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  • Could use some fine-tuning

    It's always a joy to watch the common everyday person rise to fame; it makes us believe we can succeed too. This show can make or break, with its lack of age limit (everyone can participate), every participant has the chance to be famous and show off their talent, regardless of age. The elderly dancer is already WAY better than me, and the comedian had awesome material. The young Hawaiian singer has amazing potential, as well as the 14 year old girl who had a powerful voice.

    What I like about this is that this isn't predictable: appearances can fool and impress. I find it exciting to find out what they can do. In every audition, there is always at least one person who blows everyone away.

    Judges are also great, all of them are lively and professional (if you agree). However, I don't really follow on their choices for each act: sometimes they approve acts that are mundane, stupid, and don't deserve it when other wonderful acts that are awesome aren't approved. However, I find that the major flaw in this show is the editing. In the successful people montages, they cut the parts I want to see as a whole act. Also, it's annoying when the camera flashes to Nick Cannon every few seconds in the act: he's a good lively host but just let us see the act interrupted and I'll be happy.

    america's got talent is a funny show when you are at the beginning man the people who think have talent(and don't) are so funny to watch and ruin their dreams of making it.:) then when you get closer it is a little boring cause all have talent so you change the channel more often like me. some of these people have amazing talents and it's great to know that we are noemal like everyone esle.this show is good as well cause you see kids' "being forced" to sing and make it i never saw one fail this season i want the judges to ruin their dreams its funnier(sorry for being mean)or am i? My secret is the couple that made it (dave and zoey) dave is dave paris, how i know this, he's my 8 grade liteary teacher! and the guy who dropped his ring on the brooklyn bridge(search man who dropped ring on brooklyn bridge)he's my social studies teacher im not lying 8 grade as well.AMAZING TEACHERS NO
  • AGT is a great show, with uexpecting things that happen.

    AGT is one of them shows that you just can't grab hold of sometimes, meaning sometimes the show is good the other time it is not, all depending on the performances in the night of the show. When you watch the show sometimes you will be like WOW and other times you will be like BOO, depending on wether the performance is bad or good. The show is all about talent, people performing their talents in front of the world to win 1 mil and a chance to perform in vegas. I would reccomend this show to anyone who likes reality shows, and shows like American Idol (its created by Simon Cowell, AI judge)
  • Terry Fator was the best winner.

    America's got Talent is a very decent show. I think that it catches too much flack for being "similar" to American Idol. While there are some similarities, the basics are different in a way that lets contestants on AGT to provide their audience with more than just a musical act. My favorite winner had to be Terry Fator. He was by far the most talented of any contestant on AFT of American Idol. How many people are great ventriloquists and impersonators? Terry Fator was the best act and the most entertaining on either show and it just so happens he was on AGT. Thank you.
  • I have to say I love AGT. Some of the variety acts are absolutely hilarious, some intentionally, most not. My only real critisism of the show is the inclusion of singers. We already have Idol for that.

    The variety of AGT is astounding and to me it is the biggest draw of the show. You just never know what you are going to get. From magicians to people in big rubber zoo animal suits, there is something to make us laugh, cry or both at the same time. As I mentioned in my summary, the only downside of the show for me is the inclusion of the singers, which completely takes away a lot of the "fun factor". Singing talent is already catered for elsewhere and although obviously singing in itself is a talent, I really don't think there should be a place for it. The last series of AGT exactly makes my point. Out of the last ten acts, nine of them were singers and although one of the nine was a Frank Sinatra impersonator, he was still a singer nonetheless. The variety just wasn't there, which I thought made for a poor semi final & final. I think it's time to drop the singers and make the show about pure variety acts, rather than turning it into another version of American Idol. Other than said critisism, it's great unadulterated family entertainment
  • Could be a little better! Still love it.

    This is a really good show to watch and it has a lot of cool talent and funny people that think they are good but they suck, i think that this show should only be about talents not singing that is so stupied go to american idol for real that made me so made the person that won this season he sucked he is pretty much yealling with a tone that is all there were way better people on there then him i think any way but i really love to watch this show it is a good show to watch to laugh with a friend and family.
  • A rip off!!!

