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  • Rubix cube dude over comedy lady

    The rubix cube dude was way better than the comedy really disagrees with the judges with there choices on some of the disappointed in the choices...
  • Rubics Cube Guy Was a MUST

    He was my favorite performer. Huge mistake.
  • comedian over rubic bad decision

    That was the worst decision I've ever heard of. Our whole family was shocked when judges picked the comedian over the rubeck cube magician. That man has so much more talent than she did. We were amazed at his talent he was so good. I would pay to see him before her. She isn't that funny at all. Judges made a big mistake. That poor man was so hurt by your decision too. I can only imagine how he feels to loose to that act. I'm so disappointed in that decision. Hope judges realize what a mistake they made. Rating just dropped 2 points for me.
  • Judging Is All Wrong

    Judging shld not be pit up against each u hv 6 acts left u pick the worst 2 of all of themTHIS kind of judging is gunna cause me to quit watching America's Got Talent because it is NOT Fair judging
  • judges lost minds?

    how could the judges pick the elderly lady comedian as having more talent than the rubics cube dude?!! He was great and his act thoroughly entertaining and requires so much more talent than telling jokes! shame on them!
  • This Show is nothing but a JOKE

    Some of the acts of course are great. My favorite is the golden buzzer winner, Grace that sings and plays her song I Don't know My Name! She's amazing! But the way the show works is pretty dumb.

    I have a friend, Chris LaRose who auditioned. He is an amazing musician. You can check him out on either YouTube, his Facebook page or Google chrislarosemusic.

    He is incredible. More so than any of the contestants I seen on all 6 episodes of auditions..

    He had his first audition in front of the producers but they never called him back. He found out some things about the show though that boggled my mind. For example; they have someone that only auditions bad acts. What? Stupid. So pretty much it's all for show and people with real talent are just being shooed away.

    I don't even think I'll watch the show again. America's Got Talent is a joke people! Booooo!

    Go Chris LaRose! Your better than this show. WAY BETTER.

    End rant.
  • Biased against dancers

    Show the dance acts for their entire performances! Judges comment on how amazing a dance act is, and we get to see more of the judges reacting than the dancers singers get their entire song shown. Singers win because they get more screen time.

    Nice seeing Simon on the show and dropping the ever horrible Howard Stern. Now, do us all a favor and drop the black version of Ryan Seacrest. Nick is horrible, useless and what drives me the most crazy is the pointless cuts to him during performances to see his even more useless reactions. DROP NICK.. he SUCKS!
  • Annoying!!!

    The first episode I've seen was this new season first auditions. Not only the acts are terrible, but the music playing in the background while the judges talk is EXTREMELY annoying. It makes it hard to hear the judges and it's just plain annoying in general. Will not be watching again. Maybe when the show actually starts off I'll try it again. Till then, terrible terrible show.
  • 2016 best and worst

    Best: No Howard Stern

    Worst: incessant panning to he host backstage. We watch for talented contestants, NOT some silly host dancing and gyrating in the wings!
  • jeffrey scott berry for americas talent

    i can dance ladies.
  • LOVED it.... Not anymore

    All these comments I agree with. I support Drew. But he is not that funny. I came from a third world country (SA) who gave our top 10 prizes.. Really America? Plus you guys are gonna bring a sizeist and ageist judge (Simon Cowell) as a judge to replace Howard? Seriously. You are gonna lose your fans. I understand he is the creator. But he doesn't know the difference between criticism and just being mean. I hope Howie,Heidi,Mel and Nick leave the show cause they are to good to be along Simon.
  • Drew the phoney

    Drew pulled the wool over everyone's eyes. He is a phoney no talent and an embarrassment.

    What a joke the finalists were. No females either and there was a lot of talent.
  • MORE !

    derivative CRAP these no talent shows suck
  • What is wrong with the judges (and the viewing audience?)

    Forgive me if I am wrong, but I cannot help wondering if the stuttering "comic" is faking to get the sympathy vote Those with limited talent need a gimmick. (Remember the guy a few years back who claimed to be a disabled vet and wasn't?). Even if he is not faking, I do not think he should have gone through, because he is just not funny. I cannot believe that the judges were splitting their sides over that pitiful performance, and even less that the people at home voted for him. I was absolutely shocked. I think that it was a big mistake to send home such acts as Siro-A, Samantha Johnson, the little 12-year old singer who sounded 30, and maybe even the Mountain Faith Band (although I do not care for bluegrass, I appreciate their talent.

