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  • Disturbing treatment of a 10yo on AGT

    The 'two' family members of superstar winner Darci who leapt on the stage to congratulate their wonderful very talented family member Darci should be ashamed...................... they pushed aside the runner-up; a 10yo who was congratulating winner Darci..................... a 10yo who is distressed by the occasion, a child who underwent a kidney transplant. Showing the runner-up this blatant disrespect and ignoring her shocked me and showed me how horrible people can 'act' showing no empathy or commonsense. Darci's mother on the other hand showed her class by her actions towards the runner-up...................
  • Tyra is muddying up my TV

    I cannot stand that ridiculous beast on my television. I love the show. I cannot get past her stupidity and tackiness. Things are different now. I have to move on because she is disgusting to watch.
  • Not family friendly judges

    The lady judges need to wear dresses that they are not hanging out of. Very trashy. And stop taking the Lords name in vain repeatedly to everyone but Simon. Thank you Simon for staying classy. Unless the judges clean up their act my family won't be able to watch anymore.
  • Stop panning the camera to the judges

    STOP PANNING THE CAMERA TO THE JUDGES DURING PERFORMACES !!! Most especially during performances that involves a lot of movement !!! I dont want to see their or the audiences facial reactions at all. I want to see the acts !!
  • Am I the only one who thinks...

    If "America" is voting on the winner, why have judges, who might X out someone that America likes. And I wonder why the exceptional singers who don't make it through aren't already singing on Broadway or haven't already auditioned on The Voice or American Idol. AND... This Brian Crum guy. He lives in LA where all these singing shows are. So, as good as he is, why has he not been on one of these other shows or been discover by a talent scout. Just wondering.

  • Why the bad ratings?

    So this show is good, I will admit that perhaps this show should be given a pg-13 or tv 14 rating because of the low cut dresses some judges (and contestants) may wear and that I don't like the singing and if I was a judge I would never give a singer a yes since anybody can sing but it still is a good show.
  • Live taping experience was discouraging

    My wife and I love America's Got Talent show and have been going to live tapings since season 1, and have never had any problems what so ever with parking or entry to studio, you guys have always been awesome, but today's (4/15/2018) 3 pm taping was a huge disappointment to us and I'm sure to many others. We arrived at the studio at 2:15 pm only to find we were stuck in a long line of traffic to get in with little to no movement. We finally got into the parking structure at 3:30 and in line at 3:40 only to find that our priority tickets were only now only standby with a 0% chance to get in. We drove over 200 miles round trip to watch and be a part of the show and now because of this we are discouraged and may not want to go again.
  • Tyra touchy feely to Angelica's father.

    First, I used to like Tyra a America's Next Top Model. But here, her tits are hanging out. (Fake ones at Kids are watching and its a family show. Its not always all about you Tyra. And I'm certainly not 60 and proud of myself. In this show, its about everyone else BUT her. When little Angelica was on stage singing her beautiful song ( Rise Up), as her parents watched from the side, Tyra kept putting her hands all over Angelica's father. She should be slapped. Not all men enjoy women touching them. He was Clearly in love with his wife, did Not enjoy it at all. He finaly hugged his wife closer, I think to stay away from Tyra. He was trying to enjoy the wonderful performance, his daughter parents so proud. No bitch, even you Tyra, has a right to touch Anyones husband or boyfriend. Its rude and disrespectful!!
  • Is this a joke

    This was the first and last time I'll spend watching that show! It was totally fixed, there is no way American viewers are that stupid to vote that lame act the winner! Can't believe I let my family talk me into watching the junk!
  • Tyra and Mel B

    Please I'm begging you to replace Tyra. My grandkids watch this show, and this season I wouldn't let them watch it because of the way Tyra and Mel B dressed. This is a family show, and you have young kids on the show. Tyra is not a role model at all. I like Mel B. I wish she didn't wear that outfit on the first day of tryouts. Please replace Tyre. Can you bring back Nick Cannon? Or someone that won't dress like a slut? Can you get Ellen? She would be great. I won't watch next season if Tyra is on it.

  • Need new host

    Tyra Banks is a total amateur as a host. Tries way too hard and yet fails in every phony delivery. Top that off with trashy clothing and overdone makeup and hair, and she is a big negative. Please replace.
  • our disappointment!

    i understand that nike cannan left because he is sick and i really hope he feels better as much as possible. However i'm not a fan of how tyra banks dresses for such a family are not able to vote for any acts because my husband and I have to pre-watch the episode to make sure she is dressed more appropriately for his age and questions we have to explain some things that interrupts our family time with one of our family favorite shows. unfortunately he wasn't able to see very many we had to make something up or give him extra game time because we just couldn't let him watch much this year. I hope you something changes for the next season our son would love to have a chance to watch more next season than this season. I'm sorry to say how upset this was to keep our son away from one of our favorite family shows.
  • AGT Final - Sept 19

    Boring final. Forgetable performances. No exception. All 10 finalists did not have the best performance. Just okay performances. Singers have talented voices but wrong material, wrong song choice. But understandably Evie Clark had emotional performance and all dedicated to her father who recently passed away. My heart goes out to Evie Clark. I am sure it was tough to sing and compete when she began her AGT journey, audition, with her dad along with her and not able to finish the AGT with him alive. For the other 5 talents, it was forgetable.