    Let me see if I have this basics of this show right. A group of quasi celebrities watch and judge a contestants in a talent show. The judges can stop any off these "acts" at any time if they become unbearable. Why does this sound SO familiar? Oh, I know. I just discribed The Gong Show. Simon just forgot to throw in some "joke" acts and get the pannel drunk befor taping. What's next Mr. Cowell, a game show where you ask recently married couples questions to see how much they know about each other? I hope that Chuck Barris is getting some sort of royalty from NBC and Simon Cowell for completly ripping of his show. If he isn't he should sue both of them ASAP.
  • Not as bad as I thought it was, but still not great.

    At first glance this show just totally turned me off. I watched an episode last year and immediatly deemed it was the stereotypical "reality" show that everyone seems to hate. Because of the lack of shows at the moment, though, I started watching a few more episodes and it isn't half bad. It provides some entertainment, some comedy, and some talent. The bad thing about this show is that it's outshined by other reality television competitions like "American Idol", "So You Think You Can Dance", "America's Best Dance Crew", etc. Also, some of the people on this show who have reached the top 20, or even the top 10, aren't that talented. But still, for the mediocre concept of the show, it manages to pull in a fairly large amount of viewers, and keeps people entertained.
  • Windellm's review is right on. I hope someone from the show reads this.

    They are not doing their contestants justice and it can hurt them and their chances of getting votes. The Wright Kids have lots of music added to their performance which makes them appear better than they are. The choreography is absolutely horrible. "Sinatra's" dancers were unrehearsed and detracted from his performance. And it was unfair that Paul couldn't hear his music and that's why he appeared to be singing off key. But the music and sound really needs improvement. My husband and I sat there in disbelief that the sound could be so bad on a national television show. American Idol and the Rock Star Shows (Inxs?) have them beat by miles. No Emmys for music production on this show.
  • America's Got Talent is a very entertaining television program. I enjoying watching the program but it has some problems with the sound system. . I have watched the program on 4 occasions and this is the first time I have really noticed this problem.

    The problem occurs especially when the contestants use the wireless mike . The problem was noticed severally on the Sept. 9th program. The bass and treble ratio was very wrong with adequate bass but too little treble. Not only that but the reverb was extreme on the single vocalists. The words in at least 3 performances were unintelligible. This mistake really is a negative reflection on the contestants concerning their perceived quality. The sound team really needs to be critiqued on their pre-program preparation because this is a direct reflection on the directors efficacy. My personal opinion is " the program would have been at least 30% better with the proper sound setup.
  • This show has the Potential to be the best Entertainment Reality Show on TV. I like it better than American Idol. Please don't ruin it with a lot of flash and splash.

    I love this show but loved it a Lot More last season. I find all of the "Light Shows" in the background are very distracting and way over the top. They make it difficult to see what the performers are doing. I also find the extra dancers and performers unnecessary and distracting to the contestant. I get the feeling that the performers are feeling pressured and pushed to levels they are not ready for, and therefore not performing as well as they did in the beginning. Hoff said it best when Eli Mattson performed last Wednesday; "no extras, no dancers, just plain talent." Last season was the best. I really looked forward to this season but so far have been very disappointed.
  • This is america's got talent not america's got trash! It's as if they flip a coin to see who goes though.

    This is the worst talent show ever!! it used to be great but now they're getting rid of the talent and putting in trash. I hate the can-caners all they do is fall down like idiots, strip, and show the audience their underwear and the junges put them though!!!!!????? and that gay guy who does a terrible imitation of Brittney Spears. he needs to get a life!! and the guy who dances and sings like a fool got though! how is that talent?!!!!?? I like the guy who sang You Raise Me Up but he didn't get though. or the guy who dance to inspector Gadget he didn't get though either!!! And Piers is a simon wannbe And Shannon is nice to everyone so she can be popular like paula and the audience are a bunch of jerks. If they hear 1/10000 of a second of a bad performance they just boo. give them a chance people they might suprise you . Great show idea! Horrible Junges that makes us see dirty acts instead of nice clean ones. If it weren't for the junges i give this a good review. sorry but this is just a trashy show.
  • Overall a Funny & sometimes hilarious show.