    And the judges comments seem to have a big effect on the voting, so I would like them to shut up and keep their opinions to themselves once the decisions are in the hands of the viewing audience.

    UPDATE: I simply could not believe the final two, especially Drew Lynch. He has NO talent, and as I said before, he could very well be faking the stuttering for the sympathy vote, which is clearly what got him past the first round. Piff was much funnier, and the clumsy obvious tricks are part of his act. In the end he always pulled off an amazing trick that boggled the mind. Magic and humor. He should have won,
  • Does America Got Talent?

    A British ventriloquist and a stuttering comic is the best we have to offer. Unfortunately America isn't interested in talent. I won't be interested in this show or any like it. Wasted my time.
  • HATE AGT This season!

    I can't believe America voting for some of the acts of stupidity. I don't think anyone they have picked deserves the big bucks. The judges have to blame for picking the sucker, puff etc. Turning it off!
  • AGT Needs to refine talent selection

    What a shame to advance a sympathy vote for Drew Lynch who has almost no talent. AGT should emphasize to voters that their vote should be fore someone who can demand a $50-$100 ticket in Vegas. After paying for tickets to shows in Vegas, nobody who voted for Drew Lynch certainly has no experience buy Vegas tickets since nobody in their right mind would buy a ticket to watch this unfunny kid giggle. What a travesty of justice to allow him to go through to the end. Fortunately, a true talent prevailed and he will be able to support a viable Vegas show.
  • What the...

    Yesterday piff the dragon had help from backstage and i saw them pass him the real dog. Today the recap shows a different angle. Whats up with that
  • AGT for US Citizens only

    The show is "AMERICA'S Got Talent". So why are there so many contestants from other countries? Are they US citizens? What's up AGT? Stop it already. Agree about singers and comedians also. There are other shows for those talents.
  • getting off track?

    Anybody else wondering...

    With plenty of national singing competitions for vocalists... American Idol, The Voice, and others, would it make sense to eliminate solo singers from AGT for more even playing fields for them and others? And this is America's GT. With now over 60 countries having their own Got Talent competitions, should contestants be required to be from here? Then having a World's Got Talent international faceoff could be epic.
  • really mad

    I am just so disappointed and mad! This is so biased! Why are they eliminating the best acts??? Alondra, samantha, Danielle u guys rock even though America doesn't know it! So daft!

    Judges please stop influencing america's voting with your Racial comments we are looking for talent and talent comes in different languages! By the way opera isn't sung in english!
  • America: Talent not taste

    5 amazing singing acts. 1 in the finals. What's wrong with this picture? The show following AGT has 5 comics better than any on AGT this year. Someone tell Baldy. Jill Smith speaks the truth but let me add this. With the exception of the two brothers, every act in the finals could be replaced by one that's already been sent home. I'm done with this show!
  • Bullcrap

    It's. America's got talent, not mexicos got you shouldnt put 2 ppl up to win then tell them both to go home, thats just wrong.
  • unfriendly website

    I think your website should be easier to use husband finally gave up and I haven't been able to vote more times than I have
  • The results

    I don't think it's right that you are letting two get saved from the bottom three and not giving the judges the chance to save someone from the higher rankings. It seems backwards and unfair.
  • I LOVE Alondra!

    I LOVE Alondra! She is SO talented and reminds me so much of Selena! Hope everyone remembers Selena. She was so talented and was just starting to become famous when she was killed. I would LOVE it if Alondra would sing one of Selena's best songs.
  • WONDERING.....


    I fell in love with this show a few years ago with the variety of talent being seen. It is starting to turn into American Idol and Voice light. That many singers should not being going through each round. They have those other shows to compete on. I blame the judges for putting through too many singers. And I agree with other posters. There are acts in the semi-finals that shouldn't be there. How in the $%^& does Siro-A not go to the finals?? I would like to know who is voting. Too many young girls who follow AI and Voice. I agree also that Drew Lynch got the sympathy vote. I would have no problem with him going to the finals if Siro-A had also made it. This show is losing me and it's sad because it really is a great show with all the different talent. They need to deemphasize all the singers and the voting needs to be looked at. There is no way Siro-A shouldn't have went to the finals, BS.
  • Seriously????

    This show has gone downhill!! How can some of these HORRIBLE acts go through and the best acts fail??? If this continues, I will stop watching. Maybe they shouldn't let the audience vote anymore (??) That MIGHT make a difference. The stuttering comic is not funny. I think he got pity votes.
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