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  • Just bad. 3 things that need to ...

    This show is way over-produced now as they try and wrap poor performances in a Hollywood setting... That said.. here are three changes I would make,

    1) No more of "The disappearing magician". We get it. You pretend to climb in the box and put your life in danger as the box is suspended above a pit of fireor piranhasor , sharp pointy thingsor piranhas on fire holding pointing thingswhatever. Fast forward a minute to give the magician time to climb down and come in the back way and abracadabra, the magician magically appears behind the judges table. Next!

    2) An end to dogs acts. Enough with the dogs hopping around like rabbits and skipping rope. This stopped being interesting around the time Lassie rescued Timmy from the well. . You want include a dog act? Train a few to pee on Howie's leg every time he says, "This is the Best Season Ever" THAT would be interestingand funny as heck.

    3) Replace the host. I am sure she is a lovely person off-camera, but on camera Tyra is a train wreck, That girl could not articulate a point if her life depended on it. The solution? Apologize to Nick, increase his shoe allowancefill his dressing room with M&M's. whatever it takesjust get him back next season!

  • Tyra and her stumbling over her WORDS!

    I understand that no one is perfect and can stumble over their words during public speeches, but when you are getting paid like Tyra is AND she has a teleprompter in front of her, why is she getting tongue tied on EVERY show? I get so irritated when she does that! She is a PROFESSIONAL and she should be much smoother in her delievery. She works my nerves! Please bring back Nick Cannon.
  • Family Show Tyra-dress for it!

    The dresses that Tyra banks are beautiful, however, they are not appropriate for this family show. One show she was hugging the child, all you could see was her cleavage at the child's face level. Tonight, it is see through, really. Clean it up!
  • The singers have got to go!

    I'm so annoyed with this show! why would people vote for that 9 year old? She's really good but enough! Would anyone pay good money IN VEGAS to see a 9 year old? Her cute act is obnoxious too. She was fake crying last night. Not one tear fell. Some of the acts have spent their lives honing their craft only to have their shot at stardom stolen by a 9 year old. It's wrong! Kechi is and ok singer and she's gotten this far because of her horrific ordeal. Same with Evie. They feel bad for her. The deaf girl is good but again they feel bad for her.

    Come on AGT! Stop with the sob stories! It's affecting the votes.
  • Goodbye Tyra or goodbye me.

    Tyra makes me want to stop watching the show. This is a family show, and I don't like the way she and others dress. She is so fake and annoying. I tape the show, and fast forward Tyra every time. She has got to goooooooooooooooooooo.
  • Where Do I Begin.......

    1. Get rid of Tyra Banks! She is sooooo FAKE! Cannot stand her!

    2. Cut the sob stories! Everybody has one. Everybody wants to win! It is unfair to tell the back story on the same people all the time! So Stop it. Enough already!!!

    3. Make a separate show for kid singers! There were so many people more quallfied than "ukulele girl" last year. A total waste watching last year. If another kid wins this year - that is IT for me. NO MORE AGT!!!
  • Stop the NONSENSE AGT!!!

    Get a new show for the under Jr. This "explotation of children" is outrageous! Sending little kids to Vegas?! Really? Can they really handle any kind of pressure like this? Oh, it's marketing for the youngest generation to make a dollar, and don't forget to put the pressure on the parents to spend their money now, because the littlest kids want to go to Vegas to see the kid shows! Well, well!, why, not?!! Have some kind of dignity, and offer these little children money, and/or some types of scholarships for their future

    for their winnings, and let them compete among their peers!

    And, voters who are responsible for getting the little kids to finals/winning, are mostly kids and parents, obviously! This is a flawed system, to include the under age in with adults!! This is ridiculous to allow this to happen to the adults with great talents, who have "sacrificed years" of time, dedication, money, & their families have sacrificed much, too! This AIN'T RIGHT, DUDES! Your "values" are all messed up, and it is "obvious" to any sane "grown up"! This "child explotation business" is an EMBARASSMENT to our country!

    How popular do you think an AGT "Jr" show would be? How long do you have to think about that one? For God's sake! There ain't nothing cuter, or more sweeter, than kids! And, second of course, is the animals!