    I enjoyed watching Season 1. I don't remember the name of the girl that won that season but it was funny seeing that wierd guy something the Magnificent. Season 2 was even funnier with the return of that "Magnificent Guy". With Terry Fator and his act was hilarious. I knew he was good but I never thought he would win America's Got Talent. Season 3 felt like it took forever to air. I thought that the show was cancelled because it took so long to air. I missed most of the season so far but I have seen one episode of the prelims. I have to watch it some where else.
    But overall, great show.
  • This program is fun to watch but the judges have to go!

    You really need to get new judges. There are good people with good talent that they are tossing out and they shouldn't even be judging!! They have NO talent, especially Sharon and she thinks she can judge. Compared to what, her demented husband. Tell her to go get voice lessons and then lets hear her sing. And the other two are a joke. David is just up there getting all horny over the girls and Piers is just trying to do a poor impersonation of Simon Cowel. At least Simon cowel has class, Piers will never be able to hold a stick to Simon.
    Get them out of there so that the real talent can compete. What a shame!!!
  • Excellent talent competition, but auditions this year were haphazard.

    I went to one of the three Atlanta audition shows, each lasting about five hours.

    This year each city had their auditions shown over several weeks, with each episode including portions of many cities. Fro instance, New York was on at least parts of three weeks. Atlanta was included in multipe weeks too, but very few acts we saw were included. I'd say Atlanta had no more than fifteen minutes of air time. I also believe that some of the acts that made it through in the auditions were not broadcast. We'll see if they show up in this weeks Vegas show. Also, one act in Atlanta had to be re-taped because they let Jerry Springer cast the deciding vote and then discovered it weas against the rules.

    A lot of the talent shown was good and Piers Morgan seems to have mellowed a bit.
  • Get rid of Piers!!!! He is ruining your show. Let him go judge a flower show in England. He is rude to people and has not class. A complete waste of the time for the viewers. This is supposed to be about America's talent hire judges from here also.

    America has talent but I guess it does not have any judges in America. To have all the fan fare about America and the country, it does not make any since to have two Brits judging the talent. Not only that but Piers is a complete waste of time and is an insult to people trying to perform! He doesn't seem to have any talent to speak of and when he becomes personal he should be sent back to England where he belongs and your ratings will go up. Really!!! I am surprised that someone has not gone down to him and personally confronted him. He must of been brought up in a barn or an alley. No class at all. An very rude at that.
  • ********************AMERICA'S GOT JUDGES******************** Oh, & you will see terribly edited snippets of talented Joe public being used & abused to swell the Simon Scowell coffers, with no respect whatsoever for their talent & efforts to auditi

    What idiot produces, directs the format & 'EDITS' the show?
    It is unbelievably frustrating to watch!!
    Everyone now knows that when you get a camcorder that 'less is best', just point & shoot & no efffects, zooms pans etc. However, the show's creators seem to treat every act as a opportunity for 'annoying 'creative' presentation techniques.
    Oh, & cut to the judges, again, & again, & again. Forget the finely honed talent, or incredibly choreographed dance routine that requires a flow & perspective or any act that is denuded if it's presentation is mutilated, discarding it's rhythmic progression. Basically, we just need a stage, & a camera such that we can see more acts, for longer & then make our own decision.
    (Cut to Sharon's expression number 7 - hold )
    You don't give airtime to nobodies, you just abuse them to further your own careers.
    (Camera 9, long pan, zoom over audience & to sour puss Piers who buzzed BEFORE the act began - he's so dominant & decisive oops, he's changed is mind!)
    Oh, & what a concept - I mean, such genius to. to recognise that it's nice to audition people using the media as an aid - if you are fortunate enough to ahave access to it.

    Did you see the 2 idiot 'dancers who are now in the top 20 whilst the 3 opera singers with a comedic angle were dismissed, along with other talent!!! INSULTING!!!

