America's Got Talent - Season 4

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Season 13 : Episode 24

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  • Season Finale
    Season Finale
    Episode 26
    Find out who will be the new America's Got Talent million-dollar winner!
  • Episode 426
    Episode 426
    Episode 26
    The winner is announced.
  • Episode 425
    Episode 425
    Episode 25
    The finals have arrived. All ten acts will perform one last time for your vote and their chance to win $1 million.
  • Episode 424
    Episode 424
    Episode 24
    The last of the top ten are announced.
  • Episode 423
    Episode 423
    Episode 23
    During America's Got Talent Episode 423, Recycled Percussion began another episode of the semi-finals with an entertaining performance. The band used a back-drop of an auto shop and varied both their songs and props to get the crowd and judges excited. The child duo of Rickie and Erik danced to Michael Jackson's, "Black and White," and David and Sharon were impressed, while Piers thought it was an inappropriate song for children. Other memorable semi-final acts included Hairo Torres performing inventive high school dance moves and Barbara Padilla's opera singing.moreless
  • Episode 422
    Episode 422
    Episode 22
    Episode 22 of the fourth season of America's Got Talent aired on September 2, 2009 and featured the hosting efforts of David Hasselhoff, Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan, as well as Nick Cannon as host. This episode also featured the appearance of Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy. In this episode four acts are chosen as the semi finalist for the season.moreless
  • Episode 421
    Episode 421
    Episode 21
    During America's Got Talent Episode 421, Acrodunk begins the semi-finals by flying and jumping through the fire-flamed hoops, thrilling the audience and the judges. The Texas Tenors belt out a performance of "Unchained Melody," and delight Sharon Osborne. Other semi-final hit performances included Tony Hoard and his dog Rory performing dance routines, the Fab Five sisters re-enacting a marching banding number, and Kevin Skinner singing an emotional rendition of "Always On My Mind."moreless
  • Episode 420
    Episode 420
    Episode 20
    Despite some difficult decisions, this episode of America's Got Talent sees the five remaining places in the semi-finals filled. Special guest Reba McEntire steels the show with a thrilling performance of her song "Consider Me Gone", although contestant Barbara Padilla makes a big impression with her uniquely accessible style of opera.moreless
  • Episode 419
    Episode 419
    Episode 19
    On America's Got Talent Episode 419, Ishaara, a Bollywood dance troupe kicks off the night with an energetic routine. Later, Pam Martin and her two top dogs perform a flawless routine, and the child duo Erik and Rickie danced a traditional Spanish number that the judges found inspirational. Other hit acts featured Drew Stevyns singing, "How to Save a Life," and the Lollipop girls impress the judges and the audience with their creative and sexy, burlesque dance routine.moreless
  • Episode 418
    Episode 418
    Episode 18
    Episode 18, from season 4 of the NBC series America's Got Talent aired on August 19, 2009. Judges Sharon Osbourne, David Hasselhoff and Piers Morgan kept careful watch over the acts while Nick Cannon hosts the always entertaining chaos. This episode featured live performances by Ashley Tisdale and Chris Daughtry and five acts make it to the next level.moreless
  • Episode 417
    Episode 417
    Episode 17
    During America's Got Talent Episode 417, the FootworKINGz began the show with an inventive, theatrical routine that all three judges loved. Teenager Bri sang "Poker Face," beautifully while playing the piano and added her own take on the song, which the judges liked. The judges also loved the daring husband and wife team of Mario and Jenny as they became even more risky with balancing rings of fire.moreless
  • Episode 416
    Episode 416
    Episode 16
    The quarterfinals, group 2 perform on this episode of America's Got Talent. LMFAO and Penn and Teller perform. Fab Five, Paradizo Dance, Texas Tenors, Voices of Glory, and Tony Hoard and Rory make it to the top 20. Judges consist of Hasselhoff, Morgan, and Osbourne for the show. Theses are the same judges seen for the rest of the season.moreless
  • Episode 415
    Episode 415
    Episode 15
    In America's Got Talent Episode 415, the Fab Five, a group of sisters, kick off the night with fiery hip-hop performance. Tony Hoard and his dog, Rory perform to a Baywatch theme, with bikini-dressed back-up dancers. Unfortunately the dog mis-performed and failed to catch the Frisbees on cue, even though the theme was fun. Later, the husband and wife duo of Paradizo Dance impress everyone with their creative balancing and dancing techniques. Their chemistry is unmistakable and they end the routine with a kiss.moreless
  • Episode 414
    Episode 414
    Episode 14
    The first results show has arrived. The first of the five acts to make the top twenty are announced. Mariah Carey and Terry Fator also perform.
  • Episode 413
    Episode 413
    Episode 13
    The first episode of the quarterfinals has arrived. The field will now be narrowed down from forty acts to the top twenty. Ten of the top forty performed, along with two wild card acts.
  • Episode 412
    Episode 412
    Episode 12
    In America's Got Talent Episode 412, the judges must decide who is advancing from Las Vegas to Hollywood. They inform two of the dancing troupes, Ishaara and FootworKingz that will both go to Hollywood, as will pianist Jeffrey Ou. The little girl, eight-year-old Eleisha Miller was so elated they wanted her to continue with her singing and keyboarding that she gave the judges a huge hug. The husband and wife team of sexy magicians, Mario and Jenny, also was excited to continue.moreless
  • Episode 411
    Episode 411
    Episode 11
    The Las Vegas callbacks have begun. The judges attempt to narrow the hundred and fifty acts down to just forty.
  • Week 6, Night 1
    Week 6, Night 1
    Episode 11
    It's round one in the Vegas Verdicts as the selected acts venture to the entertainment capital of the world to prove they have what it takes to win it all.
  • Episode 410
    Episode 410
    Episode 10
    The last audition show has finally arrived in Los Angeles. The judges have one last chance to find the best acts to send to Vegas.
  • Week 5, Night 1
    Week 5, Night 1
    Episode 9
    The judges now check out what the MySpace talent search has to offer in the auditions.
  • Episode 409
    Episode 409
    Episode 9
    As the auditions begin to wrap up, the search for the most talented person in America continues.
  • Episode 408
    Episode 408
    Episode 8
    The auditions continue in Seattle and New York as hopeful try out at an open casting calls.
  • Episode 407
    Episode 407
    Episode 7
    The auditions continue in New York.
  • Episode 406
    Episode 406
    Episode 6
    Houston is the location of this episodes open casting call as the search continues for the most talented act in America.
  • Episode 405
    Episode 405
    Episode 5
    The auditions continue in Los Angeles.
  • Episode 404
    Episode 404
    Episode 4
    The auditions continue in Houston and Miami for the most talented person in the country.
  • Episode 403
    Episode 403
    Episode 3
    The auditions continue in New York and Chicago as open casting calls bring in a variety of talents.
  • Episode 402
    Episode 402
    Episode 2
    The auditions continue and so does the search for America's most talented act. This week's auditions take place in Seattle and Miami.
  • Episode 401
    Episode 401
    Episode 1
    David Hasselhoff, Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan, along with newcomer Nick Cannon are back for a new year and a new season, which means a whole new batch of talent. The auditions begin in across the nation as people showcase their talents in hopes of making it to the Las Vegas callbacks and one step closer to winning the million dollar grand prize.moreless
  • Week 1, Night 1
    Week 1, Night 1
    Episode 1
    The two-hour fourth season premiere kicks off with auditions shot on-location in theaters across the nation.