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  • Can't Hear the Singers!

    It sounds like the microphone for all the singers is out! It is almost like the only microphone working is placed way at the back of the theater! There is no way to tell how good a singer is. And all the singers are at a disadvantage to the other types of acts.
  • Unfair to vocalists

    Come on, AGT. Get the sound right for the vocalists or this viewer says "peace out!"
  • Music acts sound muffled

    Music acts like towel over the mics. The judges mic's were fine.
  • Carlos & howie 6

    I m pretty sure if u dress up like Juan U an dance better than Juan

    Please PleAse

    If you vote him win is like I win the mega tonite

    Score 5
  • crappy sound

    As a sound engineer the live sound is AWFUL!! The background and music out ways the talent. SAD
  • Poor sound Quality

    Sounds like we are hearing the show through a phone in the audience.
  • Dear Judges:

    "How do YOU think you did"? They don't ask you to get up and sing/dance/juggle/whatever, so stop asking them to do your job. Also, whining about how tough your job is sounds like, well-whining; especially when we just watched a guy pull a truck with his teeth, balance on one finger and so on.

    Just a couple of pet peeves, thanks for your time.
  • Can't believe David and Leeman made it

    I did love the way they fooled Howie. I believe I know how they did it, but for entertainment value and fooling the people, good job. That what an illusionist does. But the latest was only a demonstration of distraction. They get people to check twitter. They have name tags that display what Howie picked. But you only need to look at how they got that hyphenated word. After all, it was not Howie's first pick. If you watch carefully, he palmed the piece of paper that he gave to Howie to pick a word. Then took three attempts for David to get Howie to pick the right word. Howie actually picked a different word. So when an illusion fails, you ask Howie to pick again. And then again. At last they got him to pick the word they wanted. And we call this a good act ... why. I am not impressed. But I guess if you can amaze the Judges, you get to go on. This show has lost any credibility in other acts as well. This was just the latest worst one.
  • Appalled

    Judges, please stop the risque comments trying to be funny! There are kids staring at you from that stage and you don't seem to care! This is a FAMILY show and you're showing clips of someone looking up Heidi's dress??!! Families are going to cross this show off their list if this keeps up.
  • Singers get unfair review

    What an amazing year! Visually we can fairly judge the dance, athletic and magical performances. We can enjoy the comedic words and absorb the amazing optical illusions of magicians and illusionists and spectacular performers. However vocalists are getting the short end. I went from our top line surround system in our home through 4 tv and audio systems to our basic HD TV and the sound quality translated for a vocalist was poor and hard to judge. I love west and Dakota but with the background and fanfare of semi final performances they were lost and their vocals diluted. Being a fan of American idol and voice I know Americas got talent can do better with voice performance to share what the judges hear with the voting public! For us at home it is obscured by instrumentals and back ground noise. I want to hear the vocals so I can vote fairly
  • Nothing cleaver to say about this show

    What has happened which normally has me in my chair at 8. glass of wine, snacks, ready for some good television, it the same stuff over and over, go to a commercial break and come back to see an end of a audition. Now if I settle down around 8:30 and bring a book to read when previous acts appear.

    Really poor planning for this season, personally I don't care about the judges being involved in the act, don't care about their behind the scene conversations.

    Judgment week, their faces, like how dare you disappoint me and this season Howard Stern, well, he needs to go. The 7.4 rating below must include previous seasons as no one appears to like this season. Wish you had a zero rating.
  • So much about NBC caring for customer's complaints...

    Re my email sent to them a couple of weeks guess they do not care after all. We are just numbers but these numbers can decline.

    NBC did not even have the courtesy of replying to my message. Thank you NBC for your wonderful customer support.

    Re America's Got Talent: Why are we getting so many very annoying to schedule your time

    to watch a new episode only to find out it's a repeat. We should be

    forewarned that it's a repeat ahead of time and as to when a live program is

    scheduled for.

    Talking to a lot of people who are interested in the sow, they all have the

    same opinion and are getting disinterested and frustrated and do not care

    to put up with this ridiculous procedure. You will loose a lot of you at all care?