    In summary, the performances were not finale worthy acts. I would watch past episodes than finale.
  • Sad for rhis finale night

    I love this show and allow my kids to stay up late to watch the grand finale. I was embarrassed and appalled at the putfits of MelB and Tyra. Usually we look forward to the finale as it is tie & formal attire. These 2 ladies need a lesson in appropriate dress during 'family time'! Tyra was wearing lingerie and MelB was dressed like any other night with dreadful hair! There goes 'family night' television for this family!
  • Get dressed Tyra

    I have tolerated this top model this season. However, tonight I have to say, enough is enough. Why does she have to continue to look and dress like a skanky ho? It's a family show, her wardrobe is ridiculous and in very bad taste. Mel is right behind her. Just a really bad example to set for all the ladies, young and older. Get dressed for God's sake.

    For the idiot who told me to change the channel if I don't like the show, I never said I don't like the show. Learn to read.
  • How do we get rid of Tyra as host?

    I have been a big fan since Day 1, despite not always agreeing with some judge or America's vote decisions, but why would anybody choose Tyra to host such a family-friendly show?

    Listen, I'm not even a conservative, and she makes me very uncomfortable. Why? Her outfits are totally inappropriate, and unattractive too; she stumbles over speaking numerous times; has no comedic talent; interacts terribly with the kids; and most of all, comes across as VERY fake. She just makes me cringe.

    Then tonight, ignores what Simon says about not having this girl sing after her performance (which is an unfair advantage, and, for a 2nd time); after that, insults Simon about him not dressing appropriately (like, say what?); and then subsequently, sexually harasses him live on camera by touching his chest hair (like, say what again? and, are you wanting to get fired?)! And, isn't Simon her boss or something like that?!?

    OMG! How do we get this feedback to the powers that be?

    I'll add that I also loved Nick Cannon and would love it if they could get him back. At least he wasn't inappropriate while on the show, like Tyra. I don't know what caused him to be fired, but it didn't seem fair that it was due to something that happened outside of this job. If not him, I beg them to find someone else or I might have to stop watching.

    As for Mel and Heidi, some of their outfits were close to the line this year, but not nearly as bad as Tyra, and, at least they're mostly behind the table, so I'm not as bothered by that. I'm more bothered when Simon is rude, disrespectful to them, and interruptive though. In general, his behaviors and attitudes have improved, even though I have mostly always agreed with his opinions ( just not how he talks to people).
  • Don't Like Tyra?

    Don't watch! Change the channel... that simple. Still millions of viewers who just love the show.
  • This is NOT Victoria Secret or Americas Next Top Model

    I'm so frustrated - there are good acts on here - folks with real talent that I won't see next year if Tyra is the host - she's awful

    The way she dresses is horrendous - numerous times this season her dress/hair/makeup looks like a drag queen - she's over the top and has to go

    I see that tonight - Mel B actually decided to wear undergarments - last time she wore this white lace get up - she didn't wear undergarments and nipples were showing - disgusting - this is a FAMILY show

    Why do women like this feel they need to be naked before America?????

    If Tyra wants to dress like she does - she should have stayed with VS or ANTM

    If Tyra is the host next season and if Mel B doesn't dress for a family show - my family will stick with real talent shows like The Voice
  • Outrageous dress of Mel B and Tyra. Very Innapropriate. This is a family show

    The wardrobe is inappropriate! Low-cut and see through dresses are inappropriate for a family show. Mel B and Tyra Please dress appropriately. It is very offensive to the viewers. Respect the kids on the show and those watching. Producers, please control this. It looks like a rated R or X show.
  • Just bad. 3 things that need to ...

    This show is way over-produced now as they try and wrap poor performances in a Hollywood setting... That said.. here are three changes I would make,

    1) No more of "The disappearing magician". We get it. You pretend to climb in the box and put your life in danger as the box is suspended above a pit of fireor piranhasor , sharp pointy thingsor piranhas on fire holding pointing thingswhatever. Fast forward a minute to give the magician time to climb down and come in the back way and abracadabra, the magician magically appears behind the judges table. Next!

