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  • A show that got justice and made America safer

    By being hosted by the great John Walsh this show was one of the greatest public service shows/announcements ever to air on the airwaves by capturing fugitives, offenders, exposing scams and dangers, as well as recovering lost children. If it wasn't for this show most of the criminals would still be roaming free poses a great danger for the public. Many of them were on the run for years. Heck more kids would still be missing and more people would fall prey to schemes and more. This show should've lasted longer. At least John Walsh now hosts the Justice Network still serving not just the American public but other nations and communities as well. Heck there ought to be more show like this airing.
  • dog killer california

    where can i find an episode, in 2000 or 2001, about a dog killed in california email me
  • Every Person in the world should have to watch it.

    Great show. Great idea. Can't believe it got canceled. That is bull that FOX just can't pay to keep it on.


    Greetings from the Mexican City of Tijuana, which borders with the American City of San Diego.

    I respectfully request you to upload on your Web Page the picture of fugitive JORGE VERA AYALA investigated under the charges of TERRORISM under Mexican PGR/SIEDO ACT / 117/2011/UNIDAD DE ACOPIO DE ARMAS Y TERRORISMO.

    The Narco terrorist belongs to THE ARELLANO FELIX Drug Cartel and almost killed me in his terrorist arson.


    Tijuana, BC, Mexico September the 13, 2012.

    The bastsrds picture can be seen at
  • Affirmative and Informative

    The host is a good public speaker. Also, this is one of those shows that keeps me on my toes because IT IS REAL. There are criminals that exist and it's to keep us citizens safer. There is a lot of action and emotion in these episodes. I would recommend it for anyone who is interested in criminal justice.
  • This info needs to be past onto John Walsh if at all possible.This very disturbing video that involves an 18 year old male luring a 14 year old girl to a hotel.

    Gradually talking her into sex and eventually ends up beating her to death,but first smothering her by placing a pillow over her face while he finishes his sex act with her.
    The movie link is at and the title of the movie is called Amateur Porn Star Killer (2007),there are a total of 4 links for this video. The disturbing images in the middle and the end are so real that makes me believe this is the real deal.You may have to view each movie listed on each page,but it is there.It was said he wasn't caught yet so I hope some one finds him.
  • a show that tries to stop crime

    the show americas most wanted started due to the fact that his son was killed and taking by someone. which is sad so he started this show to help others and to stop people that have commited really bad crimes . so i remember this show back in the 90s when i used to watch it and i think its pretty cool and really nice what he is doing trying help and stop others to not have to deal with what he went through and on the show he gives advice to young kids and they teach you hows to get out of certain situations.
  • Pro active justice that really works!

    When AMW first went on the air, I had my doubts. I suspected that George Orwell's 1984 was beginning to become a reality, and they'd be profiling people for parking tickets before too much time had passed. But I quickly became at big fan. Especially after running a hack for over ten years. There are human monsters out there, God knows, I've dealt with a few of them at times, people that scared me green while I was driving them around late at night. John Walsh took a hideous personal tragedy and turned it around to the absolute benefit of us all with his show. Over a thousand genuinely evil SOBs are off the street because of AMW. Everyone profiled on that show deserved their 15 minutes of shame. I admire and respect John Walsh's support and attention to the victims of some truly obscene acts of criminal violence. How many of us are willing to put their money were their mouths are as John Walsh does every week?
  • In the age of utterly crappy reality TV shows, something was created in 1988. That is America's Most Wanted, one of the best shows on television today, and I thank god it exists.

    For years, crappy reality TV shows have creeped their way onto the major TV networks, shows that are utterly idiotic, put money and beauty in front, in the compitions, instead of actual talent.

    1988 brought something called America's Most Wanted, basicially the show profiles unsolved cases and fugitives that need to be brought in, so that people get justice and no one else gets hurt.

    This show has got more than 950 captures under it's belt, in less than 20 years, and has given justice to victims and families who can't speak for themselves. It is so sad, how this TV show is completely underrated, how so many posters at this site, call Saturday Nights crap for watching TV, when this is on.

    The whole AMW Safety Center is a nice touch, that makes the show all the more interesting and decent, but the capturing of these scum, giving justice after long painful years, is why this show rocks.

    Anyone who calls Saturday nights crap for watching TV is an idiot, espicially if your an American.
  • informative show...

    America's Most Wanted basically shows the profiles of criminals that are at large and ask the public to keep an eye out for them. They've caught a bunch of criminals through the audiences and it's just amazing. This show really does help make America safer and it's amazing that it's still going on. The show is interesting, but I don't watch it regularly. I love what is accomplished through the show and I want it to continue. The profiles are interesting, though frightening. The host is pretty good and he seems very earnest, which is nice. Overall, good informative show that is interesting to watch at the same time.
  • This show has been the institution on Fox for about 20 years.