    Luc Trepanier
  • Another re-run when it said it would be New!!

    Not happy, losing interest in waiting for a new episode!!! BS
  • all new show?

    the show for 7-15-14 was advertised as "all new" I saw nothing really new, most of the show was about the judges parts with contestants and their "off camera" playtime. I want to see more of the talent; that's what the show is supposed to be about. Very disappointed in tonight's show. I don't care for a show about the judges. This show is going down more every year. The first couple were the best. They picked then they went forward after all was picked, then we got to see the competition move to next level, then to 3rd level. Now you can't even figure out whose going to next level. Total mix-up
  • Earth to NBC

    For TWO WEEKS running now I have witnessed reruns and replays of previous episodes of

    "America's Got There is NOTHING NEW about the show, as advertised. I have complained to

    the network affiliate near me, which broadcasts this rehash, and they seem to be clueless. What's the deal with all this? Is the show on hiatus, are the workers on strike, have they run out of money or WHAT?

    Your show is headed for syndication real fast, folks!!
  • Enough with the SINGERS!!!!!

    In case no one has noticed but our TV air ways are already filled with countless singer competitions. Nothing personal about all the singers on AGT but geez, go compete on one of those shows and lets leave AGT to a great show that's looking for that one great unusual million dollar Vegas style act that they claim to be looking for?
  • Not American Idol?

    While I know this is another opportunity for people to showcase their talents, and I'm not saying those who have made it are bad... I guess it's just a complaint that there are so many singers that make it on this show. So many of them are so talented, but there are many vocal competitions out there already. Omit them, and just allow other acts that... really have no other chance. I'm tired of singers taking it when they have American Idol and The Voice and et cetera for such a thing. "Oh, what if they can't enter that?" I know, I know. I've thought of it. It's just a complaint. I'd rather see some nice visual acts and some weird ones make it rather than just another singer. It's so boring and monotonous now. Great voices, great talent, I just don't wan to see them. I don't say, "I can't wait to see who sings on America's Got Talent!"
  • I'm getting tired of reruns

    Oh, come on. Quit showing the reruns. Please a show us the next AGT Boot Camp to see which act is going throw Please!

  • It's gone really downhill...

    I first started getting really into AGT around Season 7. It was honestly, my favorite season, with hilariously bad acts in the auditions, really likable and memorable contestants, and of course, the judges. Aside from the Howie/Howard fights, they were humorous and enjoyable to watch most of the time. It was a fun Season. Then comes Season 8, which was meh. The new judges were meh. There was funny bad acts, but not as funny anymore. The contestants were good, but not very memorable. It was a meh season. Now Season 9 ... Mel B is annoying, and Howie is HOLY unfunny. His jokes feel WAY more forced this year. Same with Nick Cannon. Also, is it me, or are the auditions feeling a bit staged? It's always some singer with a problem in life that can sing really well and it's all emotional when they get in and all the tears and huggin' and ENOUGH. UGH. Yep, I know, the 12 year old idiot who thinks overused sex jokes are funny. (People down here are clearly talkin' bout that). Also, I forgot to mention, what REALLY got me into the show was the funny bad there are the judges and Nick Cannon ruin it, and it's rare when they're actually funny, or it's rare for them to be there at all! There are actually SOME good contestants, I guess. But my biggest issue with Season 9 so far is the humor. The judge's antics are painfully unfunny and feel like filler. Ha ha ha! Howie took his shirt off! Ha ha ha! Mel B's fake birthday! So . God, even the comedians aren't funny. Haha! I'm going bananas! That's what I tell my bananas when I leave! Hilarious! Shut the fuck up and actually





    Peace out,

  • Shame on AGT and shame on the parents of the 12 yr old

    So disappointed in the judges reaction to the 12 year old telling filthy jokes. That's right up Howard Sterns alley but being a family show until now he has kept himself fairly clean or it's been edited out. But no excuse for the women judges. I'm also getting a slanted view of Howie this year. Cannot believe they put the 12 year old through! Shame on you. Going to definately loose fans.
  • Disappointed in AGT

