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  • Banning America's got Talent

    Extremely disappointed... This is Americas got Talent, and it was thrown in everyone's face they don't care about Americans. Japan won!!! I will no longer watch this show, I'm banning it and I hope others do as well. They sold the American contestants out and I'm done with this show. This is another example of American money getting sent to another country.
  • How About America's Got Talent but do not win!!!

    This was the most ridulous & unfair winner of all - yes, i know it's up to America (which i'm finding hard to believe at this point), but when a person wins who is not AN AMERICAN what's the use of the show's name!!!!! Howie Mandel ranted about how singers don't have to do anything but come out & sing - oh sure right, they don't have to practice & make sure their timing is on or harmonizing (in the case of a group). Also, they have a TALENT - that's what is all about - they were given a talent for a reason right???? I believe Kemichi winning waa a horrible mistake as many others do - of course, Forte should have taken the crown and hopefully will still make it big. The judges are ridulous except for Howard Stern - he is right on the mark. After this season, I don't know about watching again - way too unfair!!!
  • unbelievable results

    I find it very hard to believe that anyone watching the americas got talent contestants could posibly have voted for the winner of the contest rather than forte with amazing talent. Which makes me wonder what goes on behind the scenes. I will not watch it next year. Dont care to watch a result I know is wrong.

    Not to mention the antics from the judges to take up more air time.
  • America's Got Talent, not Japan's Got Talent

    It's all in the title folks... I believed this show was focused on finding Americans with talent, people living in America. Very disappointed with this season. Can't believe the acts that made it to the finals. I don't dislike Kenichi, his act is very cool but should not have been consider for this show. I have watched and enjoyed every season of this show but am hopeful the producers will consider the fact that we call it America's Got Talent and should have a US citizen win.
  • Americas Talent as screwed as the audience!

    Americas Got Talent is a big waste of time and really rips off the people trying to get some place. The entire program has gotten to be all about the host and judges acting up and fighting for attention at the expense of the contestant. Has-been Howie is the biggest jerk who does this. A good portion of time is wasted on judges acting like jerks!

    Say what you want about Simon Cowell, but at least he pretty much kept his mouth shut and let the talent do their thing.

    This latest scam of a show had the judges ranting and carrying on, pretty much bad mouthing singers or groups, and hard selling weaker acts over their soap box issues. They should just dump the show let all the has-been people they use for judges go some place else to get attention!
  • Angry with audience

    This is what happens when idiots and little girls are allowed to vote. They can't understand real talent! It's nothing but singes and traditional type entertainment. Kristoff Bros. and Catapult got screwed over for another Talor Swift wannabe and country-boy with only a veterans story that's carried him throughout the whole season!!
  • Unbelievable Results

    Wow. Im shocked. America really screwed up their voting. Kristeff Brothers and Catapult were ROBBED in my opinion, as was Brendan James who did MUCH better than Cami or Jimmy did. All the acts are GOOD at this point obviously, but, need to be MORE than just "Good" and some of the acts that went through were NOT in my opinion. I was truly shocked to see the results. At least Kenichi (sp?) and Forte went through, but other than that, wow. What effed up voting on America's can even understand Taylor getting through kinda, though I dont know if I'd say he's up to par with the other talent, but still better than some of what went through. Seriously. Collin Keys won over CAtapult?!?! I mean, WHAT?!?! Yes, he's a nice enough seeming kid, and I'm sure all the dumb teenagers think hes "Cute" "Hot" or whatever and are out there voting for him, but thats not the criteria. I have nothing against him as a person, but his act is NOT on the same level as acts like Catapult or Kristeff Brothers. I really do feel those two acts were utterly robbed of their place in the finals. Its BS. And for that matter Brendan James as well, was deserving of a spot moreso than some of who went through in his stead. He did AMAZING on his last performance. Totally unbelievable. America and their screwed up voting TOTALLY ruined the finals show for me. What could have been an AMAZING final show FILLED with talent (Forte, Kenechi, Kristeff, Catapult, Brendan, instead now has just been made a lot less amazing... I know there IS no SURE thing, and no sure predictions, but I still thought there were SOME acts that were basically Safe no matter what like Kristeff and Catapult. This proves that No one really is safe no matter what you do/think. I can only hope America gets it right NEXT time, and that either Forte or Kenechi win DID LOVE seeing Olate Dogs again though, and Terry Fator-thought I prefer his animal puppets, like the adorable turtle, to the human I give the performance show a 10 I give the results show a 3 because of the craptastically messed up results from america. Though if I count the performances and the fact that at least a couple good acts got through I'd give it a 6 or 7 mmaybe. Dunno...