    PS I have decided only i judge is up to the standard to return, sorry, but with $1M at stake, I have to be firm. Next..................
  • Silly concept

    First of all, it seems that there is way too much talking and commercials and not nearly enough coverage of the talent performers. Second, this is a silly concept. The premise is supposedly for them to have a Vegas show, which is cool - pretty much anything goes in Vegas. However, the idea that a 55 year old fairy singer could even hope to make it anywhere is crazy, but they put her on tv anyway! In the days where all you need to be a celebrity is a reality show, it just seems silly that the judges blow smoke about looking for ground break acts to be the biggest stars of the century. It is an entertaining piece of tv, but it certainly isn't all that.
  • America thinks it's got talent.

    Wow! this is a good show to watch. It is amazing to see that 85% of the individuals that go on this show actually think that they do have talent but hell, they sure don't. I just wounder were or who told them that theu actualy did. Some of those individual are so bad that they would have made 3 seconds on the Gong Show. The other 20% is worth watching, and deserve to have a chance at fame. This is what make that show so interesting. On one side you have the no talent get off the stage type, that can make you laugh or wet your underwear, and the other side the talented ones that will amaze you and make you smile or cry. Good show in general.
  • Each week, the show features a colorful array of hopeful stars all vying for their chance to strut and perform on stage in the hopes they'll win the viewing audiences' votes.

    This is such good summer fun! Talent show with David Hasselhoff, Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, & Jerry Springer judging who makes it to the next level! But they're so funny and right!! And some wieeeerd acts get on the show.. It's just good popcorn fun! I wonder what will show up this season?? Last yearthe winner was a ventriliquist won a $2 million contract at the Mirage in Vegas. Now that's what I call a Talent Show! Where else can you find a show that rewards people for their good old fashioned talents? Who will win this year? Love Love LOOOOVE IT!!!
  • It's back!!! I loved this show and I'm so glad.

    So, the kooky America's Got Talent is back on June 17th. Last season a really funny and cool guy won. That puppet guy is all over the place now and I think he got some huge contract to perform in Vegas. Well now they have this opera guy, saw him on the commercial, and he's really good and pulls at those heart strings. He's a total crier and keeps talking about his mom. I also saw, in my researching of the show ( I know, I'm a dork, I love it) this little 4 year old girl who sings. She's not very good but way too cute buzz. You really have to see it. NBC, yo! They've done a good job this summer.
  • another one of those shows...

    this is another one of those shows where it shows 3 judges; 2 males one american one british, and a female. people come up and present what they have, and if its not good enough they go home but if it is good enuff they make it to the next round. same thing as american idol. if u sing and u suk, u get rejected if u sing and ur good, u go to hollywood. except in this show people dont come to let america hear their voice, they come so people can see tjheir talents. some people do the weirdest things and have the oddest yet most amazing talents. this show is ok, but it can be boring at times...
  • It's about time someone made a show like this!

    This show is just one big talent show. People of any age, any talent from anywhere in America can try out in this show and get judged on to the next round by Pierce Morgan (Journal Editor), David Hasslehoff (Baywatch) and Sharon Osborn. Brandy Normwood (Singer and actress in Moesha) used to be the judge, until she went to jail. Hopefully she'll be back this year because I like her better then Sharon. And lets not forget, it's hosted by Jerry Springer. It was Regis Philben until he had to go for surgery. And there is three rounds and the winner gets 1 million$. This show is from Simon Cowell (American Idol).
  • People of all sorts of talent compete for America's votes to earn 1 million dollars!

    Are you tired of the same old reality competitions? Tired of watching young people duke it out on deserted islands or moan and complain in houses or sing or dance their way towards their 15 minutes of fame? Are you tired of seeing the same types of people doing the same things over and over again? If so, then "America's Got Talent" is the cure!

    From the mind of Simon Cowell, the ascerbic judge from American Idol, comes the ultimate in talent shows. No age limits, no talet type restrictions, no idea on what is to come. America's Got Talent has it all: magic acts, dance, singing, comedy, acrobatics, and a whole slew of horrible acts that are as entertaining in watching as they are painful. Add in some judges that, love them or hate them, really bring an atmosphere to the show, and you have a show that is enjoyed by millions all summer long.

