America's Got Talent - Season 5

Tuesday 9:00 PM on NBC Premiered Jun 21, 2006 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Episode 532 - Season Finale
    Season 5 comes to a stunning close, as the four finalists match off for the last time. The Goo Goo Dolls, Usher, David Copperfield, Cirque du Soleil and T-Pain all show up to provide additional entertainment, and each of the contestants gets to pair up with a favorite star. Lionel Richie sang while Fighting Gravity performed, Sarah Brightman accompanied contestant Jackie Evancho, Jewel partnered with Michael Grimm and Donna Summer performed with Prince Poppycock.moreless
  • Episode 531
    Episode 531
    Episode 31
    The final 4 acts perform. In order of appearance they were: 1. Prince Poppycock (opera singer with a twist) 2. Michael Grimm (singer) 3. Jackie Evancho (10 year old opera singer) 4. Fighting Gravity (Performance art troupe from Virginia Tech)
  • Episode 530
    Episode 530
    Episode 30
    This episode is a results episode, and the last one before the finals. The winners of the previous top ten competition are named, narrowing the field down to the final four contestants. Singer Sarah McLachlan and the cast of the musical American Idiot provided performances to fill out the show.
  • Episode 529
    Episode 529
    Episode 29
  • Episode 528
    Episode 528
    Episode 28
    This results show is loaded with surprises and drama. The top ten are announced and some of America's favorites could be cut. There is a performance by Jason Derulo and a gymnastic exhibit by Le Reve. The eliminations come right down to the wire. Did America vote for your favorites?
  • Episode 527
    Episode 527
    Episode 27
    In America's Got Talent Episode 527, singer Alice Tan Ridley opens the semi-finals with a standing ovation for her rendition of Whitney Houston's, "I Have Nothing." Aerial dancing duo Ashleigh Dejon and Michael Lipari stun the crowd with sizzling chemistry and high-flying dance techniques. In addition, magician Michael Grasso thrills Sharon when he disappears on stage and then reappears behind her and hands her a rose and stunt bicyclist Jeremy VanSchoonhoven surprises all the judges by performing high-risk tricks, including bouncing down steps.moreless
  • Episode 526
    Episode 526
    Episode 26
    Five of last night's semi-final acts will advance into the Top 10. Former AGT finalist, Recycled Percussion, will return to perform tonight. Also performing tonight are comedian Jimmy Fallon and Australian pop star Kylie Minogue.
  • Week 13, Night 1
    Week 13, Night 1
    Episode 25
    The semifinalists perform for America's vote!
  • Episode 525
    Episode 525
    Episode 25
    Semifinalists compete for a spot in the Top 10.
  • Week 12, Night 2
    Week 12, Night 2
    Episode 24
    Four acts from the Wild Card performance show move into the semi-final round! (TV-PG)
  • Episode 524
    Episode 524
    Episode 24
    This results episode covers the winners for the "Wild Card" episode. Out of the twelve losing acts brought back by the judges for the competition, four get a second shot to move on to the semifinals. This show includes a magic act from Criss Angel and a performance by LeAnn Rimes.moreless
  • Episode 523
    Episode 523
    Episode 23
    The judges bring back acts previously cut from the quarterfinals or auditions as wildcard acts to return for a second chance at the $1 million prize along with a show in Las Vegas.
  • Episode 522
    Episode 522
    Episode 22
    Four of last night's YouTube acts will move on to the semi-finals. YouTube sensations "Evolution of Dance" and Lin Yu Chun guest perform tonight.
  • Episode 521
    Episode 521
    Episode 21
    The top YouTube acts who auditioned take the stage tonight to earn a spot in the semi-finals.
  • Episode 520
    Episode 520
    Episode 20
    Four more acts are chosen for the top 24. Also, Bret Michaels and Taio Cruz perform for the audience.
  • Episode 519
    Episode 519
    Episode 19
    The fourth group of 12 acts perform in order to show the audience that they deserve to move on to the next round.
  • Episode 518
    Episode 518
    Episode 18
    Four more acts make it to the top 24. Mike Posner and JabbaWockeeZ each perform in front of the audience as they await who moves on to the next round.
