or orchestra. You can watch other shows like music award shows or specials and the sound is crystal clear, and over the accompaniment. AGT often sounds like they are in a barrel - it is just bad. I was in a group and ran the equipment and this show drives me crazy! The sound company needs to be fired! Tonight 09/09/14 first song by Mara their was so much echo (reverb) it seemed like there was three of her ruined her performance! Love the show - hate the sound quality and balance for singers. Such a shame -
  • Sound quality is horrible! Fix it

    Mara Justine needs to go again!!!! It echoed and sounded horrific the whole time that she sang! It's not fair to her or any other musical act. Please fix the sound quality before contestants are unfairly affected!!! Mara Justine needs to go again if it can't be fixed!!!! Make this live show fair for ALL!!!!!
  • AGT is awful!

    I dont understand why people watch this show, I watched it for about 4 or so weeks and every episode had terrible sound, the camera moves all over the place, judges keep saying the same annoying thing: "this is the best show on TV" "you have to bring it up" blah blah blah... And the participants are not that talented. Stop watching this!
  • America's Got Judges!!!

    Like to watch the talent and talent only! THEY ONLY HAVE 90 SECONDS TO PERFORM why does the dumb-ass director keeps changing cameras to show the judges facial expressions during an act? Who gives an F#@* if they're saying Wow or OMG. Do a split screen if you insist on constintly showing the judges faces. I can't be only one who thinks this is rude/disrespectful to their talent right???? AGT has been doing this since Season 1. That's exactly why I stopped watching So you think you can dance so long ago!!!
  • Sound sucks!

    Like the new form of old tv variety show! Great entertainment but what's up with the sound cutting out ... Not just a couple LOT! Kinda important especially when comedian on and singers!
  • love the show

    It's fun to watch. The judges don't always get it right. 2 out of the 4 are extremely annoying. In the end .. I enjoy it.
  • Judges are Off the Chain

    I've been a huge fan of the show for years now, but the judges are ruining the show, starting with the absolutely nauseating Howard Stern. NBC, wake up! Get him off the show!! Producers, you have given WAY too much leverage and attention to the judges and their collective antics. Get the show's focus back on the talent, ..... purpose. Finally, someone needs to remind the judges and hold them accountable that they do not have permission to make rude and hurtful comments to the contestants, who good or bad, are pouring their hearts into their acts. That nonsense is the fastest way to kill this show.
  • Howard Stern Has Killed AGT!

    Howard Stern Has Killed AGT! And here is how!

  • Sound quality is poor.

    Having played in bands since 1979 I am puzzled that the best AGT has to offer is the poor quality sound produced in the shows. I have to say this though. They are consistent . Is it not possible to run a line out of the main board to the studio feed. Is this asking to much. The Beatles on the Sullivan show had better sound. Being that this is 2014 should there not be at least as good of sound quality?
  • Can't Hear the Singers!

    It sounds like the microphone for all the singers is out! It is almost like the only microphone working is placed way at the back of the theater! There is no way to tell how good a singer is. And all the singers are at a disadvantage to the other types of acts.
  • Unfair to vocalists

    Come on, AGT. Get the sound right for the vocalists or this viewer says "peace out!"
  • Music acts sound muffled

    Music acts like towel over the mics. The judges mic's were fine.
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