    2) An end to dogs acts. Enough with the dogs hopping around like rabbits and skipping rope. This stopped being interesting around the time Lassie rescued Timmy from the well. . You want include a dog act? Train a few to pee on Howie's leg every time he says, "This is the Best Season Ever" THAT would be interestingand funny as heck.

    3) Replace the host. I am sure she is a lovely person off-camera, but on camera Tyra is a train wreck, That girl could not articulate a point if her life depended on it. The solution? Apologize to Nick, increase his shoe allowancefill his dressing room with M&M's. whatever it takesjust get him back next season!

  • Tyra and her stumbling over her WORDS!

    I understand that no one is perfect and can stumble over their words during public speeches, but when you are getting paid like Tyra is AND she has a teleprompter in front of her, why is she getting tongue tied on EVERY show? I get so irritated when she does that! She is a PROFESSIONAL and she should be much smoother in her delievery. She works my nerves! Please bring back Nick Cannon.
  • Family Show Tyra-dress for it!

    The dresses that Tyra banks are beautiful, however, they are not appropriate for this family show. One show she was hugging the child, all you could see was her cleavage at the child's face level. Tonight, it is see through, really. Clean it up!
  • The singers have got to go!

    I'm so annoyed with this show! why would people vote for that 9 year old? She's really good but enough! Would anyone pay good money IN VEGAS to see a 9 year old? Her cute act is obnoxious too. She was fake crying last night. Not one tear fell. Some of the acts have spent their lives honing their craft only to have their shot at stardom stolen by a 9 year old. It's wrong! Kechi is and ok singer and she's gotten this far because of her horrific ordeal. Same with Evie. They feel bad for her. The deaf girl is good but again they feel bad for her.

    Come on AGT! Stop with the sob stories! It's affecting the votes.
  • Goodbye Tyra or goodbye me.

    Tyra makes me want to stop watching the show. This is a family show, and I don't like the way she and others dress. She is so fake and annoying. I tape the show, and fast forward Tyra every time. She has got to goooooooooooooooooooo.
  • Where Do I Begin.......

    1. Get rid of Tyra Banks! She is sooooo FAKE! Cannot stand her!

    2. Cut the sob stories! Everybody has one. Everybody wants to win! It is unfair to tell the back story on the same people all the time! So Stop it. Enough already!!!

    3. Make a separate show for kid singers! There were so many people more quallfied than "ukulele girl" last year. A total waste watching last year. If another kid wins this year - that is IT for me. NO MORE AGT!!!
  • Stop the NONSENSE AGT!!!

    Get a new show for the under Jr. This "explotation of children" is outrageous! Sending little kids to Vegas?! Really? Can they really handle any kind of pressure like this? Oh, it's marketing for the youngest generation to make a dollar, and don't forget to put the pressure on the parents to spend their money now, because the littlest kids want to go to Vegas to see the kid shows! Well, well!, why, not?!! Have some kind of dignity, and offer these little children money, and/or some types of scholarships for their future

    for their winnings, and let them compete among their peers!

    And, voters who are responsible for getting the little kids to finals/winning, are mostly kids and parents, obviously! This is a flawed system, to include the under age in with adults!! This is ridiculous to allow this to happen to the adults with great talents, who have "sacrificed years" of time, dedication, money, & their families have sacrificed much, too! This AIN'T RIGHT, DUDES! Your "values" are all messed up, and it is "obvious" to any sane "grown up"! This "child explotation business" is an EMBARASSMENT to our country!

    How popular do you think an AGT "Jr" show would be? How long do you have to think about that one? For God's sake! There ain't nothing cuter, or more sweeter, than kids! And, second of course, is the animals!

    AGT YOUR "act" together, and add some dignity while you're at it!!!

  • Tyra needs to go!

    Tyra is annoying not only to me but my husband, 18yr old and 14yr old. We like watching AGT but none of us can stand listening to her talk, I guess it's giving us something to talk about. We just spend the night complaining about her and aren't enjoying the talent, but for real if she's on next season you won't be on our TV.
  • We want Nick

    My husband and I think Tyra Banks is so annoying. She grates in our nerves more and more each episode. We want Nick Cannon back!
  • Get Mel B off the show

    She is obnoxious and adds a childish element to the show. Simon, find her something else to do
  • Someone should tell them this is not American Idol

    I believe that singers belong on singers only shows such as American Idol and The Voice.

    It's not fair to judge singers with different talents such as magicians, jugglers, acrobats etc...

    After all, singers are born with a singing voice. It, of course can be developed, but no matter how many hours and lessons you take, you will never be a great or passably good singer unless you have a voice in the first place.

    On the other hand, acrobats, jugglers, magicians, dog trainers etc... must spend countess number of hours to master and become proficient in their talent, to which you are not born with. It's like comparing apple to oranges.

    You have way too many singers and should leave them to appear on singing shows only. No more singers please.