    AGT YOUR "act" together, and add some dignity while you're at it!!!

  • Tyra needs to go!

    Tyra is annoying not only to me but my husband, 18yr old and 14yr old. We like watching AGT but none of us can stand listening to her talk, I guess it's giving us something to talk about. We just spend the night complaining about her and aren't enjoying the talent, but for real if she's on next season you won't be on our TV.
  • We want Nick

    My husband and I think Tyra Banks is so annoying. She grates in our nerves more and more each episode. We want Nick Cannon back!
  • Get Mel B off the show

    She is obnoxious and adds a childish element to the show. Simon, find her something else to do
  • Someone should tell them this is not American Idol

    I believe that singers belong on singers only shows such as American Idol and The Voice.

    It's not fair to judge singers with different talents such as magicians, jugglers, acrobats etc...

    After all, singers are born with a singing voice. It, of course can be developed, but no matter how many hours and lessons you take, you will never be a great or passably good singer unless you have a voice in the first place.

    On the other hand, acrobats, jugglers, magicians, dog trainers etc... must spend countess number of hours to master and become proficient in their talent, to which you are not born with. It's like comparing apple to oranges.

    You have way too many singers and should leave them to appear on singing shows only. No more singers please.

  • Tyra try's to hard

    She never allows contestants the opportunity to say thanks or comment before she cuts them off and attempts to be witty. The only thing she is successful at is being rude and obnoxious. She should stick to modelling.
  • Singers in AGT

    I think this show should be based on talent . I believe all singers should be redirected to the Voice or American Idol UNLESS they write and sing their own songs or they are a band. Getting up there and singing someone else's song is not a talent. It is a gift from god. I don't think it's right that someone sings a song and beats someone that does incredible magic or death defying stunts, or halarious comedians, if that is the case they should rename the show... THE NEXT AMERICAN
  • Howie you are completely Transparent

    Don't for 1 minute believe you, we decide what happens on AGT. It is completely obvious Simon calls the shots here. They have a script to read and know what has happened before it does. There is NO other explanation for what goes on each week. The only reason many are still on the show is because of their sad story and real talent takes a back seat. If you have no idea what I mean just watch Howie and his expressions. When he is going to stand up, he looks around to make sure it's ok, if someone isn't going to make it through to the next round he says "but is it enough to go forward" or something like that. And This Tuesday the 5th of Sept. he looked like home alone with the Oh My Gosh , hands to his face picture. Let's be real, some of the contestants have great potential others just don't like the little girl who won last year. If you have heard one of her songs you have heard them all. Now don't get me wrong, she seems to be a sweet girl but that doesn't make her talented. This year we have 2 young girls who should be awarded the top prize, but my fear is it will be the chic with the dog or the other one who got burned. Last thing said. Howie just get real, you are not a good actor, a comedian yes, actor never, you telegraph every step. IN addition, tyra the tramp has got to go, now I will say she is a better host than slick nick who couldn't talk if he didn't have a cue card in front of him but Tyra dear this is a family show and you are not, by any means family material. Hey, I've got an idea, how about one of the contestants, like Preacher. Please tell me I didn't have to tell you that. Do you have NO foresight.
  • If Tyra comes back next year, I won't.

    1. What were you thinking? Not only can I not STAND her, but she gets more airtime than anybody on the show. Ugh. If you can't get Nick, get somebody like him. Meanwhile, tell her to stop mauling the contestants, especially when she's wearing Fredericks of Hollywood lingerie.

    2. PRODUCERS... Please stop manipulating us with hard luck stories. Can't tell if the show is about talent anymore or something else.

    3. Mel B. - I love you, but don't go for being the clip shot on the previews EVERY time. If you gush and wave hands hysterically over every contestant it loses context. And I no longer pay attention to what you think.
  • A waste of time

    What the heck is going on you are eliminated all the great talent and leave a dog act God Simon's you need to wrap this up I'll never watch the show again a dog act over Johnny Manuel this is what your voters do you this is how they vote please make this your last year PS you are messed up when y'all got rid of neck a lot of people stop watching and just like 45 America's Got Talent is getting very unpopular to recap cancel the show it's going down the toilet
  • Bring Back Nick!