    This is a prime example of the good that comes out of television and the regualarity of good people standing up. Week after week you hear of stories that are brutal and that shock you, but there's nothin gyou can do about it. This show has gone from giving you info to helping you inform the poice if you see them or to even how to take them down. John Walsh is a very decent host and he gets better along with the show and is just as important as the show itself, he's the symbol and this show should have no trouble keeping its core fan base happy for years to come.
  • Very important program, that everyone over the age of 18 should watch. Profiles the most wanted criminals for all crimes. John Walsh is the ideal host, as his son was kidnapped, and missed for quite awhile. Eventually found murdered.

    I think this is the best show for helping law-enforcement catch some of the most dangerous, and elusive criminals in the country. There is no other show even remotely close to AMW. I really hope this show last for many, many years to come. The fifteen seconds of shame does not really give a good, long lasting impression of who the criminals are. I think they should have two thirty seconds of shame, instead of the four fifteen seconds of shame. And the In The Line Of Duty, I think was a good addition a couple of years ago. Though I would like to see a little more about those officers who lost their life, doing their job. I know that would have to take away from the wanted criminals. But I think they could take just a little more time to give a little more to these very important people that serve all over this country.
  • This show, I feel, is really underappreciated by a lot of people.

    Although America's Most Wanted, AMW for short, isn't really a normal TV show it still is one great thing ot have on our Television.

    You never know when you might be able to help track down a serial killer or child molestor. That reason right there should be strong enough to get everyone to watch the show on at least an every other week basis. Of course the reenactments are a great addition to the show for learning purposes. John Walshes other child safety tips and things of that nature are more great assets to the show.

    My recommendation:
    If you don't watch it, give it a shot! It very well might save your life, or that of someone you know, someday.
  • AMW - is a show that entertains and serves a great service. I'm very sorry for John Walsh's lose but what came from it is great!!!

    This show is one of those shows that not only entertain but serve a much needed service to us, the general public. That they have assisted in capturing 916 bad guys speaks volumes about this show. If you question the power and reach of this show, I will tell you this... I’m an actor, and I portrayed one of the bad guys on the show. For the next two weeks I had a few problems... I got pulled over by a cop and I had to tell him I was just an actor not the guy on AMW. There were many folks who called a reported seeing the “bad guy”, but it was me, I finally called my local police and let them know I was here, but I wasn’t the guy... AMW I hope the next 20 years you catch another 1000’s criminals...
  • America's Most Wanted

    America's Most Wanted
    America's Most Wanted is one of the best programs that can be found on Fox.This show goes along with John Walsh as he shows you some of, of course, America's Most Wanted. Just to say congrats on the 20 season and over 900 captures. America's Most Wanted isnt apprechated as it once. But that doesnt stop this wonder full show.
  • The worst of the worst should be shaking.

    This show shows you how cruel and cold the world can be. From people who rape, murder, and child molesters. Every fugitive makes me sick to my stomach. And I always wonder "What would their parents think?" But then again some parents help them which then they will get caught so I'd be thinking "What's the point?" Makes you think "What if that was me?" There is one thing I actually hate about this show I wanna know why I don't see this girl that was missing more than 10 years on the TV show? She's only on the website! Hmmmm... Also bring back old cases that you showed only once like that 2Pac case.
  • A great way to help "fight back" by calling if you come across a featured murder/robber/kidnapper/lost kid.

    AMW is a FOX show hosted by John Walsh who created the show soon after his son's kidnapping murder. With a fresh brand new style every season, this shows gives an advanced way for helping "fight back" and "find justice". Its webiste,, is a place for people to leave tips for helping catch a fugitve. Its phone number, 1-800-CRIMETV, is a place to leave tips as well, and/or if you have encounter a lost child (they help find lost children too)/ a fugitive. With hundreds of people waiting for your calls/posted tips, AMW actually show videos of how the murder/robbery happend, and they themselves give tips if the fugtive has an easy routine of how he/she attacks and who/what they aim for the most. It airs every Saturday and it is a truly, a great way to help "fight back".
  • America's Most Wanted is one of my favorite shows.

    America's Most Wanted is one of the best showson televtion. John Walsh host, America's Most Wanted is about J.W tracting down wanted people. And helping finding lost people. The show is now on its 20 season. Congratulations.The best part when they show a sort of real life skit of how the wanted person started out. America's Most Wanted is one of the best televtion shows ever.
  • A reality show that's entertaining and essential.

    America's Most Wanted is perhaps one of the original reality shows there ever was. It came before reality shows were even called reality shows. This show serves as a weekly documentary show and a public service announcements. This show helps track down dangerous fugitives and gives america a head's up on perps that might be lurking in your neighborhood. Even if you've got nothing to report to the police, not a problem, you can just enjoy the show and watch it's compelling documentary content. This show matters to the public, people get something out of it, unlike today's survivor inspired garbage that does nothing but wastes everyone's time.
  • I like it when they put on little skits./ I hate the host.

    I like when they put on little skits on how they think (or know) how a crime went. This show is very cool to watch.

    I hate the host. He has like the weirdest voice. Whenever theres like a shooting going on and his talking I just have to laugh at his voice.
  • The most dangerous and most wanted criminals in America should be shaking in their boots.

