America's Most Smartest Model

Sunday 9:00 PM on VH1 Premiered Oct 07, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • Mary Alice,

    VJ is a sleaze and the fact that you encourage his snide behavior has made me not even want to watch this show anymore. If you want this show to be a hit you need to step up and not encourage sketchy behavior. I have lost a lot of respect for you.

    I will give the show one more shot, but if you continue being sketchy I will no longer watch this show.
  • Horrified.

    I loved watching the show. It took my idea of models to a whole new level. Some of the contestants were actually commendable for their knowledge and looks. However, almost every other show I would not find myself to follow the judging. Some of the contestants who deserved to go were still remaining for the longest time. Including the fact that the winner of the most recent episode won due to the fact that he could be a salesman. The competition judged beauty, brains, and characteristics of a model. Presentation is important, but honestly I refuse to continue watching the show because of the horrendous outcome in final judging. This show made me somewhat depressed the "America" actually won America's most smartest model.
  • if you love sarcasm, this is your show!

    the "make a fool out of yourself to win a prize"-concept is older than stonehenge. and thanks to tyra EVERYONE is a model now. the idea to create ANOTHER beauty-contest reality show would be crazy. so, what is it, that this show works so well in the world of attention whoring media? entertainment.

    it is the sarcastic approach to prove that a model is more than just wearing fancy clothes and having white teeth. the contestant have to show to the judges, that they not only look good in front of a camera but they do know how to spell "yves saint laurent". the judges are so evil and the contestant so clueless, it is brilliant!

    so, if you were picked on in school, because you didn't have the looks, this show would probably be a wonderful therapy for you.
  • I am dumbfounded!

    As opposed to the cast...oh, sorry...the "contestants" who are just plain dumb!
    Now, intellectually, I know these reality shows are not even remotely connected to reality, and that the players are not in fact players, but "actors" likely willing to work for scale: the "Blue Light Special(s)" of the artistic world if you will.
    But good night nurse, can't we just find something to air that doesn't show us what happens when Darwinism fails? That the missing link has been found; alive and well and airing on prime time TV?
    I refuse to believe that audiences are as vacuous as something a Hollywood script writer can create. I think its time we demanded more. Dead air would be more entertaining...
  • Hmmm

    This was a really good show i hate how won though he should be shot in the head for all i care i think that the second place man should have won i wish that would have happend he was way better then the person who won but i like the challenges that every one had to do and every thing that was so cool it made them have to think and have to look good i can't wait to see the seacond season witch is tacking forever to get here by the way but mabe they are just having a hard time finding people to put on the show?
  • This show is such a joke.

    Ok , the name of the show is a poor word play already but hey , it is not that bad when compare with the quality of the show. If you really want to get the 'most smartest' model out of the show, isn't that you have to at least gather some 'smartest' or at least smart enough people in the show? I dun consider myself smart but I think I do know the national language of Australia is not 'Australian'.

    Furthermore, it is normal if any host like one or two particular contestant(s) but taking favours ? really ? I dun think so. I think I wasted enough time to watch this and I can't continue any more.
  • Una competencia con gente bonita, muy bonita.

    La verdad este es un show de realidad, pero las pruebas no son tan obvias como en otros programas, los modelos todos son perfectamente hermosos, y cada uno le aporta algo diferente al show, sea por su carisma, forma de hablar, labios exagerados, o acento europeo, el show tiene mucho potencial, y la verdad nos mantiene pegados al TV, el sistema de realizar dos pruebas por capitulo es muy bueno, y hace ver la competencia en su máxima expresión. Será que algún dia regresa con competencias como el mejor bronceado?... eso serái muy interesante de ver en este programa dónde uno tiene muchos cuerpos que apreciar.
  • Creator wasn't smart enough...

    From first episod didn't get how models were choosed, by what creterea? No models, no brains... Jay Leno does it for long time. How could you,did throw out normal peopleand end up with.
    I do not understand, what was a point to start a show, for most smartest model and to get to the finish with most loudest and hatefull pearson by others models, if he could not get along with other people (communication skills)how he can be 'smart'?
    I never will, watch this show again.Just because scunk won.
    This is wrong, not only for Andre, but for others models in this competiotion
    This show been kiled, in the first round, by the most 'smartest' creator? Who made 'winner' from not smart,but dirty pearson?
  • A show that is based on testing the brains of upcoming models, somthing I havent seen before on television. It is hilarious to be them being tested, some times they are so stupid.

    At first when I heard about it I thought its going to be so stupid, I thought that we have enough models on television with Americas Next Top Model, we don't need anymore, but then I watched it. I couldnt stop laughing. Boy was I wrong. After I watch the first episode I could not watch the rest, I don't have a favourate and I dont hate anyone. Seriously if your thinking about watching it then you shoul, its truly a classic.As I am writing this Americas Smartest Model is on the tv and I cant take my eyes off it.
  • This show is about all these models that compete to see who is smarter.

    I love this show. eventhough there only has been one episode. Anyway, so far i think the stupidest one is Andre. He is very cocky and very annoying. he is into the whole modeling thing too much, but if you ask me i think it's all an act. He has a very strong personality and very obnoxious. I must admit that he has a great body. My favoritist model is Brett bacause he is soooo hot. Ben stein cracks me up. he seems like he has a dull personality but then when he opens his mouth you can tell that he is talkative and isnt afraid to say things.