    I am reduced to recording every show and fast forwarding so I don't have to watch Tyra. She is unbearably annoying and phony and inappropriate. And having the judges rave about what a great job she's doing doesn't make it so. Cut your losses and replace her. From most of the comments I've read, you'll lose viewers if she stays.

  • Wrong title

    I thought this was America's got TALENT not America'South got sob stories. Once I wold like to watch a season based on talent alone and not all the heart string pulling.

  • Can't stand her

    She is so overbearing and not genuine with the acts. She is just always over the to like she's the act and not just a host. Please don't renew her, It would be great if you brought Nick Cannon back but he's probably gone on to better things. But please she worse than Jerry Springer was.
  • Tyra - A mouth and look not for this show!

    Tyra is nice, in her own space, but she is downright imposing and crass in this setting. She is way too 'touchy'; dresses like a vamp; and, in general is just inappropriate. She lets out "four-letter words" and phrases that are not suitable for family or similar airing. She comes off semi classless..... maybe meant to be casual, but still not acceptable for many of our homes.

    Please, just 'Let her go!".
  • To the female stars on AGT this year.

    OMG could your female stars please put some clothes on. You are not Cher. Note she rocked her outfits your celebrities are just trashy.
  • Family show / Hooked Tyra

    Tuned in tonight to see live shows only to recoil in "What"!? Tyra regalled in a see through black lace sex kitten romper . Topped off with an over the top "come hither " look she keeps giving the camera. I just had to turn it off right then . Looked on my tv guide app and there was Chopped Junior a really wonderful cooking challenge show with some very talented young kids . Tuning into Chopped Junior from now on. Forget AGT and their horrible values . Tyra Banks acts like a pedaphile pawing all over kids ,holding them close with that creepy clutchy way of hers . Im having no more of it . Good bye AGT
  • a family show

    This is suppose to be a family show and I am tired of seeing Trya hugging the kids on the show with her boobs hanging out. all the ladies need to dress with out hanging out everywhere. I am about to stop watching show...
  • bring back Ryan comment

    It has always been Nick.. Who is Ryan..
  • Great show- inappropriate wardrobe!

    I love the show. I've been watching for years however I do not like Tyra banks as the hostess. Bring back Ryan! Also, the wardrobe is inappropriate! Low-cut dresses are inappropriate for a family show such as this! Tired of seeing it. Turn off really.
  • When did this turn into a singing competition

    When did this turn primarily into a singing competition? There's other shows for that! Every season I've been more and more disappointed with this show. Now that they've replaced nick cannon with Tyra, I don't think it's worth watching.
  • No more Tyra!

    Please, please, PLEASE!!!! Do not bring Tyra back next year! I get this is her first year but she has no personality! I DVR the show now just so I don't have to watch her!
  • Tyra must go!

    I'm with the user noahsdad777. I dvr the show just to skip hearing Tyra Banks fake voice. I get that you had a disagreement with Nick Cannon but at least it was enjoyable to watch the show. I have yet to talk with one person about the show and not hear someone at least bring up the fact of how bad she is as a host. We can vote on everything else why didn't the people get a vote in who we wanted as a host??
  • Lose Tyra or lose our viewership!

    Please rethink Tyra Banks as your host(ess). We've gotten to the point we DVR the show and watch later so we can advance through any dialogue involving Tyra. She is so disingenuous in her fake emotion showed to the contestants... We've had enough!
  • Love Show... Hate wardrobe

    I have been watching AGT for years and it is one of the best 'family' entertainment decent shows left on tv,. however, I am sooooo disgusted with Tyra Banks' and Mel B's taste in wardrobe.... I am so sick of looking at their boobs and erotic dress. It is very sad and shameful when you see a beautiful young girl singing and Tyra is hugging her only to see a sweet face next to boobs hanging out all over the place. stop it... who the heck are you two trying to impress. It is backfiring because I have read lots of comments and they totally get it too. I wish we had Nick Cannon back any day of the week.
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