    How can America vote a comic through that's not that funny, and let a singer like Brandon James go? How can they vote the comic through, when they let a group like Catapult go? Is America really voting or is it the shows decision to keep who they think is right?
  • Chicago Boys OR Rope Jumping Apes

    The Chicago boys spend half of their stage time waving their arms like monkeys. I hate the way they run around the stage trying to get the audience to cheer when they are ALREADY cheering. How DUMB can they be. The judges are even more stupid for not pointing out their stupid stage antics. I think they do not do Double Dutch justice. The judges should watch a real Double Dutch competition and they would have a better idea of how it is really supposed to be done.
  • Considering the population of over a billion, it just doesn't seem likely that America always gets it right.

    And what is it with the judges always saying they're going to leave it to America to decide all the time? Is there a rule that restricts them from voting? Quit making that excuse and judge! That's what you're there to do! And it's ridiculous that all these singers keep going through in this competition. We have enough TV competition shows just for singers. Let some other unique talent win for us that doesn't use sob stories all the time. Kenichi Ebina has to win this season of America's Got Talent. Either way, this is probably going to be the second and last time I'm I'm watching this show.
  • Generic Talent Always wins

    I'd have to admit, I did once enjoy watching America's Got Talent, until the last few years. Most of the talent audtions are always singers who end up winning, so why bother showcase actual unique talents if you're not going to bother to choose them? However that's not the only problem:

    1. Heidi Klum- the only thing I can honestly say is stick to general Hospital, you have no room to judge, just because you're famous.

    2. Mel-B, goddamn it, you're a bitch. Just because people aren't generic divas like yourself, doesn't mean that they aren't as talented, come to think of it, nobody has even heard of you. Wearing that god-awful purple lipstick over a yellow top? C'mon you make tons of money, you should be able to afford clothes that coordinate.

    I don't really have much to say about Howie and Howard, because they're neutral.

    In a typical season, you can expect to find singers, kids, magician acts to say the least. Usually some preppy teen girl, or some cute boy that all the girls scream their lungs out for. I feel that it's more or less of a popularity contest, rather than the substance of their talents. if you remembered the past few winners, most of them, if not all were singers. Little kids are cute and whatnot, but would I go pay to see them? Maybe, but probably not. So the big question I always asked myself is: "Is the act worth going to see on Broadway, a concert, etc? More than likely, no.
  • Judges

    I am disappointed that Heidi Klum has been chosen to be a judge because she only votes according to what she likes and not according to the talent itself. I am very disappointed in this.
  • Mel B. - REALLY???

    The Booty guys are your pick? So many other truly talented people got sent home and that's the best you could do for the wild tells me you have NO idea what talent is and therefore should not come back as a judge of talent. Really disappointing. -10 is my true rating but it won't let me go down that far.
  • This show needs to be Cancelled

    This show is nothing but a bunch of singers, dancers, and little kids performing. The singers are redundant, the dancers are average, and the kids are cute but need to be in school not a stage. The original acts aren't original, but knock offs from past seasons. For example, Catapult Entertainment is just copying the Silhouettes from last year. At least give us a few seasons between to forget about the Silhouettes before acting like you created this idea! I guess America has run out of talent or these judges just can't find any.
  • My thoughts on AGT

    America's Got Talent is a show that showcases the diverse talent in this country. From singing to sword eating to pounding on a fat mans chest. What a lot of people do not understand is the show is looking for an act that can stand alone in a Las Vegas venue. Would you go pay to see such and such? Is this act worth a million dollars? That's the way I approach this show whenever I'm selecting my favorites. So maybe the young girl dance group did a great job. Would you go pay the money to see them? There are many acts that are different and unusual. But in the long run, singers, magic acts, and maybe comedians will make up the 3 going into the final rounds (except for last year with the dog act). For the other acts it's about getting exposure. All of America will have seen them and who knows if some producer is looking for a certain look or act and ends up signing some of the casts off. Take those two rap singers who performed "B-O-O-T-Y". I wouldn't be surprised to hear them on the radio pretty soon.
  • The worst host ever!!

    I don't like the host!! The suits he wears are ridiculous!!! I haven't seen fashion like that ever!!! His pants are too narrow and too short!! He really dresses like a clown!! If he was part of the act he will win.....

    Respectfully I wish he was a little more serious Ryan Seacrest type.. Sorry
  • Lost respect

    It is disgusting to watch America Got Talent. It is a joke. Yes there is talent in America but the judges can't see what is in front of their faces. It is the same when kids compete and they are wonderful but they claim they are too young to put them through. LOL like I say it is a joke. I am not going to watch this any more it is not worth my time
  • Marty Brown


  • Not as exciting as it used to be!