    I, along with everyone, really like AGT!!!! A like the Judges, and their relationships with each other. But I was totally upset with the male Judges' response to a 12 year old who should not have been allowed to tell his crude, dirty jokes on Judges approval of this inappropriate, disgusting act for a 12 year old set a very low standard for the wish you would make sure this young man does not follow the same path when we next see him.....
  • Disappointed in AGT

    I have enjoyed watching America's Got Talent and applaud the many wonderful and creative acts. I have witnessed many a stand-up performer and I congratulate them.

    I am however very disappointed in AGT for allowing the comedy act of the 12 year-old comedian to be broadcast. It was lewd and disgusting. And to watch his parents belly-laugh at his soft-porn jokes was equally disturbing, especially when they wore the very essence of their Christianity on their heads. And then for the judges to condone and support his is a very sad day that we allow and encourage a minor to act this way. What kind of precedence are we sending to our young people. Parenting is a hard enough job without AGT condoning actions such as this. Totally disgusted.

    Last season's talent was extraordinary especially the discovery of the great classic trio, Forte! This season is off to an even better start with many great acts so far. The standout for me and my family was the performance by future super star Julia Goodwin. The girl, at only fifteen, has the voice and countenance of a much more mature singer. Although she did not mention it on . Tuesday evening, she is the winner of the Michael Finestein Great American Songbook vocal contest and has been wowing audiences for over 4 years having sung the National Anthem at the World Series at only age 12. She is such a great change from the screamers and yellers on American Idol, The Voice and the X Factor with her traditional Pop and Jazz vocal quality. This girl will be a major star and is on her way to winning . this season.
  • No more

    Get rid of Howard Stern and Sharon Osbourne they are both past their sell by date .Time for some new personality's who at least look like they belong in this century.
  • I love AGT

    I enjoy watching AGT however I think too much time is spent on the judges and not the contestants. After all the program is named America's Got this is Judges day. There is so much talent out there and I would like more of the time that this program is scheduled to be about them and not so much about what the judges do. Let them judge but keep it a minimum. Please show more talent as I know that there are so many talented people out there and I would like to see them!.
  • Banning America's got Talent

    Extremely disappointed... This is Americas got Talent, and it was thrown in everyone's face they don't care about Americans. Japan won!!! I will no longer watch this show, I'm banning it and I hope others do as well. They sold the American contestants out and I'm done with this show. This is another example of American money getting sent to another country.
  • How About America's Got Talent but do not win!!!

    This was the most ridulous & unfair winner of all - yes, i know it's up to America (which i'm finding hard to believe at this point), but when a person wins who is not AN AMERICAN what's the use of the show's name!!!!! Howie Mandel ranted about how singers don't have to do anything but come out & sing - oh sure right, they don't have to practice & make sure their timing is on or harmonizing (in the case of a group). Also, they have a TALENT - that's what is all about - they were given a talent for a reason right???? I believe Kemichi winning waa a horrible mistake as many others do - of course, Forte should have taken the crown and hopefully will still make it big. The judges are ridulous except for Howard Stern - he is right on the mark. After this season, I don't know about watching again - way too unfair!!!
  • unbelievable results

    I find it very hard to believe that anyone watching the americas got talent contestants could posibly have voted for the winner of the contest rather than forte with amazing talent. Which makes me wonder what goes on behind the scenes. I will not watch it next year. Dont care to watch a result I know is wrong.

    Not to mention the antics from the judges to take up more air time.
  • America's Got Talent, not Japan's Got Talent

    It's all in the title folks... I believed this show was focused on finding Americans with talent, people living in America. Very disappointed with this season. Can't believe the acts that made it to the finals. I don't dislike Kenichi, his act is very cool but should not have been consider for this show. I have watched and enjoyed every season of this show but am hopeful the producers will consider the fact that we call it America's Got Talent and should have a US citizen win.
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