    The show has some drawbacks. The top finalists are selected by the judges, which often makes me question their sanity. Apparently top-tier acts are dropped in favour of more unusual and almost controversial acts. An example of this is seen in Season 2, where the popular Redneck Tenors were cut from the top 20, while an overweight guy who impersonates Shakira and Brittney Spears was passed on. Despite this flaw, the show often showcases great talent, and America usually picks a winner that most people can agree with having talent. The best part of this show is the seemingly endless amount of unique and talented people. Take, for instance, the winners of the first two seasons. Bianca Ryan, a 10-year old girl with a powerful voice, and Terry Fador, a ventriloquist who sings while doing impressions. Both were awesome in their talents, and their competition was equally talented. It leaves you enjoying each performance and wanting more. You are shown a wide range of talents, breaking stereotypes with the likes of a rapping granny, a 12-year old yoddler, a magician who makes small snow storm memorable, and a quartet of plus-sized ladies who proved that big is not only beautiful but talented as well.

    In closing, the only advice I have is to keep an open mind, sit back, and enjoy the show!
  • A pretty good show.

    I like the show, especially with all the different talents that people have. It's amazing to see these kinds of things and it's all in one show. Everything just amazes me, at what ordinary people can do. And the judges are great, very humerous at times. And it's funny lots of the time when you see people that don't have great talent, but they still perform. Even people with amazing talents, their a bit hesitant, but still pull it off.
    I never really fully realized that so many people had so many great talents. And every time I watch this show, it amazes me.
  • the sax player i lost him and can't find what the heck happened!

    hey there im dissapointed i really would like to know were the saxaphone player went i really like him alot he made it threw the audditions and then i never seen him at all in vegs on stage at all when the auditions were over and were first starting in vegas i really want to give him my ten votes but i had no chance because i never seen him at all can you tell me what happen to him im telling you he was the best so far no one is as good as he was today of the show
  • I like this show very much. Now the judges Sharon Osbourne she is funny and David HasleHoof he likes every single performance and he always knows when to hit the buzzer.

    Now Peirs Morgan he hits the buzzer on every single act and he is no fun. I hope Peirs Morgan quits. I would audition for "Americas Got Talent" but the problem is I don't have any talent LOL. And that Russian guy that comes on every single year whats his name?.
  • Coolest show ever!

    I Like this show! The talents are cool and amazing, the judges are hilarious and the show is awesome! David and Sharon are my favs and the talents are awesome! If anyone would watch this show, they'd luv it to pieces! Watch this and be amazed by the talents by cool people!
  • A great show to watch while biding your time until the fall lineup comes back. America's Got Talent is definitely a way to pacify your talent show needs.

    "America's Got Talent" shows a variety of people who believe they have special talents. Singers, dancers, magicians.....nothing is left uncovered on this show. There are even people with the special talent of breaking things with their rear end. What breaks this show apart from others such as American Idol are the acts themselves. Even though this show will have their own Sanjayas (Boy Shakira or Bollywood, anyone?), there is enough to please all people.

    Also, not unlike the gong show, those of you who enjoy seeing people jeered off the stage will particularly want to watch America's Got Talent. This show is a great way to pass the summer, while waiting for your favorite shows to come back from hiatus.
  • Americas got talent is hsow about people who want to show there talent to america-and win a million dollars. People can do all sorts of talnets-stunts,singing,instrument,bands,magic,satnd up comedy-and many more.

    I think Americas got talent is great because it gives average people to show that they have talent, and they can show it to the world. The show gives everyone a chance. The judges-David hasselhoff,peirs, and Mrs ozbournewill decide there fate up untill the top twenty. This year-they let 70 acts through, so they nedded extra try-outs to decide who was going to the short list-or the top twenty. This year-it showed that kids had just as much talent-oce agin. After all, season one winner was bianca ryan, who got a record deal. Popular acts from this year include the majician dude, the hillbilly group, johnny lonestar, man shakira, and tyhe elvis empersonator band.
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