    The wow factor of this show is diminishing. I'm less entertained this year, than previous years. When the dog act won last year, that may have been the tipping point.
  • Season 8 2013

    Liked what we could see, however, this season a lot was edited & we missed out on a lot of auditions! Why so much editing!
  • Bummer

    Personally, I am not a fan of the way the construct the show. A top sixty should not even be considered let alone aloud- it really distracts from the talent that deserves to be on the show, I mean common some of the acts really shouldn't have even made it past the producers. It's a huge shame. Additionally, with no disrespect or intention to be rude- this show is irrelevant, at least the judges are, to be honest I really don't care what they have to say, they haven't done anything significant in a while, this show could really be something, but I don't see it taking off anytime soon. Also, has anyone heard from the previous winners?! I feel like this show needs some work before season 9
  • I use the show as a screen saveer

    It's just so awful. Got it on mute because I enjoy NBC network. The "talent" is really a small pick of sob stories and mediocre talent. The few who do well tend to be professionals who do it for a living. The judges overemphasize the talent, giving credibility to the worst singers that can barely sing but because they have a horrifying backstory, they get put through. They also waste much money dazzling the audience with lights, extra large tv screens. It's over appreciated. I doubt people even realize it's just facade. Try putting the talent in a room without the glitz/glamour, you'll see how boring they are. I can't wait until the show is over and NBC cancels.
  • Booty gets through!!??

    So booty singers get through and Milton Patton gets sent home? You've got to be kidding!?
  • It's not about the talent anymore.

    I can't make my review about the judges' picks regarding acts, because very talented people get sent home prematurely every year, and everyone's going to have their own opinions there. My big issue is that the show used to be fun, but the format changes over the past two years (especially this year) have slowly been ruining it. Now it's all about the judges. The prerecorded episodes are barely showing the acts (either good or entertainingly bad) anymore, and are now just filled with annoying fluff about the judges. Next year, I may just start with the live shows... the rest is just flashy and obnoxious now.
  • not worth watching

    I've been watching this for the last 4 years and I give up. These judges are horrible....

    The first bad call was sending Milton Patton away. But then they sent the young girls who sang so well

    away too and kept so many awful acts.

    I would never pay to see dancers in vegas. .... period.

    I actually go to concerts and buy cds.

    And now that there are categories to fill, dancers, singers, stunts, that's made it even worse.

    If all the talented people are singing, oh well, then put them all on and let them compete. Don't make

    me watch more bad acts so you can fill a category.

    That's just as bad as affirmative action.

    In fact, that's all this show feels like now.

    Time for it to go OFF the air.

    Another viewer going... going... GONE!!!
  • 17 July 2013 Judges got it wrong.

    Sully Dunn and Milton Patton should have never been rejected. They both have far more talent than at least three of the acts that were selected to move on to Radio City Music Hall. I'm very disappointed in the judges decision. Please give these two a chance to go to the finals.
  • No reason to watch if you do not show the acts to engage us to tune in and see what happens next time.

    The point to the show is to pick favorites to follow each week and see if they are one-hit-wonders or keep steppin' it up. You have only shown a few seconds of the good acts so we don't know anything about them to care if we see them again. Then you pick the asinine group playing on the belly because Mel said the audience liked them, but didn't put through the creative comic even thought the audience wanted him. Tonight in Vegas Summer 2013, you televised the judges talking to several groups that they are staying or leaving without showing a single act! I've waited a few weeks, but this season just keeps getting worse decisions in editing. AGT used to be my favorite that I talked about a lot with others despite not liking Howard or Howie. Also, This is America - should have American judges and acts!
  • The mini-camo "Italian" dancers

    What a bunch of egotistical smart asses. If that's the attitude of the upcoming generation - we're in big trouble. Acting like they are perverted adults in mini bodies... with the pelvic thrusts and the sexual innuendos. Attitude reflects leadership - obviously the parents are living vicariously through these little monsters. A little humility can go a long way - but unfortunately there is NONE in this group. Nothing polite or entertaining about them. I doubt if they will make it through the next round. Or perhaps they will grow up to be like that other immature little s**t who drives a Ferrari and doesn't know the first thing about real life. He was taught that he was even above the law. When they fall from their pedestals... the crash will be heard round the world. And then there's the brit who questioned the original song from the brother and sister act... REALLY??? REALLY??? She sang the all time worst song "Wannabe" and she's questioning this original song that beat anything she's sung hands down. Really.
  • America got talent 6

    Can we have female judges from America? One is from UK one is German. Can't stand. Especially too much off time scene given to the judges this season. America got no female judge talents? Why use Heidi and Mel? 6
  • the picking of americans.

    How can you allow people that arent even from USA, apply to . its just not right you truly kill the meaning of the show. I stopped watching after this seaions 3rd show..... that have there own version in there country tell them to go home.
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