    I\'m glad John Walsh was able to turn his personal tragedy into something productive and helpful to society. I\'m glad that he turned something negative into something positive. He is really a great person and one of the most important and admired figures in society.

    It must be hard for him to see all the people he\'s helped to get justice, even though he\'s never gotten that justice for himself.

    He\'s done a great job in inspiring people to help out and pitch in. It\'s a great concept and very clever for average everyday people to see the faces of criminals on the run, because then everybody has a chance to catch someone, even if they\'ve never heard of the case before.

    It obviously works seeing how there\'s almost 900 captures since it first aired in the late \'80\'s. It\'s amazing how long it\'s lasted and it should last as long as it can.

    Great job, John Walsh!
  • A Show with a purpose!

    This is one of a few shows that actually helps people. Sometimes I can’t believe the crazy things that go on in the world. Sometimes you only know on the craziness that goes on around you because of your local news, but this show lets you know of the thing all around you, things miles and miles away. Let’s the criminal know there’s no hiding from the sometimes, unspeakable crime they have committed. This shoe is a perfect 10, and the more people that tune in to it the better. I think they should have this show on more then once a week, and air another one that’s similar for the missing.
  • Kudos to Mr. Walsh for having the guts to host such an important show dealing with getting justice. How the show use re-enactments make it fun to watch. The good deed it does for people go beyond merely reporting the news. Continue the good work.Butler

    AMW with John Walsh is a superb example of \"good T.V.\" programing. What the show does... is heralded by many who like to watch it. It in hindsight, has set a precedence for getting all Americans to take part in helping to solve, and maybe deter the illegal actions of uncaught criminals. How Mr. Walsh presents a candid commentary of the unsolved cases is amirable and say to the nation... that this is a serious, non- sensationalized program which is working for all victims and their loved ones. I say KUDOs to Mr. Walsh for an excellent show. Byl Butler
  • This is my all-time favorite crime show.

    I remember when John Walsh was offered a job hosting a show having to do with profiling as well as capturing fugitives. At first, he was wary about doing it on the account of the death of his son Adam. But he figured that there were alot of people whom were going what he was going through and decided to take a stand. So he accepted and America's Most Wanted has gone on to be most well-known crime fighting show of all time.
  • People helping solve cirmes!

    WHo thought of this? It is smart.Make a tv show to alert and get help about criminals. It really keeps out an alert. The reanaccments are really cool and life-lie. I really enjoy the show. The guy is so cool. The worst part is the "15 minutes of shame". I hate it because it goes by too fast. it should be "15 minutes of fame". But how could America have so many Top Wanted? I no USA is bad. But havin AMW for like 20 years. That makes what, like 1000+ USA top wanted. HOLY! Thats my reivew. Like or not.

  • A great help to everyone!

    What a great help AMW is to everyone! I mean look what they done... they've capture many people. I mean they help the communtiy of New York, New Jersey, Los Angles, anywhere in the America has been help by one show. The crooks they've captured and the men they horned do indeed deserve this thumbs up. They get a ten out of ten and a happy face sticker on there head... never mind put away that sticker in the name of America Most Wanted!
  • Helps take down the scum bags of the country

    Americas Most Wanted does a great public service to the country. It was made because John Walsh's son was killed and he wants to make sure that that will stop happening. The show deals with murders, robers, pedophiles and other sich bastards. I am glad Americas Most Wanted is on so that we can clean up the streats of America.
  • Joh Walsh is excellent and I love the show. Bless you all

    Best show to hit the airways. Watch all the time. I would highly recommend this show to everyone. You never know when you might see or know someone that is featured on the show. It could be your neighbor, someone you work with, or your best friend or someone you just happened to notice. This show is very important to finding all the missing people out there be them victims or suspects. Keep your eyes and ears open to everything. Just the smallest detail may help. So don't be afraid to pay attention to the smallest details. Just put yourself in the place of the parents and family of the missing or suspect and then let your heart tell you to do the right think. If this show had been on when Adam Walsh was abducted then maybe just maybe he would still be here with his family. God Bless You John Walsh for the greatest show of the century.
  • A great show!!!!!!!!!

    A great show!!!!!!!!! This show rocks and is very informitive of what criminal is loose and what did he/she do and what he looks like. I watch it all the time. This is great on my top 20 of my favorite shows. I like how they act out the story and everything its great.
  • America's Most Wanted is the the best and most powerful television show in the US and possibly in the world. As of 11-27-2005, a whopping 868 fugitives have been captured as a direct result of the show. AMW rocks, and it should stay on television forever.

    America's Most Wanted is my favorite television show in the whole fucking universe. Between 02-07-1988 and 11-27-2005, America's Most Wanted has been responsible or partially responsible for the capture of a whopping 868 fugitives, and the recovery of more than 40 missing children. America's Most Wanted should be on televion for as long as there are missing persons and fugitives at large. Go AMW and John Walsh, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU!!!!!!!
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