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America's Most Talented Kids

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The antidote for the cutthroat vote-'em-off-the-island reality shows (i.e. Survivor and Big Brother) and brutal talent shows (American Idol) so popular in the early 2000's was this sweet show, in which fresh faced, talented youngsters age three to 15 strutted their stuff before an adoring audience. The kids were divided into three categories, three to seven, eight to 12, and 13 to 15, with three contestants in each category competing each week. They could do anything-sing, dance, rap, play an instrument-while parents lovingly watched and boyish host Mario Lopez and the audience clapped, laughed and offered encouragement. At the end of the performances in each category the judges punched in their scores for talent and showmanship, and the contestant with the highest average score advanced to the next round. There was no cutting remarks or evaluations, although at the end of each round the judges offered a few comments on how great the kids were. Lance Bass (of *NSYNC fame) was the solo permanent judge, joined each week by two guest judges such as rapper Sisqo, former Brady Buncher Maureen McCormick, Jermaine Jackson and Daisy Fuentes.

Almost every kid in the contest was rated a 9 or better on a ten-point scale, and make no mistake they were quite talented. An endless parade pint- rappers and tiny tykes with booming voices were seen each week. Occasionally one was a bit bizarre, such as the spike-haired white teenager who gave an impassioned delivery of "We Shall Overcome" while black rapper Sisqo looked on in disbelief.

The honor of being AMTK's first winner, fell to a mega-talented young lady, 12 year old guitarist/songwriter Cheyenne Kimball, who took home the Grand Prize of $50,000.

The final NBC episode was a special contest & that it was called America's Most Talented Senior, where 10 seniors (from 60+) competed for a $25,000 prze.

Show History: This show was originally a limited-run Friday night summer series on NBC in 2003. After it's first season it was not picked up for the fall line-up. In early May 2004 PAX announced the series return as a part of their 2004-2005 season schedule.

In the Pax version, Dave Coulier became the new host, along with three new regular judges. This time, 7 contestants competed each week & the winner won $1,000 + a shot at the championship for a family trip to Jamaica and other nice prizes. If there was a tie (happened many times), the celebrities would write down the name of who they liked.

Season Two Promo: From the schoolyard to the stage come "America's Most Talented Kids!" The one-hour musical variety show puts the spotlight on amazing child performers who compete for a chance at stardom. Bringing a unique element to the competition, these fresh, young contestants will be judged by people they can really relate to – today's hottest child stars.

Nielsen Ratings: Season One (Mid-season 2003): #63 9.70 million

Brandy Panfili

Brandy Panfili


Cole Marcus

Cole Marcus

Performer 2003

Derek Klena

Derek Klena


Tori Kelly

Tori Kelly

Performer/Winner 2004

Ashley Rose

Ashley Rose


Julie Dubela

Julie Dubela

Performer/Finalist 2005

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  • I really like this show

    I really like this show because it is giving child chance to show there talent. It is not like america ldol that you have to be 16 or older. You can be any age. Also the child dont be shy. Who ever win they will get 1 millon dollars and they will be the next talented kid. I want to go on there dont i am one of them people that are shy when they get in first of alot of people so i think that i will never go on there is i keep on being shy. Also there is no one on there like the judges on amereica idol. That is all from me..................byemoreless
  • american idol for kids

    yes, american idol did once have its own kids show, american juniors. but they sang old-fashioned songs and it wasnt really a hit. here, the kids could sing, dance, or perform any talent they wanted, and it was fun to watch. the panel of judges were even kids themselves, including one of my favorite female singers, scarlett pomers. it really was a televised version of a talent show, and i liked watching it all the time. i say bring it back, it was great!moreless
  • America's "Most" Talented? More like America's "Least" Talented! Sorry, but that's how I feel.

    Okay, this show is SUPPOSED to be for the MOST talented people in America. A lot of the winners are not that talented at all. See, I rated it a 3.0, because I know that if I went on it, I'd win, because I'm talented. (I hope I am). Anyway, there are people on there that sing, and they cannot sing a lick! My GRANDPARENTS saw a bit of the show, and they heard one girl on there that won. She couldn't carry a tune in a bucket with strong handles! LOL!

    One thing you have to know about me is that I'm English (from my mom's side of the family). English people tend to just say it like it is. I do that in my reviews. I say it like it is.

    Puh-lease fix this show!moreless
  • Let the viewing audience vote on the winners.

    I love this show. It is one of my favorites. The kids are so talented. I really don't think three kids should be the ones to determine which of the contestants is the most talented. Let the viewing audience decide which is the most talented. Some of these kids have amazing talent, and some of my favorites get voted off. If the viewing audience could vote, at least the outcome of the vote would be more fair.moreless
  • My opinion.

    I think that you have chosen spoiled brats to judge the show, excluding Bobbe'.

    I think they are very jealous of the same sex who does the same things that they are interested in.

    The performers are good, then they get judged by Scarlett and Daryl!

    My solution. They should have to perform at the end of the seasons, and let the contestants judge them. I personally think is a great idea, and everyone else will also. Thanks!

    Melody Howardmoreless

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