  • Episode 517
    Episode 517
    Episode 17
    Twelve more acts take the stage in their efforts to claim a spot in the semi-finals.
  • Episode 516
    Episode 516
    Episode 16
    Out of the 12 performers, 4 of them will be chosen to make it to the top 24 finalists.
  • Episode 515
    Episode 515
    Episode 15
    On the second week of performances, another 12 acts compete to continue on to the next round.
  • Episode 514
    Episode 514
    Episode 14
    The votes are in from last night's performance and four of the twelve acts will move on to the next round of the competition.
  • Episode 513
    Episode 513
    Episode 13
    The first 12 of the 48 finalists take the stage in the first round of the competition.
  • Episode 512
    Episode 512
    Episode 12
    The Las Vegas callbacks continue as the judges sort out their favorite standby acts to advance to Hollywood's live tapings.
  • Episode 511
    Episode 511
    Episode 11
    It's Vegas Boot Camp and the chosen acts find out what it takes to be a top-selling Las Vegas act! The performers are divided into three groups: group A, the judges favorite, group B, the standbys, and group C. Only the best of the best will continue on to the next round.moreless
  • Episode 510
    Episode 510
    Episode 10
    The final audition round for season 5 begins and they find that there are still many talented people to choose from. However, there are still many bad performers, including a clown Elvis that fires back at the judges, especially at Sharon.
  • Episode 509
    Episode 509
    Episode 9
    Auditions continue in Chicago where Howie confronts his germaphobia, a crew from "America's Best Dance Crew" hits the stage, and Piers tussles with a strong man during the show.
  • Episode 508
    Episode 508
    Episode 8
    The auditions continue in Portland, Oregon, but the judges find that there are many bad acts to come as one after another gets rejected. However, when expert tap dancers, young dancers, and singers take the stage, they soon see that Portland has much more to offer.
  • Episode 507
    Episode 507
    Episode 7
    The auditions move to Portland, Oregon and there are even more strange talents on display. From an air guitar band to an indoor kite flying boy, Oregon proves that it has an abundant amount of unique talent.
  • Episode 506
    Episode 506
    Episode 6
    The auditions continue in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios Florida where many unusual acts make it through to Las Vegas. From strange illusionists to knife throwers, these weird acts seem to be doing well, but others are too weird even for the audience.
  • Episode 505
    Episode 505
    Episode 5
    On America's Got Talent Episode 505, the judges hold auditions in Orlando, Florida. After several rough acts, cruise ship entertainer Nick Pike dazzles the judges with his juggling routine while riding a unicycle. Twisted Trystan and Krystan surprise the judges with their daring routine, consisting of Trystan swallowing a sword and a power drill. The auditions end with Wreckless, an all-ages dance troupe with inventive techniques.moreless
  • Episode 504
    Episode 504
    Episode 4
    The judges continue their search for unique talent in New York, New York.
  • Episode 503
    Episode 503
    Episode 3
    In New York City, Howie, Sharon and Piers try their best to find amazing talent. From the glow-in-the-dark costumes and performance of Fighting Gravity, to the standing ovation-earning performance of an opera singing John, otherwise known as Prince Poppycock, the judges seem to have found some notable talent. However, they also run into some awful talent including a father-son duo and a man playing an oversized guitar.moreless
  • Episode 502
    Episode 502
    Episode 2
    The judges go to Dallas, Texas in search of finding acts to take to Las Vegas. A technological performance group called Arc Attack dazzles the judges with an electrical based performance. Also, a half-blind flaming-knife juggler and a young man called CJ Dippa shows what they've got. The judges also experience the bad side of Texas when they encounter a turkey baster-playing performer and a cruise ship singer.moreless
  • Episode 501
    Episode 501
    Episode 1
    The fifth season premiers and the judges hold auditions in L.A.. With new host Howie Mandel, the judges once again look for fresh talent. From the two dancing kids of Future Funk, to the Kung Fu Fighters, the acts have shown to be very interesting, as well as some unusual ones involving a woman painter dressed up as a cat with a whip.moreless